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If you have a new baby at home, or one on the way, you are probably on the hunt for a safe, comfortable and reliable baby carrier. Baby carriers are very useful and allow you to hold your little one close while giving you freedom to go about your day.

There are many different styles and options to choose from. To help narrow down your choices, we have reviewed the top five options to consider. After you read our reviews, you can decide on which carrier is best for you and your little one (or soon-to-be).

Top 5: Baby Carriers Review

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Bloom Serenity Blend- Original Stretchy Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies and Children up to 35 lbs. Made with Viscose from Bamboo

The Boba Baby Wrap is made out of a stretchy, breathable fabric that presses your child up against your body but still stretches for easy use. You can easily check on your little one and take them in and out of the wrap. The wrap is 95% cotton and 5% spandex so it is soft and cozy.

Unlike some other options, it is easy to put on and tie the Boba Baby Wrap. This product starts as a five-yards-long piece of fabric. To use it, simply wrap it around your body by following the instructions. Not only is there space for your little one to go, but the wrap also provides you with back support. 

Once the wrap is tied, it creates a snug and secure space for your little one to snuggle in with you. The seat that is created for your child is ergonomic and will not lead to any problems with hip development.

This product is designed to be used with newborn babies and older babies, but it can also swaddle toddlers up to 35 pounds. You will be able to get many years of use from this product.

There are 10 different color and pattern choices, so you can pick the wrap that best matches your style and preference. You can choose from black, gray, navy, purple, and other color options.


  • Much less expensive than some other options.
  • Can use with children up to 35 pounds.
  • Made out of a soft cotton with flexible spandex .


  • Wrapping might take some time and practice.
LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons SIX-Position 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, Black

The LILLEbaby All Seasons Carrier provides you with six different ways to hold your baby or toddler. Depending on the age of your child, you can choose to carry them in the fetal position, facing you (with neck support for an infant), forward-facing, on your hip, or on your back. The versatility provides you with different options that can help both you and your child find a comfortable position.

This product is designed to keep you and your little one comfortable. To keep both you and the new arrival cool, there is a temperature control panel in this product. There is also a breathable mesh lining to allow more air to circulate.

There are also padded shoulder straps to provide you support when holding your child. The waist belt is soft and expandable, so you'll be able to find the perfect setting for you. To prevent you from hurting your back, there is also lumbar support build in.

This option can be used until your child is 45 pounds, meaning it will last longer than many other products on the market. It comes in 22 different colors and fun prints, so you are sure to find something you love.


  • Can use with children up to 45 pounds.
  • Can position your child six different ways.
  • Has a cooling panel and breathable mesh.


  • More expensive than many other available choices.
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One - Black, Cotton

The BABYBJORN One provides you with four different ways to position your baby. The baby can be forward-facing, facing in towards you, or on your back. For younger babies who have not developed their neck strength yet, there is a panel that stays up behind their neck to give them support.

This product has features that help keep you and your child more comfortable. The waist belt is thick and helps to evenly distribute the added weight. This can reduce developing back pain as a result of using the Baby Carrier One.

The straps on this product have extra padding to help keep you comfortable when you are holding your child. The entire carrier is more than 12 inches wide, so your little one's legs are in the proper position.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute tested the BABYBJORN One and concluded that it is a "hip-healthy" option. So, you can be confident knowing that your baby's hips are positioned correctly and will have enough support.

This product is easy to clean and can go in the washing machine. All the materials used to make this baby carrier are safe and free from any harmful chemicals. There are 12 different color options available, including black, dark blue, lavender, and silver.


  • Easy to put your child into the wrap, no wrapping or tying is required.
  • The shoulder straps are padded and the waist belt helps to evenly distribute your child's weight.
  • This product helps keep your baby's hips in the correct position.


  • Cannot nurse while wearing this carrier.
Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Extra-Soft Bamboo and Linen Fabric - Lightweight wrap - for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers - Perfect Baby Shower Gift - Nursing Cover (Warm Sand)

The Luxury Ring Sling is made of soft bamboo and linen. Unlike some of the bulkier baby carriers, the Ring Sling is lightweight and soft against your baby's skin. It can be easily tossed into the diaper bag or the car since it collapses into itself.

When you use the Ring Sling, you are carrying your little one in the best position for the development of their hips. Some carriers that allow your child to face outward can create a risk of hip dysplasia.

When you are wearing the Ring Sling, you can easily adjust it to get the right amount of support. Since the fabric is wrapped around your back, it helps to provide you with more support and can lessen the chances of experiencing back pain.

The Ring Sling is available in rose pink, sage, cream, black, and eight other colors. The ring is an attractive copper and rose gold color.


  • Made with a soft fabric that will feel great against your child's skin.
  • Positions your little one in a way that avoids potential issues.
  • Is light and compact for convenient travel.


  • Might be a challenge learning how to get the sling into position.
Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier 7 - 45 lb, Adjustable Newborn to Toddler Carrier, Multiple Ergonomic Positions, Front and Back Carry, Easy-to-Use, Lightweight - Discover, Black with Gray Stars

The Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier is designed to provide you with multiple ergonomic carrying options for your child. There are six carrying options to choose, and it can be used for babies between seven and 45 pounds.

There are six attractive colors and designs to choose from if you purchase the Tula Explore. Some of the fun pattern options are: a pink floral pattern, a blue leaf pattern, and a pale green polka-dotted pattern.

This product provides extra padding and support to make it easier for you to carry your child. The shoulder straps have added padding so the straps won't dig into your shoulders. Thanks to the wide waistband, your baby's weight is equally distributed and will prevent back pain.

Comfortable features have been added for your new arrival as well. There is a padded neck support pillow for younger babies and padded leg openings to keep your baby's legs comfy when you wear them. This product is made from lightweight cotton that is breathable to help keep you and child comfortable.


  • Can be adjusted up to three different width settings for a growing child.
  • Can use with babies or toddlers who weigh as much as 45 pounds.
  • Plenty of padding added for added comfort.


  • More expensive than most other options.

Buying Guide

Many parents love having their child close to them while they are out and about, to help them complete household chores, or to just give their arms a break from a fussy little one who doesn't want to be put down.

With your child is close to your body, it provides them with a sense of security and comfort. Many babies are often happiest when they are laying right up against their parents and, with a baby carrier, it can help achieve a closeness.

When you are looking for a new child carrier, the first big decision you'll need to make is about the style you want. There are sling options, wrap options, and options where you just need to click in your baby. Each style has its own pros and cons, but your final decision will really come down to your personal preferences.

best baby carrier

In the section above, we reviewed five of the top products for you. Any of these would be a great option for baby wearing, but the LILLEbaby All Seasons is our favorite. 

This product offers you six different options for how to wear your little one, so you have a lot of flexibility depending on your baby's age or their preferences. It positions your baby in an ergonomic position to prevent any hip problems for them. This product also offers a lot of comfort and support for you when you are carrying your baby.

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons SIX-Position 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, Black

The LILLEbaby All Seasons comes in a wide variety of attractive designs that are machine washable for easy cleaning. It has an exclusive cooling panel to help keep both you and your little one cool.

This carrier is also unique and allows you to wear it in backpack style or to cross the straps on your back to give you ultimate comfort when you hold your baby.

Depending on your personal style and preference, the LILLEbaby All Seasons may not be your favorite option. Whichever style and product you are most drawn to will be a great addition to your collection of baby items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baby Carriers Safe for Newborns?

Yes, most of them are safe for newborns and have the ability to adjust to a newborn baby size. If you decide to carry a newborn in a child carrier, you will want to be sure they are positioned in such a way that their neck is supported. We also highly recommend baby swings, they can be life savers!

Since a baby's neck strength doesn't develop until they are around four of five months, you will want to be careful that their is secure and won't flop back or sideways.

Is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Carrier?

If you take precautions, it is generally safe for a baby to sleep in a carrier. You need to ensure that the little one is in an upright position, has nothing near or touching their face, and has their chin away from their chest. These will all help to ensure that the little one is able to breathe.

Additionally, if you plan to have your child asleep in a carrier, you will want to ensure that their head is supported to avoid damage. Check-in on your child periodically to ensure that their position hasn't changed and that nothing is getting in the way of them being able to breathe.

Is a Forward-Facing Carrier Bad for a Baby?

A forward-facing carrier isn't bad for babies, but it should not be used for babies less than four or five months that have not developed their neck strength yet. Additionally, a sleeping baby should not be worn facing outwards so their neck does not slump down.

When Can a Baby Use a Backpack Carrier?

The exact age a child will be able to use a backpack carrier will be different for every child. You want to wait until your little one is able to sit up unassisted and has full head and neck control before you carry them in a backpack carrier.

Typically, this won't happen until a baby is at least six months old, but it may be even later for some babies.

You'll enjoy carrying your child, bonding with them, and providing them with a safe and secure spot to rest.

Once you've decided which option is for you, be sure to order it so you can start using it soon with your little one.

official top 5 review's how a baby carrier makes life easier

Being a new mom is extremely stressful. You need to manage the home and complete other responsibilities while caring for your baby every minutes throughout the day. This can make even some of the simplest tasks almost impossible. However, a baby carrier can help. Many moms swear on their baby carrier to get them through the day.

A baby carrier is a device that holds the baby. The carrier is attached to your body, allowing for hands-free "babywearing" as it is known. If you aren't sure if you want to wear your child throughout the day, you may change your mind when you discover just how helpful it can be. Here are 8 ways a good baby carrier can make your life easier.

Types of Baby Carriers

There are three main types of baby carriers: wraps, carriers, and ring slings. The wraps are best for newborns who may want the comfort of being secure. However, it may not be able to hold an older baby. Plus, it can be difficult to use. The carrier can withstand more weight. However, they don't provide the same comfort and security. A ring sling drapes across the shoulder, putting all the weight on that shoulder. However, they are easy to use. Plus, they are generally machine washable.

How a Good Baby Carrier Can Make Your Life Easier

There are a number of reasons why not needing to carry your baby or keep them in a baby basket. Here are some ways that a baby carrier will allow you to be the best mom while also getting your chores and errands done throughout the day.

1. Move Around Easily

The main reason to get a baby carrier is to allow you to move around and do the things you need to do throughout the day without worrying about hauling the baby around with you. This can be helpful even around the house, such as while cleaning. However, it'll be especially helpful outside of the hose at the grocery store or anywhere else you need to go. You simply put the baby in the carrier, and they come along with you. However, you'll have the ability to use both hands wherever you are.

2. Feed Simply

Many baby carrier allow you to hold the baby in front of you. If you position the baby correctly, this can be very helpful with feeding. The baby will be close enough to your breast for them to latch on from the carrier. It can even help them learn how to breastfeed if you constantly feed with them in the carrier since they will have a normal routine. It also helps that you will have both hands available to help reposition them if necessary. Eventually, you may even be able to read or do light activity while the baby feeds in the carrier.

3. Care After Other Children

If you have other children, you know that they don't understand just how much attention babies need. They expect you to give them the exact same attention as before and do the exact same things you used to be able to do so freely. In fact, some may demand even more attention out of jealousy of their new sibling. Now, we know that just isn't possible when you need to watch the baby every moment.
Luckily, a baby carrier can help you chase your other children around the house or do things for them without leaving the baby alone. You want your other children to know that they are just as loved as they were before, and you get the chance to give them that love with the help of a baby carrier.

4. Keep the Baby Calm

Babies cry. A lot. They cry when they are hungry, they cry when they are dirty, they cry when they are sleepy, they cry when in pain, they cry when shocked, and they cry for absolutely no reason at all. It can be downright embarrassing when your baby starts crying hysterically when out in public, but what can you do about it? Well, baby carriers could be the answer to your problems.
When your baby is in the baby carrier, they are close to you. They will be able to sense your presence right next to them. In many cases, a baby feels much more comfortable when next to their mother. This can actually help calm them and prevent crying spells.

5. Bathroom Activities

Babies find a way to get into everything, even before they start to crawl and walk. You will find yourself struggling to even run to the bathroom. You'll learn just why moms end up bringing their baby into the bathroom with them. You can't leave your baby alone, but you must appease the call of the wild from time to time. Plus, you need to find time to shave so you don't look like Sasquash. A baby carrier allows you to hold your baby while doing the things you need to do. Not everything will be easy, but you'll be able to get it done. When you have someone else available, though, have them watch the baby and take a nice, long bath.

6. Exercise

Your baby is a human being who will grow up to be a grown member of society with thoughts and emotions. However, that doesn't mean they can't be used as a weight while they are still a baby. With the baby attached to you, you add to your exercise routine. Your squats and other exercises will be more effective. Just be especially careful to choose exercises that are safe to do with your baby with you. They may even enjoy the movement.

7. Protect Your Baby

As a mom, it's your job to protect your baby at all costs. This is much easier to do while baby wearing. You'll know where your baby is at all times. You will never need to locate your baby. Plus, a baby carrier is secure. You won't have to worry about your baby falling or somehow hurting themselves as long as you watch where you are going. Finally, you'll be able to protect your baby from germs by keeping them close to you and away from other people. It'll be easier for you to stop other people from touching your baby without your permission. If someone does cough near your baby, the carrier can help protect them.

8. Bond With Your Baby

One of the best reasons to use a baby carrier is it gives you an opportunity to bond with your kid. This keeps them next to you at all times. They will feel your presence and feel comfortable. Plus, they get to spend more time with you. Babies grow up way too quick, and you won't be able to hold them next to your heart for long. Do while you can for as much as you can. You'll cherish these moments when they get to the age where they don't even want to be seen in public with you.

What Makes a Good Baby Carrier

There are a number of different types of baby carriers out there. They are not all created equal. You need to know what to look for in a baby carrier to ensure you have a good experience using it. Here is what you want to look for in a baby carrier.

1. Comfortable

Carrying your baby around all day is difficult. The carrier will be held against your body for possibly hours. You need to pick a carrier that is comfortable enough for your needs. Don't just look for one that's comfortable when you put it on- you need one to be comfortable at the end of the day.

2. Durable

Every new mom learns that buying durable products are essential. You want something you can trust to hold up for as long as you need it. Get something with a guarantee, or read reviews to learn what items can hold up under pressure.

3. Easy to Use

Baby carriers can be difficult to use. If you have difficulty with you, you may choose not to use it at all, eliminating the point. You need to be able to use your baby carrier without getting confused, and you need to be able to create it quickly.

4. Secure

Mot importantly, you want your baby carrier to hold your baby securely. You want it to be strong enough to hold you baby's weight comfortably. You also want all straps and ties to be secure. It's a mom's nightmare to drop her baby, so you need a carrier that you can trust.

Having a new baby is stressful. Make it easier on yourself by getting a sturdy baby carrier that will allow you to simultaneously care for your child while also going about your day. People have been using similar tools for years for a reason. Just get the best one for you.

We hope this information helps you choose the best baby carrier for your needs!


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