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Smart gardens are a new popular way to enhance a household living experience with new smart home technology. This type of garden is relatively new because the technology hasn't existed for an extraordinary period of time yet. Now is the time that more and more customers have started to discover the concept of a smart garden and product choices have started appearing on the market to intrigue the curiosity of customers.

There are dozens of product options available in this category, but only five have made this buyer's guide listing. Each of the five products that are listed below has earned the right to be included on this list due to outstanding overall value or high amounts of positive reviews from customers.

Each of these products have been created from a unique perspective. There is a chance that some of these products may not meet your criteria, so it is important to do sufficient research regarding the specifications and values of each product before committing to a final purchase.

Top 5: Smart Gardens Review (Indoor & herb & Aerogardens)

AeroGarden 903120-1200 Classic 9 Elite-Stainless Steel Garden

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Stainless is an extremely high end product that has been recommended by Amazon for its outstanding quality and reliability.

This particular gardening kit features a high quality lighting system that allows for up to ten plants to be grown at a single time. The LED lighting is based on high performance and optimal reliability so that the best overall growth can be achieved.

The interactive touch screen is a nice bonus feature that adds a ton of value to the product. There are important diagnostics and attributes that can be accessed through the digital control display.


  • Interactive Display (Touch Screen).
  • Ten Plants Can Be Grown at a Time.
  • Amazon Endorsed this Product.


  • High End Price Range (Expensive).

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Indoor Home Garden (Includes 3 Mini Tomato, 3 Basil and 3 Green Lettuce Plant pods), White

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Indoor Home Garden slots into the number two position on this countdown of smart garden products. This product features high end technology that places it above the average price range in this product category. There are many advanced features included in this indoor garden, including an automated system that simplifies the plant growing process.

A basic kit is equipped to help people to get started growing right away. There are several different types of plants that can be grown with ease when using the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Indoor Home Garden.

Customers have expressed extremely positive comments in regards to this garden product because of its quality and reliability. There is no doubt that this could potentially be one of the best value options if not the best value currently available on the market. The price offers customers a nice balance between overall value and high quality technology.


  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Starter Kit Included.
  • Replacement Warranty Guaranteed.


  • High End Price Range.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit (Includes Basil Capsules), White

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit is a high end product choice that opens up the door to start indoor gardening with smart technology. While this product may be priced slightly higher than some similar products on the market, it also happens to offer a lot more features which brings up the overall value.

The smart soil technology is integrated into this smart gardening kit and offers a specialized growth accelerating technology that speeds up the growth of different types of plants. This might be a great choice if you are looking for a high end gardening kit with high end technology features.


  • Smart Soil Technology to Accelerate Plant Growth.
  • Amazon Endorsed this Product.
  • Replacement Warranty is Included.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • Garden Gets Moldy Over Time.

Indoor Herb Garden, BEAUTLOHAS. Hydroponics Growing System with Timer Function & Self-Watering, LED Grow Light for Herb/Vegetable/Flower, Smart Garden Grow Kit for Home/Room/Kitchen/Office

The Indoor Herb Garden, BEAUTLOHAS. Hydroponics Growing System with Timer Function is an affordable indoor garden with smart technology so that customers can enjoy the benefits of possessing an indoor smart garden.

The timer function is automated to make the usage of this garden as convenient as possible. Any type of plant is supported with this lightweight and slick garden design. The manufacturer is so confident that customers will enjoy this product that they have promised to refund any purchase within ninety days. The positive customer reviews clearly matches the expressed confidence from the manufacturer.


  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Automated Smart Timer.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • High End Price Range.

GrowLED Plant Grow Light LED Indoor Garden Light, Kitchen Garden with Timer Function, 24V Low Safe Voltage, Ideal for Plant Grow Novice Or Enthusiasts, Various Plants, DIY Decoration, White Grow Light

The GrowLED Plant Grow Light LED Indoor Garden Light, Kitchen Garden with Timer Function might be a great choice if you are looking for an affordable smart garden that is capable of promoting fast growth in plants. This indoor smart garden is highly rated among customers because it is affordable and effective.

The smart timer is automated to ensure that the optimal amount of light is used in order to promote the best possible growth in plants. Everything is automated so that users have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The customer reviews for this particular product are extremely positive which has contributed to the fact that Amazon has decided to endorse and recommend this product to other customers on their online store.


  • Amazon Endorsed this Product.
  • Extremely Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Affordable Price Range.


  • Small Plant Capacity.
  • Lower End Product Design Quality.

best smart garden & indoor garden

The products above are based on several different factors. Each of the products could be a great option for you depending on your situation. For this instance, the best product for an overall balance between all of the factors is probably the AeroGarden Bounty Elite.

This particular product retains a lot of high quality features while trying to stay below the maximum price range in this category.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Commonly Asked Questions About Smart Gardens

What is a smart garden?

A smart garden uses technology to help you take care of your plants and ensure they grow properly. Smart gardens can handle many of the tasks traditionally associated with gardening for you. They can water your plants, apply fertilizer, ensure they are getting enough light, and even customize the heat level to provide an optimal environment.

How do you set up a smart garden?

Once you purchase a smart garden, you'll find that it is very easy to set up. You'll just need to place the plant pods or capsules that are included with your purchase into the planters. Then, fill up the water tank and plug in the garden. Once you've completed those steps, the smart garden will take care of everything else for you.

Do smart gardens actually work?

Yes, smart gardens actually work. Once you perform the set-up steps, you can sit back and let the garden take care of tending to your plants to help them grow.

What are the benefits of using a smart garden?

Once you get your smart garden set up, you'll immediately start to realize the benefits of your decision. After the initial set up steps, which are simple, you won't need to do much of anything to take care of your plants.

The smart garden will handle watering them, ensuring they get enough light, and keeping the planter at an optimal temperature to ensure growth. This can take a lot of the guesswork out of gardening and can help people that are too busy or simply forget to tend to their garden.

Smart gardens also use less water than you would need for a standard garden. This will help reduce the amount of water you use, decrease your waste, and could even lower your water bill.

They also are able to grow plants more quickly than other gardens. This can reduce the amount of time you need to wait for your plants to grow and can allow you to grow more items.

When you plant a smart garden, you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. Other times, you may be more limited by the weather conditions in your area and only able to grow certain foods at certain points in the year.

Being able to grow your own foods can help you eat a balanced diet and get the important nutrients you'll need. When you always have access to delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables from your garden, you'll be more likely to eat them.

Not only will you have increased access to fruits and vegetables, you can feel confident that they were grown without the use of GMO's, pesticides, or herbicides. This is not the case when you shop at the grocery store. You don't know the history of how the different items were grown, so you can't know if any harmful substances were used.

Can you plant any seeds in a smart garden?

No, you will need to use the seed pods that are offered by the manufacturer of the smart garden you purchase. These pods are specially designed to work with your smart garden.

What types of plants can you plant in a smart garden?

Depending on which smart garden and which company you choose to go with, you'll find different seed pod options to purchase. However, you'll likely have numerous options to choose from that will include flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

How many plants can you grow in a smart garden?

Smart gardens are available in a variety of sizes. While some are designed to hold just a few plants, others can hold closer to 30 plants. You can choose the right product for you based on your available space and how you would like to use your garden.

Should I plant all the same plants in my smart garden?

The answer to this question is totally up to you. Think about what you are most interested in growing and your purposes for planting a smart garden.

For example, if you are looking to create a garden that is visually appealing to brighten up your space, you may choose to plant a variety of different flowers.

If your purpose for planting a garden is to grow food to eat, that will impact the different pods you choose as well. You may want to choose a mix of different fruits and vegetables. If there is a particular food that you know you/your family enjoys but is never easy to purchase at the grocery store, you may decide to plant multiples of that item.

The choice is really up to you. You can even decide to plant a true mix of items and include some flowers, some fruits, and some vegetables in your garden.

How long will the plants you plant take to grow?

Different plants require a different amount of time to grow. However, the plants you plant in your smart garden should begin sprouting within a few weeks. The amount of time it will take them to produce flowers, fruits, or vegetables will vary.

If you plant a fruit or vegetable plant, they will also produce plants for different amounts of time. Some may yield fruits or vegetables for about two months, while others may be closer to six months.

What should I do if my plants are not growing fruit?

If your plants do not have any fruit, it may be because they need to be pollinated. You can help pollinate your plants by using a small, soft brush, such as a paint brush, to move the pollen between the different plant blossoms.

Can I reuse my smart garden after one set of plants is finished growing?

Yes! A smart garden is designed to be used over and over again. After you have grown something, you can certainly grow something else. Before planting new pods, you will want to clean out the garden and rinse out the water reservoir.

How much does a smart garden cost?

There is a fair amount of variability in the cost of a smart garden. The brand you choose and the number of plants the garden is designed to grow will impact the price you pay. You can find some options that only cost around $50, while other options may cost closer to $600.


cool ideas for smart gardens

Smart gardens are an awesome crossroads of nature meeting technology so you can grow herbs, veggies, and other plants almost anywhere with little maintenance. Available are indoor gardening kits to fit almost any space, so having fresh herbs for cooking, fresh veggies, or aromatics is always an option. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Turn Your Bathroom Into An Aromatic Spa

Pick a lighted smart garden to install in your bathroom and plant your favorite aromatic herbs such as lavender. lemon balm, or rosemary. The LED lighting provides a wide spectrum of lighting to promote growth as well as being inexpensive to use. Find a wall hanging smart garden to conserve space.

Sleep Better At Night

Plants are wonderful sleeping aids as they give off oxygen as a by-product. You can improve your air quality by adding plants such as Gerber daisies, ferns, and mums. These, as well as other plants, are known to reduce toxins in the air as well as adding humidity.

Another Use For The Pantry

Counter space, as well as wall space in the kitchen, may already be spoken for, but you may have some space in the pantry. Having a lighted smart garden will allow for those fresh kitchen herbs to be close without taking up valuable kitchen space. Just think of entering your pantry loaded with wonderful aromas and fresh herbs.

Turn Your Garage Into A Garden

Your garage could become a year-long garden without taking up much space. Get rid of the clutter and replace it with smart gardens to grow fresh veggies and fruit to enjoy all year long. There are smart gardens available for most size plants so envision having fresh tomatoes and strawberries off-season at your fingertips.

Forget Chemical Air Fresheners

Instead of using toxic laced laundry detergents and dryer freshener sheets, place a smart garden in your linen closet to provide your sheets and towels with a natural scent that has no unhealthy side effects. You can switch plants seasonally to give your linens a variety of scents.

Keep Your Guest Bedroom Fresh

Some rooms of the house don't get much use and can smell musty when you need them. By using this space to grow herbs and flowers that give off wonderful scents or absorb household toxins, the room stays fresh and ready to use as well as having these plants available for use. Your guests will thank you.

Keep It Spicy

If you like your food spicy, why not grow your favorite peppers at home. Smart gardens allow you to have it the way you want it instead of depending on what the market or store has in stock. Grow the varieties you like to cook year-round located in the kitchen or dining area with very little maintenance.

It Looks Fishy To Me

If you like aquariums but don't like cleaning them, there is a smart garden system on the market that may help with a solution. The plant tray uses water pumped from the aquarium to wet the soil and feed the plants with the fertilizer rich waste found in the water. It comes with a light bar so any room in the house is an option.

Let's Go Vertical

Some smart gardens are designed for small outdoor spaces that include patios and terraces. They look like a small tower that will house a variety of plants. These growing smart garden towers depend on natural light and are created to maximize the use of hydroponic gardening in urban settings.

Stairway Gardening

Wall hanging smart gardens are perfect to place lining your stairs that not only grow the greens but add lights in what is often a dark or low light part of the house. Not all smart gardens are plastic as some are metal adding a more formal aesthetic. What an awesome and decorative use of space that is often ignored.

What An Entrance

Many entryways or foyers are decorated with fake trees or plants, but you can turn your entrance area into a living smart garden. In the space a fake palm tree would take, you can have living flowers that can be changed with the seasons. Having added lighting in that area is also a plus.

A Plus To Grilling Outdoors

When grilling outdoors, having a portable smart garden gives you the option of having fresh herbs at your fingertips. The devil is in the details when it comes to seasoning and using fresh herbs can take your grilled dish to the next level. The beauty of this plan is those herbs are portable and can be taken indoors when needed.

Color Coordinate

You can use your smart garden to choose plants that will work with your color choice in any room in the house. Whether you want a bright focal spot of color, a statement corner, or a living plant that will complete your color scheme, smart garden can give you that choice.

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This includes things like fountains, shovels, hoses, shears and gloves.

Final Verdict On Smart Gardens

Now is a great time to take a look at each of these products so that you can get started with your very own indoor smart garden.

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