The Best Electric Fondue Maker Recommendations

Are you looking to impress dinner guests with a delicious fondue appetizer or dessert? Do you want to replicate a fancy restaurant dining experience in your own home? An electric fondue maker will allow you to create creamy melted cheeses and chocolates for you and others to enjoy.

There are numerous options to consider when you are looking for a fondue maker. In the sections below, we have reviewed five of the top electric fondue makers to help you pick the perfect product to meet your needs.

Top 5: Electric Fondue Makers Review

Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot with Temperature Control, 6 Color-Coded Forks and Removable Pot - Perfect for Chocolate, Caramel, Cheese, Sauces and More

The Nostalgia FPS200 is a stainless-steel fondue pot with a six-cup capacity. It can create up to three pounds of melted chocolate or cheese. This product also has two stay-cool handles to make it easy to move when it is hot.

You can use this product to melt chocolates or cheese. You can also use it to make a sauce fondue for cooking meats and other items. To allow you to set the ideal temperature, there is a blue-lit adjustable dial.

When you purchase this product, you will receive six fondue forks. Each fork is color coded to allow each person to easily identify their fork. There is also a notch on each fork to allow it to stay on the pot without sliding or falling in.


  • Six color-coded forks are included with this pot.
  • There is an adjustable dial to allow you to easily set and adjust the pot's temperature.
  • There are stay cool handles on this product to protect you or your guests from getting burned.


  • This product has a smaller capacity than some other similar items.
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot, 3 Quart, Eggshell/Red (FPSTFN7700R-TECO)

The Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot is a large red product. It has a three-quart (six-cup) capacity for hours of cheesy fun. This product is coated with a titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick coating, which can last up to eight times longer than standard coatings. The cooking surface of this product is also free of PFOA and PTFE. It wipes down easily for quick clean-up as well.

When you purchase this product, you will also receive eight color-coded forks. You will also receive a ring to hold the forks in place when you are using the pot. This product also comes with a magnetic breakaway cord for added safety. You can also easily adjust the temperature of the pot to prevent it from getting too hot.


  • With eight forks, you'll be able to share fondue fun with lots of your friends and family.
  • A magnetic breakaway cord acts as an added safety feature for this item.
  • This item has a titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick coating to make it easy to clean.


  • A few customers who purchased this item said that theirs broke after just a few uses.
NutriChef PKFNMK23 Small Appliance Countertop Set Cooker Chocolate Maker Cheese Electric 64oz Fondue Melting Pot, Warmer - Includes 6 Forks, Black

If you are looking for a pot that is large enough to share delicious fondue with a large crowd, then you should look at the NutriChef PKFNMK23. This product offers a 64-ounce (eight-cup capacity), so it will hold a lot of delicious melted cheese or chocolate. When you purchase this product, you'll also receive six color-coded forks to allow others to partake in the chocolatey or cheesy deliciousness.

To allow you to easily bring this fondue pot with you, it has two handles for easy carrying. The handles are cool to the touch, so it will be easy to move the pot around when it is hot as well. There is a removable serving bowl inside the pot that you can take out to allow for easier serving.

NutriChef PKFNMK23 Small Appliance Countertop Set Cooker Chocolate Maker Cheese Electric 64oz Fondue Melting Pot, Warmer - Includes 6 Forks, Black

This item can be safely used on a table or countertop since it is heat safe. This will allow you to be able to put it in a central spot for serving. To heat this product, you just need to plug it in.

You can use this product to melt chocolates and cheese since it has a heated electric base. Your guests will love dipping fresh veggies, fruits, and cakes into the melted chocolate or cheese when they visit your home. This item also features a non-stick coating for easy clean-up after the fun is over. Since the interior Teflon bowl is removable, that also helps to make it easier to clean this product as well.


  • This product has a larger capacity than many other similar items.
  • This product has a removable serving bowl to make serving and clean-up easier.
  • The heated electric base on this product makes it easy to melt chocolate and cheese.


  • This item only includes six forks.
Artestia Electric Chocolate & Cheese Fondue Set with Two Pots, Serve 8 persons (Stainless Steel/Ceramic Pots, Stainless Steel Base)

The Artestia Electric Chocolate & Cheese Fondue Set is another great option if you're looking to serve a big crowd. This product has a large 2500-mL capacity, which is the equivalent of about 10 cups. You will also receive eight color coded, heat-resistant forks to allow others to share the fondue with you.

This is a classy looking fondue pot. The outer pot has a stainless-steel finish and the a removable ceramic interior pot is easy to clean and has a large, four-cup capacity. To allow you to set this product to the ideal heat setting, there is a rotary heat control dial in the center of the product's base.

Artestia Electric Chocolate & Cheese Fondue Set with Two Pots, Serve 8 persons (Stainless Steel/Ceramic Pots, Stainless Steel Base)

Cleaning this product is easy. The ceramic pot will wipe out easily after soaking for a few minutes in soap and warm water. The stainless-steel pot and fondue forks can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • This product has a larger capacity than most other products.
  • There is a removable interior ceramic pot for easy serving.
  • The rotary heat control dial will allow you to easily adjust the temperature for perfectly melted chocolates and cheese.


  • This product is more expensive than some of the other available products.
Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker, Brushed Stainless, 14.1 x 9.6 x 7

The Cuisinart CFO-3SS has a three-quart (12-cup) capacity. This large capacity will allow you to serve a lot of yummy melted cheese or chocolates to your guests. The exterior of this product has a stainless-steel finish and the interior features a non-stick coating.

The non-stick coating on the interior of this product makes it easy to cook with and clean once the party is over. To allow you to set this product to the perfect temperature for everything you want to melt, it has an adjustable and removable temperature control.

When you purchase this product, you'll also receive eight fondue forks to allow you to share your tasty fondue with your friends and family. There is a stainless-steel fork ring that will prevent your forks from sliding around or falling into the contents of the pot. 

This is a 1000-watt product, so it is powerful enough to easily melt your cheeses and chocolates. The pot can easily be cleaned by putting it in the dishwasher.


  • This product has a large 12-cup capacity to allow you to make fondue to serve multiple guests.
  • You will receive eight forks with this item.
  • To make the pot easy to clean and prevent foods from sticking, it has a nonstick coating.


  • Some customers have noted that this product would be better if it had a longer cord.

Buying Guide

Hopefully, after reading through our reviews of the five best fondue makers, you are starting to figure out what you are looking for in your ideal product. Before you make your final decision, there are a few features you should compare between the different models you are considering.

One feature you'll want to think about is the capacity of the fondue pot. The products we reviewed above ranged from about a six-cup capacity to a twelve-cup capacity. Think about how many people are in your home or how many guests you're likely to be inviting over to help you determine the best size for you.

You should also take note of how many fondue forks come with the pot. Some have six and some have eight. Again, think about how many guests you're likely to have over when deciding how many fondue forks you would want.

Another thing to consider when looking for a fondue pot is the ease with which it can be cleaned. Some of the options can go in the dishwasher, while others have parts that will need to be hand-washed.

best electric fondue maker

We think all five of the electric fondue makers we reviewed are great products. Our favorite product is the NutriChef PKFNMK23. This is our favorite product for a few different reasons. It has an eight-ounce capacity, so it will hold a lot of gooey chocolate or cheese for you and your friends to enjoy. This product comes with six different fondue forks, so you'll be able to share fondue with up to five other people.

NutriChef PKFNMK23 Small Appliance Countertop Set Cooker Chocolate Maker Cheese Electric 64oz Fondue Melting Pot, Warmer - Includes 6 Forks, Black

Another feature we like about this product is that it has a removable interior bowl that you can be taken out and place on the table for serving your tasty creations. This product is also nonstick, so cleaning it is simple.

You may agree with us and feel like the NutriChef PKFNMK23 is the best product for you, or perhaps one of the other items we reviewed caught your eye. Once you've considered all your options and made a decision, it is time to place your order. The sooner you order your new electric fondue maker, the sooner you can enjoy some delicious fondue right in your own home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fondue?

It is when you dip foods into melted cheese or chocolates. Sometimes, you can also cook meats and veggies in a hot broth with a fondue maker as well. Typically, it is served at larger gatherings for many to enjoy. People use skewers to dip their foods in the chocolate or cheese to coat them with the melted topping.

What veggies are good for fondue?

There are numerous vegetables that will taste good with fondue. Try roasting some broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, or bell peppers before serving them with a cheese fondue. Green beans, potatoes, pearl onions, and radishes also taste great with fondue if steamed first.

What temprature should cheese fondue be?

Since cheese has a low melting point, you want to be careful not to get your fondue maker too hot. Generally, using a low temperature of about 150 degrees Fahrenheit will be sufficient to melt cheese.

What can you serve with chocolate fondue?

Since chocolate tastes great on (almost) everything, there are so many great options to consider serving with a chocolate fondue for dessert. Think about fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, or bananas. Little pieces of angel food cake or pound cake also taste delicious with a warm chocolate coating.

What kind of chocolate do you use for a fondue fountain?

If you're planning to make a chocolate fondue fountain for a gathering, choosing the right type of chocolate is important. While you could make just about any chocolate work, choosing a quality chocolate that is well suited for fondue will make all the difference.

Several companies make chocolate wafers that are perfect to use in a fondue machine. The wafers are designed to melt quickly and produce a smooth chocolate that will flow over the side of the fondue fountain. Unlike when you mix your own chocolate for a fondue pot, you won't need to use any oil when you use wafers that are specifically designed for fondue.

If you plan on using other chocolates to make your fondue, you will want to add either vegetable oil, cream, half-and-half, or non-fat evaporated milk. Adding one of these to the chocolate will help make sure it will flow nicely. Each will produce a different taste, so you may want to do some experimenting before throwing a party where you'll have a chocolate fountain.

What can I do with leftover chocolate fondue?

If you would like to save your leftover chocolate from the fondue pot to be able to reheat it and use it as fondue again, you will want to pour the chocolate into a microwave safe bowl while it is still warm and melty. Cover the bowl and store it in the refrigerator.

When you are ready to heat it up to dip in, be sure to do so slowly. If you give the chocolate longer than it needs, it could get burned and ruined. Give it around 15 seconds at a time in the microwave and stir it before giving it more time.

If you'd like to be able to use the leftover chocolate fondue for something else, such as baking, you will want to pour it onto a sheet pan covered with parchment paper. Again, you'll want to pour it out of your fondue pot while it is still hot and melty. After you've poured it out over the parchment paper, put it in the refrigerator and wait for it to get hard.

Once it is hard, you'll be able to break it up into smaller pieces that you can use for baking, making custards on the stovetop, or enjoying a tasty snack.

How long does chocolate fondue last?

You should be able to store leftover chocolate fondue in the freezer for around five to seven days.

What is the best fruit for fondue?

Dried fruits, banana, strawberries, pineapple wedges, apple slices

Use a paper towel to try to remove any extra moisture off the fruit to prevent it from making the chocolate seize.

How do you make cheese fondue?

When making cheese fondue, your goal is for the finished product to be smooth and creamy. You don't want to serve your guests a lumpy or bumpy mess.

To achieve this goal, you should start with grated cheese. Grated cheese will melt more quickly and smoothly than larger chunks of cheese.

After you've grated your cheese, toss it with some cornstarch. The cornstarch will help ensure that your fondue is thick enough and keep it from clumping.

Once you've prepped your cheese, you need to focus your attention on melting the cheese and stirring it. You will want to slowly add the cheese to your pot and stir it constantly. Once what you've added has melted and become smooth, you can add another small handful.

What types of cheese are best to use for fondue?

Lots of different cheeses can be used to make a delicious fondue perfect for dipping veggies, breads, pretzels, and more. However, not all cheeses will work, and you will want to be selective when choosing the cheese you like.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to look for a quality cheese. You will also want to choose cheeses that are on the creamier side. These will melt better, ensuring you have a smooth and delicious fondue for everyone to enjoy.

There is absolutely no reason you can't mix different cheeses together to create your own tasty treat. In fact, many cheese fondue recipes you'll find will feature a blend of different cheeses.

Can you add alcohol to fondue?

Yes, you can add alcohol to fondue. In fact, white wine is one of the ingredients that is traditionally added to cheese fondue. If you're planning to add wine to your fondue, you will want to look for a quality wine with a good taste. If you don't like the flavor of the wine, you likely won't like the way it flavors the fondue.

You should also look for a drier wine with a higher acidity level. Wines with higher acidity levels provide you with a smooth and creamy fondue with a more even texture.

If you'd prefer, you can also make a cheese fondue using beer. Instead of adding the wine to your fondue, choose one of your favorite beers to add. This is sure to be a hit amongst beef lovers.

What can you dip in cheese fondue?

What doesn't taste good covered in cheese? There are so many options when you're selecting foods to dip in your cheese fondue. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bread
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Bell peppers
  • Bacon
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Apples
  • Meatballs
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Potato chips

What should I have for each guest if I'm hosting a fondue party?

Fondue parties are so much fun, but you'll want to be sure that you are prepared to ensure all of your guests enjoy themselves. You will want to have a fondue fork/skewer and plates for each of your guests.

You should also have dinner forks, napkins, beverages and cups, and side dishes. It should go without saying, but be sure to plan for enough people and make enough fondue and have plenty of items available for your guests to dip in the fondue.

Do you need cornstarch for fondue?

Yes, you may want to use some cornstarch when you're making cheese fondue. The cornstarch can help make sure the fondue doesn't get too runny. It can also stop the fondue in the pot from getting all clumped together.

Can you cook raw meats in fondue?

Yes, fondue bourguignon can be used to cook raw meats and seafood. You will want to make sure all of your meats have been trimmed and cut into small cubes. When laying them out for guests, thoroughly dry each item and give each meat type its own platter to make sure there is no cross-contamination.

You may choose to cook the meats in broth, oil, wine, or champagne. You will want to heat whichever liquid you choose to 375 degrees Fahrenheit before beginning to cook meat in it.

The amount of time it will take for different foods to cook in the fondue will vary. The size of the pieces you cut will also impact the cook times. Poultry should take around two minutes to cook, seafood between two and three minutes, and pork about one minute. Beef will need 15 to 20 seconds for rare, 25 to 30 seconds for medium rare, and 40 to 45 seconds for well done.

Beginner's Guide To Using A Fondue Maker

A fondue maker enables you to make melted, creamy, rich dipping sauces that are just perfect for entertaining a small crowd, to simply enjoy alone, or as a decadent date night treat.

They also range in size, color, and type from basic electric fondue makers to more elaborate, multi-tier fondue fountains and more to perfectly suit the occasion or your decor.

What is Fondue?

Fondue is simply a warmed or melted sauce that is eaten by dipping bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, and more into it.

Melted cheese is one of the most common types of dipping sauces used in a fondue maker, and it is typically enjoyed with bite-size pieces of crusty bread, soft or hard pretzels, raw veggies, such as broccoli and cauliflower, roasted potatoes, and even select cuts of meat, such as filet mignon or other types of steak or beef.

Melted chocolate is another common sauce used to make fondue, and it is most commonly enjoyed with strawberries or other fresh fruits, biscotti, shortbread cookies, bite-size pieces of cake, pretzel rods, marshmallows, and graham crackers as the perfect end to a delicious meal or simply as part of a desert party and more.

And you don't have to pick just one dipper to serve fondue, as most fondue platters typically contain an array of dippers to help keep it interesting.

Fondue can be served as an appetizer, an entree, or a sweet course.

About Fondue Makers

A fondue maker, also called a fondue pot, is nothing more than a portable pot with a heat source placed directly beneath it.

Most fondue pots are electrical; however, some pots use gel heating fuel to melt the foods or maintain the dipping sauce at a suitable temperature.

Fondue makers are only meant to melt foods with a low melting point, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing ingredients for your fondue.

The fondue pot dates back to 1600th Switzerland, when it was mainly used to melt Swiss cheese, which was then enjoyed gathered around a warm, cozy fire as a way to help bring family together.

Today, many people throughout the world still use fondue to create warmth and inspire closeness among their loved ones. It is also a staple in various five-star restaurants, which use it to celebrate the decadence and flavors of various chocolates and cheeses.

Fondue Accompaniments

Fondue forks, which are long metal forks that resemble metal skewers, are basically the main utensils needed to enjoy fondue, and they are also usually included when you purchase a fondue maker. The forks also usually come colored coded, so you know which fork is yours.

The long metal handle of these forks makes them safe for dipping into hot dipping sauces, while also preventing you from being burned.

However, you will still also need a traditional fork to eat the rich coated foods, as the fondue fork is only meant to safely dip the foods into the hot pot. They also help prevent the spread of germs.

The metal forks also tend to retain heat, which means they can get very hot when dipped into the melted sauce, and can, therefore, burn or scorch your lips and tongue as you eat from it.

You will also need serving platters to display the dipping foods, as well as individual plates for your guests to eat from.

Napkins are also a must, as the warm dipping sauce can be messy, and the napkins will allow for a quick clean up.

Fondue Dipping Ideas

  • Cheese fondue - Hard, crusty bread, prepared sausage, prepared chicken, prepared ham, apples, pears, vegetables, and wedge potatoes.

  • Vegetable fondue - broccoli, cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts, asparagus, bell peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and baby carrots.

  • Tomato sauce fondue - mini meatballs, crusty bread, focaccia, garlic bread, roasted veggies, rice balls, fresh ravioli, pepperoni, and hard cheeses.

  • Chocolate and fruit puree fondue - banana slices, strawberries, kiwi, mango, apples, dried fruits, pound cake, angel food cake, vanilla cookies, ladyfingers, and shortbread cookies.
For a list of creative fondue recipes, click here.

What Else Can My Fondue Maker be Used For?

Your fondue pot can also be used similar to a crockpot to slow cook certain meats and seafood; however, it will typically require you to heat a broth or other cooking liquid in the pot before adding the meat, which will help cook it.

The basic cooking times for raw meat in prepared fondue are as follows:

  • Fish: 30 to 60 seconds
  • Poultry: 2 minutes
  • Beef: 40 to 45 seconds for beef well done,
    25 to 30 seconds for medium-rare beef,
    and 15 to 20 seconds for rare beef.
  • Lamb: 1 minute
  • Pork: 1 minute
  • Seafood: 2 to 3 minutes
You can also use your fondue pot to serve chili, which can then be dipped using mini hot dogs, pigs in a blanket, fries, sweet, jalapeno cornbread, or nachos for a hearty game-day snack.

You can also serve a variety of warm drinks using your fondue pot, such as mulled wine, fresh apple cider, or hot chocolate for a cozy fall time treat.

Cooking with Your Fondue Pot

Cooking times will vary greatly depending on how hot the fondue pot gets, what the fondue consists of, and how or whether the ingredients for the pot were prepared beforehand, so keep this in mind when gauging your sauce or food for doneness.

You can also use a food thermometer to gauge when the fondue is done. In fact, a food thermometer should always be used when cooking meat to ensure it is cooked to the
safe internal temperature
to help prevent foodborne illnesses.

When cooking with your fondue maker, it is also important to keep it away from flammable materials, such as oven mitts, kitchen towels, and curtains. You should also avoid getting any cooking oil or foods on the heating source, which can also cause a fire.

How to Choose a Fondue Maker

Fondue makers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and temperature settings, and price ranges from around $20 all the way up to around $250, which will allow you to choose one based on your particular needs.

For instance, fountain fondue makers make incredible, eye-catching displays for more sophisticated gatherings, such as a wedding reception, while basic ceramic and cast iron pots create a warm, hearth like feel, just perfect for cozying up, and then there are pots for everything in between.

For larger gatherings, consider using more than one fondue maker to help cut down on the number of people dipping from a single pot, which can make your guests feel uncomfortable.

Fondue Maker Types

Electric Fondue Makers

Electric fondue pots are the most preferred type of fondue pots, even among many restauranteers, because they allow you to easily control the temperature, which helps prevent your fondue from scorching.

However, they also contain a cord, which means you have to be careful to place the cord out of harm's way so that no one trips over it while it is in use, which can also be disastrous.

Electric pots are nonstick, and some are also dishwasher safe.

Non Electric Fondue Pots

Non-electric fondue pots typically contain a burner that is to be filled with a denatured alcohol, such as liquid Sterno, or an ethanol-based gel-fuel paste to create a flame underneath the pot. However, some non-electric pots simply use a tealight underneath to heat the pot.

Some people prefer these types of pots for the romantic beauty of an open flame. They can also be used outdoors, such as in your backyard or at your favorite campsite for added convenience.

However, unlike electric pots, it is important to keep an eye on the heat, because since the flame is not controlled, it can get too hot, which can cause your fondue to burn.

Some popular fondue makers include:

Glazed Ceramic

Ceramic pots offer a rustic, old-world feel, and they are considered the best for melting cheese because their material allows for even heat distribution that prevents burning, but still enables the cheese to develop a nice crust at the bottom that some people love to enjoy at the end.

Ceramic pots are available in different colors, and they range in price from about $19.95 to about $100.

Cast Iron/Heavy Enameled Metal Pots Made of Cast Iron

Cast iron fondue pots also provide a rustic, down-home feel, and they also come in a wide range of colors for a more modern touch.

The heavy enameled metal pots made of cast iron are considered the best for making a variety of fondues because they allow you to control the heat.

The heavy weight of these pots also offers more safety and stability, which helps prevent them from being tipped over.

They are also good at holding heat, so they allow for even heating, and they are easy to clean.

These pots range in price from about $9 to about $170.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fondue pots not only look nice, but they are also light in weight for easy transporting, and they are also fairly easy to clean.

However, due to their light weight, which can prevent even cooking, they are not considered the best for melting cheese or chocolate because the uneven heat can produce hot spots in the pot that can allow the cheese or chocolate to scorch. Instead, they are considered the best for serving hot broth and hot oil cooking, as the lightweight metal helps transfer heat quickly.

Some stainless steel fondue pots include a porcelain insert specifically for melting cheese and chocolate, so shop around.

Stainless steel fondue pots range in price from about $27 to $80.

Fondue Fountains

Are fondue pots that include stacked tiers for beautifully cascading the melted sauce down into the pot while guests simply dunk away.

These pots are mainly used for melting chocolate, and they also come in a variety of colors and sizes from smaller at-home versions to larger, commercial versions for the most spectacular display. There are even double fountain towers that enable you to serve both white and dark chocolate at the same time.

Fondue fountains range in price from about $36 all the way up to about $149.

Some products include a set of various fondue pots for melting different foods.

No matter which type of pot you choose, it is important to ensure it comes with a sturdy stand that can withstand the weight of the thick ingredients, which will help prevent it from easily tipping over.

Fondue Tips

  • Use wine, both, or beer, in place of water for added flavor to your sauces.

  • Dry the vegetables and meat with a paper towel first to keep it from splattering when it hits the fondue, which can be dangerous.

  • When cooking raw meat, trim the fat from the meat, and then cut it into bite-sized pieces. Allow the meat to marinate prior to cooking for added flavor.

  • When cooking raw meat in the fondue pot, be sure to keep it refrigerated until it is time to use it.

  • If cooking with broth, keep it compatible with the meat you are cooking.
  • When making cheese fondue, rub a clove of garlic around the inside of the pot to give it added flavor.

  • Only serve one course that is fondue.

  • Avoid using a single fondue maker to serve more than 4 people, because it can make your guests feel uneasy.

  • If your pot does not get hot enough to cook, simply cook the fondue on the stovetop or microwave first and then transfer it to the fondue pot to help keep it warm.

  • Never leave your fondue pot unattended, or place it in a high traffic area or near children or pets, as it is an open invitation for it to get accidentally knocked over.

  • Should a fire occur while using your pot, never use water to put out the flames because it can cause the fire to spread more. Instead, cover the pot with a lid, which slowly decreases the oxygen supply. For more serious fires, immediately leave the house and then contact your local fire department for help.

  • If your fondue maker utilizes a fuel burner or a tealight, be sure to completely put out the flame and turn off the fuel supply before going to bed.

Final Verdict

Finally, consider the overall appearance of the different options. Since you'll be featuring this item when you have guests over, you'll want to choose a product that you find attractive and that will look great in your kitchen.


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