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A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can provide you with more security and privacy when you are connected to the internet. With a VPN, you will be able to hide or change your IP address, encrypt any data you transfer, or make it look like you are located somewhere other than your true location. Ivacy VPN is a service that can help you achieve these goals and make sure you and your personal information is protected when you access the internet.

To help you learn more about what Ivacy VPN is and the services they provide, we conducted a review of this company. After you read through our review below, you should have all the information you'll need to decide if you want to sign up with Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy VPN

Online Security and Privacy Features

When you sign up with Ivacy VPN, you'll be able to enjoy a variety of features that are designed to keep you and your information protected when you are online. You never know who may be viewing your information on the dark web or waiting to hack your computer.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPS allows you to mask your IP address. This will allow you to browse online and make transactions without needing to worry about hackers or anyone who may be trying to surveille your activities.

With Ivacy VPN, you'll receive 256-bit encryption. This high level of encryption will make it extremely difficult for those with a malicious intent to determine what you are doing or hack your computer.

When you are using a public Wi-Fi, if you turn on Ivacy VPN before you connect to the Wi-Fi, you'll be able to protect your information against people who would otherwise be able to access it over the public network.

Streaming Features

When you use Ivacy VPN, you can also enjoy a better online streaming experience. Typically, an ISP can reduce your connection speed, which can lead to buffering or lags during videos. However, with Ivacy, you'll be able to enjoy a better streaming experience when watching shows or movies online through streaming services such as Amazon Price, Netflix, or Hulu.

Ivacy VPN

When you use Ivacy to connect to a VPN, you will have the option to select your purpose for connection. You can choose from options including secure download, streaming, and unblocking. Letting Ivacy know your purpose can help provide you with the best experience possible.

Internet Freedom Features

Without Ivacy, you may encounter problems with getting some websites or channels to load. This is because some channels or sites are geo-restricted, this means they can only be accessed by users in certain areas. However, when you use Ivacy, it can help you get around these limitations and allow you to access just about any site you'd like.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN also offers split tunneling. With split tunneling, you'll be able to enjoy access to foreign and local content, which wouldn't be possible without Ivacy.

Advanced Security Features

Ivacy VPN also offers a wide variety of advanced security features. These security features are designed to ensure that you and your information are completely protected whenever you are connected to the internet. A few of these features include:

  • IPv6 Leak Protection: You won't need to worry about your online IP addressing getting leaked to third parties with this feature.
  • Multiple Protocols: You can select from the available protocol to create a strong layer of encryption to your connection. Some of the available protocols include TCP, L2TP, IKEV, and UDP.
  • Secure DNS: Ivacy will provide encryption for the ISP DNS tunnel to ensure that a DNS leak does not occur.
  • 5 Multi Logins: When you sign up with Ivacy VPN, you will receive coverage for five of your devices at the same time. This means that you won't have to log in and out of each device every time you are switching to a different device.
  • DDoS Protection: DDos attacks will be prevented when you sign up with Ivacy.
  • Secure Downloading: As you are downloading information on your machine, Ivacy will scan it and remove any malware or viruses which could cause harm to your device.

Business VPN Services

In addition to offering personal VPN services, you can also sign up for a business VPN with Ivacy. A business VPN can provide the protection your business needs to keep your information protected and secure online.

Ivacy VPN

With a business IPN from Ivacy, you will receive a dedicated global IP address. With a dedicated IP, individuals who are not part of your organization will not be able to access your network or files.

Your business VPN account will ensure quick server deployment. This means that you and your employees will be able to use your devices as you need to accomplish your business goals.

Signing up with Ivacy VPN for your business will also provide additional security for your employees. They can feel more comfortable using your computers to conduct their business.

Ivacy VPN

When you sign up for a business VPN, your employees will be able to access the VPN from any of their devices no matter where they are located. With just one click, they'll be able to secure their actions when connected to the internet.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, a business VPN from Ivacy is a great investment to make. You will be ensuring the security of your documents and data, making sure they are kept away from unwanted eyes.

A business VPN from Ivacy will make it easy for you to access different regions across the globe. You'll even be able to gain access to restricted regions, allowing you to share what you have to offer with a larger audience.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy's business VPN will also deliver super quick upload and download speeds, allowing you and your employees to enjoy a better experience when using the internet.

There will be no restrictions placed on how much you or your employees will be able to use your VPN, so you won't need to worry about bandwidth caps or needing to limit anyone's access to the internet.

You'll also have access to dedicated customer support 24/7 to help you address any questions or concerns you may have.

Available Products and Platforms

Ivacy VPN can be used on all platforms that connect to the internet. You will be able to keep all of your devices safe and secure with your subscription to Ivacy. A few examples of what you'll be able to protect include Windows devices, iOS devices, Android devices, Smart TVs, Xboxes, PS4s, and more.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Getting started with Ivacy VPN is simple. Just visit their website and select the plan option/service agreement length that is right for you.

Ivacy VPN

Then, you'll just need to enter a little information about yourself, select any of the optional security add-ons you'd like, and enter your payment information. Ivacy also makes it easy to pay for your subscription. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, BitPay, AliPay, Paymentwall, or various forms of cryptocurrency.


  • With Ivacy VPN, you'll be able to keep your information secure when you use the internet.
  • Your IP address will be masked, so others won't know where you are actually located.
  • The 256-bit encryption will ensure that your actions and data remain hidden from others.
  • Videos you are streaming will buffer less with Ivacy.
  • You can access websites and channels that are otherwise not available due to geo-restrictions.
  • Your subscription will allow you to use the VPN on multiple devices.
  • If you run a business, you can sign up for Ivacy's Business VPN services to protect your company and your employees.
  • Ivacy's customer support team is available 24/7 if you need assistance. You can contact them over email, through live chat on the website, or by submitting a support ticket.


  • Since you can mask your IP address, others won't know where you are located.
  • Ivacy VPN utilizes 256-bit encryption.
  • A business VPN from Ivacy can help ensure that your business' information is kept secure online.


  • Some people who have used Ivacy have shared that they did not have a good experience with the customer service team.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking to keep your information secure and protected when you are connected to the internet, you should consider signing up with Ivacy VPN. Their VPN can mask your IP address, encrypt your information, and more to keep what you're doing away from prying eyes of others. Visit Ivacy VPN's website today to sign up and start protecting yourself!


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