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One of the biggest challenges that any website owner has to face is determining which hosting provider to use for their domains and website. There are hundreds of suitable options to choose from, but not all of them are affordable and effective.

This review is going to take a look at the FatCow Web Hosting provider to outline some of the premium web hosting features and services that they currently provide. We are also going to explore some of the reasons that an experienced user might want to switch from an alternative provider to FatCow.


FatCow has earned a positive reputation within the web hosting industry by offering affordable services and providing outstanding customer support to its users. While they may not be the number one overall choice for customers to choose from, they certainly have made a name for themselves by providing high quality hosting services and effective customer support. We are now ready to begin our in-depth review of the FatCow web hosting services.

FatCow Web Hosting Review

There are so many factors to consider when taking an initial look at the FatCow web hosting platform. Users will likely have a lot on their minds when having to consider whether they should switch platforms to give their services a try. Customers are always looking for an affordable price, but that is not always possible when customer demands continue to grow. We feel that FatCow has done an admirable job at balancing value and quality to its existing branch of customers.

Main Features

Users are greeted with 'The Original FatCow Plan' when browsing through the marketplace. This is the only service plan that customers can consider for purchase. The main features that come with this plan are impressive and customers can expect no restrictions on either their disk space usage or overall bandwidth.


Customers can also take advantage of some special site creation tools and pre-configured forum templates that eliminate stress and increase production. If you are interested in creating a web-store, some of FatCow's tools also allow users to create their very own customizable web-store.

One of the benefits that customers can utilize is the ability to redeem free advertising vouchers with Google Adwords and Yahoo Advertising. This is a great perk to use when trying to bring traffic to your websites. One free web domain is also provided when customers make their initial web-hosting purchase and the introductory rate is just 50 dollars for an entire year of services.

Users can also purchase other domain and email related services from FatCow. The overall selection might seem limited, but they have done an outstanding job at packaging all of their features into one convenient package.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth.
  • Free Web-Store Creation Tools.
  • Free Web-Builder Creation Tools.
  • Complimentary Advertising Vouchers for Adwords and Yahoo.
  • Outstanding Customer Support.

Domain Transfers

This cow-themed web hosting platform might have already caught your interest, but if they haven't, it might be useful to inform you about the free domain transfers and the fact that all customers are entitled to one free web domain from FatCow.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Many customers might be glad to hear that FatCow offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This is a rather generous offer that customers can take advantage of, but it is important to note that only credit card transactions are compatible with this offer. Other payment methods are not supported and users will not be eligible for a refund unless they purchase their hosting services with a credit card.


In addition to those important details, users might also be charged a 15 dollar domain fee if they request a refund for their hosting services. This fee will only be charged if a customer redeems a free web domain.

Site Building Tools and Templates

Several high-quality website building tools can be used to create blog posts, forums, web pages, and web stores. FatCow has also offered customers a way to increase their production and efficiency. By utilizing one of the pre-configured templates, customers can shave hours off of their development time and launch their high-quality website faster than ever.

Customer Support

One of the main reasons that customers love FatCow's web hosting services is because of the outstanding level of support. Users can call support or initiate a live chat at any time to get help with account issues or to ask questions about their services. The customer support staff are always friendly and kind. They can also be extremely helpful at resolving any issues that you might have.

Ideal for Beginners

If you are looking to become a brand-new website owner and are looking for ways to create your very own website, FatCow has created a nifty webpage for new customers that are looking to get started. This 'beginners' section provides new users with all of the imperative information that they need to know to get started.


New customers can also initiate a live chat to help get started with the FatCow web provider. There is no doubt that this is one of the best platforms for new customers to start with when establishing their online presence as a website owner.


  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth.
  • Affordable Introductory Pricing Rate.
  • 20+ Years of High Quality Web Hosting Services


  • Only One Web Hosting Plan Available.

Fatcow Promo Codes

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Final Verdict

It is time to summarize all of the information that we have discussed within this review of the FatCow Web Hosting platform. This particular provider is under-the-radar and effective at what they do. They might only have one main hosting plan, but that plan manages to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk storage space without any hassles or concerns. The introductory rate for this service plan is also extremely generous and fairly valuable for new customers that are looking to get started.

If the introductory rate is not enough to convince you, perhaps the free 100 dollar advertising vouchers will be. In addition to the advertising vouchers, customers are also granted with a free web domain at the moment of their initial purchase.

When considering all of these impressive details, it is hard to imagine a better web hosting service for beginners. This can also be a great provider for experienced users and customers can take advantage of free domain transfers. If you are interested in signing up with the FatCow web hosting provider, you should pay a visit to their website to sign up and get started.


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