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Americans treat their pets as a family member. They shower them with love, and provide all of their needs – food, home, clothing, and healthcare. A recent trend also makes it possible for pets to receive a health discount plan from their owners.

Medical procedures in the United States are becoming more expensive. Even the services from veterinarians are expected to rise, and purchasing a health discount plan for your pet is a good decision. With the plan, any medical procedures done on your pet will become more affordable.

To begin, pet owners should follow three simple steps – registration, visiting a veterinarian, and receiving the discounts. The registration phase will require pet owners to enroll their pets to the plan. They can also speak with their employers regarding their willingness to create a plan for their pets.


Once the pet has been enrolled to Pet Assure, the pet owner can start visiting the veterinarian of their choice and request for the medical procedure that they wanted for their pets. The veterinarians will verify the pet’s registration, and once everything is marked as ok, the pet owner will be given information about how much money they can save.

The final part is for pet owners to receive the discount that they requested. The veterinarians are required to give the pet owners with the list of discounted in-house medical procedures. They also need to explain the limitations of the program to avoid confusion with the public.

Through the years, Pet Assure has become the most reliable discount plan for pets in the United States. They are currently recognized as the number one provider of pet plans, and many pet owners are satisfied with the assistance that they received from the company. They are happy knowing that the medical procedures needed by their pets would not need to be very expensive.

Pet Assure as a Company

Pet Assure was founded by pet owners who wanted to help others who can’t afford to send their pets to a veterinarian. Through the establishment of a company that provides discount to pet owners, many individuals who has a pet developed an interest with the program and started to buy plans.

Today, Pet Assure has a wide network of veterinarians who agreed to work with pet owners who wanted to get the best services for their pets. The veterinarians are ready to help the pets who developed health issues.


The company behind Pet Assure continues to expand their market. They are trying to encourage more people to get their pets a plan. However, the plans can only be purchased with the help of an employer. There are no standalone programs as of this moment, but the founders are now looking for a solution.

Many pet owners who tried working with Pet Assure in the past are satisfied with the services that they received. They also continue to promote the company, leading to more individuals developing an interest about the product.

The Target Market of Pet Assure

Pet Assure stated that their target market is American pet owners who currently have an employer. The plans offered by Pet Assure are not available anywhere else – if you wanted to enroll your pet, the company requires that you have an employer who will process it for you.


Many pet owners who do not have a job have been requesting that the company change how the system works. Pet Assure, on the other hand, stated that they are already studying about the proposals to expand their services to include those who do not have an employer.

Pet Assure also revealed that they have a lot of plans for the future of the company. They wanted to expand their market, and to keep their slot as the number one pet plan provider in the country. To make their plan a reality, the company needs to offer more services to the public, and encourage them to buy it for their pets.

What Are the Main Features of Pet Assure?

  • Largest Veterinary Network in the Country.
  • No Exclusions.
  • No Deductibles.
  • No Forms.
  • Huge Discounts.
  • Lost Pet Recovery Service.

Largest Veterinary Network in the Country

One of the reasons why pet owners purchase Pet Assure is because of their extensive network of veterinarians who are working together to provide the medical services that the pets need. Veterinarians love to work with Pet Assure because they are given the opportunity to diagnose various conditions, while at the same time; it becomes an avenue for the vets to learn something new.


According to the Pet Assure website, there are thousands of vets who have signed up for the program. They can provide services in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico. People from Canada can also work with them, providing the health services that their pets need.

When your pet needs an emergency procedure, you don’t have to worry about where you can take them in. The website offers a search option for veterinarians who have signed with Pet Assure. All you need to do is to enter your ZIP code, and the system will start looking for vets across the country that can help you out.

This is very handy, especially if you are clueless about the location where you can take your pets in. Alternatively, you can also contact their hotline at 888-789-7387. A helpful customer service representation will provide you ways on how you can take care of your pets during an emergency situation.

No Exclusions

Many pet owners initially think that Pet Assure is an insurance policy. The truth is that Pet Assure is not an insurance policy, and the way they do business is very different with this company. With Pet Assure, you are given a plan that enables you to take advantage of discounted medical procedures for your pets.


Since they are not an insurance company, expect that all of your requests will be approved. There are no exclusions with Pet Assure, and it makes pet owners feel safe and secured. Knowing that your pet can be saved when they feel a medical condition is a good assurance to the pet owners.

No Deductibles

Pet Assure does not require pet owners who purchased the plan to pay for a deductible. This is good news especially with pet owners who have a limited budget. They can enjoy the discounts without thinking of any deductible to be paid.

No Forms

As long as you purchased a plan with Pet Assure and you registered your pet, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of filling out forms. When applying for an insurance policy, individuals are required to answer a lot of forms and it takes a lot of time to complete one. This inconvenience has been eliminated with Pet Assure.


Huge Discounts

A lot of medical procedure done to pets will be discounted when you present a proof of payment with Pet Assure to the veterinarian. The discount varies, but this is a huge help, especially if the condition experienced by your pet is an emergency.

Lost Pet Recovery Service

This is a handy feature for pet owners who constantly worry of losing their pet. When you sign up with the Lost Pet Recovery Service, Pet Assure will be sending you with a tag where a lot of information about your pet is recorded.

You need to put this tag on your pet, and do not let them remove it. This can be a lifesaver for your pet in-case they got lost. In a hypothetical scenario, if your pet left your house and they disappeared, you can contact Pet Assure and report the incident.

The customer service team at the headquarters will start calling all emergency services hotline to track your pet. They will use the information on their tag to verify if it was the pet that you are looking for.


  • Discounted medical procedures.
  • Huge network of veterinarians.
  • Tracks a lost pet.


  • It is only available through employers.

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If you are looking for a good plan for your pet, Pet Assure is the best one on the internet today. Purchasing it will provide you with a lot of benefits. You can be assured that your pet will receive medical services whenever they started developing a health condition.

It is also affordable, and you will get a lot of discounts for various conditions. Aside from that, the company can also find your pet using the tag that they provided.

Using the Website

The website is simple and it is direct to the point. The options that you can choose are displayed on the upper corner of the website. The veterinarian locator tool can be found on the right side of the website. You can also check the FAQs page to learn more about the program. There is also a complete list of medical procedures that will be performed on your pet and how much discount you can receive.

Final Verdict

It is a highly recommended website for pet owners who wanted to protect their pets. By purchasing their plans through numerous employers across the country, you can be assured that no matter what happens to your pet, you can get discounts from the medical procedures that might be required on them.


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