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Do you worry about someone gaining access to your personal information on the internet? Are you concerned that your passwords aren't secure enough, or may fall into the wrong hands? Dashlane offers a variety of password management services designed to protect your information, while also making it easier for you to log on to the many sites you access on a daily basis.

To help you learn more about the different services offered by Dashlane, we have completed a thorough review. After reading through our review, you should have enough information to decide if Dashlane is a good fit for you.


Dashlane Features Review

The features offered are designed to help you store your passwords, keep your document protect, monitor for and alert you to any security breaches, and help you securely share information and documents with others. In the sections below, we'll look more closely at the different features offered by Dashlane and how they can help you.

Password Manager

The Password Manager is designed to help you keep track of the various passwords you have for all of your online accounts. Sometimes it can be challenging to remember your password for a particular website, particularly if it is one you rarely access. But, with Dashlane's Password Manager, you'll easily be able to retrieve all of your passwords.


When you log in and click on the password section, you'll see icons for all of your online accounts. Simply click on the account you need the password for, and Dashlane will help you get logged in.

Password Generator

Having a strong password is essential in prevent hacks. With the Password Generator, you can easily create a strong password to use for one of your account.

The generator allows you to enter the criteria for your password, including the length and whether you'd like it to include letters, digits, and/or symbols. As you adjust the criteria, you'll notice that the displayed suggested password will change to match what you entered.


The color of the screen will change from red to orange to green to let you know whether your password is weak (red), fairly strong (orange), or strong (green). Once you have entered the criteria for your desired password and are satisfied with its security, you can click on the 'Copy password' button to copy your password so you'll be able to paste it on to the website you need it for.

Having a different secure password for every site you access is very important in making sure that your information doesn't get compromised. With Dashlane's Password Generator, you'll be able to do just that. And, with the Password Manager, you won't need to worry about memorizing all of your complex passwords.

Password Changer

After you've set up your account, you'll be able to view your security score. Part of the information used to calculate your security score is the number of your passwords that are strong or weak.

Dashlane realizes that it could be very daunting and seem impossible if you have numerous weak passwords that will all need to be changed individually. That is why they created the Password Changer.


With the Password Changer, you can change all or some of your passwords in just a few seconds. All you'll need to do is select the accounts you want to change and select the criteria for your password, and Dashlane will change them all for you.

This feature can also be very helpful if you are worried that your personal or login information for a specific site may have been compromised. You can also use the feature to keep your passwords updated on a regular basis to add an additional layer of security to your accounts.

Digital Wallet

Entering your preferred payment options into your Digital Wallet can help speed up the checkout process and keep your credit card and banking information secure. Dashlane allows you to store as many forms of payment as you would like. You can store your credit or debit card information, bank account numbers, PayPal login, and more.


The payment information you store will include all the other necessary information you'll need to check out on a website, such as the billing address or name that appears on the credit card. This will help to further simplify the check out process for you, and will prevent you from needing to grab your credit card to verify the CVV code or expiration date.

When you store payment information in your digital wallet, you can be confident that your information will be secure. Dashlane uses their patented security architecture to ensure that no one else will be able to gain access to your accounts; all of your information is encrypted and only viewable by you.

Form Autofill

Once all of your passwords are securely stored, you'll be able to login to all of your accounts quickly. Dashlane can autofill login forms for you in just a few clicks. Using the autofill features are much safer than those offered by your internet browser, since most browsers are unsecure.

If you have credit card information saved in your Digital Wallet, you can also use Dashlane to autofill payment information to make for a speedier checkout.


When you are entering your information on a website, Dashlane will display all the corresponding information you have stored in your account to allow you to select the right option. For example, if you frequently have items shipped to different addresses, you can enter all of your address, and then simply select the correct one when you are checking out on a website.

Dashlane's autofill features will also work on smartphones when you use their Chrome or Safari extensions.


Dashlane also offers a VPN to protect you against unsecured connections. With your VPN, people won't be able to view your personal information or track your activity on the internet.

The VPNs offered include an unlimited bandwidth and will cover an unlimited number of devices. With many other VPN provides, you'll be limited in these two regards.


The VPNs also allow you to enjoy fast connections and ensure that pages load quickly. They utilized optimal virtual location technology to make sure you aren't slowed down as you browse the internet.

Dashlane will also allow you to select your server location from more than 20 country options. This will ensure you are able to accomplish all of your online goals with ease.

Security Alerts

In the event one of your accounts is compromised or at risk of being compromised, Dashlane will notify you with an instant alert. If one of your accounts has suffered a security breach, Dashlane will allow you to view any other passwords or accounts that may also be impacted. You'll then be able to quickly change all of these passwords using the Password Changer.


Mobile App

Dashlane offers a mobile app that will allow you to enjoy the convenience and protection offered by Dashlane on your phone or tablet. Any passwords or payment information enter will automatically sync between the mobile app and your desktop account.


Dashlane for Businesses

If you are looking to enhance the cyber security of your business and protect it and your employees from online threats, Dashlane is waiting to assist you. You're probably already aware that getting your employees on board with a large-scale change, such as instituting higher security standards is not always easy. But, with Dashlane's features that are both easy to use and access, your employees will quickly realize this new change is very manageable.


When you sign up for a Business Plan, you'll pay a small monthly fee for each user in your organization. Your account will include numerous features designed to keep your organization and member safe. A few of the features included with a Business Plan include:

  • An administrative console.
  • Protect password sharing.
  • A customer success manager.
  • Storage for an unlimited number of passwords.
  • Payment and form autofill.
  • Secure storage for files.
  • Access to information store in Dashlane across different devices.
  • Security monitoring and alerts.


  • The Password Manager allows you to securely store all of your passwords for easy access.
  • Can help you generate very strong passwords.
  • You can change some or all of your passwords with just a few clicks.
  • Your Digital Wallet can safely store all of your preferred payment options for easy access.
  • Any information you have saved in your account can be auto filled to simplify the login or checkout process.
  • Offers a VPN for protected and secure online browsing.
  • If one of your passwords or accounts is compromised, Dashlane will immediately send you an alert.
  • You can sign up for an account to protect your business and your employees.


  • The autofill features will make it quick and easy to securely log in to all of the websites you access.
  • Any information stored in Dashlane is only accessible by you and your master password.
  • The Password Generator can help you create a strong password to match any required criteria in seconds.


  • The business accounts do not include a VPN.

Final Verdict

Hopefully our review has helped you learn more about the numerous features offered by Dashlane that can help keep your online information secure. We think you'll find that Dashlane is an incredible asset in keeping you safe, while also simplifying logging into websites and the checkout process when you make a purchase. Sign up for an account today to start enjoying the protections that Dashlane offers.


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