Backpack Diaper Bags

Do you need a diaper bag that is perfect for travel and activities on-the-go? Are you tired of lugging around a heavy diaper bag on your shoulder? A backpack diaper bag will easily pack away all your essential items while you are out, making travel easier with less strain on your shoulders.

There are a lot of options to consider when you are looking for the ideal backpack diaper bag. It can be challenging to find the product that will best meet your needs. To help you narrow down your choices, we have reviewed five of the best backpack diaper bags.

Top 5: Backpack Diaper Bags Review

MANCRO Diaper Bag Backpack

The MANCRO Diaper Bag Backpack will help you find the perfect storage spot for all the baby essentials. It offers 14 different compartments where you'll be able to organize things from a changing pad to diapers and more.

This backpack has a large interior pocket that can unzip fully, allowing you to easily access what you'll need. The inner compartment features a large back pocket (which can fit a tablet), two side pockets, and a zippered compartment where you can store either diapers or clothing item.

MANCRO Diaper Bag Backpack

On the outside of the bag, there are two insulated side pockets, a front pouch that can hold two bottles, a wipe pocket, and another smaller side pocket. When you purchase this product, you will also receive a changing pad. It also includes two stroller straps that will allow you to hang it from your stroller.

This bag has padded straps and a comfortable design so it is easier to carry than traditional bags. It also features heavy-duty zippers to keep everything secured inside. One of the biggest perks of this product is that you will receive a lifetime warranty with your purchase.


  • With 14 compartments, you'll be able to find a place for everything.
  • Two large insulated pockets will keep your things cool.
  • The straps have extra padding to keep you comfortable.


  • Since the main pocket can be unzipped all the way, it could cause looser items to fall out.
Bamomby Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

The Bamomby Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack is designed to be both stylish and functional. It is made from a durable Oxford and polyester fabric. Even though it is very durable, it is also lightweight, so it won't make you feel completely weighted down.

This option features a large main compartment, a front insulated pocket that can hold three bottles, a side pocket, a slim front pocket, and a pocket to hold wipes. The main compartment will hold a lot of your essential and allow you to stay organized.

You can carry this item on your back using the straps, or you can use the stroller straps to hook it to your stroller and lighten your load. A changing pad is also included with your purchase.

This product is a black backpack that features an embroidered diamond pattern on the front. It is accented with gold zippers. Your purchase of this product will also include a one-year warranty.


  • This product features an attractive design that each parent will love.
  • It is made from a lightweight and durable material.
  • You can fit three bottles in the front insulated compartment.


  • The main compartment doesn't have any interior pockets to help you keep items separated and easier to find.
RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack

The RUVALINO is designed to provide you with a space to keep everything organized for your baby. It features two large zippered compartments and 16 products.

Among the many pockets offered by this product, there are options designed to hold diapers, a changing pad, and bottles (in the insulated front compartment). There are also a variety of outer zippered pockets that will let you keep your personal items secure.

RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack

The main compartment can open very wide, allowing you to easily spot what you are looking for. It also features a large, easy-grab handle for carrying.

To keep you comfortable when, the bag has an ergonomic design and thick padding on the straps. It is made from a lightweight fabric that is both waterproof and durable. It also has strong zippers, so you'll be able to trust that it will hold up to being opened and closed frequently.


  • There are two large zippered compartments.
  • Will open wide to allow you to find what you are looking for.
  • The straps are padded and the back has an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable .


  • If you use narrow-necked bottles that are taller, they may not fit properly in the insulated pocket.
HaloVa Diaper Bag Waterproof Travel Backpack

You'll love using the HaloVa Diaper Bag. It is a high-quality product constructed using waterproof Oxford fabric. Because of this feature, it is easy to wipe clean and you won't need to worry if something spills in it.

This option has a large capacity that will allow you to store everything you'll need for your baby. It features one large zippered compartment. Along the edges of the interior compartment, there are four pouches and a small zippered pocket.

HaloVa Diaper Bag Waterproof Travel Backpack

On the bag's exterior, you'll find additional storage options. There is an insulated pouch that will hold three bottles. There are also two side pockets, one of which is designed to hold wipes. On the back of the backpack, there is one more pocket where you can store items you want to keep more protected.

There are 15 color options for this product, so you're sure to find your favorite color. Some of the color choices include black, dark blue, gray, green, and red.


  • Waterproof and easy to wipe down.
  • The large interior compartment has side pouches to allow you to keep everything organized.
  • There are 15 different color options.


  • A changing pad is not included with this option.
Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is designed to keep you organized, so you can spend time taking care of your baby, not searching for something in the bag. It is constructed using a water-resistant twill polyester material that will not fray. It also has strong zippers to add to its durability.

With 14 different pockets, you'll be able to keep everything organized. There is one zippered main compartment. Inside the main compartment, there are additional pouches to keep you organized. There is one large pouch in the back of this compartment where you can store your changing pad.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Along the outside, you'll find numerous other options for storage and organization. There are two large side pockets that are perfect for diapers and a side pocket for wipes. The other side pocket is insulated and will hold a bottle.

When you purchase this product, you'll also receive a changing pad and a small travel/sundry pouch. Plus, the manufacturer offers an unlimited lifetime warranty and access to customer service. You can purchase this product in black or gray.


  • There are numerous zippered compartments to keep everything secured.
  • There are several pouches inside for better organization.
  • Comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty.


  • The insulated pouch will only hold one bottle.

Buying Guide

A backpack diaper bag can free up your hands and help make your life much easier. Most options are designed to hold a lot and also provide you with lots of different compartments, pockets, and pouches that help you to stay organized.

In the sections above, we reviewed five of the best backpack diaper bags. Hopefully these reviews helped you garner a better understanding of what you want in a diaper bag and the options out there. Before you make a final decision and add your new bag to your shopping cart, take a little time to compare the features and benefits of the different options you are considering.

When you are looking for a new backpack diaper bag, you should pay close attention the overall set-up of the bag. Does it look like it has an arrangement that will work for you and be easy for you to use? Do you feel like it has enough pockets?

Also, pay attention to the size of the bag and the space it offers. Look for options that have zippered compartments, especially on the outside, to prevent things from falling out of the bag or getting dirty. You should also look for options that are made using a high-quality material that will last for many years to come.

You may want to find an option that includes a changing pad and a pocket for wipes, these two features can help make your life easier. Also, finding an option with a larger insulated pouch will make it easier to bring along bottles and keep them cool.

Top Pick

Out of the five products we reviewed, our top pick is the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack. We like this product because it is durable and easy to use.

It offers you 14 different pockets to store and pack everything you'll need. There are quite a few zippered exterior pockets, as well as interior pouches in the main compartment.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

You can choose from black or gray when you purchase this product. You will also receive a sundry bag and a changing pad with your order. The manufacturer also this product with a lifetime guarantee even if you purchase through Amazon, so you know you're getting a great product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Look for in a Backpack Diaper Bag?

An ideal bag will offer you ample space to store everything you need. It will have multiple, generously sized compartments where you can keep everything separated and organized. You may also want to look for an option that has separate insulated compartments to allow you to keep drinks cool.

Another great feature is having an open side pocket, which will give you easy access to wipes. Also, be sure to find a product that looks comfortable to wear and has well-padded straps.

Do Backpack Diaper Bags Come with a Changing Pad?

Many backpack diaper bags come with a changing pad. Before making a purchase, you can confirm that the model you are interested in includes a changing pad.

What Are the Essential Items to Pack in a Diaper Bag?

For being so little, babies and toddlers need a lot! When you pack your diaper bag, you'll want to make sure you bring diapers, wipes, a changing pad, blankets, changes of clothes, hats, bibs, bottles, formula or breast milk, snacks, a few toys, and hand sanitizer.

How Much Does a Backpack Diaper Bag Cost?

You can expect to spend somewhere between $25 and $60.

Final Verdict

You may have decided that the Bag Nation is your top pick as well, or maybe you were more drawn to one of the other options. You know your needs better than anyone else, so trust your instincts about which product is right for you and your baby.

After you have made your final decision about which product to purchase, be sure to add it to your cart. The sooner you order it, the sooner it will arrive and you will be able to get everything your baby needs all organized.


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