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Are you tired of watching your child 'peck' on the keyboard? Do you want to help them become a more proficient types to keep up with today's technology-driven world? A typing software program geared at kids can help kids have fun learning to type.

To help you select the perfect product to meet the individual needs of your child, children, or class, we have reviewed five of the top options. After reading through our reviews, you should be able to determine which program will work best for your son, daughter, or students.

Top 5: Typing for Kids Software Review

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Typing Quick & Easy [PC Download]


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Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure


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Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum is a great option if you are looking to help teach children how to type. This program is designed to help teach your children all of the basics of keyboard. It will cover topics such as hand positions as well as how to increase their speed and accuracy.

This option can be used for children who speak English or Spanish. You can change the language within the program settings to accommodate different children.

To keep children engaged and motivated, this option is designed to be fun. Users will encounter various lessons, games, challenges, and tests as they perfect their typing skills. There are numerous rewards built-in to the program, so children will always feel like they are making progress.

Throughout the different steps of the game, as your child is learning to type, they will also be looking for various treasures and earning points. The objective of the game is to reach the castle and become the 'Ruler of Typer Island.' After reaching the castle, they'll advance to the next stage of the game, the Lost City.

During the game, children will visit different lands where they can improve their typing skills. Some of the lands they will visit include "In the Air," "Over the Edge," and "Under the Sea." There are also options in the game for them to take a break from working on typing skills to play a fun game or two.

To help children learn the correct way to type, this program provides step by step directions on finding the keys and ensure correct finger placement. There are also 10 customized lesson plans that are geared at children of all ages. Some of these plans include learning the different rows of the keyboard, skill building, and suggested types.

Children will also be able to take over 30 typing challenges. These challenges are designed to help improve their speed and accuracy. After each lesson or challenge, your child will be able to see their stats; they can use this information to keep challenging themselves to do better.


  • The fun format will keep kids engaged and motivated to keep learning.
  • After each challenge or lesson, your child's typing stats will be displayed.
  • Topics such as finger placement, speed, and accuracy will be addressed.


  • This option does not teach children about using correct posture when typing.

Typing Quick & Easy [PC Download]

As the name suggests, Typing Quick and Easy can help your children improve their typing skills. This product is designed with a variety of exercises, tests, games, and articles to help your children learn how to type.

When you children complete an exercise or a test, they will receive instant information related to their accuracy and words per minute. This can help them track their progress and see where they still need to improve.

There are more than 50 lessons included in this program that are designed to teach all the fundamentals needed to be a proficient typist. After completing a lesson, you children can choose to play a game or a take a test. There are both time and untimed test options to fit different needs and learning styles.

This program covers finger placement for standard keyboards, split keyboards, and for using the number pad. It provides step-by-step directions to ensure correct placement and typing methods.

You can help your children increase their speed and accuracy by creating personalized tests. You will be able to input or upload your own material to be incorporated into one of the tests with the program.

To make learning to type more fun, there are various games where your children will need to type quickly and accurately to be victorious.


  • You can input your own information or articles to create personalized tests.
  • There are different games to help improve speed and accuracy.
  • Instant feedback is provided after each task.


  • This is not the best option for younger children.

Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz Kids Typing

Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz is designed to be used by both tweens and younger children. It is designed to make learning to type fun and engaging for your children.

This product features more than 250 lessons to help your child improve on and perfect their keyboarding skills. There are also more than 200 practice sessions topics, 10 typing games, and progress tracking reports.

The detailed curriculum map will help you keep track of the skills your child is learning, and the printable awards will help keep them excited and motivated to keep working hard.

This program is set up to keep children engaged as they learn how to type. Their goal is to learn how to type in order to help Mavis and Dex out at the concession stand.

You (or your child) can set goals for speed and accuracy with this program. You can also view progress reports to see what areas and keys they need more practice with.


  • There is an initial assessment to help your child start in the correct spot based on their prior knowledge.
  • There are more than 250 lessons included in this program.
  • You can view and print a curriculum map and progress reports.


  • The games are not as exciting as those offered by some other programs.

Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure

With Mickey's Typing Adventure, your young typist can help save Mickeys friends from trouble. You can choose from different subscription options for this online program. Ranging from a seven-day trial to a year subscription, you can choose the right plan to help your child learn to type.

Through using this program, your child will learn all the basics of typing, including finger placement, using proper posture, and the location of all the keys. There are 11 different typing courses geared towards children of different ages with different skill levels. After completing a typing lesson, the program will display feedback relating to your child's words per minute and accuracy.

There are also seven different typing games your children can play. These games will help them improve their skills while having fun. The games only focus on the letters and skills your child has already learned through their lessons.

In addition to the games and lessons, your child can practice their typing skills by typing along with different passages. The passages are from familiar Disney tales, so your child will be more motivated to practice what they have learned.

This product is recommended for kids between six and twelve years old.


  • Young Disney lovers will enjoy helping Mickey's friends.
  • The typing lessons provide instant feedback.
  • There are 11 different typing courses to choose from based on your child's skill level and age.


  • If you have older kids, they may think this option is too young for them.

#5. All the Right Type


All the Right Type is an online typing tutor that is completely web-based. It is aligned with ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards to help ensure your children are learning what they need to in order to proficient in today's society.

This option is designed to be used with a class of students. It is currently used in more than 50,000 different educational institutions in North America.

This program was designed by keyboarding specialists. It uses a "learning sequence option" that is designed to help children learn how to type effectively.

To help your child quickly gain proficiency, this option features adaptive technology, finger analysis, and immediate feedback. This will help your child identify their strengths as well as the areas where they need to improve.

To keep children motivated to learn and improve, this program is designed using interesting content and fun games. The games match your child's instruction and only contain keys that they have been taught.

Teachers can customize the content that students use to learn type. They can then share this new content with other teachers at their school.


  • Students are provided with immediate feedback.
  • The content is designed to be interesting and engaging.
  • There are a variety of games that are geared towards the child's current skill level.


  • This is more geared towards being used in a classroom than at home.

Buying Guide

Learning keyboarding skills is only becoming more and more important in our tech-heavy world. Helping kids learn these skills from an earlier age will help set them up for success in their future. A typing program designed for children can be fun and motivating for children.

Before choosing a program for your child, there are a few things you will want to consider. First, especially if your child already has a few skills, you may want to look for a program that offers a preassessment. This will allow them to skip ahead to what they are ready to learn.

Next, be sure to pay close attention to the skills that are taught by the program. You want to make sure that your child will learn correct hand placement, how to use proper posture, and how to improve both their speed and accuracy when typing.

Look for a program that offers a sufficient number of lessons, tests, and other components to provide your child with enough instruction and practice to help them become a proficient typist. You don't want to choose a program that will skip over or not devote enough time to each skill.

Since you are looking for a program to help your children learn and be engaged, choose an option that mixes in some games with the learning is important. Be sure to choose a product that has a good balance of games and lessons.

Finally, look for a product that will allow you to view and track your child's progress. This will let you talk with them about their goals and their progress towards reaching those goals.

Top Pick

Our top pick is Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum. This option is very kid friendly and features lots of fun challenges and games to keep them engaged with learning to type. As your child uses this program, they'll also be rewarded frequently, helping to keep them motivated to keep learning new skills.

This program offers a mix of challenges, lessons, tests, and games to help your child learn. It will give them step-by-step directions to help them place their fingers correctly. The lessons will also focus on speed and accuracy.

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5

Each time your child completes a task or test, their typing stats will be displayed. You can use this information to discuss their progress and areas for improvement with them.

Your child will love using Typing Instructor for Kids. They'll have so much fun that they'll forget that they are actually learning something useful. Be sure to order your program today, so your children can start to learn how to type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keyboarding a Necessary Skill?

In today's world, keyboarding is a pretty necessary skill. We rely so heavily on computers and technology, that people should be able to use a keyboard to type. Plus, your child will likely need to use a computer in school and turned in typed assignments throughout their schooling career.

What Age Should a Child Learn to Type?

This will vary based on your child's development as well as their use of technology. Once children are around seven years old, their fingers will be large enough to use a standard keyboard more easily. This may be a good time to help them move away from pecking and searching and teach them keyboarding skills.

What Is the Best Way to Use a Typing Program to Help Your Child Learn to Type?

You will want to make sure that your child is excited about learning to type and is motivated to use the program first. Having buy-in from your child will make the lessons more effective and help ensure that they try their best. Be sure to have your child practice regularly, but don't make them work on the task for too long at once. Be sure to be positive and offer praise to your child, while also helping them see their areas for growth.

How Many Words per Minute Should a Child Be Able to Type?

This will also likely vary by child. The average typing speed by most teenagers is somewhere around 25 to 30 words. Work with your child to keep improving their proficiency with typing to help them improve their speed.


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