Wine Refrigerators

Do you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? Do you love enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with friends or a loved one? With a wine refrigerator, you'll be able to keep your wine chilled and ready to serve.

There are numerous options available when you are looking for a new wine refrigerator. To help you select the perfect product for you, we have reviewed the top five options on the market.

Top 5: Wine Refrigerators Review

Nutrichef Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Nutrichef Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator will allow you to store up to 18 bottles of wine. To ensure the perfect environment for your wine, this option uses thermo-electric cooling. The temperature control is adjusted, and there are also LED light and a fan to keep air circulating.

In addition to keeping your wine store properly, this option is also designed to look great in your space. It has a beautiful stainless-steel finish and a glass door to show off your impressive collection.

The glass door has been reinforced and has an air-tight seal. This will help preserve your wines until you are ready to drink them. You can adjust the LED lights and the internal temperature from the outside, so you won't need to open the door to let cold air escape.

This is a free-standing option, so you can place on any flat, flooring surface in your home. It measures 20 inches by 13.6 inches by 25.4 inches. Your purchase of this product is protected with a one-year quality warranty from the manufacturer.


  • This is an attractive stainless-steel free-standing option.
  • The door is air tight.
  • You can control the temperature and the lights without opening the door.


  • The temperature display on the top of the unit is very bright.
Ivation Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler /Chiller

With the Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, you'll be able to preserve your wines. Storing them in this cooler will ensure that they age consistently and keep their taste. You can use this product to store both white and red wines.

The temperature can be adjusted between 50 and 64 degrees. This option helps to maintain constant humidity, which will ensure the corks in your bottles do not get dry. The cooler blocks any sunlight or UV rays from making contact with your wines, since they could degrade them.

Ivation Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler /Chiller

This product will operate quietly in the background. Since it does not have a compressor, you will not hear an annoying vibration sound.

The temperature control and interior lighting controls are located on the exterior of the product. This means you'll be able to adjust the temperature or turn on the lights without opening the door and letting cold air escape.


  • The fridge maintains a constant humidity to prevent the corks from drying out.
  • This option is quiet and will not disturb you.
  • The lighting and temperature controls are on the outside of the unit.


  • Fitting champagne bottles or non-standard wine bottles may be a challenge.
EdgeStar TWR215ESS Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

If you are looking for an option that will provide you with two different temperature zones, consider the EdgeStar TWR215ESS 21 Bottle Freestanding Stainless Steel Wine Cooler. You can adjust the temperature in the upper zone between about 46 and 65 degrees. The lower zone can be set between about 55 and 65 degrees.

EdgeStar TWR215ESS Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

This option can hold a total of 21 bottles. There are six slots in the upper zone and 15 slots in the lower zone. The overall dimension are 23.5 inches by 13.4 inches by 20.25 inches.

This product has an internal fan that helps ensure air circulates evenly. There are soft blue LED lights to light up the interior and allow you to show off your collection. The glass door is designed to keep your wines protected from outside elements. It features a large stainless-steel handle for easy opening.


  • You can fit up to 21 bottles in this option.
  • There are two temperature zones.
  • The internal fan ensures that air gets circulated evenly.


  • If you wish to use this product to store larger bottles of wine, you will need to remove a shelf. This will cut down on the total number of bottles you'll be able to store.
Ivation Countertop Thermoelectric Wine Cooler /Chiller

If you are looking for a wine refrigerator that will fit on your countertop, consider the Ivation 8 Bottle Countertop Thermoelectric Wine Cooler. This product is designed to keep your red and white wines at the ideal temperature to keep them preserved and ensure proper aging.

The recommended temperature is around 55 degrees, but you'll be able to adjust it between 46 and 64 degrees.

Ivation Countertop Thermoelectric Wine Cooler /Chiller

This option has been insulated with a heavy polyurethane foam. It also features thermopane doors that are tempered to smoke. These two features work together to ensure that the interior of the cooler stays at a constant humidity and is free from odors.

You won't need to worry about this product making loud and distracting sounds. It uses a thermoelectric cooling system instead of a compressor.

You will be able to fit eight bottles in this model. Since they'll be right on your countertops, you'll always have your favorites wines right at your fingertips. The sleek black design will look great on your countertops as well.


  • This product can sit right on your countertops.
  • It operates quietly.
  • The sleek black design will look great in your kitchen.


  • This option can only hold eight bottles.
Aobosi Wine Cooler Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Whether you're looking for long- or short-term storage of your wines, the Aobosi 15'' Wine Cooler Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator has you covered. This model is designed to hold 28 bottles of red or white wine. It features an attractive steel frame that will look good in any room in your home.

This option operates very quietly, at just 42 decibels. The low vibration also helps to ensure that the sediments in your wines are not disturbed and that the taste is preserved.

Aobosi Wine Cooler Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

There are two different zones in this option. The upper zone's temperature can be set between 41 and 54 degrees and the lower zone can be set between 54 and 68 degrees.

You will be able to fit wine bottles that are larger than the standard size; it will just impact the total amount you'll be able to store.

In the event of a power outage, the memory function will reset the temperature to where you had it last once power has been restored. If you leave the door open for an extended period of time, an alert will sound to remind you to close it.


  • This option can hold 28 wine bottles.
  • It can accommodate larger bottles as well.
  • There are two temperature zones that will allow you to customize how you store your wines.


  • This option is much more expensive than the other options we reviewed.

Buying Guide

If you love wine, a wine refrigerator can help you keep your wine well-preserved and ensure a quality taste. Plus, a wine refrigerator will look great in your space and will allow your bottles to be easily accessible. You'll always have you wine perfectly chilled to share with guests or to relax at the end of the day.

Before you purchase a new wine refrigerator, take a few moments to decide exactly what you are looking for in the product you purchase. You want to be confident that you made a good choice and that you'll be satisfied with the product you selected for years to come.

First, think about the size and capacity of the product you wish to purchase. How many bottles of wine do you generally keep on hand? Do you want a smaller option that will fit on your countertop?

Related to the overall capacity of the product, you'll also want to determine if the product can accommodate larger bottles of wine or champagne, or if it will only hold standard-sized bottles. If you frequently purchase champagne or products that come in over-sized bottles, this may be an important feature to look for.

Next, be sure to pay attention to the temperature range setting to ensure you'll be able to appropriately store your wines. Depending on the types of wines you'll be storing, you may want to look for a product that offers dual-temperature zones.

You will definitely want to select an item that features an air-tight seal and a consistent humidity setting. These two features will ensure that the taste of your wines is preserved and that the corks don't get dried out.

Finally, pay attention to the overall design and appearance of the different options you are considering. Pick an option that will look like it belongs in your space.

Top Pick

We reviewed five excellent options, but our favorite product is the EdgeStar TWR215ESS 21 Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler. This option is reasonably priced and offers dual-temperature zones. It also has a large capacity and is able to store 21 bottles of wine.

EdgeStar TWR215ESS Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

The blue LED lights will light up this product just enough to let others admire your wine collection. There is also an internal fan to help make sure that air circulates to keep your wines well-preserved and ensure that they age correctly.

The glass door is designed to keep the interior compartment air-tight and prevent any elements from outside of the cooler from getting inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy a Wine Fridge?

If you love wine, then the answer is yes! Wines taste better and stay preserved better when you keep them at an appropriate temperature. A wine fridge makes this possible. A wine fridge also gives you a safe and dedicated space to store your bottles where you'll be able to easily access them.

What Temperature Should I Set My Wine Fridge To?

55 degrees Fahrenheit is generally seen as the idea temperature to serve wine, whether it is white or red. This cooler temperature will help ensure that your wines do not age too quickly.

How Long Is an Open Bottle of Wine Good For?

Different types of wines will last for different amounts of time after being opened. Here are some general guidelines for how long your open bottles of wine will be good for:

  • Boxed Wines: About a month.
  • Fortified Wines: About a month.
  • Red Wine: Between three and five days.
  • White Wine (Full-Bodied): Between three and five days.
  • White Wine (Light) and Rosé: Between five and seven days.
  • Sparkling Wine: Between one and three days.

How Much Does a Wine Refrigerator Cost?

There is a wide amount of variation in the cost of a wine fridge. Options range from around $100 to over $500. The size, brand, style, and other features will determine the price of the different options you are considering.

Final Verdict

We think you'll love the EdgeStar TWR215ESS 21 Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler. However, if you think one of the other products we reviewed will be a better fit for you, follow your instincts. We think any of the five options will make a great addition to your home.

After you have finalized your decision, be sure to place your order right away. This will allow your new wine cooler to be shipped and arrive at your doorstep in just a few days. Then, you'll be able to keep your wines fresh and share a perfectly chilled bottle with friends and family whenever you please!


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