Dog Proof Trash Cans

Does your dog like to go 'dumpster diving' in your kitchen trash can? Are you tired of coming to home to a big mess on the floor? If so, a dog proof trash can should be the next item on your list to purchase.

There are lots of different options when you are looking for a dog proof trash can. It can be challenging to determine which product is the best and will actually work. To help you determine which option is best for your dog, we have reviewed the top five dog proof trash cans that are available.

Top 5: Dog Proof Trash Can Reviews


The design of the iTouchless 12 Gallon Trash Can will help prevent your dog from getting into it. This is a touchless trash can that opens by waving your hand above the lid. With the lid closed, there is not an easy way for your dog to get inside the can.

This produce includes a natural carbon filter that is designed to keep your home smelling fresh. The filter helps to neutralize the odors that are produced by your trash. You are able to purchase additional filters as needed.

iTouchless 12 Gallon Trash Can

You can power this product using batteries (four D batteries) or with an AC adapter (sold separately). If you choose to use batteries, they will last up to three times longer in this product than in other similar options.

To allow it to fit easily in kitchens of various sizes, this option has a rectangular shape. It holds a standard 13-gallon trash bag.

This option has an attractive stainless design with a black lid. It is designed to look great in all kitchens.


  • The lid opens and closes with a wave of your hand.
  • There is an included carbon filter that works to reduce odors that come from your trash.
  • The rectangular shape is designed to fit in all spaces.


  • You cannot completely lock the lid.


This simplehuman option is a sleek product that locks to prevent your dog from getting into the trash can. The front of the lid features a sliding lock that will secure it to the base of the can. This will help ensure that your dog won't be able to open the can with their nose or by tipping it over.

This option is designed with a semi-round shape. This shape is meant to fit well in smaller areas or areas where there may be a lot of traffic. It holds a lot, making it a good choice for larger families. There is a wall bumper on the lid that will stop the lid from dinging your walls.

You can use a standard 13-gallon trash bag with this product. Or, you may choose to purchase the Code P Custom Fit Liners from simplehuman that are durable and designed to fit perfectly in this option.

The lid shox technology will prevent the lid from slamming down loudly. Instead, the lid will close slowly and silently.

This option can be purchased in black, gray, mocha, stone, or white.


  • There is a sliding lock on the lid to secure it.
  • There are five different color options.
  • The semi-round shape of this product is designed to reduce the amount of space needed.


  • The lid does not open automatically, you need to step on to food pedal.


If you are looking for an option that offers two canisters for trash and recycling, look into purchasing the SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can, Double Recycle Pedal Bin. This option features to separate containers, each with its own lid and foot pedal, to allow you to sort out your trash and recycling.

This option will help prevent your dog from accessing your trash since the lids will not open without stepping on the foot pedal. Also, since this product is larger than other options, it will be more challenging for your dog to try to knock it over.

SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can

Each of the interior cans is designed to be used with a 13-gallon bag. This option is made from a heavy-duty material and features an attractive finish. You can choose from a stainless finish or a black finish.

When it is time to empty the trash or recycling, the buckets in each side can be removed to make the task easier. This product is designed to be fingerprint proof, so you won't need to worry about constantly wiping fingerprint smears off the sides of the can.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the manufacturer promises excellent customer support to help you resolve your issue.


  • This option provides you with a bin for trash and a separate bin for recycling.
  • It will keep your dog out of the trash since the lids can only be opened by stepping on the food pedal.
  • You can choose from a stainless finish or a black finish.


  • If you have a smaller kitchen, it might be challenging to find a spot to store this option.


If you are looking for a simple trash can with a locking lid, consider the HEFTY 12.8-Gallon Step On with Soft Close Lid. This is a gray product with a black base and black lid.

To keep your dog out of your trash, there is a lock in the center of the lid to secure it to the base of the can. The lid will not slam down on the can, it has a soft-close feature.

HEFTY 12.8G Step On with Soft Close Lid

To open this option, you will need to unlock the lid and step on the foot-pedal. If it is not locked, you will be able to open it without needing to use your hands.


  • This is the least expensive product we reviewed.
  • There is a latch on the top to lock the lid and keep your dog out of the trash.
  • It has a soft-close lid.


  • This is just a plastic product; it is not as attractive as some of the stainless options.


The simplehuman Stainless Steel Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can has a variety of features that will help to prevent your dog from getting into your trash. The butterfly lid design lets the lid open in tighter spaces, but will also make it more challenging for your dog to get their head into this product.

To open this trash can, there is a wide steel pedal at the base. The pedal is designed to be very durable and last for up 150,000 uses. When the lid closes, it does so silently thanks to the lid shox technology developed by simplehuman.

The hinges for the lid are inside the product. This means that you'll be able to push the can right up against your wall without worrying about the wall getting scratched. You can also set the lid to stay open as needed.

This product comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, showing the confidence simple human has in the quality of their products.


  • The butterfly-opening lid will make it challenging for your dog to try to get into the trash.
  • This option comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • The hinges for the lid are inside, so you can push this item up right against the wall.


  • This option has a smaller capacity than some of the other products we reviewed.

Buying Guide

If your dog has been getting into your trash can recently, you are probably desperate to find a better option that will keep them out of it. Not only can they make a huge mess, but there could be foods or other items that may be harmful to dogs. Finding a dog proof trash can is a must.

Before you purchase a new one, take some time to think about the features you'll want to see.

First, think about your dog and their abilities. Will a can that opens with a foot pedal or a wave of a hand be enough to keep them out? Or, will you need to find a product that has a locking lid?

Next, think about the size of the product you'll want. Do you need something that will fit in a tighter space? Or, do you have plenty of room in your kitchen that you don't need to consider the size of the product?

You might also want to think about other factors, such as material or color. Finally, decide if you are interested in an option that can also be used as a recycling bin.

Top Pick

Our top pick is the simplehuman 11.9 Gallon Stainless Steel Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can. We like the way the lid on this product opens and think that it will make it hard for your dog to be able to get their head inside the can. The lid also needs to be opened by stepping on the pedal, which your dog (hopefully) won't learn how to do.

Simplehuman 11.9 G Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can

You can purchase this option with a stainless steel or black stainless finish, so you'll be able to find the perfect look for your kitchen. It also features interior hinges, so you won't need to worry about your walls getting scratched when the lid opens.

And, with a 10-year warranty, you'll be able to use this product worry free for 10 years, knowing that if something happens, you'll get a replacement from the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dog Keep Getting into the Trash?

There are a few possible reasons for why your dog may be getting into the trash can. Think about the items you throw away. Many of them are food-related, so your dog likely can smell them and may be trying to eat them. Other times, dogs are looking for something to chew on or play with, so they may be raiding the trash can looking for that too. And, in some other cases, your dog may simply be bored at home alone and may just be looking for something to do or to gain attention from you.

How Do I Stop My Dog from Eating Trash?

To stop your dog, there are a few different things you can try. One idea is to make it so your dog can't access your trash. This may involve placing it where your dog can't access it (up high or in a cabinet).

Another thing you can try is to make the trash can an undesirable object. This can be done placing a motion-activated device on the can that will blow a shot of air in your dog's face or give them a small shock when they get near it.

Finally, making sure that your dog is eating enough food can also prevent them from trying to get into the trash can. If they are full from their approved food, they are less likely to be looking for something else to eat.

Why Did My Dog Just Start Getting into the Trash Can Now?

If breaking into the trash can is a new behavior for your dog, it might be a sign of something else. Your dog may be feeling anxious or bored when they are left home alone. You can talk to your vet about the change in behavior and get some suggestions for what you can do at home to ease their anxiety or prevent boredom.

How Much Does a Dog Proof Trash Can Cost?

Dog proof trash can vary in price. You will likely end up spending somewhere between about $50 and $175 depending on the model and features you choose.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through our reviews, you need to take some time and decide which product is your favorite and the option that you think will best keep your dog out of your trash. Once you've made your decision, be sure to add the trash can to your cart and place your order. The sooner you place your order, the sooner you'll be able to prevent your dog from getting into your trash.


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