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If you have a business website, you are likely focused on doing what you can to ensure the success of your site. The success of a website and company is often predicted by the number of visitors and conversions. Improvely was created to help you track the success of your website so you can identify effective marketing campaigns and where you need to focus your current efforts.

If you want to learn more about the different features offered by Improvely, read through our article below. We've reviewed the services they offer and how you can use these services to help your business.


Conversion Tracking

Knowing the sources of new subscribers and customers can be very helpful. It can let you know which of your ad campaigns are most effective, and which ones aren't really worth your money.

Improvely can help you track exactly where all of your conversions and sales are from to help you streamline your marketing practices. You can generate traffic reports to help you see the number of people from each of your sources (newsletters, different advertising campaigns, affiliate programs) and just how many of those people visited your site and actually placed an order.


You can also use Improvely to create funnel reports. The funnel reports are designed to help you identify where in the sales process your customers are leaving your site. This can help you make modifications to your site if you notice that a large number of visitors are all leaving at the same step in the process.

Another valuable report you'll be able to generate with Improvely is a customer profile. Profiles for each individual who visits your site are automatically created for you. If you view these profiles, you can see all the relevant information about a person, such as the number of times they have visited your site, their conversions, their location, and their lifetime value to you and your business.

You can also use Improvely to conduct A/B split testing. This will allow you to compare how different versions of your website perform to help you decide which version you should use going forward.


When you use Improvely, the data you are viewing will always be real-time data. The reports will automatically be updated to reflect any new events that are occurring on your site.

You can export the data from your reports to Excel as well as importing reports from Google, Bing, and other sites. This will help you share any relevant data with other members of your team to help make sure everyone is working on the same page to make any needed changes.

When you receive a new conversion on your website, you will automatically receive an instant email. This can let you know about a new customer or order so you can respond accordingly.

Click Fraud Monitoring

As you likely know, you pay by the click for your ad campaigns. Click fraud is when a scammer or one of your competitors clicks on your ads to increase the amount you are paying for your ad campaigns without yielding any results. Click fraud can be quite costly; on average 17-29% of clicks on paid ad campaigns are done by scammers.


Improvely offers resources designed to help you detect click fraud in real time. You will receive notifications if your ads are clicked on over and over again by a competitor or if they are being clicked on repeatedly in one county.

When Improvely detects click fraud, it will generate a report that you can file with website you are advertising on. The report will include all the relevant information to prove that the clicks on your ad were fraudulent. Some of the information included in the report include the IP addresses of the fraudulent clicks, the location, the referring URLs, and the time and dates when the fraudulent clicks occurred.


Presenting this report to the site you advertised on can help you prove that the clicks were fraudulent and will make it less likely that you will lose money because of them.

If you find out that one of your competitors keeps clicking on your ads, you can use Improvely to re-direct them to a warning page instead of your website when they click on an ad. This will let your competitors know that you are on to them, and they'll likely stop so you don't report them.

Affiliate Marketing

If you use affiliate marketing, Improvely can help you monitor the effectiveness of your various affiliates. You can see which connections are generating more visits to your site, and of those visits, how many individuals are actually converting and making a purchase.


Improvely also offers a link cloaking feature. This feature allows you to decide which URL is displayed in the address bar when someone clicks on a link from one of your affiliates.

Improvely is compatible with affiliate programs that support tracking pixels of subid parameter. A few of the compatible affiliate programs include ClickBank, Commission Junction, LinkShare, PeerFly, and ShareASale.

Agency and White Label Services

If you operate your own agency, you can offer the tools provided by Improvely to your clients. Improvely allows you to re-brand reports you share with clients with your own company name and logo, to make it appear that they are coming directly from you.


With these white label services, you will only need to pay for one account, and you'll be able to use it with an unlimited number of clients. You can decide which services and reports you wish to share with your clients based on their specific needs.

Some of the services and reports you may choose to share include traffic reports, A/B testing, ROI analyses, ad tracking, and click fraud monitoring. You may even choose to offer some of these services for an addition fee, thereby increasing your total earnings from a client. Improvely allows you to provide your clients with full access to all the features of the site or only provide them with access to the reports you choose; it is completely up to you.


The reports generated by Improvely can be exported to Excel CSV files, making it easier to share them with your clients.


  • You will be able to view data to help you determine which of your ad campaigns or affiliate programs are most effective.
  • The funnel reports can help you identify when customers are leaving your site instead of following through with placing an order.
  • You can conduct A/B split testing to compare the effectiveness of two different versions of your website at converting visitors.
  • Report data can be exported to Excel documents.
  • The click fraud monitoring services can help you make sure your ad funds aren't being wasted on fraudulent clicks.
  • If you run your own agency, you can market the services provided by Improvely as your own to help your clients and ensure their satisfaction.


  • With Improvely, you'll be able to compare how effective your various ad campaigns are to help you decide where to focus your efforts.
  • You can use the click fraud monitoring services to make sure your competitors or scammers are clicking on your ads and wasting your advertising budget.
  • You can try out Improvely for free with the 14-day free trial.


  • If you operate a large agency, be prepared to spend a fair amount on the services provided by Improvely.

Final Verdict

Improvely offers a variety of services that can help your business succeed. You'll be able to monitor how effective your advertising campaigns are to help you decide where to focus your funds. Improvely can also help ensure your advertising budget isn't being flushed down the drain by scammers or your competitors clicking on your ads over and over again.

Set your business up for success and visit Improvely's website today to sign up.


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