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Whether you have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or are just look to find more comfort when walking or standing, a pair of arch support insoles can do wonders. Arch supports are an orthotic product that are designed to provide support for the arch of your foot, helping to relieve pain and make walking and standing more comfortable.

There are many different products and options to consider when you are looking for arch support. Depending on your specific needs, different options may be best suited for your foot type. Read through our reviews below to help you pick the product best suited to provide you with some comfort and relief.

Top 5: Arch Support Insoles Review

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support - Best Shock Absorption & Cushioning Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Running, Flat Feet, Heel Spurs & Foot Pain - for Men & Women

The Physix Gear Sport Insert is designed to be used by people with Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runners' knee, flat feet, and more. This option will help balance the force of your foot to provide comfort and relief from both foot and back pain.

These inserts are made using durable, high-quality materials including medical-grade EVA foam and PU material. They will provide a cradle for your heel to improve your stability. They also offer a low-profile, very thin design to make sure you are comfortable in all of your shoes.

These inserts can be worn for anything and everything you do. Whether you will be standing in one spot for an extended period of time, or out rock climbing or playing sports, they can provide the support your feet need to keep you comfortable and out of pain. You can wear them in all sorts of shoes including sneaker, dress shoes, boots, hiking shoes, and casual shoes.

These inserts provide semi-rigid arch support. They also have shock absorbing features to help reduce muscle fatigue in your legs and feet. They are also designed to ensure you have adequate space in the toe box in your shoes to keep your feet comfortable.

The manufacturer of this product has great confidence that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. They offer a 100% risk-free purchase. If you are not satisfied, you can contact the company for a replacement or a full refund.


  • Wearing these can help support your foot, providing relief from foot and back pain.
  • You can wear this option in a variety of shoe types for just about any activity type.
  • They will leave you with plenty of space in the toe box to remain comfortable in your shoes.


  • If you have narrow feet, it may be a challenge to get these to fit in your shoes.
Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Relieve Flat Feet, High Arch, Foot Pain Mens 7-7 1/2 | Womens 9-9 1/2

Wearing Walk Hero's Arch Supports can provide you with the support you need to alleviate pain and keep your body in alignment. This product is designed to be used with various conditions including flat feet, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendons, pain in the balls of your feet, and diabetes. It includes a deep heel cup that is designed to ensure your foot remains in the ideal position to keep your foot supported and properly aligned.

This product is made from an EVA material which will help provide pain relief and provide shock absorption. This material choice also helps keep your feet cool and comfortable when you are wearing these inserts.

This model is designed to be worn during daily activities. The inserts can be worn in shoes including work shoes, boots, and sneakers.

There are 13 different sizes available to help both men and women with different shoe sizes find their perfect fit. Be sure to consult the sizing guide provided by Walk Hero to ensure you select the proper size.

The manufacturer offers a risk-free guarantee. You'll be able to try this option risk-free, and if you do not like it, you can return it for a full refund.


  • Wearing these can help alleviate pain associated with a variety of issues including plantar fasciitis, diabetes and Achilles tendons.
  • The EVA material used to make this option help provide shock absorption.
  • There are 13 different sizes available.


  • You might find that this option feels too thick in your shoes.
Dr. Scholl's PLANTAR FASCIITIS Pain Relief Orthotics Clinically Proven Relief and Prevention of Plantar Fasciitis Pain, Men's,  8-13 (Packaging may vary)

If you are looking for an insole specifically designed to provide relief for plantar fasciitis, consider Dr. Scholl's Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotics. This option uses Shock Guard Technology that will provide immediate and lasting relief for the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

This is a full-length insole that will provide support and cushioning for your entire foot. This product included a reinforced arch support that is designed to stabilize your foot to prevent pain and further injury. It also has a deep heel cup that will keep your heel cradled and protected.

This insole is designed to be used with more casual shoes, such as sneakers and work shoes or boots. It is designed to fit men with size 8 to 13 feet. You can trim it down to achieve the right fit for your shoes.


  • The Shock Guard Technology provides relief from plantar fasciitis pain.
  • The heel cup is designed to keep your heel stabilized and cradles.
  • This is a full-length option that will provide cushioning for your entire foot.


  • You will need to trim this product down to fit your shoes.
Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women Shoe Inserts - Orthotic Inserts - Flat Feet Foot - Running Athletic Gel Shoe Insoles - Orthotic insoles for Arch Pain High Arch - Boot Insoles

If you're experiencing pain from high arches, flat feet, bunions, or plantar fasciitis, consider the EASYFEET Arch Support Insoles. Using this product can also help alleviate pressure on other parts of your body, which can provide relief for back, knee, neck, joint, and ankle pain.

This option is designed to be used for a variety of activities from everyday wear to working out, hiking, skiing, or playing golf, tennis, basketball, or other sports. To help your feet adjust to wearing this product, the manufacturer recommends only wearing them for two to three hours for the first few days. You can gradually increase the amount of time you wear them, until you are more comfortable wearing them all day.

When you wear this product, your archers will be supported thanks to the Anti Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology found in this product. They are designed to absorb shocks and have a comfortable gel forefront as well as air capsules to provide cushioning for your feet.

This is also a high-quality product. It is made from a durable TPU with a PU memory foam base. They are also designed to be breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable.


  • Wearing these can relief foot pain, as well as pain you may be experiencing in other areas of your body.
  • You can wear this insole for a wide variety of different activities.
  • They are breathable and will keep your feet cool.


  • There are only five different sizes available, so you will likely need to trim the insole down to fit properly in your shoes.
Dr. Scholl's HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT Pain Relief Orthotics // Designed for Men over 200lbs with Technology to Distribute Weight and Absorb Shock with Every Step (for Men's 8-14)

As a final option, consider Dr. Scholl's HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT Pain Relief Orthotics. This option is designed to be worn by men weighing over 200 pounds who experience back pain, foot fatigue, or leg fatigue. If you are on your feet for long periods of the day, this may be a good option for you.

These insoles include Arch Guard plus Shock Guard Technology. These technologies work together to evenly distribute your weight and reduce the impact felt by your legs and back.

This is a full-length insole that will keep your whole foot cushioned and comfortable. It comes in one size designed to be used by men with a size 8 to 14 shoe. You will need to trim it down to fit in your shoes properly.


  • This may be a good product for you if you are up on your feet for most of the day.
  • Wearing these insoles will help evenly distribute your weight, which can reduce lower back pain and foot/leg fatigue.
  • The full-length cushion design will help keep your entire foot comfortable.


  • This option is only designed to be used by men who weigh over 200 pounds.

Buying Guide

If you've been suffering from foot or back pain, it may be time to find a good arch support insole. When you provide support for your arches, it can help relieve pain and help improve your balance and posture. There are a few different factors you'll want to consider before you select a product to purchase.

First, you should know your foot type/arch type, so you can know which type of insole you should be looking for. There are three main categories your arch will likely fall into. They are high arches, low arches/flat feet/fallen arches, and medium/neutral arches.

You should also determine the amount of support and footbed type you are looking for. Some orthotics deliver rigid support, some deliver semi-rigid support, and others deliver a more cushioned support. The type of support you will need will largely depend on your feet, the specific issues you are experiencing, and your personal preferences.

Finally, you should also pay attention to the sizing and placement of the different options. Be sure to select a product that is available in the right size for your feet. Also, look for information about how the insole will need to be placed in your shoe and whether you'll need to remove the insole that came with your shoes to use each option.

Top Pick

After conducting our research, we have concluded that the Physix Gear sport Inserts are our top pick. You'll enjoy relief from both foot and back pain thanks to the support this option will provide for your feet. They provide semi-rigid arch support.

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support - Best Shock Absorption & Cushioning Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Running, Flat Feet, Heel Spurs & Foot Pain - for Men & Women

This option is designed to be comfortable. They will cradle your heel and provide you with enough padding to keep your feet comfortable. They also leave you plenty of room in the toe box of your shoes to keep your toes from feeling too constrained.

You can wear this option in all different types of shoes for a variety of activities. Leaving them in your shoes whenever you wear them will help ease your pain and keep you more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important to Use an Arch Support Insert?

Arch supports can help you improve your balance and posture. With improved balance and posture, it is likely that foot pain and other issues will be reduced. Keeping your arches supported can also help prevent them from collapsing. When this happens, it can lead to plantar fasciitis and other painful conditions.

What Are the Different Types of Arch Support Insoles?

There are three main types of insoles to consider when you are looking for arch support. They are cushioned, rigid, and semi-rigid. Cushioned arch supports are best for people who are only looking for more gentle support for their feet. This option is softer and may feel more comfortable. However, it may not provide enough support for some conditions and foot types.

As their name suggests, rigid arch supports are not very flexible. However, they provide the greatest amount of arch support. This option can help users keep their feet and legs aligned and help relieve some of the symptoms associated with being out of alignment.

The final option to consider is semi-rigid arch supports. This option is a mix of the two other types. They will provide more cushioning than a rigid arch support while also providing more support than a cushioned arch support. This may be a good option to consider if you feel like you need a higher-degree of support, but don't want to give up that cushioning feeling under your feet.

How Long Does It Take to Adjust to New Orthotic Arch Supports?

Don't expect your new pair or arch supports to be comfortable right away. It may take you (and your feet) some time to get used to wearing them. Allow a few weeks to be able to wear them comfortably all day. You may want to avoid more intense activities during your adjustment period to avoid further pain.

Final Verdict

We think you'll find the Physix Gear Sport Inserts to be a comfortable and supportive option. Start getting the relief and support you need. Place your order today!


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