Baby Gates for Wide Openings

Are you looking for ways to baby proof your home and keep your baby safe? Do you have doorways in your home where traditional gates won't fit? There are many options you can consider if you are looking for a baby gate that will fit across a wider opening.

Adding baby gates in your home is an important part of childproofing. As your child starts to explore, they could potentially injure themselves. To help you select the perfect baby gate for those wider openings, we have reviewed five of the best products on the market.

Top 5: Baby Gates for Wide Openings Review


The Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Baby Gate is designed to fit openings that are between 33 inches and 56 inches. To prevent your child from learning to climb over it as they get older, this product is about six inches taller than most baby gates.

This product is installed and secured to your walls, making it less likely to be pushed over like some other products that are only pressure mounted to the sidewalls. It features a tilting hinge mechanism which is designed to place less stress on your walls, making it less likely that this item will cause damage.

Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Baby Gate

It can be set to open in one or two directions. The one-direction setting is ideal for stairways, while the two-direction setting is typically better for doorways and openings between rooms.

The latch is designed to be childproof, but simple enough that adults will be able to open it with ease. When opened, the gate swings front or back to allow you to pass through the opening.

This product offers a quick-release feature. This allows you to easily remove it when needed, such as if you have company coming over. Once you are ready, putting it back up is quick and easy.

This option features a modern white design. It is constructed using high-quality steel, making it a durable product. It has been JPMA certified and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The quick release feature allows you to easily remove it from the wall when needed
  • The door can be set to open in one or both directions
  • The latch is childproof, but easy enough for adults to operate


  • This option will only work for openings up to 56 inches wide


If your home has an extra wide opening that you need to gate-off, you should consider the Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard. This product enables you to secure openings up to 192 inches across. This one is 28 inches tall.

In addition to being able to use this product as a gate, you can also connect the panels to turn it into a play-yard for your little one(s). You will not need any tools to use this option as a play-yard either. You can also set this product up around electronics, fireplaces, or other items you want to keep you little one safe from.

Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard

When used as a gate, this item is mounted to your walls for maximum security and safety. A four pack of wall mounts are included with your purchase.

The door opening on this option features a double lock lever handle. This feature is designed to prevent little hands from being able to open it, while still allowing adults to use it with ease.

Each of the eight panels on this product can be adjusted or removed, allowing the gate to work on openings of various widths. When you no longer need to leave it installed, it will fold flat for easy storage.

This product is constructed using a durable steel to ensure that it will last for years to come.


  • This option is designed to work for openings up to 196 inches wide
  • You can also use this product as a play-yard
  • There are eight different panels that you can easily adjust or remove to customize the gate's fit to your opening


  • Tightening or loosening the panels can be tricky


The North States Wide Deluxe Décor Baby Gate will look great in your home while also keeping your baby safe. This product can be used for openings that are up to 72 inches wide. It has an attractive matte bronze finish, which will add some style and elegance to your home.

This product is designed to be durable. It is made using a heavy-duty metal and features sturdy vertical bars. The design of this product will make it challenging for your child to try to climb over it or tamper with it.

To make it easy to pass through the doorway, this option has a much wider opening than many other options. The doorway space measure 25.5 inches, so you'll be able to easily walk through it while carrying the things you need.

The swinging gate in the doorway features a double-locking system which is childproof. This product is also a taller option than other products, so it will help keep your little one well-contained.

North State included three different panels that can pivot, allowing you to adjust the angles to fit your space perfectly. When not in use, the three panels can fold flat to be stored.


  • The doorway opening on this product is wider than many other options
  • The panels can pivot to allow you to customize the fit to your opening
  • This product features an attractive matte bronze finish


  • If your opening is larger than 72 inches, this product will not be wide enough


If you are looking for an option that is easier to remove and does not need to be mounted to your walls, consider the Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gate. This option can be adjusted and expands to fit openings that are between 19 and 56 inches. It is also 30 inches tall to prevent your little one from climbing over it.

This option utilizes a pressure mounting system. It will be tightly secured in your opening using pressure. To allow you to customize the fit of this product to your doorway, a four-, eight-, and 12-inch extension kit is included.

This product has been certified to meet both JPMA and ASTM standards. There is a safety lock feature that will prevent your children from being able to open this one. This item is constructed using strong and durable steel.


  • Can be put up and taken down easier than wall mounted options
  • It is 30 inches tall
  • Four-, eight-, and 12-inch extension kits are included with your purchase


  • Pressure-mounted gates are not as secure as wall mounted ones


Another option to consider if you have a really wide opening is the North States 3-in-1 Arched Décor Metal Superyard. You will be able to use this option with openings up to 144 inches wide.

The North States 3-in-1 can also be configured into a hexagonal shape so it can be used as a play-yard for your baby. Setting it up to be used as a play-yard will only take a few seconds.

If you choose to use this product as a gate for a wide opening, mounting hardware will be included with your purchase. You can also put this product up to create a barrier to prevent your child from getting into items that they should not touch, such as TVs or other electronics that may not be safe.

Six panels are included with your purchase. You can adjust the angles of the panels or remove panels to make this product fit perfectly in your opening. If your space is wider than 144 inches, you can purchase extension panels to make this product even wider.


  • This product can be used with openings up to 144 inches; you can also purchase additional panels for wider spaces
  • You can set this product up as a hexagonal play-yard
  • The angles of the panels can be adjusted to make this product fit perfectly in your opening


  • This is the most expensive product on our list

Buying Guide

A baby gate is an essential purchase when you are childproofing your home. Baby gates can keep your child contained to a safe area of your home and prevent them from getting into things that could be dangerous.

When you have a wide opening, you want to close off, it can be more challenging to find a gate that will fit it, since most of them are designed for hallways or standard doorways.

Before you purchase a new gate, there are a few things you'll want to consider. First of all, you'll obviously want to measure your space and make sure it is wide enough to fit it. Some of the options above will work for very wide openings, while some will just work for openings under five feet.

You will also want to consider the height. If you have a baby who is an escape artist, you'll want a gate that is taller than normal.

Think about whether you want the gate to be mounted to your wall for extra stability, or if you would prefer an option that is pressure mounted for easy removal. Unless you foresee needing to remove it very frequently, options that are mounted to the wall are generally safer and more secure.

Finally, pay attention to the door. Does it seem wide enough? Does the latch look like it will be easy enough to open while also preventing your toddler from learning how to open it?

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Top Pick

Out of the five gates we reviewed above, our top pick is the Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard. We like this option since it is wide enough to fit most openings. It also has panels that can be removed if your opening is not 192 inches.

Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard

This product is also secured to your walls through mounting, which is the safest and most secure option. The door has a double locking lever to prevent your toddler from learning how to open it.

In addition to using this option as a gate, you can also use it to block off furniture or electronics. Plus, it can be set up as a six- or eight-panel play-yard to confine your child and keep them safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs?

Yes, you will want to have a baby gate at the bottom and potentially the top of your staircase. Remember, your child will likely learn how to go up the stairs before they know how to go down. But you don't want them to have access to the stairs to go up on their own in case they get stuck or fall. Having a gate at the bottom of the stairs can remove the danger of them trying to climb the stairs on their own.

How long do you need to use baby gates for?

This will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on your child. It is recommended to have gates installed around your child's six-month birthday (before they are able to crawl). Typically, you will want to leave the gates up until your child is about three years old, or when you feel comfortable with them using the stairs and having access to everything in your home.

How are baby gates measured?

They are measured to fit in spaces of certain widths. To determine the width of your doorway, use a tape measure to measure the open space where the baby gate will go. Do not measure the door frame, just the interior space.

How wide of an opening can be closed off using a baby gate?

There are various options for large openings. Some of the options also include extension pieces that you can use to make the gate even wider. You should be able to find options to fit openings up to 16 feet across.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through our reviews, it is time for you to decide which product is best for your home. Think about your space as well as your baby to help you determine the best option for you.

After you have made your decision, be sure to purchase it as soon as possible. You will want to get it set up right away to keep your child safe from potential hazards in your home.


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