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Finding a high quality Karate Gi can be extremely challenging because there are so many products that fail to appeal to customers and their desires. There are so many options to filter through when browsing the market for this type of uniform. It can be challenging to narrow down the various options in order to come to a consensus for a purchase.

This review will attempt to separate five products from the rest of the market and place them here in this review to share some information and expose their positive design elements to try and make your decision easier when searching for a product that satisfies your demands.

One of the most common things that customers are looking for happens to be comfort and premium design quality that is durable and sufficient. This can be a difficult collection of factors to balance, particularly because of the dozens of product options that exist.

The five products in the following section of this post will have varying perspectives into the world of Karate Gi's. There is a good chance that at least one of these products will catch your attention and potentially spark your desire to make a purchase.


Tiger Claw 6 OZ. Ultra Light Weight Karate Uniform,White,8

The first product that we will be taking a look at is the Tiger Claw 6 OZ Essential Karate Uniform. This particular uniform is affordable and features a lot of positive features that customers are looking for. One of those features is the light weight design that allows this product to serve as a traditional martial arts karate gi.

There are over a dozen sizes available for customers to choose from. Users should consider this product if they are on a budget and are looking for an affordable karate uniform that inherits high quality features at a great value.

Customers have expressed positive feedback in the reviews and the track record for this brand is very good. There are many reasons to consider this karate gi. If the affordable price is not good enough, perhaps the technical specifications of this karate uniform will impress you instead.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Traditional Light Weight Design.


  • Color Wears Out Over Time.
  • Not Ideal for Women.
  • Short Term Durability.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for Men & Women Uniform Kimonos Ultra Light, Preshrunk, Free White Belt!!! (Black, A5)

The next item that we will be reviewing in this countdown of the best Karate Gi's is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for Men & Women. This product features a low price that is affordable to all customers while still retaining high quality design elements that make it appealing as well.

There are plenty of sizes and color options to choose from. The design is simplified to be comfortable and convenient for users. The ultra light weight design is intended to be durable so that it can stand the test of time.

Customer reviews have focused on the high quality and durable design that this product is capable of providing. For a great value, you could purchase this and find great purpose for it!


  • Ultra Light Weight Design.
  • Several Color Choices Available.
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews.


  • Uncomfortable for Some Users.
Fuji Advanced Brushed karate Uniform, White, 4

As we continue to work our way through this impressive collection of products, we can now take a look at the third best option on this list. The Fuji Advanced Brushed Karate Uniform has earned a place on this list for having a positive customer reputation and high quality light weight design.

Not only is this product made with premium levels of quality, it is also extremely comfortable for customers to wear. This product can be compared to some of the highest end products, yet it only costs half the price!


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Light Weight Design.
  • Several Size Options.


  • Wears Out Over Time.
FLUORY Karate Uniform with Belt, White Karate Gi for Adult & Children Size 000-6

This FLUORY Karate Uniform with Belt clocks in as the number two product choice in this contested list of the best karate gi's currently available. This traditional design is extremely popular because it is simplified and offers all of the features and design elements that customers are looking for.

This product is designed for children and adults, making it a great choice for customization purposes. You should certainly consider this karate gi if you are looking for a great value.


  • Ideal for Adults and Children.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Affordable Price Range.


  • Short Term Durability.
ProForce 6oz Student Karate Gi / Uniform - White - Size 0

The top product clocks in as the Pro Force 6 oz. Elastic Drawstring Lightweight Student Uniform. This is an extremely affordable choice for customers that are looking for a youth sized karate gi. There are several colors and sizes to choose from so that customization is a top priority.

The lightweight design is balance to feel comfortable and remain durable for long periods of time. This could very well be the most popular product on the market among customers.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Several Color Choices.
  • Premium Lightweight Design.


  • Ideal for Children Only.

best karate gi

Hopefully with all of the useful information spread across this review, that you have a much easier time concluding which product is best for you. One of the most balanced products on this list is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for Men & Women. This product balances the value and the quality with a wide collection of features to come together and make a great product.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for Men & Women Uniform Kimonos Ultra Light, Preshrunk, Free White Belt!!! (Black, A5)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Enhance the Quality of a Karate Gi?

One aspect that many customers will immediately mention is the comfort factor. A lightweight design can help create a natural feeling when wearing the karate gi, which is extremely important for many customers.

Having a wide collection of sizes to choose from can also help add a level of customization to the product. Many of the products in this top five list have an extensive collection of customization options. There is a good chance that you will be able to find these factors with most of these products.

What Price Range Are Most Karate Gi's Located Within?

Karate Gi uniforms can range anywhere from as low as ten dollars, all the way up to around one hundred dollars on the very high end of the pricing spectrum. In most cases, you will probably want to find a karate gi that is affordable, yet still provides a high quality design that is comfortable.

It is entirely possible to find high quality uniforms within the middle of this range, potentially around the thirty or forty dollar range. The highest rated products tend to fluctuate between sixty and one hundred dollars.

Is Durability an Important Aspect to Consider When Browsing for a Karate Gi?

Durability is certainly an important factor for customers to take a look at. One of the more common problems with less expensive brands is the fact that they tend to wear down quickly over time. They can stain easily, tear apart, and generally wear out and lose quality through extended periods of time.

Nobody wants to purchase a product that is going to last a short time frame. This is one of the instances where purchasing a higher end product at the top end of the pricing spectrum might reduce the chance of poor product durability.

What do you wear under a karate Gi?

No shirt or other clothing item should be visible under the jacket of a karate Gi. Males should wear nothing under their Gi, and women should simply wear a sports bra.

How are karate Gis sized?

Karate Gis come in about 15 different sizes: 000 to 12 (though this may vary some depending on the manufacturer). A size 000 is the smallest size and is designed for children under about 4 years old who are between three feet, three inches and three feet eight inches tall, weighing 35 to 45 pounds.

A size 12 is for larger adults between six feet five inches and six feet eight inches tall. This size should fit people who weight between 400 and 450 pounds.

Again, each manufacturer's sizing may differ some, so you will want to consult the sizing chart for the specific product you are planning to purchase.

How should your Gi fit?

Ensuring your Gi fits you properly is important. A uniform that doesn't fit properly or is not worn correctly is a sign of poor etiquette or disrespect in karate.

If the pants that come with your uniform are too long, they will need to be hemmed. Do not roll up the legs of the pants.

The arms of the jacket should fall between your elbow and wrist. If the arms of your jacket hit below your wrist, you will want to have them hemmed. If they are too short and hit above your elbow, it is time to get a new jacket.

Be sure that your Gi is clean and pressed each time you wear it. The front of the pants should be creased.

How often should I wash my karate Gi?

You should wash your Gi after every use. Sweat from working out and training can build up on the Gi, and if not properly washed each time will leave your Gi with an unpleasant odor.

How do I keep my Gi looking new?

A clean and crisp Gi is important. It commands a sense of respect and shows that you are taking your training seriously. Wearing a clean and crisp Gi can also help you feel good while you are practicing.

To keep your Gi is good shape, there are a few important things you will want to do. First, you should wash it after every use. This will help remove the odors from sweating and prevent bacteria from building up on the Gi.

Before washing, inspect your uniform for any stains. Treat these with a detergent that is safe for your Gi.

When you wash your Gi, wash it in cold water and do not use bleach. Hot water can cause the fabric to shrink or fade and bleach can damage the material and cause it to break down too quickly or turn a yellowish color.

Once your Gi is washed, do not put it in the dryer. Rather, hang it up to dry. Before hanging up your Gi, straighten it out to prevent wrinkles from forming.

When possible, hang dry your Gi outside. The UV rays from the sun can help keep the fabric nice and white.

Once your Gi is dry, inspect it to see if it will need to be ironed. When ironing, lay the Gi out carefully to ensure the creases are in the right spots. Then, fold your Gi and store it so it remains clean and fresh until you need it again.

It is important to note that you should never leave your Gi sitting in your karate bag. Remove it right away after returning home to make sure odors don't build up on your Gi or in your bag.

How long is a karate belt?

When tied, your belt should hang down about 12 inches from the knot. You will need to factor in your waist size as well as the wrap style you plan to use when choosing how long of a belt you will need.

What is the object of karate?

The goal of karate is to be able to defeat your opponent using different techniques. These include kicks, throws, and punches. Points are awarded to players for properly initiating these movements and making contact with their opponent.

At the end of a match, the player with the most points is declared the winner. Players can also win a match before the time is up by scoring eight points more than their competitor.

What is the order of belts in karate?

While some countries and different schools may use slightly different styles or colors of belts, the most common order of belts used for karate is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black.

White belts, used for students new to karate, symbolize the student's determination to learn and grow in karate.

Achieving the rank of yellow belt indicate that the students is starting to demonstrate an understanding of some of the more basic aspects and principles of karate.

When a student advances to an orange belt, they have started to apply some of the principles of karate, including distance management.

Green belts are getting better at applying their skills. They have developed an awareness of the movements of an opponent and are learning how to protect themselves against an opponent.

Students who have progressed to a blue belt have good control over their movements as well as their minds. They look skilled and refined when sparring.

Brown belts are extremely controlled and have learned a wide range of skills to help them perform very well when sparring. They are able to defend themselves in an altercation.

After reaching the rank of black belt, there are still further ranks to be achieved. These are referred to as Dan levels and are indicated by the number of white stripes on the black belt.

There are 10 Dan levels: Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Godan, Rokudan, Nanadan, Hachidan, Kyudan, and Judan. The final two levels, Kyudan and Judan, are honorary titles and do not have a corresponding belt design. These titles are rarely awarded and only under very special circumstances.

A Shodan, or 1st Dan, is an individual who has good karate skills, while a Hachidan, or 8th Dan, is an individual who has matured in their skills and understands the mysteries of karate.

How long does each belt take in karate?

Each individual's skill, drive, and available time to practice and refine their skill will impact how quickly they are able to move from one belt to the next. Most schools will also require you to hold each belt for a specific amount of time before allowing you to test to receive the next belt.

The minimum times students are typically required to hold each belt for are:

  • White Belt: three months
  • Yellow Belt: six months
  • Orange Belt: six months
  • Green Belt: nine months
  • Blue Belt: 12 months
  • Brown Belt: 18 months

How do you advance to the next belt in karate?

In order to move to the next karate belt, students need to take a karate grading test, also known as a belt test. The specific components of this test may vary based on the style of karate, the school, and the student's current level. A mix of oral, written, and practical components are often included in the test.

Whether a student passes their test and is awarded the next belt will depend on their performance in the test and the decision of their instructor.

How long does it take to advance to a black belt?

Your skill level, dedication, and training schedule will play a role in how long it takes you to advance to a black belt. On average, students who attend class at least two times each week should be able to achieve the rank of black belt after about five years.

Some students who are very motivated and dedicated, may be able to advance to black belt after just two or three years. These students engage in very intense training to achieve this impressive feat.

Does ranking to black belt mean you have mastered karate?

No, advancing to a black belt does not mean you are a karate master. It was created to show that you are highly competent in karate. It represents the beginning, not the end, of your karate journey and learning.

Can adults learn karate?

Yes, adults can learn karate. You will need to be dedicated and willing to put in the necessary work and training to succeed. Be sure to listen to your body and stretch before and after your classes.

You will also want to do some research to find the right dojo and sensei. Look for a well-established dojo and a sensei that seems like they'll be a good fit for your style.

If possible, try to find a dojo that offers classes for adults where you'll be able to learn with others around your age.

What gear or equipment will I need for karate?

Some gear is essential for karate, while other pieces you may or may not need depending on your ranking and the types of sparring you're doing. You will definitely need a Gi and a karate belt to do karate.

Equipment you'll likely want to have for sparring includes a helmet, mouthguard, sparring gloves, cups (for guys), shin guards, and protective boots.

To help you practice and train, there are other pieces of equipment that can be very helpful. These include:

  • Punching bags
  • Kicking bags
  • Kick shields
  • Gum shield
  • Focus mitts
  • Leg stretchers

Some people also like using conditioning aids. These are designed to harden your hands and condition your body to help you strike harder. These are not used by everyone, and some feel that they can cause damage to your body, so you'll want to do some research to decide if these aids are right for you.

  • Hand Conditioning Bag
  • Makiwara

Is karate an Olympic sport?

Karate has not been an Olympic sport in the past, but will become one starting with the 2020 summer games. However, as of now, it is not slated to be included in the 2024 Olympics.

There will be two different karate events that take place in the 2020 Olympics: kata and kumite. The kata event will involve competitors showing different defensive and offensive movements from the 102 approved movements. They will be evaluated using a point system that looks at their performance, timing, and technique.

There will be two gold medals awarded for the kata competition; one for men and one for women.

The second event is the kumite event. This event will be broken into three weight classes for men and three weight classes for women. Individuals will have three minutes to compete against one another in an 8-meter by 8-meter space.

If a competitor strikes, kicks, or punches their opponent using proper technique, they will earn a point. The first competitor to earn eight points more than the other person will win the round. If neither player has eight points more than the other at the end of the three minutes, the person with the higher number of points will win.

There will be three rounds of competition, ending with a final match for each weight class. The winner of this final match will be awarded the gold medal.

7 Reasons to put your kids in karate

Your 10-year-old son Jacob enters the kitchen one summer morning with a magazine and shows you a picture. In the picture is another young boy in a white uniform and brown belt who is braced in a position of self defense.

“This is what we want, to do this summer, mom,” Jacob says. “Willie and me. We want to take karate lessons!”

You promptly tell Jacob that you will talk it over with their father when he comes home from work. And you remind him that Willie is only six years old.

“Willie is probably too young for something like karate, don’t you think?”

“Maybe. But I don’t know, mom,” Jacob says. “I don’t know.”

Later in the day, when you call the YMCA, you are told that the ideal time for a kid to enter karate is age six. But you have your reservations. You have seen movies in which karate and other martial arts are all depicted as brutal means of fighting.

Forget what you see in movies. Karate is a healthy means of self defense and not the fierce sport that it is made out to be in Hollywood films. A person trained in karate is equipped with skills that will be beneficial throughout life.

In this article, I will bring forth seven good reasons why you should put Willie and Jacob in karate. You should feel comfortable about karate training and understand the values it offers your children.

1. Karate Training Keeps Participants Physically Fit.

Because of the magnitude of the training, a kid quickly becomes aware of how the body can undergo physical change and achieve complete fitness. Karate lessons impact about every muscle in the body.

Young people involved in karate and those who remain serious students of the sport will be impressed with how quickly they boost their strength, stamina, flexibility and speed. They engage in various warm-up exercises that are of great help.

These intense aerobic workouts related to fitness may include:

• Swimming is highly recommended by veteran karate instructors. Swimming is a lot like karate in that it exercises every part of the body. By swimming regularly, karate students discover muscles they never knew they possessed.

• Running is good in karate training. The legs hold the body's largest muscles and running helps all of them: your butt, your inner and outer thighs, quads, calves and hamstrings. Running strengthens joints and is also beneficial to the heart.

• Sparring is a critical exercise because, in sparring, students are permitted to actually practice their techniques in a realistic setting. Facing a live, bouncing target improves a child’s stamina and resistance.

“Friendly and controlled sparring is what should be promoted,” one gym owner and karate instructor out of California said. “In sparring, everyone learns from another It is a confidence builder and everyone seems to improve his or her level of fitness.”

• Jumping rope is an important exercise. It improves foot coordination, a vital part of learning karate. Jumping rope also makes muscles surrounding your feet and ankle joints stronger. You are less likely to have foot and ankle injuries by regular rope jumping.

2. Karate training helps develop leadership skills.

When a child enters karate, certain values such as respect, goal-setting and discipline are a part of training from the opening day. Leadership skills come as kids advance and learn to take on a positive positive mindset that is admired by fellow students.

They also learn how to communicate effectively. A good karate program will help children learn to be able to explain something to a large group or teach them to participate in endeavors that will make it necessary for them to communicate better.

Jeremy Talbott, director of the American Karate Association, notes how young people acquire traits of leaders as they move up the ladder in karate.

“Students stay to help other kids or lead a class," Talbott says. "They gain leadership qualities that they will find useful in school and later on, in a job."

Here are some other facts related to karate and leadership:

• Karate can inspire kids to dream and dream big. They naturally want to advance in karate and strive to earn the sport’s supreme prize: the black belt. Achieving goals helps to develop leadership characteristics as they take on new tasks.

• Karate is not easy because it requires a child to be dedicated to learning. The good students know they have to stay active to keep learning and growing. When they fail, they don’t become discouraged, but, like true leaders, they keep their goals in focus.

• Karate can also teach a child to be humble. There is always going to be someone better, more skillful. Leaders will not give up, but will continue learning from others. Your child can take what he learns in karate and use it to a leader later in life.

3. Karate training develops a child’s coordination.

Karate training helps kids become more aware of their bodies as they go through a variety of flexible movements. These movements develop all aspects of the body’s motor coordination. With coordination comes confidence as movements are repeated at every session.

Coordination is a skill that a person takes from the gym and into every day living. Good coordination not only builds confidence, it improves the ability to perform certain karate techniques. Skills linked to coordination include spacial awareness and judging distances.

“Coordination can be improved through training and practice,” the late karate giant Masutatsu Oyama was once quoted as saying. Oyama believed repetition was the key to learning karate skills and he was often known to practice a certain movement a hundred times or more.

Here or two more facts of interest concerning coordination:

• Coordination is related to an individual’s ability to perform a motor skill with proper technique, including accuracy, tempo and rhythm. Learning initial techniques are essential to the development of coordination in youngsters.

• Development exercises devoted to coordination continue throughout an individual’s karate training career. The exercises usually are upgraded with new coordination workouts that are designed to better the quality of overall performance.

4. Karate helps a kid to focus and develop mind control.

Many parents say they enroll their children in karate just so they can learn how to focus. Focus is a close relative to coordination. Coordination is all about physical control of the body, whereas, focus is about thought control.

Focus is a skill that is important, because without it, a kid would make little or no progress. A karate student masters focus when he can block out all confusion and disarray around him and direct all his attention to one task. Focus is a skill that can be used in all facets of life.

Here are some other thoughts on the skill of focus:

• Without proper focus, a student’s thinking would be muddled and critical tasks would not be carried out. Karate training helps kids to think more clearly and reach vital goals.

• Students engaged in karate for any length of time will enter higher levels of competition. They will also reach a higher level of focus that will carry them to greater heights of accomplishment.

5. Karate training is a self-confidence builder.

The benefits of karate brought out in this article have been mostly in the physical realm. Your kid builds endurance and strength and keeps in the best of shape. He or she can become so physically fit that they can feel invincible.

But they also feel confident, and this enters the psychological realm. A kid trained in karate can overcome things like fear and doubt. They acquire a positive outlook on life, an outlook that can endure the test of time.

Here are some more ways karate builds self-confidence:

• Karate students gain a new image of themselves as they set and reach crucial goals. They develop a wonderful feeling of self-assurance and self-esteem as they become placed in leadership roles.

• Karate builds self-confidence as students begin to be aware of their progress. They are more outgoing, but still can practice humility. Their new-found focus allows them to realize an inner sense of success.

6. Self-discipline is essential in karate training.

A main creed in karate training is the focus on self-discipline. All the best karate instructors agree that the most vital lessons they could ever teach were ones that taught discipline. Learning a disciplined life is essential for karate students.

“Most children in modern society will never know the benefits of receiving quality instruction in self-restraint and discipline,” says Jeff Lee, a Texas gym owner and karate teacher. “Youngsters with a karate and martial arts foundation, however, are always reminded of the value of self-discipline.”

Here are other facts related to self-discipline:

• Karate is built on a structured routine of training. It is a methodical system for teaching a variety of drills and techniques. Structure is a necessary means of improving and promoting a better understanding of discipline.

• Kids who have behavior problem children and tend to be leading toward a life of delinquency, find a complete turnaround awaiting them when taking up karate instruction. Karate disciples them to be productive members of society.

7. Self-defense is the most popular reason parents put kids in karate.

The reason most parents put there kids in karate is to learn self-defense. This is understandable considering the dangerous world we live in today. We all want to feel safe and no one likes to walk around in a state of fear.

There are many tools of self-defense, but karate is the one self-defense instrument that is always in hand. A true user of karate never starts a fight, but he or she should, and usually will, finish them.

In conclusion, I just want to say I hope I have given you seven good reasons as to why you should put your kids in karate. There are quality benefits offered in karate and I urge you to take full advantage of all of them.

Final Verdict

The five products in this review of the Top 5 Karate Gi's are outstanding representatives to the market. These are among the very best options that customers can consider for purchase. It is likely that at least one of these products will have all of the factors that you are looking for. It can be challenging to exactly figure out which product is intended for your needs.


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