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Are you looking to help your body recover more quickly after a workout? Would you like to increase your blood flow and improve your range of motion? If so, you'll want to consider purchasing a massage gun.

There are many different options available when you are looking for a massage gun. We have reviewed the top five products on the market to help you narrow down your choices and make your decision a little easier. Read through our reviews below to select the product that is right for you.

Top 5: Massage Gun Reviews

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You'll enjoy using the Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun. This model is designed to have a curved handle, which is easier to grip and more comfortable than other models.

It also delivers more intense percussion than other options on the market. Whereas most other percussion guns have 10 millimeters of amplitude, this model has 16 millimeters of amplitude. This product also has a powerful 25-watt motor.

You can adjust the settings to have the massager deliver between 1,800 and 3,330 revolutions per minute. This will help you find the setting that is most comfortable based on your needs and tolerance levels.

Unlike many other options, the massage head can be adjusted into three different angles. This can help you reach harder areas and keep your hand and wrist more comfortable as you hold and control the gun.

There are four different massage tips that will help you pinpoint those tough areas and find the right tip for each of your needs.

This is a quality product that can help you in a variety of ways, including recovering from a workout, providing relief for joint pain, myofascial release, a pre-workout warmup and more. The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of this option that they back it with a lifetime warranty.


  • This option can deliver a more intense percussion than other options.
  • The massage head can be adjusted to three different angles.
  • A lifetime warranty protects your purchase.


  • This is the most expensive option on our list.

Another option you'll want to look closely at is the REATHLETE DEEP4S Percussive Therapy Device. This product is designed to allow you to prepare the care your body needs to recover and thrive on your own and from the comfort of your own home. The designer knows how challenging and expensive it can be to regularly attend yoga classes, visit a chiropractor, receive physical therapy.

This powerful option can deliver up to 3,200 revolutions per minute. You'll be able to choose from four different speed settings ranging from 1,200 to 3,200 revolutions per minute.

You can also adjust the angle of the massage head on this product to help you effectively massage all the areas you need. It offers three different angle settings for you to choose form.

The motor on this option is designed to operate silently in the background, allowing you to bring the massager to the gym, your workplace, or wherever else you'll want to be able to use it.

When you purchase this product, you will also receive five different massage tips and a carrying case. A 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty are also included with your purchase.


  • The battery will last for up to six hours.
  • There are four different intensity settings to choose from.
  • The angle of the massage head can be adjusted.


  • This option is more expensive than most other products on our list.

The Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun is designed to help you improve your athletic performance. It can help trigger a myofascial release in your muscles which will help cells to regenerate. This will reduce the time it takes you to recover from a workout.

The massage gun has a powerful motor that is designed to deliver five different intensity of levels of penetrating vibrations. This will ensure you'll be able to find the most comfortable and beneficial setting for each body part.

This is a very quiet product as well. You'll hardly notice the sound made by the brushless motor as you use the machine.

A carrying case is included with your purchase to help you protect the massage gun and make it easier to transport it. This product operates using the included rechargeable battery. The battery will last for up to six hours of use.

The manufacturer of this product guarantees that it will last for a lifetime of workouts. If you experience any issues with your purchase, you can request a full refund.


  • There are five different intensity levels to choose from.
  • The battery will last for up to six hours.
  • A protective case is included with your purchase.


  • You cannot adjust the angle of the massage head.

The OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun is a Percussion Massager designed to help your muscles recover more quickly. It will apply pulses of pressure to various muscles in your body to help reduce knots and tension, increase blood flow, and provide you with an improved range of motion.

This Massager offers three different speed settings for you to choose from. You can set it to deliver as many as 3,200 percussions each minute.

Even with the speed and intensity this option can provide, it still operates quietly. Depending on the setting you choose, it only has a noise level between 35 and 55 dB.

You'll be impressed with the accuracy this gun delivers. It features a high-torque motor and a 12-milimeter stroke length to help you decrease soreness and recover more quickly.

This is also a durable option for you to consider. Its she is made using Nylon 66 and glass fiber. Event if dropped from heights of over six feet, you won't need to worry about the massage gun getting damaged.

This product is powered with a lithium ion battery. The battery should last for up to three hours before it needs to be charged again, allowing you to use it with your workouts for about a week. After 10 minutes, the massager will automatically shut off to prevent injuries.

When you purchase this option, you'll also receive a carrying case. This will help you transport the massage gun or package it nicely to give as a gift.


  • There are three different speed settings.
  • It is very durable.
  • The battery will last for up to three hours of use.


  • Some users have shared that this option does not perform as well as some of the more expensive massage guns.

You can use the Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun to help recover from a workout, get your body ready for a new workout, boost your flexibility, relieve join or muscle pain, and so much more. This option offers five different levels of vibrations ranging from 20 Hz to 45 Hz (1200 to 2800 revolutions per minute). It is designed using heavy-duty construction to ensure it remains stable when you're using it, regardless of the speed you select.

You'll also be impressed with how quiet this option is when it is operating. You'll be able to bring it with you to use without disturbing others.

You'll receive five different massage heads to help you find the right tool for each body part that needs to be massaged. The five heads you'll receive include a round, spinal, flat, and two bullet heads.

Your purchase of this option will also include a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will last between 3 and 6 hours between charges. You'll also receive a 100% satisfaction lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • There are five speed/intensity settings.
  • The massage gun is very quiet when it is operating.
  • Five massage heads are included with your purchase.


  • This model cannot deliver as many revolutions per minute as some other options.

Buying Guide

A massage gun is a good item to invest in if you are looking to help your body recover more easily from workouts, reduce joint pain, improve your mobility, increase blood flow, and so much more. Since each massage gun is a little different and has different features and benefits to offer, it is important to take some time to compare each option and think about what you want to get from the product you purchase.

One feature you'll want to consider before choosing a massage gun is the different settings it offers. Look for an option that offers multiple speed settings as different speeds may be more comfortable for different areas of your body.

Another thing to look for is the head attachments and settings. Are a variety of attachments included to help you more effectively target different areas? Can you adjust the angle of the massage head to reach those tougher-to-reach areas?

You will also want to pay attention to the battery life. Look for how long the battery will last between charges/how many massage sessions you'll be able to complete before recharging it. You may also want to look for how long it will take to recharge the battery.

Finally, look for a product that performs quietly. Choosing a quieter option will not only make it easier on your ears when you use the gun, but it will make it easier for you to use the gun around others, such as at the gym or in your office.

Top Pick

After reviewing the five different massage guns in the article above, we decided that the Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun is our favorite option. This product is able to deliver more intense percussions than other options, since it has 16 millimeters of amplitude instead of just 10 millimeters like many other options.

You will be able to adjust the speed of the massage to deliver between 1,800 and 3,000 revolutions per minute. This will help you find the most comfortable setting for different areas on your body.

The head on this massager is adjustable to help you reach different areas of your boy. It also features a curved handle, which is designed to keep your hand and wrist more comfortable while you use it.

There are four different massage tips that you can rotate between depending on the area you're massaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Massage Guns For?

Massage guns can serve a number of purposes. They can help relax your muscles, improve blood blow, break up scar tissues, activate your nervous system, provide stress relief, help you recover more quickly from a workout, and get your body ready to being a workout.

How Long Should You Use a Massage Gun For?

The amount of time you'll want to use a massage gun for will vary depending on what you're trying to get out of the massage. You will want to use the gun for somewhere between 15 or 20 seconds and two minutes for each area. Using the gun for over two minutes on any one muscle group is not recommended.

How Much Does a Massage Gun Cost?

You'll find that there is a good deal of variability in the price of different massage guns. Some options cost under $100, while others can cost a few hundred dollars. The different features and settings of each option will impact the cost.

Final Verdict

The Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun is a great option to consider. The manufacturer also includes a lifetime warranty when you purchase this product, so you really have nothing to lose. Place your order today, so you can start enjoying the benefits of a massage gun real soon!


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