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Do you enjoy eating a warm, delicious panini? Would you love to be able to make one in your own kitchen whenever you want? A panini press will be a great addition to any kitchen; you'll be amazed at all the delicious meals you'll be able to cook.

To help you find the perfect product for you, in the article below, we'll review five of the best products After you read through our reviews, you should be able to make your purchase and begin enjoying a tasty home-cooked panini.

Top 5: Panini Presses Review

iSiLER 4 Slice Panini Press Grill

With the iSiLER 4 Slice Panini Press Grill, you'll be able o whip up some fresh and delicious meals in your kitchen. This is a 1200-watt product, so it is powerful enough to do everything you'll want.

You can use this product as a panini press or a grill. You'll be able to cook a wide variety of foods, such as paninis, burgers, vegetables, and so much more.

iSiLER 4 Slice Panini Press Grill

This item offers dual-plated grilling. If you need to grill something that doesn't need to be pressed, you can use the entire surface area of both grill plates. This can help you cook what you need faster and get a meal ready sooner.

To make this item easy to clean, it has a non-stick coating. Most foods will wipe right off with ease. The non-stick surface also helps ensure that foods won't become stuck when you are cooking.

iSiLER 4 Slice Panini Press Grill

This product has intelligent temperature controls. It will not become hotter than where you set it. This can prevent safety issues and will also prevent your food from becoming charred.

Your purchase of this product will be protected by a three-month money back guarantee and a 12-month replacement parts warranty.


  • You can use this item as a panini press or a flat-surface grill.
  • The press' non-stick coating ensures that foods won't stick and makes it easy to clean.
  • The intelligent temperature controls keep the press at the desired temperature.


  • There is no on/off switch. The unit needs to be unplugged to be shut off.
Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid

The Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press has a variety of features to make it a strong contender when you are looking for the best option. The lid can be locked open to allow you to use the bottom surface for grilling without pressing. The lid can also be opened a full 180 degrees so it will lay flat.

This product uses a floating lid design. This feature allows the lid to evenly press sandwiches of different sizes.

Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid

When you use this product, you won't need to flip your sandwiches. It will evenly heat and brown both the top and bottom of your sandwich at the same time. The top and bottom grids are each 10 x 8 inches, so you will have a large amount of space for making tasty foods.

To use this product, you need to turn it on to preheat for about six minutes. There is an indicator light that will turn green when it is ready to be used.

Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid

When you are not using this product, it can be stored in an upright position. This will minimize the amount of storage space you will need for it.

The Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press has a chrome finish, so it will be an attractive addition to your kitchen.


  • You can lock the lid in the open position to allow you to cook items that don't need to be pressed.
  • This product heats evenly from the top and bottom, so you won't need to worry about flipping your foods.
  • You can store it in an upright position to reduce the amount of space it will take up.


  • It will take six minutes to preheat and be ready to use.
De'Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

The De'Longhi CGH800 can be used as both a panini press and a contact grill. When you use this product, you'll be able to enjoy evenly-cooked and delicious foods.

To allow you to cook and press foods of various heights, this product has an adjustable hinge. You can set it to the perfect position for everything you'll want to cook.

De'Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

There is an easily adjustable thermostat that will allow you to customize the temperature for everything you cook. There is an easy-view window that will let you view the temperature range of the unit before you place your items on the grill, or when they are cooking.

The bottom surface of this product is tilted just enough to allow oils and grease to drain into a separate cup. This surface is non-stick to ensure that your foods don't get stuck or burnt on as they cook.

De'Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

Since this is a non-stick product, cleaning it is easy; you'll just need to wipe down the grill plates and empty the grease cup.

This product can be stored upright to reduce the amount of space it will take up in your kitchen.


  • You can use this product as a contact grill and a panini press.
  • The bottom grill tray is tilted to allow oils and grease to drain into the included cup.
  • The adjustable hinge on the lid will allow you to position the lid in an ideal way for foods of different sizes and heights.


  • This is one of the more expensive products we reviewed.
Chefman Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker

The Chefman Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker is large enough to fit four slices of bread at a time. This will allow you to make four smaller sandwiches or tow larger sandwiches at once.

This item can be used in three different ways. You can use it as a panini press, a contact grill, or a lay-flat grill. This will allow you to cook many amazing meals with this one device.

Chefman Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker

Both the top and bottom plates are coated with an easy to clean non-stick surface. The non-stick coating also helps to ensure that the foods you are cooking don't get stuck to the grill.

To allow this product to fit sandwiches of all sizes, it has a floating hinge. The lid can also open a full 180 degrees to allow you to increase the capacity of the grill.

Chefman Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker

There is a drip tray that collects oils, fats, and grease. It can be removed for easy cleaning. The top and bottom non-stick plates can also be removed for quick clean-up.

If you have a smaller space, this is a great product for you. It does not take up too much space in your kitchen and provides you with numerous cooking options.


  • You can use this item as a panini press, contact grill, or flat grill.
  • The lid has a floating hinge to allow this item to accommodate sandwiches of all sizes.
  • The grilling plates can be removed to allow you to easily clean them.


  • Many people who have purchased this grill have noted that it is not very large.
Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

The Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo is a powerful 1500-watt panini press that will help you create amazing meals. The grilling plates on this item are a high-quality non-stick Quantanium cooking surface and also scratch resistant.

The bottom plate of this product is flat, unlike many other options. The flat surface allows this product to cook foods more quickly. The top grilling plate is ribbed to create grill marks in your foods.

The floating hinge on this product will allow you to choose between four different height settings to find the perfect spot for everything you want to cook. When the product has finished preheating, there is an indicator light that will let you know it is ready to be used.

To prevent this product from sliding around on your counters when you are cooking, it has nonslip feet. There is a locking storage clip to keep it closed and secured when it is not in use.


  • You can adjust the hinge on the lid to four different settings to accommodate sandwiches of different thicknesses.
  • The grilling plates have a high-quality non-stick surface that is also scratch-resistant.
  • This is a 1500-watt product, so it is powerful and will heat up quickly.


  • You will need to flip your sandwiches if you want grill marks on both sides since only the top grilling plate is ribbed.

Buying Guide

A panini press will allow you to cook so much more than paninis. You'll be able to grill meats and veggies, reheat pizza, and so much more with your new utensil.

Before you pick your favorite product from our reviews above, there are a few different features you'll want to think about and look for in the models you are looking at.

First, pay attention to the cooking surface's size. Think about whether you'll be primarily cooking for yourself, a few people, or a larger family. This can help you make sure you pick a product that is large enough to meet your needs.

You should also think about whether you will also want to use your panini press as a contact or flat grill. Some of the options above can open up to give you a larger, flat grilling surface for easy indoor grilling.

Since paninis need to fit snugly under the lid of a press for ideal results, look for a product that has an adjustable hinge to accommodate sandwiches that are both thick and thin. A floating lid is another feature that will help ensure that the correct amount of pressure is applied to your sandwiches to ensure delicious results.

Top Pick

Out of the five products we reviewed, our top pick is the De'Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press. This is a versatile product since you'll be able to use it as a panini press or a contact grill.

This product features and adjustable hinge to ensure that no matter how thick your sandwich is, it will fit perfectly beneath the lid. You can use the adjustable thermostat to set this to the exact temperature your food will need to be cooked perfectly. With the easy-view window, you can monitor the temperature of the grill to know when it is ready and ensure even cooking.

De'Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

There is a drip cup that collects fats, grease, and oils from the grill and keep them away from your foods. Wiping down the non-stick grill pans will allow you to clean this product easily between uses. When you aren't using this product, it can be stored upright in your kitchen to reduce the amount of space it will require.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean a Panini Press?

You will want to refer to the user's manual for the product you purchase, since every model will be a little different. Some panini presses have removable plates that can be hand washed, or may be dishwasher safe. If the plates on your model are not removable, you can clean them by wiping them down with soap and water. Then, you'll just need to wipe them with a clean, damp cloth to make sure you remove the any soapy residue.

What Can I Cook on a Panini Press?

You'll be able to cook so much more than just paninis. Some things you can cook include pizza, wedge salads, bacon, grilled fruit, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, and so much more.

Can You Cook Meat on a Panini Press?

Yes, you can use it to cook meats. Thinner cuts will cook more quickly. As you would with any other cooking method, be sure to check the internal temperature of the meat you cook before eating or serving it.

What Type of Bread Is Best to Use for Paninis?

Lots of different breads will work well for making paninis. Try to avoid using lighter, airier breads; they won't grill as well. Some breads that work well for paninis include baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia, and rye.

Final Verdict

Hopefully reading through our reviews has helped you determine which panini press is the perfect product for your kitchen. Order your new press soon so you'll be able to cook some amazing meals right in your own kitchen!


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