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Foot pain is one of the most common symptoms that is reported by people every single day. Few things can be done to relieve foot pain, but one of those remedies can be metatarsal pads that reshape the lower arch of the foot to reduce pain.

Today, we are going to look at some of the very best metatarsal pads that you can purchase on the Amazon marketplace. Metatarsal support pads can help to reduce pressure underneath the core of your foot.

We are going to look at several aspects of these types of products to try and present you with all of the important details that are necessary to make a sufficient purchase. Customer ratings will be heavily relied on for this particular review because of how important it can be to hear genuine customer experiences for this type of remedy product.

In addition to customer feedback, we will also be evaluating the effectiveness of each of these metatarsal pads as well as the price. You can find some general product information and some commonly asked questions in the FAQ section that supersedes the product reviews.

It is now time to begin our product reviews of the five best metatarsal pads that you can purchase from the Amazon online marketplace!

Top 5: Metatarsal Pad Reviews

Metatarsal Pads | Metatarsal Pads for Women | Ball of Foot Cushions (2 Pairs Foot Pads) All Day Pain Relief and Comfort One Size Fits Shoe Inserts for Women (Beige)

Our top selection aligns with one of the best sellers in the entire metatarsal pad industry. We are going to recommend the Walkize Metatarsal Pads for Women because of their exceptional customer feedback and comfortable design qualities. They are affordable and effective at relieving pain in your feet.

These metatarsal pads are crafted with a unique gel-based design that is extremely helpful at reducing foot pain. There is no risk of slipping with these pads because of a special adhesive that has been applied to ensure they stay in place.

With this product, you can expect all-day pain relief in your feet and a comfortable beige set of metatarsal pads that are comfortable and effective at their job. All customers are also granted with a complimentary lifetime warranty after completing their purchase.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Extremely Comfortable.
  • Exceptional Customer Ratings.
  • Soft Gel-Based Design.


  • Designed for Women Only.
Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions (6PCS) - Forefoot Cushion Shoe Inserts For Men & Women - Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain - Pain Relief for Metatarsalgia Morton Neuroma Calluses

If you are struggling with extensive foot pain, you might want to try out these DALIVA Metatarsal Pads. These metatarsal pads are designed to be soft and durable, but they are also fairly affordable when compared to alternative product selections on Amazon.

This is a great product for customers that are looking for a cheap and simple remedy to their foot pain. DALIVA has an excellent customer reputation and has proven that this product is successful and effective.

Users that purchase this product will be happy to learn that they will be receiving a pack of six metatarsal pads. This is one of the most affordable and cost-effective foot pain remedies that you can find on Amazon at this price range.


  • Simple Foot Pain Remedy.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • 6 Pack Included.


  • Wears Out Over Time.
Temiart Ball of Foot Cushions Metatarsal Pads for Women Men Soft Gel Insoles Supports Forefoot Cushioning, Pain Relief Morton's Neuroma Foot Pads (4 Pair)

Our third product recommendation is a great example of a product that is both affordable and durable. These Temiart Metatarsal Pads are extremely popular with customers because they can easily fit inside of shoes and provide a cushion for your foot to rest on. There are three different color packs available, including transparent, black, and white.

If you are not satisfied with these metatarsal pads, you can simply ask the seller for a refund or product replacement. The customer ratings for this brand are extremely positive and that should be a clear signal to new buyers that these pads are the real deal.


  • Three Color Choices Available.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Very Soft and Durable.


  • Doesn't Resolve All Foot Pain.
Metatarsal Sleeve Pads, Half Toe Bunion Sleeve with Sole Forefoot Gel Pads Cushion for Diabetic Feet Metatarsalgia Mortons Neuroma Prevent Calluses Blisters, 2 Pieces

Our next recommendation on this review manages to feature the ultra-popular Vesigo Metatarsal Sleeve Pads. This unique design offers users the ability to take advantage of flexible compression and a moderate level of comfort. These pads are also recyclable and can be reused after washing them.

These metatarsal pads are so popular with customers that Amazon has decided to endorse them on their product page. In addition to their popularity, they are also some of the most affordable footpads in the industry. All purchases are protected by a 60-day warranty and there is a 24-hour customer support service if you need assistance.


  • Flexible Compression.
  • Recyclable / Reusable Design.
  • 60 Day Product Warranty.


  • Only One Pair is Included.
Metatarsal Foot Pads for Pain Relief - 1/4" Thick, 3M Adhesive, Ball of Foot Cushions for Women & Men, Forefoot Support (12 Pack) - by Moon Health

The final selection that we are going to feature within this review is the Moon Health Metatarsal Foot Pads for Pain Relief. If you are looking for immediate pain relief, this product could certainly catch your eye and be placed at the top of your priority list.

These pads are soft and supportive for your feet, but they are also equipped with a unique 3M anti-slip adhesive to ensure that they stay in place all day long and prevent from slipping off. This product package will include a set of 12 pads from Moon Health.

If you are wondering why they have included so many pads in their package, perhaps its because of the poor durability that some customers have reported. With that being said, at least they had the generosity to add some additional pads to ensure that they sustain for at least a short time.


  • Fast Pain Relief.
  • Soft and Supportive Design.
  • 3M Anti-Slip Adhesive.
  • Pack of 12 Included.


  • Bulky and Not Durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Metatarsal Pads Used For?

Metatarsal pads are a common product that can be used to remedy different types of foot pain. These types of products can provide immediate comfort and relief to extensive levels of ball-foot pain. Many of the brands within this review have even be recommended by top-end Podiatrists.

How Expensive Are Metatarsal Pads?

Nearly every single product within this review can be purchased for under twenty dollars. They are all reasonably priced, but some manufacturers only include a few sets, while others include far more.

For example, DALIVA's footpads include a pack of six, while the Moon Health Metatarsal Foot Pads are seemingly less durable and the manufacturer has provided twice as many with their package. All of these products are cost-effective, but durability can vary across each of these five product selections.

Final Verdict

It is tough to come to a final verdict with products like these. Each of these metatarsal pad brands is exceptional in quality, but every single person might find relief with one particular brand. Everybody is different, which is why this review is one of the tougher ones that we have done.

There is a good chance that at least one of the brands within this review will suit your needs and relieve your foot pain. The toughest challenge that you will face will be to determine which product is best for your specific needs.

All of these metatarsal pads are relatively affordable, so perhaps your best decision is to buy one of each and try each product for yourself!


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