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Customer service is so important when managing a business. If you aren't able to provide your customers with the service they expect, they likely won't remain your customers for very long. JivoChat was developed to help businesses connect with their customers over live chat, email, phone, and social media.

If you've been looking for a messenger service for your business, JivoChat may be the solution you've been looking for. Take some time to read through our review and learn more about JivoChat and how it works to decide if you are ready to give it a try.



  • You can use JivoChat to communicate with your customers over live chat, email, text messages, phone call, Facebook messages, and Apple Business Chat.
  • Customers will feel more connected and supported, making it more likely that they'll choose to give you their business.
  • The dashboard makes it easy for the members of your team to manage different chat sessions and reply to multiple customers at the same time.
  • The callback feature will allow customers to request a callback and help you agents connect to them in seconds.
  • You can sync JivoChat with your email or Facebook account to make it easy for your agents to make sure that every message gets answered quickly.

What is JivoChat

JivoChat was created in 2012 as a service to make it easier for companies to communicate with visitors to their website. Since then, it has grown to offer a variety of communication options to help keep companies connected with their customers and ensure their satisfaction and future business.


If you have questions about JivoChat, their customer service team is available 24/7. The website also includes an online knowledge base where you can find guides and tutorials to help you learn more about setting JivoChat up and making the most of all the features that are included with your subscription.

Live Chat for Websites

Customers who get frustrated on a website or can't find what they're looking for will often walk away without completing a purchase. JivoChat's live chat feature will help you make sure you are meeting the needs of your customers and keeping them satisfied.


JivoChat's widget sits nicely on the side panel of your website where it will be easily accessible by your visitors, but out of their way to let them explore your site. The widget works with any operating system, browser, or mobile device. The text can also be translated into 20 languages to make sure you and your customers are able to understand one another.

You can use JivoChat to welcome your customers and engage them in what you have to offer. This can increase the changes that they'll stick around on your site and follow through with making a purchase and becoming a customer.

You and your team members will be able to chat with multiple website visitors at the same time. This will not only help increase the efficiency of your team, but it will also make sure that the needs of your customers are met. Chats are color-coded to help your team members keep track of their different conversations.


You can also set up different canned responses that address common questions customers may have to shorten the response times and help your team members manage multiple chat sessions more easily.

The JivoChat dashboard will display information about each visitor to your site including their location, click source, and any information from your CRM.

There is also a mobile chat widget you can add to your mobile site to help you connect to customers who use their website to access your page. The widget has been optimized for use on all mobile browsers. To reduce load times, the chat window opens in the same window as your webpage.

Apple Business Chat


Apple Business Chat is another feature offered by JivoChat. This feature can help you connect with iPhone users. You can even offer your customers the opportunity to pay with Apple Pay through your chat.

Jivo Business Phone

With Jivo Business Phone, you'll also be able to connect with your customers over the phone and through SMS text messages. You can choose your phone number from a list of over 50 countries, making it simple and convenient for your customers to reach out to your customer service team.


Call forwarding, a voice greeting, call distribution, storage of client records, and mobile app calls are all included with the business phone feature. So many people prefer to be contacted via text message than by a phone call. JivoChat allows you to communicate with your customers in the ways they prefer.

You can use the JivoChat dashboard to send and reply to text messages. You can also set reminders to follow up with customers about their orders or questions they may have asked.


One of the most frustrating things for a customer is to wait on hold to speak to a representative. Jivo's callback feature allows customers to request a callback through the chat app on your page, completely bypassing the need for them to even take the time to call you. It will help a member of your team quickly connect with the customer and provide them the service and support they need.


When a customer requests a callback, it causes the phones of all your customer care agents to ring. After one of the agents answers the call, they will be connected to the customer and the other agents' phones will stop ringing.

Information about the customer will be displayed for the agent to help them better meet their needs. This information may include the link the customer followed to find your website, how many times they've visited your page, where they are from, and which page they are currently viewing.

Email and Facebook Integration

JivoChat can be integrated with your company's email and Facebook accounts to help you provide better service to your customers and make it easier for your team to stay on top of communications.


You can set up email forwarding to your JivoChat account to help your agents view all email inquiries and chat notifications from the control panel. This will help them respond to messages in a timely fashion, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

Likewise, you can also connect your Facebook page with JivoChat. This will allow the members of your team to respond to Facebook messages at the same time they are replying to emails or chats through your website.

JivoChat Applications

You and your employees will be able to stay connected to your customers on any device you use. JivoChat works on Windows computers, Mac computers, web browsers, Android devices, and iPhones.


The Mac and Windows applications will help you (or your employees) see who is visiting your site and help you connect with them to offer them the solutions or answers they need. You can also use the JivoChat browser interface to access information about your site and chat with your website visitors.

Apps for iOS and Android devices are also available. These apps will allow you and your team to communicate with visitors to your site even if you're away from your computer. This will help you make sure you never miss out on a sale or lose a customer just because you're away from your desk.


  • The dashboard helps you and your team members stay on top of different chat sessions at the same time, making sure customers receive the help and support they need.
  • You can download Android or iOS apps to help you stay connected with customers when you're away from your computer.
  • Emails and Facebook messages can also be displayed on the dashboard, simplifying the task of keeping up with the needs of your customers.


  • Adding additional agents to the plan you choose will increase the price by a fair amount.

Final Verdict

JivoChat is the perfect solution to help you and your team stay connected with your customers. When customers feel like they're receiving excellent customer support, they're much more likely to make a purchase and come back to your company for all of their future needs. Sign up for JivoChat today to discover the positive impact it can have on your business.


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