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Moving homes was a good opportunity for me to upgrade all my furniture. Some of my favorites include pieces in the garage which is now twice the size of my old one. I also have a new office room since I work from home.

Finding the right furniture for my new home proved very limiting. Modern furniture looks good but I don’t trust its durability. I barely have any money left after upgrading homes. My wife told me we should invest in furniture which lasts as we still have a mortgage to pay.

Seville Classics

Having this discussion in mind, I found Seville Classic to be one of the best places to purchase such furniture and storage shelves to last decades. The company sells these products on their website. Most of them could be used in commercial spaces such as in an auto repair shop or at the office. But for me, their products are a guarantee of durability.

Seville Classic Characteristics

  • Sells home organization and garage storage solutions.
  • Commercializes office furniture and accessories.
  • Sells modular steel shelving.
  • The company sells rolling storage cabinets.
  • The company holds 23 design patents.

Ultrahd Commercial Racks

The UltraHD series from the brand is one of the most impressive. You can find all types of rolling cabinets to purchase for your home. From small cabinets to tall cabinets, there are plenty of top options to consider. But at the same time, some products are arguably the most durable among all others.

Seville Classics

Of course, I paid a bit more than what you’d pay for a regular garage cabinet. But I got the UltraHD Mega Workbench which comes with steel shelves and a top work surface where I can do basic maintenance on car parts. This is where I clean engine parts and where I apply lubrication to keep my classic car in good running order.

Made with lockable stainless steel drawers, the cabinet keeps my kids away from wrenches, tools, and flammable cleaning liquids. But most of all, I’m glad to see these stainless steel shelves with added durability in my home. In my previous home, the wooden tool cabinet eventually gave up under the constant weight as it was packed with tools.

Seville Classics

The metal casters underneath the tools cabinet also allow me to move it around the garage freely. In the evening, I move it right underneath the lightbulb so that I can see better. On sunny days, I even roll it outside. It’s outdoors that I like to work the most. I even assembled my child’s bike on this cabinet outdoors.

The quality is there and it impresses me. It’s visible even in the small details. For example, the push bars are chromed and it even comes with polyurethane bumpers. I think its commercial-grade quality for a good price compared to other metal cabinets of its size.

There are other impressive cabinets you can find on the website. I’m currently saving for 2 tall cabinets. One is going to be used for other tools I own and the second one is going to be used for all the necessities of my pets. Dog crates, leashes, and their accessories are going to be stored there. Since they are needed daily, a regular cabinet might not be up for the task in terms of durability.

Standing Desks

The Ergo series is a total surprise for me. I was looking for cabinets when I found this line of products from the manufacturer. Since my wife had already started decorating my office space, I thought about these products.

In the end, I purchased an electric desk converter. It works similarly to a standing desk, but you place it on top of your existing desk. Practically, this hybrid standing desk is one of the top solutions for those like me who work at a computer.

Seville Classics

It was a few years back that I discovered my hunched position at the computer was affecting my health. But my posture improved considerably by using standing and sitting together. This little standing desk converter is the best purchase I made for my office space.

It comes with an adjustable height which I think is very easy to use. It also came pre-assembled so I simply placed it over my regular desk and it was ready to use.

Shortly, I’m also planning to purchase a full standing desk from the website. The setup I’m planning for my office is with 2 large monitors and I’m going to need a full desk for it. However, I still want it to be height adjustable as I find that even my productivity improves while standing.

Steel Shelving

Other durable products you can find on the website include modular steel shelving. I already ordered a small steel shelf which I’m adding in the garage to keep all my fishing boots. I have a few pairs and I don’t want to keep them inside the house. Airflow is much better in the garage and they’re going to dry naturally faster.

Seville Classics

But you can also find modular steel shelves on the website. You simply add another shelf if needed. Fixed and mobile examples can be seen on the website. My choice would be any shelf with casters if I would be looking for storage options in the garage.

My family stores their bikes in the garage during wintertime. This is the main reason I need storage options with casters so that I can organize the bikes properly. The last thing I want for my problematic back is to have to bend over and pick heavy shelves off the ground.

Other Storage Products

But not all products the company makes are for the garage. For example, it also makes kitchen, bedroom and bathroom storage products.

Seville Classics

Spice shelves and kitchen cabinet shelf organizers are among my favorite. I’m going to add a few of these to my kitchen as I need to maximize storage space.

I’ll probably order these kitchen storage products with my next purchase since their affordable. I’d also like to purchase a steel pneumatic work stool for my garage.


I find most products on the website very appealing for a man. Here are a few prices to exemplify what you get for your cash.

  • A stainless steel pneumatic stool costs $64.99.
  • My UltraHD Mega Workbench for the garage was $799.99.
  • My Electric Desk Converter was $269.99.
  • An expandable kitchen cabinet shelf organizer costs $20.99.

Seville Classics Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Seville Classics discounts & coupons...


  • Most products are made with robust materials.
  • Plenty of original designs to choose from.
  • Excellent choice of standing desks and standing desk converters.


  • A limited number of bedroom products.

Final Verdict

The company is one of my favorites since I’ve made my first purchase. You can also place an order online. Inside your confirmation e-mail, you typically find a tracking number so that you know when to expect your parcel.

Standard shipping takes at least 3 days. But if you want to make the most of your purchase, you can shop for products that qualify for free shipping. You need a minimum order of $49 to qualify for free shipping. LTL carriers take over the products of orders exceeding $1,000 or shipping over 500lbs.


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