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Do you love spending time outdoors in the summer but hate how hot and sticky you get? Are you looking for a solution to cool you down while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors? An outdoor misting fan can keep you cool when you are outside on a hot day.

They are designed to provide a cool and breezy mist to cool you down and provide some relief for the heat. They're perfect for outdoor entertaining and barbeques. Your guests will appreciate the cool and wet break from the heat.

There are different styles of misting fans you can consider. Some are tubes and misting nozzles which are designed to be hooked up with an existing fan. Other styles have integrated water tanks and mister systems, so all you'll need is the one product.

In the sections below, we have reviewed five different misting fan options for you to consider. When making the decision about the perfect option for you, think about how frequently you'll be using it and the location it will go. Consider other factors as well, such as the price and how easy it is to operate.

best 5: Outdoor Misting Fans Review

Arctic Cove MBF0181 18V Lithium Ion Powered Cooling Bucket Top Variable Speed Fan and Water Mister (18V Battery and Charger Included, 5 Gallon Bucket Not Included)

The Arctic Cove Fan and Water Mister is designed to be attached to the top of a water-filled bucket or a garden hose. The fan uses the water from the bucket or the garden hose to blow a cooling mist.

This product is designed to be used indoors or outdoors. You can adjust the speed of the fan to control the amount of cool mist that is produced. You can also adjust the angle so you can aim the mist exactly where you want it to go.

The waterproof battery compartment protects batteries and prevents them from getting wet. The 2 Amp battery makes it possible for the fan to work for nearly two hours when you are away from an outlet.

It is compatible with the Ryobi 1 battery, the P102 battery is included with your purchase. If you are looking to get more than two hours of consecutive use out of your fan, you can upgrade to a stronger Ryobi 1 battery and get up to four hours of cool mist on those really hot days. The fan is compatible with P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108 Ryobi 1 batteries.


  • You do not need an outlet since the fan operates using battery power.
  • You can adjust the fan's speed and angle to get better control over the mist that is sprayed.
  • The fan is easy to set up; you just need a five-gallon bucket filled with water or a garden hose.


  • Will only work for two hours using the included battery.
  • Some users have noted that it takes a long time to recharge the battery so it can be used again.
HydroMist F10-14-011 18" Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan, 3 Speed On Cord, 0.15 HP, 1.05 Amps, Black

The HydroMist Fan is designed to be mounted on a wall to provide maximum air flow. It is black in color and comes with a one-year warranty to protect you from any issues.

It also features large 18-inch blades to help the cool breeze it produces travel a far distance. The fan oscillates, or rotates, to help circulate more cool air. The cord has a control switch that allows you to change the fan's speed (high, medium, or low).

It is not a misting fan by itself. You need to purchase a misting ring and nozzles to covert it to a misting fan. The misting ring and nozzles can be attached to the fan and will allow it to blow a cool mist.


  • The HydroMist has large (18-inch) blades which will help cool air spread across a large area.
  • There are three speed settings, which you can easily adjust using the fan's cord.
  • The head can be tilted and the fan rotates to help product maximum air-flow.


  • You will need to purchase a separate misting ring and nozzles in order to use this one as a misting fan.
  • Since the fan is mounted, you will not be able to transport it for use in other locations.
Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan - Features Cooling Misters, Ideal for Camping, Patios, Picnics, & more

The Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan simply needs to be connected to a garden hose to create a cool mist. It is a compact black fan that would easily fit on a deck or patio.

It can keep you cool outside, it can reduce the air temperature by as much as 25 degrees.

It features a three-speed control, which allows you to adjust the amount of air that is blown out. The head is designed to pivot, up to 90 degrees, to give you control for the direction in which the air blows.

It is also designed to hold up to the elements. There is no metal that is exposed, so you do not need to worry about it rusting. Additionally, the fan is UV resistant, so it won't crack or fade over the years.

This product is also designed with safety in mind. The cord feature in-line GFCI protection. There is also a ground-fault circuit interrupter integrated into the cord for added protection. These added safety features will allow you to safely use the fan in wet or damp places.


  • You can adjust the speed of the fan, choosing between low, medium, or high.
  • The head is designed to pivot so you can find the perfect angle no matter where you are.
  • It is designed to last. There is no metal to cause worries about rust, and it is UV resistant.


  • There is no option to operate the fan using a battery, so you have to be nearby an outlet and a water hose.
H&G lifestyles Outdoor Fan misting kit for patios Water Mister Cooling Patio Connects Any Outdoor Fan to Convert misting Fan Turns Heat Down by 20 Degrees(Fan not Included)

This H&G lifestyles Outdoor Misting Fan products is a kit designed to convert an existing outdoor fan into a misting fan. The kit includes misting nozzles and tubing that you can connect to your fan and a garden hose to create a misting fan.

The nozzles and tubing are both high-quality. The nozzles are made from durable brass that will not rust, not plastic like some other models. The tubing is UV treated, which will help prevent the material breaking down, cracking, or yellowing.

The misting kit is designed to be easily installed. In just 10 minutes, yours will be ready to deliver a refreshing a cool mist. Since it uses water from a garden hose, it requires less energy to operate than some other models.


  • This is an inexpensive option that allows you to convert an existing fan into a misting fan.
  • The nozzle and tubing are made from high-quality materials, so you won't need to worry about them breaking after just a few uses.
  • It only takes about 10 minutes to install the kit and convert your outdoor fan into a misting fan.


  • This is just a misting kit. You will either need to purchase a new outdoor fan or use one you already own.
NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan Oscillating Pedestal Fan with Three Gentle Mist Nozzles, AF-520B, Black

The NewAir Misting Fan is a tall black fan. The fan is designed to cool up to 500 square feet in your backyard, creating the perfect environment for summer get-togethers and barbeques.

It also has numerous features designed to help you cool your space. There are three settings (low, medium, or high) that you can choose from to control the amount of air and mist it blows. It also oscillates, so it will provide cool, misting air to different areas of the space.

This product features a head that can tilt, so you are able to control the angle the air and mist flows. The height is also adjustable to help it provide maximum cooling power. These features will allow you to ensure that you and your guests are kept comfortable and cool when outside.

With this product, you can also adjust the water pressure to make sure the mist coming is exactly how you want it. It is also designed to hold up to the elements. It is constructed from all-season durable plastic to help you get multiple years of use from this fan.

It was designed with safety in mind. It includes a GFCI plug with a three-prong outlet. Additionally, it will automatically shut-off in the event of a water leak to prevent any problems.


  • There are three speeds which allow you to control the air and mist flow from it.
  • The height and angle are adjustable, which let you determine exactly where the cool air and mist with flow.
  • The fan is constructed with a durable, all-season plastic so it can withstand being outdoors for long periods of time.


  • There is no option for battery operation, so you need to be within the reach of a garden hose and outlet in order to use this product.

outdoor misting fan Buying Guide

As you can now tell, there are many different options to consider when you are looking for an outdoor fan to provide a cool mist. Before you make a decision about which one to buy, you'll need to decide which option is best for your needs.

Do you foresee using it where you'll have easy access to an outlet and garden hose? Or, do you think you'll be bringing the fan on camping trips or to a soccer field where there are no outlets or hoses available. If you'll be using your fan primarily in one location, think about the size of the location and how many people are likely going to be around.

best outdoor misting fan

We think that the Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan is the best choice when you are looking for a misting fan. It is a compact option, so it won't look as bulky at your get-togethers.

The product connects easily to a garden hose, so you'll be able to have cool misting blowing in no time. Since the head of this fan can pivot, you also have a lot of control regarding where the mist blows. This will allow you to keep all your guests comfortable at your summer gatherings.

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan - Features Cooling Misters, Ideal for Camping, Patios, Picnics, & more

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Between the powerful misters and adjustable speeds of this fan, you'll even be able to reduce the temperature in your space by up to 25 degrees. Your friends will want your home to be the new get-together spot because of your Lasko Misting Fan.

The Lasko Misting Fan also includes numerous safety features and is designed to withstand the elements. So, you know you'll be able to get multiple years of use from this product.

If the Lasko Misting Fan doesn't seem like it will meet your needs as well as one of the other options, all the fans reviewed above are great choices. Just consider your individual needs, and you'll be sure to find the perfect misting fan for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are outdoor misting fans any good?

Outdoor misting fans are great if you are looking for something that will keep you cool on hot days. A misting fan functions like a normal fan. But what it does is that it employs misting nozzles to spray water droplets that will be used to help add the cooling factor so you are feeling more comfortable and a lot cooler when you are outdoors.

The water droplets will quickly evaporate and thus make the air cooler. This is the closest equivalent to placing a wet washcloth or a bucket of ice in front of a fan. The result is pretty much the same. A cooler amount of air due to evaporated water will make the breeze a lot more cooler compared to the standard flow.

What are some of the best misting fans?

There are misting fans that are widely available in different brands. Some of the brands are Lasko, Arctic Cove, DecoBREEZE, and more. However, these are not really the most “heard of” brands. And yet, it shouldn’t matter which one you choose. The best misting fan should be based on the quality, what it can deliver for you in terms of results, and the budget. Be sure to find the best fan that you can afford on your budget (but do not settle for poor quality to save a few dollars).

Does putting a wet cloth make a fan blow cooler air?

Yes. It does. And it can also be quite effective for when you need something cooler than normal. The same will apply for an outdoor misting fan. If you don’t have a misting fan for the moment, you can still acquire the same benefits. All you need to do is get a washcloth, soak it in cold water for at least 30 seconds, wring it out thoroughly so it’s not dripping, and then place it in front of the fan. 

The cool water vapors will lift off the cloth and thus be blown towards you making it much cooler than normal. This will be a great trick to have up your sleeve on days when it can get very hot and a standard fan doesn’t seem to do a good enough job. Room temperatures will go well above 75 on days when the air temperature is 85 degrees or above.

Does misting your AC unit help?

Believe it or not, there’s a great way to use your air conditioning unit and save some energy costs at the same time. You can use misting gadgets that can be perfect for keeping your AC usage on the low side and even reduce the energy bill overall. Get something like Mistbox or Cool-n-Save as your go-to options for what is known as evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is no new fad. It’s actually been around for more than hundreds, if not thousands of years. Well before air conditioning, fans, or even electricity. That’s because our own sweat is made up of mostly water molecules. And when the water molecules evaporate, you’ll feel a lot more cooler.

How much does a misting device cost?

A misting device is not something that should be considered “cheap”. You can find these misting devices for nearly $450 if you are looking for something that is considered to be the most cost-effective option. However, the savings that come along with using this will pay for itself. Especially when you are using it on a regular basis as a way to cool off. Not to mention, you’ll also qualify for some tax credits when you use energy saving devices like these. So not only will spending money on a misting device might not sound as good on paper, it’s actually worth the investment. Plus, you get that money back anyway right around tax season.

Before you balk at the idea of purchasing a misting device, you might want to consider the long-term benefits financially as opposed to the short-term. The more energy you save, the better the chance you’ll qualify for some sweet tax benefits next year. It’s not like you are spending money per month on a device. You pay the one-time price, install it, and use it whenever you need it most.

Can a misting fan keep bugs away?

Here’s one other hidden benefit about misting fans, not only do they keep you cool but they also keep the bugs at bay as well. Got a bit of a mosquito problem? Are you tired of bees and wasps flying by to a point where they keep you on edge? The good news is that misting fans have the ability to keep these bugs away without even harming them or using chemicals that can harm you.

If you run a misting fan outdoors in your patio, you can try this out for yourself to ensure that no insects are in and around the area. This will actually reduce the likelihood of getting swarmed, bitten or even stung by these pesky insects. Plus, if you are not a fan of using bug spray this is a really good alternative if you are using your patio or deck just to sit and relax or enjoy a nice meal outdoors.

Do patio misters use up a lot of water?

The good news is they don’t. Most patio misters will use anywhere between 0.5 to 1.5 gallons of water per hour. However, each patio mister is made with a different number of hoses used and their appropriate hookups. A lot of residential patio misters will not use a ton of water (let alone take a long time to fill up).

Also, small patio misters won’t get used up a lot since you might be spending no more than a couple of hours outdoors depending on the weather. However, it’s important for you to check the water levels every day so you can determine whether or not the mister tank will need to be filled up. If the tank is less than a quarter full, it would be wise to fill it up more.

Final Verdict

We've done all the research for you, now it is time for you to make a final decision. Select the best misting fan for your needs, and order it. In no time, you'll be able to transform that hot space into a cool and welcoming environment.


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