Pop-Up Beach Tents for Babies

Do you enjoy spending a fun-filled day that the beach with your family? Are you looking for a quality product that can help provide some shade to protect your baby from the hot sun? A pop-up tent is the perfect solution to keep your baby cool while your family enjoys the sand and water.

There are many different options when you are looking for a new pop-up tent for your baby. To help you select the best product for your little one, we have reviewed five of the best pop-up beach tents for babies.

Top 5: Pop-Up Beach Tents for Babies Review

Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up

The Monobeach Baby Pop Up Tent is designed to be used by children who are three and under. This option is a large blue canopy that is closed in the back and open in the front. The base of this option is covered, so your baby will be sitting on it, not on the hot sand.

The bottom part of this product also has a mini pool where your baby can sit. You can choose to fill the pool with a little water to keep your baby cool and entertained (just make sure they are well-supervised).

Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up

The canopy shade provides 50+ UV protection barrier against the sun. This protection along with your baby's sunscreen will help prevent them from getting a sunburn.

This product is lightweight and easy to carry in the included bag. When you get down to the sand, it will open quickly using the automatic pop up feature. When opened, it measures 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5.


  • There is an indented pool area you can fill with water to keep your baby entertained and cool.
  • The canopy provides 50+ UV protection.
  • It will pop up automatically for quick and easy set up.


  • Before you bring this item down to the beach for the first time, be sure to practice folding it up so you'll know what to do.
Babymoov Pop Up Sun Shelter

If you are looking for an option that can zip close to protect your baby from blowing sand or bugs, consider the Babymoov Pop Up Sun Shelter for Toddlers and Children.

This option features a mesh from that can be zipped closed or tied open. Since it is mesh, you'll always be able to see your baby whether it is open or closed.

Bringing this product to the beach will be simple. It only weighs one-and-a-half pounds and comes with carrying case.

Babymoov Pop Up Sun Shelter

Once you get down to the beach, it is very quick and easy to set up. It will pop up and be ready in just seconds. Then, you can use the four included pegs to secure it in the sand.

To protect your child from the strong sun, this option is covered with a material that has a rating of 50 UPC. The play area is large enough for two small children to play together in the tent. It measures 39 x 35 x 33.

There are three available color combinations and designs you can choose from. They are Blue Green, Blue Parasol, and Tropical Gray.


  • This option is larger than some of the other options. This will allow two small children to share the tent.
  • There are three color choices.
  • You can zip the front mesh cover to protect your baby from bugs and blowing sand.


  • There is no pool space in the bottom of this option.
Multifun UPF Easy Pop Up Beach Tent

Your baby and your older children will all enjoy the Multifun UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent. This option is designed to provide cooling shelter from the sun for three to four people. It features a fun blue shark design that your young children are sure to love.

Setting this option up is quick and easy as it will pop up and be ready to use. It features 360 degrees of ventilation to keep it cool inside the ten. The front of this option is open and there is a door on the rear to allow you to leave it closed or opened.

Multifun UPF Easy Pop Up Beach Tent

This option is designed to be water-resistant and windproof, making it the perfect product to bring along with you to the beach. It is made from a polyester that has added sun protection. This helps it to block up to 99% of ultraviolet rays.

A one-year warranty is included to protect your purchase. You will also receive four ground states and four sandbags to prevent the tent from tipping over or blowing away.


  • You'll be able to get more use out of this tent since your baby will be able to use it as they grow up.
  • The tent can fit multiple people.


  • This is the most expensive item we reviewed.
Overcrest Portable Beach Pop Up Tent

The Overcrest Portable Beach Pop Up Ten for Babies is a small and compact option that will be easy to pack along for your next beach trip. You will be able to secure this item to the ground using the two stakes that are included.

This option can fully cover your baby from the rays of the sun. It is also fully screened to prevent bugs from biting or bothering your little one. You can open up the front flap to allow your baby to look out over the sand and water at the beach.

Overcrest Portable Beach Pop Up Tent

This option sets up and folds back down very quickly. It also includes a convenient carry bag, making it simple to bring with you. It is also lightweight, weighing under a pound.

When opened up, it measures 42 x 27 x 20. This will provide plenty of space for your baby to play or sleep when the family is down at the beach.

Overcrest Portable Beach Pop Up Tent

The exterior of this option is made from a durable and breathable nylon fabric that provides a UV50+ protection. The manufacturer will include a lifetime warranty to protect your purchase. If you experience any issues related to the quality of this product, they will replace it for you.


  • The whole space is enclosed with mesh to keep bugs away.
  • You can open up the front flap to allow your baby to see out.
  • A lifetime warranty to protect against any quality issues is included with your purchase.


  • Your baby will outgrow this option quickly.
CeeKii Baby Beach Tent

Your older baby or toddler will love splashing in the pool included with the CeeKii Baby Beach Tent. This option features a canopy covering that will shade your baby and protect them from the hot rays on the sun. The canopy is made using a silver-coated waterproof and UV protected fabric.

CeeKii Baby Beach Tent

When not needed, you can remove the canopy. This will leave the base with pushed out pool area for your child to enjoy. You can give them a few beach toys and a little water, and they'll be able to play and stay cool at the beach.

When this option is opened up, it measures 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5 inches, so your baby or toddler will have plenty of space to play. It pops open for each set up, and folds down quickly to be returned to the included carry bag.


  • Older babies and toddlers will enjoy splashing with water in the pool area. For younger babies, you can just leave the pool empty and place a blanket over it for them to lay on.
  • The canopy for this option is made with a silver-coated material that will protect your little one from strong UV rays.
  • This option pops open for easy set up and folds up quickly at the end of the beach trip.


  • There is no option to close off the front of the tent with a mesh cover.

Buying Guide

A pop-up beach tent is the perfect product that will allow your little one to enjoy a family beach trip and stay protected from the sun. Your baby or toddler will love hearing the waves crash and watching the seagulls fly from the shelter of their tent.

Before you purchase a new tent for your little one, there are a few things you will want to consider. 

First, think about how old your baby currently is and how long you anticipate using the tent for. If you think you'll want to continue using it for a few years, you may want to consider a large option or one that provides a pool space for your baby to play.

Some other features you should also consider include how easy the tent is to open and close, if the canopy is made with a UV-resistant material, and whether there is a door or cover to protect your baby from blowing sand or bugs.

Top Pick

Out of the five options we reviewed, our top pick is the Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Portable Shade. We like this option because you will be able to use it with younger babies and toddlers.

It has a large canopy that is UV-protected to keep UV rays away from your baby's sensitive skin. If you do not need the canopy, it can also be removed from the tent.

Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up

Your toddler will love splashing and playing around in the included pool in the base of this option. All you will need is a little water from the ocean to provide them with the perfect, cool play zone. 

If your baby is currently too young for the pool feature, you can just lay a blanket or a towel down where they can lay down under the shade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Take My Baby to the Beach?

If you follow certain precautions, it should be safe to bring your baby to the beach. Since every baby has different needs, it is always best to check with your pediatrician before bringing a young baby to the beach.

If possible, try to bring your baby to the beach during cooler times when the sun isn't as strong. Earlier in the mornings and evenings are better times than trying to go during the heat of the day.

How Do I Protect My Baby from Sun at the Beach?

There are a few different things you should do to protect your baby from sun. First, check with the pediatrician to see if it is safe for them to wear sunscreen. If so, many pediatricians recommend using a mineral-based options.

Next, be sure to dress your baby is lightweight clothing. There are also some swimsuit options that have an SPF protection built-in that can provide your baby with an additional barrier from the sun.

Be sure to offer your baby water, breastmilk, and/or formula frequently throughout the day. It is important to keep her hydrated. You will also want to keep your baby shaded from the sun as much as possible. Since babies have very sensitive and fair skin, they can burn easily.

What Should I Bring to the Beach for My Baby?

Just like everywhere else you go; your baby will need a lot for a beach trip. Be sure to pack sunscreen (if it has been approved by your doctor), swim diapers, changes of clothing, plenty of liquids, a hat, sunglasses, a cooler, snacks, towels, and something to provide shade for your baby (like an umbrella or pop-up tent).

Can My Baby Go in the Ocean with Me?

Again, you will want to consult with your pediatrician. Many experts say that you shouldn't take really young babies in the ocean since they still haven't learned how to regulate their body temperature.

And, as always, be sure to use your best judgment if you do decide to bring your baby into the water. Don't go to far out in the water or bring them in if the waves are too rough.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through our reviews, it is time for you to make a decision. Think about your baby and their needs to help you choose the perfect product to keep them sheltered at the beach.

Then, once you have made your decision, be sure to place your order right away. The sooner you order your new pop up beach tent, the sooner you'll be ready for your next fun beach vacation!


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