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Do you need a new mini fridge for your dorm room, exercise room, basement bar, man cave, or another room in your house? Do you want to make sure that you pick the best product that will provide you with ample storage space for plenty of drinks and snacks? There are a lot of mini fridges on the market that can help you meet your needs.

Selecting the best mini refrigerator for your space can be a challenge. To help you make your decision. We have reviewed five of the best mini fridges. After reading through our reviews, you'll be able to select the perfect item that will meet your needs.

Top 5: Mini Fridges Review

hOmeLabs Mini Fridge - 3.3 cu ft Under Counter Refrigerator

The hOmeLabs Mini Fridge has a lot of great features to offer, making it an option you should consider purchasing. This is a single-door product that will provide you with 3.3 cubic feet of cooled spaced. It measures 18.5 x 17 x 33.5 inches.

There is an adjustable thermostat which will allow you to customize the interior to the ideal temperature for what you'll be storing in your new refrigerator. You can choose from three different temperature settings (maximum, medium, or minimum).

hOmeLabs Mini Fridge - 3.3 cu ft Under Counter Refrigerator

The exterior of this product is black, so it will fit in with the décor in any space. The door is reversible to allow you to choose which way it will open.

There is a lot of storage space provided by this refrigerator. It has a spacious interior with three removable glass shelves that can be adjusted. The door will also provide you with lots of space to store all your favorite beverages and smaller items.

There is a small freezing chamber at the top. When the temperature is set to either medium or maximum, the freezing chamber will be cold enough to make ice.


  • There is a lot of space in this product to store lots of drinks, snacks, and other food items.
  • You can choose from three different temperature settings.
  • The black design of this product will look great in any space.


  • In order for the freezer section to be cold enough, you may have to set the fridge to a lower temperature than you may want.
Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact

If you are looking for a product with a separate freezer compartment, consider the Dandy Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact Refrigerator, Steel. This product has two doors for a larger refrigerated section and a smaller freezer section. The total capacity of this product is 3.1 cubic feet and it measures 18.87 x 19.68 x 33.43 inches.

Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact

The interior of the refrigerated section features two shelves and a crisper drawer for fruits and vegetable. There is also space in the door to store six cans, a two liter bottle, and other small options. The freezer includes enough space to store a few frozen meals, popsicles, and other smaller food options.


  • This product has a separate freezer compartment.
  • This 3.1 cubic foot product provides you with a lot of space to store drinks and food.
  • There are two shelves and a crisper in the refrigerator portion of this product.


  • If you don't buy canned drinks, it may be challenging to store other items in the can section inside the door.
Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

If you are tight on space and only need a product that will keep a few drinks cold, consider the Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer. This product can hold six cans of soda, beer, or other beverages. It is also a great option to keep things such as snacks, insulin, breast milk, or medications cool.

This item is designed to be portable, allowing to have to access to cool and refreshing drinks whenever you need them. In addition to AC and DC cords, this product can also be run using a USB cable.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

This will provide you with many flexible options and allow you to take this item everywhere you go. This product will operate quietly in the background. It is also energy-efficient and environmentally friends.

There are seven fun and attractive colors you can choose from if you purchase this product. They are blue, black, fuchsia, red, white, pink, and cow print. This product only weighs four pounds and has a convenient handle for carrying.


  • You can bring this product anywhere you go.
  • There are seven different color options to choose from.
  • It is energy-efficient.


  • This option will not let you store as much as the other products.
Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

The Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer is another great option to consider if you are looking for a product with a separate freezer. The legs on this product can be adjusted and you can revers the door to open on either side, allowing you to customize this product to work best in your space. This product as has 2.2 cubic foot capacity.

The interior of the refrigerator section has two shelves and a crisper drawer. You will be able to cool up to seven cans and a two-liter bottle on the inside of the door. The freezer section is large enough to fit a few freezer meals, pints of ice cream, or other smaller food items.

Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

So as not to distract you, this product will operate very quietly in the background. You can use this as a free-standing product, or you may choose to place it under a desk or beneath a counter (just make sure it is properly ventilated).

This product includes a one-year warranty to protect you from any malfunctions or defects. It can be purchased in stainless steel, black, or white.


  • There is a separate freezer compartment.
  • This product operates very quietly.
  • A one-year warranty is included to protect your purchase.


  • This doesn't have as large of a capacity as some other options.
Daewoo FR-044RCNW Retro 4.4 Cu. Ft.

If you are looking for a product that will add some style to your space, look no further than the Daewoo FR-044RCNW. This product features a cool retro design that will look great in any room. It also provides a generous 4.4 cubic feet of interior space.

The roomy interior offers two shelves and a small crisper drawer. On the inside of the door, there is more space for water bottles and other smaller items. There is an enclosed cooling keeper that will get colder than the main compartment to allow you to store items such as frozen meals.

Daewoo FR-044RCNW Retro 4.4 Cu. Ft.

There is bright LED lighting in the interior to allow you to easily find what you are looking at. This product has been energy-star rated, so it will not consume excessive amounts of energy. The top of the fridge can double as a tabletop, providing you with additional storage space.

You can purchase this product in Mint, Red, White, City Blue, or Cream Beige. These color options will allow you to select the perfect look to match your style.


  • This option offers a spacious 4.4 cubic feet of interior space.
  • This product has a fun retro design, and there are five attractive color choices to choose from.
  • You can use the top as a tabletop.


  • This is the most expensive product we reviewed.

Buying Guide

A mini fridge is the perfect addition to a bar area, dorm room, workout room, man cave, she shed, and so many more spaces. When you have a mini refigerator, you'll be able to have all the snacks, beverages, and meals you'll need right at your fingertips.

There are a lot of options that are available when you are looking for a new mini fridge. Before you pick one of the items on our list, it is important that you take just a few minutes to compare the different options. This will help you make sure that the product you purchase has all the features you want and will need.

First, decide if you want a product that has a separate freezer compartment. Some options offer a smaller enclosed area within the refrigerator section, while others have a whole freezer section. Think about what you're planning to use the fridge for to help you decide what you'll need.

Next, pay attention to how many cubic feet the different options you're considering offer. The more cubic feet a product has, the more space it will provide you for storing food and drinks.

Be sure to pay attention to the interior lay out of the shelving and drawers. Look to see if the shelves are adjustable to allow you to customize the interior.

You should also pay attention to whether you'll be able to adjust the interior temperature. This will help you make sure the fridge will meet your needs and adequately cool what you need it for.

Finally, consider the colors of the options you're looking at. Does the color matter to you? Will certain colors look better in your space than others?

Top Pick

In the sections above, we reviewed five different mini fridges. We think all five options we reviewed have something great to offer and will make an excellent pick for your home. However, our favorite product is the Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact Refrigerator, Steel.

Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact

With a 3.1 cubic foot capacity, this product will provide you with a fair amount of additional storage space. It also offers a separate freezer section, so you'll be able to store more frozen items in this fridge than some of the other models.

The interior of this product is well laid out with shelves, a drawer, and storage in the door. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Mini Fridges Last?

The lifespan will vary depending on usage, care, maintenance, and other factors. A mini fridge can last up to 17 years, but may quit working as early as after 10 years.

Can You Plug a Mini Fridge into a Regular Outlet?

Yes, you should be able to plug it into a standard outlet in your home. Most options will come with a three-pronged cord that you can plug into your wall outlet.

How Much Can a Mini Fridge Hold?

This answer will vary for different products. Its capacity will be indicated using cubic feet. Mini fridges typically have a capacity of between one-and-a-half cubic feet and five cubic feet.

Do Small Refrigerators Use Less Energy Than Larger Refrigerators?

Yes, small refrigerators require less energy to operate than their larger counterparts do.

How Much Does a Mini Fridge Cost to Operate Each Month?

The cost for operating is typically less than $5 each month, so purchasing a new mini fridge should not have too much of an impact on your energy bills.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through our reviews, it is time for you to decide which product will be the best option for you. Read the reviews again and pay close attention to the pros and cons to help you pick the option that you know you'll love.

After you've made your decision, place your order right away. This will allow you to start enjoying your new refrigerator right away!


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