Lightweight Folding Chairs for the Beach

Do you love going to the beach but hate lugging your heavy chair down with you? Are you looking for a lightweight option that will still keep you comfortable? There are many chairs that are lightweight, compact, and easier to carry down to the beach.

Picking the perfect chair can be challenging. You want to make sure you pick something that is easy to carry without sacrificing comfort. In the article below, we have reviewed the five best lightweight folding chairs to help make your decision a little easier.

Top 5: Lightweight Folding Chairs for the Beach Reviews


The Rio Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair will give you flexibility with how you choose to relax at the beach. This chair can be positioned in five different ways to allow you to find your ultimate comfortable position.

You can adjust the recline position of the chair using the armrest lever. The lever on the armrest is designed to be pinch-free, so you won't need to worry about catching your finger as you adjust the chair. This chair will also provide you with the option to lay flat.

Rio Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair

The chair is covered with a sturdy material. The material features bar tack stitching in 16 different locations that will ensure that it will not flip.

For easy carrying, there is a padded shoulder strap that will allow you to keep your hands free when you carry this option. To make sure the chair doesn't fold or tilt when you are sitting on it, there is a bracket to lock the chair in place.

This option will keep you low to the ground to allow you to easily reach the sand. It sits just eight-and-a-half inches off the ground. It is able to support up to 250 pounds.


  • You can recline to five different positions.
  • The lever to adjust the recline is designed to be pinch-free.
  • The material covering the fabric has been reinforced to prevent tears.


  • It may be more challenging to stand up from this chair since you are so low to the ground.


If you choose the Tommy Bahama Mesh Trim with Cooler Backpack Chair, you'll be able to transport your chair to the beach as a backpack. This product is made from a sturdy blue material and bears the Tommy Bahama Logo on the backrest of the chair. The fabric is lined with a mesh to allow for ventilation.

You can adjust this chair to four different recline positions. The seat is 11 inches off of the ground. This option can support up to 250 pounds.

Tommy Bahama Mesh Trim with Cooler Backpack Chair

This option collapsed into a backpack design and features to padded straps for carrying. For added comfort, the arms of the chair are molded.

Along the back of the chair, there is a pocket for storing your valuables. There is also a cooler portion where you can keep drinks and snacks cool to enjoy on the beach. One of the arm rests has a cup holder, so your favorite drink can always be right within our reach.


  • You can easily carry this product down to the sand on your back.
  • There are four different recline positions to choose from.
  • A cooler and a cup holder are included on the chair.


  • You cannot recline this option to a fully flat position.


The KingCamp Sling Beach Folding Chair is a low-back option to consider. It features a sturdy steel frame that is able to support up to 300 pounds. It folds compactly to fit in the included carry bag with a strap.

This option is very low to the ground, so you'll be able to extend your legs out into the sand. It features a foam-wrapped arm rest to keep you comfortable while you're relaxing on the beach. There is a large mesh section in the center of the chair that allows more air flow to hit your back, keeping you cooler.

One side of this product features a cup holder that will allow you to have your favorite beverage handy. If you choose to use this on other surfaces, there is an anti-skip cap at the ends of the legs.

This option is an attractive cyan color with a white mesh section in the center.


  • This option can support up to 300 pounds.
  • It can fold up to fit in the carrying bag.
  • The mesh section in the center of the chair will help you stay cooler.


  • This option does not recline.


The Life is Good Beach Chair is another option that is easy to carry on your back. This option folds down and has two straps so you can wear it as a backpack. This product features a heavy-duty aluminum frame that is rust-free, allowing you to bring it right to the water's edge.

You're sure to be comfortable when you sit in this product. The seat is oversized and it has a high back. There is also a little headrest pillow that hangs down from the top to support your head and neck.

Life is Good Beach Chair with Cooler

You can adjust the backrest to one of five different positions to help you relax on the sand.

On the backside of the chair is a cooler bag. The bag can be removed from the chair to load, unload, or clean it more easily. There is a cup holder on each arm of the chair, allowing you to have two drinks or snacks handy.

Life is Good Beach Chair with Cooler

When you purchase this option, you will also receive a pouch that can attach to the chair arms. The pouch is the perfect size for storing smaller valuable items such as phones, wallets, or keys.

If you love the 'Life is Good' product line, you'll love the design options available for this product. You can choose from Daisy Yellow, Jake Blue, or Rocket Green. Each option features a solid-color back rest, striped seat, and decorative image on the backside of the chair.


  • The backrest adjusts to five different positions.
  • There is a removable cooler bag on the back of the chair.
  • There are three fun color/design options to choose from.


  • Some users have shared that the chair is not sturdy enough.


If you experience any back pain and are looking for a chair that is more supportive, you should consider the STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair. This option has built-in lumbar support, which will make it more comfortable and supportive than other options. The lumbar support is designed to help align your posture and ease tension.

This product is easy to transport and carry. It collapses down to fit in the convenient carry bag that you can carry on your shoulder.

Due to its heavy-duty construction, this option can support people who weigh up to 300 pounds. It also features extra large feet that are designed to prevent it from sinking into the sand.

On one side of the chair, there is a flexible cup holder that hands down for easy access. The arm rests are padded to keep you comfortable for a long time.

This option is about four inches off the ground. You can purchase it in black, blue, lime green, or camo.


  • This option will provide you with lumbar support for your lower back.
  • It is durable enough to hold people who weigh up to 300 pounds.
  • There are four different color options.


  • This product cannot be reclined.

Buying Guide

What fun is going to the beach if you don't have a comfortable chair where you can relax and soak up some rays? But you also don't want to pick a product that will be impossible to carry along with everything else you need to bring with you. Finding a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-carry option is a must!

Before you decide which option you want to purchase, take a few minutes to compare features of beach chairs and think about the different choices.

First, you need to decide if you want an option that will allow you to recline. You may also want to determine if you will want to be able to lay completely flat using the chair you purchase.

Next, you should think about if you have a preference regarding how the chair is supposed to be carried. Do you want something you can carry over your shoulder using a strap, or would you prefer a backpack option?

Next, pay attention the features of the chair. Would you like it to include a cup holder, cooler compartment, or storage pouch? Do you need a chair that will be more supportive for your back or hips?

Finally, think about whether there is a certain color or design you would like on our chair, or if that doesn't matter to you.

Top Pick

In the sections above, we reviewed five of the best lightweight and foldable beach chairs. We think that any of the options we reviewed would be a good choice to keep you comfortable at the beach. However, our favorite option is the Life is Good Beach Chair with Cooler, Backpack Straps, Storage Pouch and Cup Holder.

Since this option can be worn on your back, it is very easy to bring it down to the beach with you. It also features a removable cooler bag, so you'll also be able to pack along some drinks and snacks for your beach adventure.

Life is Good Beach Chair with Cooler

This option can recline to five different positions. There is even an additional leg that comes out from the headrest to allow you to lay flat on it.

It has a large seat and a high back that are designed to keep you comfortable. There is a headrest that will support your head and neck.

This item also comes in three attractive and colorful designs. The 'Life is Good' logo and designs are perfect for a care-free day spent relaxing at the beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Sand Chair?

A sand chair is an option that is lower to the ground than traditional chairs. With a sand chair, there will only be a few inches between the bottom of the chair and the sand. This allows you to lay with your legs touching the sand. You can also bring your chair down towards the water and sit to get splashed by the tide.

Can You Buy a Folding Chair That Will Lay Flat for the Beach?

Yes, you'll be able to find options that will allow you to lay flat at the beach. Many of these options fold up flat when the top part of the chair and the bottom part of the chair fold up over the chair's center.

How Much Do Beach Chairs Weigh?

The weight will vary depending on the specific chair you purchase. Most options that are considered lightweight will weigh less than 10 pounds. There are some options that weight even less than that as well.

How Much Do Folding Chairs Cost?

Different options have different costs due to brand, materials, and added features. You should be able to find numerous options that cost less than $70.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through our reviews, it is time for you to decide which option is your favorite. To help you make your decision, reread our reviews one more time, weigh the pros and cons for each item, and think about exactly what you're looking for in your new beach chair.

Then, make your final decision and place your order. You'll be so excited to have your new chair ready and waiting for that next big beach trip!


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