Tie Dye Kit Recommendations

If you want to bring a little art to your clothing, a good tie dye kit is a great place to start. Tie-dye has been popular since the 60s, and the fad is experiencing something of a resurgence.

Tie-dying your own clothes is an enjoyable way to engage in a few arts and crafts. Fortunately, there are currently several kits on the market that make it easy to tie-dye your favorite t-shirts and other articles of clothing.

Still, where do you start? Also, are all kits the same? In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best that the market has to offer. Each of these kits is designed to provide a complete tie-dye experience without the need for additional components.

Top 5: Tie Dye Kits Review

Tulip One-step Tie-Dye Kit: Super Big 12 Colors

As you might expect, this Tulip One-Step is explicitly designed to make tie dying your clothes very easy. It comes in a set of 12 colors that you can mix and match and blend to create a plethora of color combinations just in time for summer. I find it really cool that the product provides enough die for up to four people to tie-dye their clothes.

Also, you only need water to activate these tie-dyes, so you won't have to buy a whole lot extra to get the process rolling. Tulip has even provided a guide with the tie-dye set that can help you get started quickly. The guide also has techniques that can help you create some of the more famous tie-dye patterns.

Tulip One-step Tie-Dye Kit: Super Big 12 Colors

Once you've tie-dyed your clothes, the paints are designed to almost last forever on the fabric. This means that they won’t fade away when you go swimming and are entirely machine washable. Once you're ready to dye, you will only have to scrunch and bind the clothes to create the pattern you're looking for. After this is done, it's just a matter of applying the dye and letting the clothing set.


  • The 12 colors that come in this set are vivid and bright.
  • Except for the binding materials, this is a fairly complete kit.
  • Once your clothes have been dyed, they remain vivid for years, even after repeated washings.
  • The instruction book also serves as a guide to tie-dying different patterns.


  • This only works primarily on natural fabrics.
  • You might end up a lot of extra dye.
Tulip One-step Tie-Dye One Step Tie-Dye 15-Color Party Kit, Standard, Rainbow

Another kit from Tulip, the company designed this product to be used specifically at tie-dye parties. This kit comes in a wide variety of colors; in fact, each of the 15 colors comes in a very easy to squeeze bottle that makes the tie-dye process very simple. If you're like me, you prefer your tie-dye colors to be very vivid and bright, and like the first set, this tulip set has colors that shine brightly, even after multiple washings.

There is enough tie-dye in this set for a party of five people, and since this is a nice round number, it makes it very easy to buy multiple to account for additional guests. To get the ball rolling, it's relatively simple; merely take your target clothes and scrunch them into the desired pattern and bind them. Next, you can just apply the water-activated colors to the clothes and let them dry in a bag.

Tulip One-step Tie-Dye One Step Tie-Dye 15-Color Party Kit, Standard, Rainbow

This kit feels very complete thanks for the presence of safety gloves and twine. Additionally, it also comes with bags that you can use when you're setting your tie-dye t-shirts and clothes. I found this to be very convenient because not every tie-dye kit gives you everything that you need. As a result, this is definitely an excellent kit for parties. Finally, it also includes a guide that also tells you about techniques that you can use to tie-dye your apparel.


  • With 15 colors to choose from, this is a kit that provides you a lot of options.
  • Just about everything is included in the kit, including twine, gloves, and bags that you can use to set the dye.
  • The colors won't fade over time, even after repeated washings.


  • For some, these dyes can be a bit too messy.
Jacquard Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit

This kit, which is manufactured by Jacquard, is more of a traditional tie-dye kit. As a result, it comes with soda ash dye fixer, what you'll need as a binding agent for the tie-dye process. While this does add an extra step, people have been tie-dying their shirts this way for decades, and it doesn't really end up being very inconvenient, in my opinion. in addition to the soda ash, the product comes in three applicators mixing bottle, protective gloves, rubber bands, and of course, the instructions, which also include some tie-dye techniques.

I was very amused by the fact that the product’s instruction comes in a comic book-style format; this makes the process of learning about tie-dying more fun. Also, even though the product only comes with three colors, which include fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow, you can still easily mix these colors to achieve a variety of shades and hues.

All the colors included in the kid are pre-measured, and the applicator bottles are straightforward to use; the fact that the company also included latex gloves and rubber bands is also appreciated. With a kit named “Funky Groovy,” you can expect some genuinely funkadelic colors when you use this. It's important to know that this product will require several hours to set - this is just part of the tried-and-true tie-dye experience.


  • This is a relatively easy to use kit.
  • You can create a lot of color combinations with the three color applicators.
  • This is a very complete set; it includes rubber bands and latex gloves.
  • This is a kit that will make up to five shirts.


  • For those looking for more uncommon colors, you will have to do a bit of experimentation to get your favorite hues.
FAO Schwarz 10 Colors Tie Dye Ultimate DIY Kit

FAO Schwarz is one of those Brands that's just famous for creating kid-friendly toys and objects, and this set is a great example of this. Not only does it include the old standbys like protective latex gloves and rubber bands, but it also includes a protective plastic sheet that you can use to ensure that you don't get tie-dye everywhere. For me, this product also stands out because the applicators are nice and small, which is perfect for the hands of a child.

In total, the product comes with 10 colors, so be very easy to create some very vivid and bright color combinations in your next tie-dye session I like that. Also, the applicators have very fine tips which make it very easy to apply the colors in a stream. Like the first two products in our guide, this kit doesn't require the use of soda ash as a binding agent, so it ends up being a speedy process to tie dye your clothes.

This is also a good snack for tie-dye parties; it comes with a useful plastic container that you can use to carry your tie-dyes with you out to the lawn. The instruction booklet that comes with the product also has several ideas for different tie-dye patterns and techniques for you to try. The product also stands out because it has enough materials for 36 tie dye projects.


  • This comes with two bandanas for you to dye; one large and one small.
  • It also comes with a tote bag to dye.
  • This is a complete kit; just about everything is included.
  • This is one of the few products that come with a protective plastic sheet.


  • Sometimes, the dye can come out with a very washed out appearance.
SEI 10118 Tumble Dye Craft & Fabric Tie Dye Kit 2oz 3/Pkg-Girly Girl

The final product that would be featured in our guide comes from dye company SEI. This isn't the very complex set; in fact, this that just comes with three colors, but these colors are versatile enough to give you several options insofar as hue. Each of these dyes is designed to be completely non-toxic, washable, and easy to clean up once you're done tie-dying. Each of the dyes is also water-based, and applying them to clothing is very simple and easy.

It’s important to note that these are more tumble dyes rather than tie-dyes, so you can opt even to use these dyes on paper, wood, or fabrics like silk. This opens up your craft capabilities, so you’ll have options outside of clothing psychedelics. You can even opt to use mica powders for a more shimmering experience.

To tie-dye, you can just add these dyes to squirt bottles and apply them to your clothing in the traditional tie-dye manner. With this product, you won't need soda ash for binding, which helps eliminate a step. To set the colors, you merely will need to iron your clothes. As a result, you'll find that it's effortless to create of a plethora of patterns and tie-dye designs.

This product makes for a comfortable tie-dye experience because you only have to scrunch and dye your clothes before the setting period.


  • These are very versatile; you don't have just to color your clothing.
  • It's reasonably easy to find the colors.
  • The tie-dye process is very easy with these.


  • This isn't really a kit; it doesn't come with covers or protective gloves.
  • This kit only comes with three colors.

Buying Guide

When you're ready to tie-dye your clothes, you'll find that there are many kits on the market that you can select, and in many cases, each stands out from the others. With this many options, it can be a bit confusing. In this part of our guide, we're going to show you features to look out for when you're purchasing a tie-dye kit.

How Does It Bind?

Traditionally, tie-dye kits required soda ash to help the binding of the colors to the fabric. Nowadays, many products on the market just need water to bind the color to your clothing. while adding soda ash to the mix doesn't really add a lot of complexity, not having to do this stuff can save you a tiny bit of time. Also, products that don't use soda ash typically are a little less messy.


When you're on the market for tie-dye kit, often some of the best products come with latex gloves, a bag for setting, rubber bands/twine, and even a plastic drop cloth to protect your surfaces. It's just a good idea to buy a product with these features because it makes the whole process more of a one-stop-shop style of experience. This is particularly useful when you're purchasing a tie-dye kit that's designed for party settings.

On the other hand, some companies have tie-dye bottles better designed to be bought individually. This can actually be very convenient for those looking to have a more varied color experience.

Color Count

If you don't want to blend colors, it's a good idea to buy tie-dye kit that has multiple color options. As you've no doubt seen from my guide, there are currently kits on the market with 12 and 15 color options. While it is perfectly all right to purchase a kit that has mixable colors, if you want a more vivid experience, go for a higher color count.

What You Might Find in a Kit

With tie-dye kits, the experience was often very complete. This means that there are essential components provided that will allow you to tie-dye multiple articles of clothing. Here are a few parts that you can expect:

Latex Gloves

When you're working with tie-dyes, what colors can often be tough to get off the skin. For this reason, some manufacturers include latex gloves to protect your hands from the solution. This is ideal for the little children that may want to get into tie-dying.

The Applicator Bottle

The applicator bottle is the device that you'll need your need to apply to dyes. In most cases, these include pointed tips that help you splash the colors out in a more focused stream. This can also help you be more accurate when you're applying the dyes.

Rubber Bands/Twine

This component is integral to the “Tie” component of tie-dying. In most cases, you'll need to wrap your clothing in order to achieve the psychedelic effects you're looking for, which is why many companies include either rubber bands or twine. Remember, how you wrap your shirts will be a major contributing factor to the eventual designs, so take a second to find out different techniques of tying off the fabric.


A good set of instructions can really help you do an excellent job tie-dying. Fortunately, many kits come with thorough instructions, and many also include style guides and suggestions so that you can create some genuinely inspiring patterns. It's always a good idea to read the instructions thoroughly before you start tie-dying.

best tye die kit

If I were to pick out a standout product, it would be our second product, which is the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye 15-Color Party Kit. This product has a lot of color options, is very complete, and can be used at a tie-dye party, which will be very entertaining for your guests.

Tulip One-step Tie-Dye One Step Tie-Dye 15-Color Party Kit, Standard, Rainbow

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wash My Clothes Before Tie-dying Them?

Yes. As a general rule, it's advisable that you wash your clothes before you attempt to tie-dye them. This is due to the fact the clean materials will hold the dye much easier than those clothing items that are a bit dirtier.

What Happens if I Get the Dye on the Clothes That I’m Wearing?

When you're in the process of tie-dying your clothes, it's a good idea to use some protective plastic coverings or to wear clothes that you got worried about getting dye on. Remember, tie-dying is a messy process, so it’s best not to wear your Sunday best when coloring your clothing items.

Will the Dyes Bleed Onto My Other Clothes When I Wash Them?

In general, no. Having said that, after you tie-dye your fabrics, it’s a good idea to wash them out by themselves for the first cleaning. This will ensure that any excess dye is washed away so that it won’t get on your clothes. After that, you can wash your tie-dyed apparel with your other clothes.

5 Cool Ideas To Use Tie Dye For 

Summer's finally arrived! If you're like most parents, you're probably looking for a fun project you can do with your kids. Remember making tie-dye shirts at summer camp when you were a child? The tie-dye look might have fallen out of fashion, but there's no reason you can't bring it back this summer. Here's five exciting ways you can use the tie-dye method to make bold fashion statements--and have some fun along the way.

1. The Classic T-Shirt

Whether it was at school, summer camp, Boy or Girl Scouts, or an art class, everyone's made the classic tie-dye T-shirt at least once in their lives. You can easily find plain white T-shirts and dye kits at your local craft store. But if you don't feel like buying a new set of clothes, why not spice up some of the old T-shirts you've got lying around in the closet?

Maybe you've got an old graphic tee or family reunion shirt with a design that's long since faded. Try sprucing it up with a blast of color! Twist and tie the shirt to your liking, add the dye, and wait for it to set. When you take the shirt out and unfold it the next day, you'll be amazed at the brilliant colors that have come to life on the once dingy fabric.

2. A Set of Hair Ties

Maybe you don't have any old shirts lying around, or maybe you want a project that's a little less messy. If you've got old hair ties tucked away in a drawer somewhere, now's the perfect time to spruce up your daughter's scrunchies with a burst of color. Go for a classic rainbow or experiment with different colors. Your child might just stumble upon the next big fashion statement!

Headbands and bandanas are also great candidates for the tie-dye treatment. They have a large surface area, so you can experiment with different designs--but like the hair ties, they're not as big and messy as the T-shirts. They're also the perfect accessory for any vacations and camping trips you might have planned this summer.

3. A Wall Tapestry

If you've got a large sheet or old blanket lying around that you don't have any use for, why not turn it into a colorful decoration? Tie-dying a blanket is the perfect way to teach kids about teamwork, as they'll all have to work together to cover the large surface area. And once it's done, they'll probably be fighting over who gets to display it in their bedroom!

We don't recommend actually using this as a blanket, as the dyes might make a mess or come off in the wash. But it's the perfect tapestry to display on a wall or decorate your cabin. The massive rainbow spirals are sure to entrance and hypnotize anyone who walks by.

4. An Old Hoodie or Sweatshirt

If you've had some success with dyeing T-shirts, maybe you're ready to get a little more creative. Hoodies and sweatshirts tend to be more difficult, as they're made of thicker fabric and more difficult to maneuver. But when summer's over, you'll have the perfect rainbow-hued accessory to keep you warm in the winter.

Hoodies tend to be more expensive and less readily available at craft stores, so you might want to dig through your closet to see if you've got any old hoodies or sweatshirts lying around. You can also scour yard sales and flea markets for any durable clothing items that might be selling for cheap.

5. A Trendy Bag

Now you're investing in fun and functionality! A tie-dyed bag is not only a lot of fun to make--it's also the perfect accessory to accompany you on sports events and fishing trips all throughout the year. Buy a plain white bag or simply make your own using fabric and thread.

Your first instinct might be to go for the traditional rainbow, but a bag is the perfect way to reflect your personal style. Maybe you'll try experimenting with pastels or a simple two-tone design. Try a spiral, a sunburst, or even a heart-shaped pattern. The only limit is your creativity!

Final Verdict

Each of the products that I’ve reviewed here are excellent tie-dye kits, so review the list if you’re still not 100 percent sure. Purchasing one of these products will definitely provide you and your family with a fun craft exercise and some nice clothing designs.


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