Life Jackets for Dogs

Do you love bringing your dog with you to the ocean, to a lake, or on a boat? Are you looking for a life jacket to give them a little extra protection in the event of an accident? There are many different life jackets that are made specially for dogs.

We know that keeping your dog safe is of the upmost importance to you. So, to help you select the best product for your furry friends, we have reviewed five of the top life jackets for dogs.

Top 5: Life Jackets for Dogs Review

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest

With the Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket, you'll feel more comfortable having your dog by the water. This option is available in bright colors with reflective straps. It is designed to help you easily spot your dog in the event of an accident.

You can trust the quality of this item since it is made using durable materials. It will provide enough buoyancy to keep your dog afloat. There is a safety handle at the top of the vest that you can use to grab your dog in the water.

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest

This option will also be comfortable for your dog. It is lightweight and breathable, so your dog won't get overheated when they wear it. The underside of this product has a mesh design that will let water drain out and prevent chafing.

There are six available sizes (extra extra-small through extra-large) that will allow you to select the perfect fit for your dog. To find the right size, you will need to measure your dog at their widest point and use the company's sizing chart.

You can choose from a variety of colorful designs and patterns for this item. Your choices include Red, Blue and Yellow, Neon Yellow, Nautical Dog, Grey Camo, Pink, Pink Polka Dot, and Racing Flames. Your doggy will look cute and stylish in their new life jacket.


  • There are six available sizes to allow you to find the perfect fit.
  • There are reflective stripes and a safety handle as added safety features.
  • There are six stylish design options to choose from.


  • If you use this product on a regular basis, you may need to purchase a replacement jacket before too long.
Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Safety Vest

The Vivaglory New Sports Style Dog Life Jacket is designed to make sure your dog is comfortable and can move naturally. The creators of this option were careful to put the space for the head in a comfortable position that will also allow your dog to easily swim while in this jacket.

You can feel confident that your dog will be safe in this option. All the materials that were used to make this life jacket have passed the CA65 test. This product is constructed using durable and heavy-duty materials that are designed to last.

Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Safety Vest

In the event your dog gets lost from you in low-lighting conditions, this product features bright colors and reflective strips that will make it easier to spot them.

There are five different sizes available for this option. To ensure the ideal fit, be sure to refer to the company's sizing guide. This product can be purchased in bright pink, bright orange, camo pink, lake blue, or six other color options. When you purchase this option, you are protected by a 90-day warranty.


  • There are reflective strips to make it easier to find your dog in low light.
  • This option is durable and is designed to last.
  • There are five sizes and 10 colors available to choose from.


  • Some customers have noted that the different sizes don't fit as expected.
HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest Saver Safety

With seven different sizes available, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your pooch with the HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket. This product is available in sizes that range from extra extra-small to extra extra-large. This will allow you find a size that fits without being too large or too tight for your dog.

This option is made using a durable Polyester Oxford and Nylon Fabric which is ripstop. There is also mesh fabric lining that is design to dry quickly and prevent chafing.

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest Saver Safety

Putting this product on is simple. It has a belt that adjusts as well as quick release buckles. You will be able to get it adjusted properly with ease, ensuring your dog's comfort.

To make your dog easily visible in the event of an emergency, this option uses bright colors and reflective stripes. There is a float towards the front of the item that is designed to help your dog keep his head above water to be able to keep breathing.

There are a wide variety of color and design options that are available for you to choose from. Some of the choices include Blue Bone, Camouflage, Yellow, Pink Polka Dot, and Shark.


  • It will be easy to adjust this product, keeping them comfortable and secured.
  • There is a front float which is designed to keep your dog's head above water.
  • There are seven different size options available.


  • Some customers have shared that the sizing chart doesn't always let you choose the right size.
Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket is designed to be very bright so you'll always be able to easily spot your dog. This option can be purchased in orange, pink, or a fish design. There is also reflective piping along the edges of this item.

To secure your dog using this product, there are two belly buckles as well as a chest strap. It also offers two rescue handles on the top to make it easier to pull your dog out of the water in the event of an emergency or an accident.

To make sure your dog does not go under water, there are multiple foam panels that will help them float. Additionally, there is a neck float to make sure that they are able to keep their head above the water and can keep breathing.

This product can be purchased in five different sizes (extra-small to extra-large). The company offers a sizing chart as well as a live chat on their website to help you make sure you purchase the correct size.


  • There are two sturdy rescue handles instead of just one.
  • This option has lots of foam padding to keep your dog afloat.
  • It is easy to put this item on or take it off using the buckles.


  • This product doesn't have as many size options as some of the other choices.
RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

With the RUFFWEAR – Float Coat, you'll be able to bring your dog out on the water with you without worrying about their safety. This option is designed to make sure your dog still feels comfortable swimming. It has closed-cell foam panels that will allow your dog to swim like they would without the jacket on.

With this option, you'll be able to get the perfect fit around your dog every time. It features a telescoping neck closure that you can adjust depending on your dog's size. There are also buckles you can click together to hold the jacket on your dog.

RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

To keep your dog comfortable and prevent them from getting overheated, this option features webbing. The webbing also helps to keep the jacket from sliding around on your dog once it has gotten wet.

As an added safety feature, this product has reflective trim that will make it easier to find your dog under low-lighting conditions. There is a sturdy handle along the back of the vest that can be used to pull your dog out of the water as well. 

Additionally, if you wish, you can purchase a Beacon light from the company to hook to the vest. This option can be purchased in Wave Orange, Blue Atoll, or Sockeye Red. It is available in size extra extra-small through extra-large.


  • The reflective trim will make it easier to find your dog in low-lighting conditions.
  • Your doggy will be able to swim naturally with this product on.
  • There are six available sizes to allow you to find the perfect fit for your dog.


  • There are only three color options to choose from.

Buying Guide

If you plan on bringing your dog down by the water with you, a life jacket is definitely a product you should purchase. Even if they are not a great swimmer, you never know what can happen in the water. Having a life jacket on your dog can help give you added peace of mind when you are your pup are enjoying a day on the water.

Before you purchase a new life jacket, take a little time to consider a few factors and how they relate to what your dog will need.

First, determine the length, chert girth, and weight. You will need these measurements to find the correct size for different manufacturers. Be sure to pick a product that offers a size that looks like it will be a good fit.

Next, look for added safety features, such as reflective trim or strips and safety handles. Read about the different options to make sure that it sounds like they have enough padding to keep your dog afloat in the event of a tragedy.

You may also want to consider the color choices available. Find an option that offers color choices that you not only like, but that are also bright to help you find your dog if he gets separated from you.

Top Pick

Out of the product we reviewed, our top pick is the Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket. This option has a lot of safety features that we really like.

There is reflective piping along the edges that will make it easier to find your dog under low-lighting conditions. This option also has a neck float that will help to make sure your dog's head stays above the water.

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

We also like this option because of the bright color options that are available. Whether you choose the orange, pink, or fish design, you should be able to easily spot your pup from a distance.

Unlike other options that only have one safety handle, this product offers two. This will make it easier to pull heavier dogs from the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs Swim?

Some love the water and can swim, while others are not fans of the water and may not be proficient swimmers. While there are certain breeds that are generally better swimmers, every one is different, so don't assume that yours will just know how to swim if they are placed in the water.

Do They Make Life Jackets for Dogs?

Yes, there are a variety of life jackets that are made specifically for dogs. You should be able to find one that is the perfect size for your pup.

Should Dogs Wear Life Jackets?

Even if your dog loves the water, it is a good idea for them to wear a life jacket. You never know what may happen or how your dog might react to a situation. Putting them in a life jacket is just taking an extra step to keep them safe.

What Do Dog Life Jackets Look Like?

They look similar to a dog coat. It wraps around the midsection to provide them with a flotation device in the event they are not able to swim in the water.

Final Verdict

After reading our reviews, now it is time for you to make your final decision about which product you want to purchase. Think about your dog and his or her personality and needs to help you select the best product. Then, place your order right away so you'll have the life jacket the next time you plan to head to the water with your dog.


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