What Are The Best Hedge Shears?

You might be looking to do some research before choosing which hedge shears to buy for your toolkit. We are going to include a lot of useful information to try and make your product search as simple as possible.

Many different types of hedge shears can drastically change how effective they are when trimming foliage. It can be stressful to find the right product, but we are going to do our best to present you with several high-quality choices. This additional research should help you get jump started with the right set of hedge shears.

Best 5: Hedge Shears Review

TABOR TOOLS Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes. Telescopic Hedge Clippers 25 Inch Handles with 8 Inch Extension. B212A. (Wavy Blade, Extendable Steel Handles)

You will likely be impressed with the exceptional design quality of the TABOR TOOLS Hedge Shears. There are five design variations and several useful features that make your life easier when cutting hedges.

One of the great features is the adjustable blade tension. This feature is a great customization option that allows you to develop the feeling that you are looking for when you operate hedge shears.

You will also notice that it is easier to operate these hedge shears for extended periods. The shock-absorbing bumpers can help to reduce fatigue on your arms and shoulders. This product seems to check off all of the things that most customers are looking to find. As a bonus, this item has exceptional customer feedback and is available for purchase at a generous price range.


  • Five Variations Available.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Adjustable Blade Tension.


  • Short Term Durability.
Rainbow Craft Ergonomic TPR Handle 17'' Hedge Shear, Bush Clipper - Light Green Color

Another one of our top selections belongs to the Rainbow Craft Ergonomic Hedge Shears. These hedge shears are an extremely cost-effective selection that still offers a premium level of design quality.

There are five different color schemes available for customers to select from on the product page. You might also appreciate some of the unique features that you will find equipped on this product. The ergonomic grips are incredibly comfortable, and the cushion bumpers can help to reduce safety hazards.

It might not be the best overall selection, but it certainly makes a case to be considered as one of your top choices within this industry. If you are looking for an affordable set of hedge shears, you might have to consider these Rainbow Craft Ergonomic Hedge Shears seriously.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Cushion Bumpers.
  • Ergonomic Handle Grips.
  • Five Color Schemes Available.


  • Lacks Sharpness for Thick Foliage.
ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

We were extremely impressed with these ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears. They are a top-tier product with some of the most impressive design aspects that we have seen in this industry. These features include a high-quality steel blade, exceptional durability, and premium design quality for professional use.

They are one of the most expensive hedge shear products that we could find, but they certainly do not disappoint. This item is not an excellent purchase for customers on a tight budget. On the flip side, it could be an exceptional choice for customers that are looking for the highest level of quality.


  • Extremely Efficient.
  • Long Lasting Sharpness.
  • Professional Design Quality.


  • Expensive Price Range.
Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear, 10-Inch Blade

Have you ever heard of the Corona HS3950 Extendable Hedge Shears? If you haven't, you will be excited to learn about their cost-effective design. For an excellent price, you can purchase this set of hedge shears that includes comfortable handle grips, shock-stopping bumpers, and a durable steel blade that gets the job done.

All customers are also entitled to a limited lifetime warranty. We have also reviewed some of the customer ratings, and it is quite clear that this product has a proven track record with verified customers.


  • Comfortable Grips.
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.


  • Vulnerable to Rust.
Fiskars Garden 392861-1002 Powergear2 Hedge Shears, 23", Black/Orange

It wouldn't be fair to conclude this review without including the Fiskars Garden Hedge Shears. These hedge shears include a rust-resistant design and an extremely efficient steel blade that stays sharp.

A low-friction coating has been applied to help the blade operate more effectively when cutting through thicker materials. There are also some shock-absorbing bumpers to help reduce the physical effects of working with these hedge shears.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Precision Steel Blades.
  • Shock-Absorbing Bumpers.


  • High End Price Range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Hedge Shears Used For?

Garden hedge shears are commonly used to remove large branches, leaves, or bushes from your property. Many different types of designs can focus on specific types of cutting. Some hedge shears have individual blades that are ideal for certain types of foliage.

Are Hedge Shears Difficult to Use?

Some people might believe that operating hedge shears can be physically exhausting and frustrating. This belief might be a common misconception because several useful features can be equipped to reduce physical fatigue.

One of these features happens to be shock-absorbing bumpers. This feature can commonly be found on top-tier hedge shear products, and it can exponentially reduce the physics effects of cutting or trimming branches.

How Expensive Are the Best Hedge Shears?

The price range for a high-quality set of hedge shears can range anywhere from as low as 20 dollars, up to as high as 100 dollars. In some cases, you might be able to find a product outside of this range. Most of the time, you can expect to find the most popular hedge shear products within this range.

The value can depend on the type of blade, grips, and coating that the shears have received. In some cases, certain brands can be slightly more expensive because of their internal trade secrets.

Final Verdict

If you have been struggling to find the best hedge shears, this review should provide a lot of assistance to your product search. We have evaluated and reviewed five of the best selections that we could find on the market. There are excellent choices for just about every type of customer.

You can now begin finalizing your search so that you can ultimately make the best purchase for your needs. It would be smart to check each of these products to see if they match your desired criteria. You can also find additional information in the 'Product Review' and 'FAQ' sections of this post.

We have included cheap selections, professional products, and hedge shears that are well-balanced across all categories. In all likelihood, you will find at least one product that you are interested in purchasing.


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