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Many people are looking for the perfect gift to give their loved ones this holiday season. Clothes, jewelry, gadgets, and watches are some of the most popular gift ideas.

Nordgreen Watches is a good gift that you can give your loved one. You should give Nordgreen Watches a try. These watches from Denmark are popular among collectors, and it gained popularity because of its beauty and simplicity.

Aside from providing their clients with simple yet elegant watches, Nordgreen is also backing up several causes. The company is proud to say that they are one of the few watch companies that care for the environment. They also claimed that some of the profit gained from selling their products is redirected to the causes that they support.

Nordgreen Watches

If you are a watch enthusiast, you should give this brand a chance and see how good their products are. You can visit their website and discover the products that they offer. They also help their customers choose the design for their watches, and guide them to pick the one that is worth their money.

For those who are still clueless about Nordgreen Watches, continue to read the article and you will discover how great this brand is. We compiled all of the features of this product, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing one. Listing down the features and its pros and cons will influence the purchase of the public.

Company Background of Nordgreen Watches

Nordgreen Watches know how to deliver. The company has been creating watches for years, and they put a lot of effort into assembling their products. The company only uses high-quality materials, and they put it together using the best design. The result is a beautiful watch that also serves as a perfect gift.

Being a Danish brand, Nordgreen Watches encourages its employees to become honest. They also promote a sustainable work environment, and the company will put others first, thinking about how their products would affect the public.

Nordgreen Watches

Consumers loved the work ethics practiced by Nordgreen Watches, and they keep on supporting the company. Nordgreen Watches guarantees its clients that the products they create will continue to possess the quality that will make it last for a long time. With the help of Scandinavia’s finest artists, the company will be able to produce more high-quality watches.

Aside from their focus on creating high-quality watches, the company is also known for its initiatives. These initiatives focus on education, health, and the environment. Nordgreen Watches is able to execute different programs that will benefit the public because of their strong ties to different business partners.

Nordgreen Watches

The company explained that its brand name – Nordgreen – embodies its vision and mission. “Nord” refers to their Scandinavian background and their employment of the finest talents in the region. “Green,” on the other hand, refers to their aim to support the environment.

Together, their aim to produce high-quality watches and provide assistance to environmental causes transformed them into one of the best watchmakers to support.

The Target Market of Nordgreen Watches

Nordgreen Watches caters to anyone who wanted to buy a high-quality watch. Interested individuals can order their products through their website. The company is also providing designs that would suit the taste of men and women. They also have unisex designs available for everyone.

Nordgreen Watches

The company stated that they also wanted to expand their market, and announcing their initiatives is one of their strategies on how they can capture the interest of other potential customers. Their current market only caters to a definite group of people, but they are confident that more individuals will develop an interest with their products in the years to come.

Why Nordgreen Watch Is Worth Your Money?

Many people who have tried their watches are stating that every purchase is worth it. This is because of their initiatives to help so many people around the world. This is a good thing for a company like Nordgreen Watches because aside from creating high-quality products, they also do their best to help others who are in need.

The giving back program is one of the most notable programs from the company. They give back to the people by supporting programs that aim to improve health and education worldwide. They also give to groups that aim to protect the environment. It is a win-win solution for the company.

Nordgreen Watches

You might be asking – “how can I help Nordgreen Watches every time I buy their products?” This is a common question most people ask when they first read about the company, and Nordgreen Watches explains how each purchase funds their initiatives.

Every time you buy a watch from Nordgreen Watches, a portion of their sales goes through their initiatives. You don’t have to donate further because buying their products is enough. The next thing that you need to do is to decide where the money should go, and you have to choose between health, education, and the environment.

Nordgreen Watches

You can read more information about the company’s partner NGOs, and it will help you decide which one to support. After selecting the NGO of your choice, you need to provide your information. The system will also ask for your watch’s serial number and its ID code.

Once you entered the required codes, the system will authenticate your purchase, and a portion of the amount that you paid for the product will now go to your chosen initiative. This is a great way to show your support towards a company that is trying to do their best for the benefit of the people.

What Are the Features of a Nordgreen Watch?

  • High-quality Scandinavian watches.
  • Designed to perfection.
  • Simple and Elegant.
  • Three different face types.
  • Easy to change straps.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Sustainable brand.

High-quality Scandinavian Watches

These watches were created by talented Scandinavian artists. They only use the best materials for the product, and they are making sure that it has the highest quality possible. The artists are also spending a lot of time creating each piece to make sure that it will work perfectly.

Nordgreen Watches

Designed to Perfection

The artists who are working with the watches are using all of the available equipment to make sure that the design will be followed. The designers of the watch are spending months to decide whether to push through with it. They are doing their best to make the design perfect for anyone who is looking for an authentic Danish watch.

Simple and Elegant

The company wanted to emphasize the Danish way of living – they appreciate the smallest things and refuses to show off. Nordgreen Watches also exhibits this kind of mentally that most Danes practice – the design showcases a simple design, but it also looks elegant at the same time. The most important thing is its functionality – telling you the exact time, with a battery that can last for a long tme.

Three Different Face Types

With three different face types, customers have the option to choose which one would suit them the most. The three main face types offered by the company are Infinity, Native, and Philosopher. These face types have undergone several inspection, and the artists carefully designed each one of these face types.

Nordgreen Watches

Easy to Change Straps

The straps can be changed without any hassle, and the customers can choose different colors that will suit their style. Another thing that Nordgreen Watches pointed out is that their straps are not made from leather. Instead, they used vegan options.

Nordgreen Watches

Affordable Prices

The average price for Nordgreen Watches starts from $175 to $215. It depends on the materials that the company used, and the combinations that you chose. The color and material used in creating the strap will affect how your watch would cost, so be smart when trying to create your own design.

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility aspect of Nordgreen Watches enabled them to stand out. Every time you purchase their products, a fraction of it goes to your chosen initiative. This gives the people an inspiration to buy their products, especially those who wanted to help.


  • It is made by high-skilled Scandinavian artists.
  • There are multiple combinations possible using the face types and the straps.
  • It if affordable, and it is a popular gift item.


  • The watches possesses a simplistic design which may not appeal to other people.


If you are trying to buy a new watch for the holidays, make sure to check the products offered by Nordgreen Watches. You can visit their official website and select the designs that might suit you. There are many designs to choose from, and for every purchase, you will be able to provide assistance to people who needs help.

Using the Website

When visiting the company’s official website, you will be redirected to their homepage where you can automatically choose the watch that you wanted to buy. The company also posted the explanation how every purchase will fund the initiatives that they support.

Final Verdict

This is a highly-recommended product, and you should buy one. The designs are great, and their social responsibility aspect is what makes every purchase worth it.


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