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Hello to all you horse lovers! Are you in search of a new horse saddle and not sure exactly what to look for? Buying the right one is very important because there are many types of saddle that are designed for specific things.

Some saddles are meant for pleasure riding, while others provide a more comfortable long-term effect, for those that ride for long periods of time and often. In this guide, we will answer some of the questions that people ask when purchasing a horse saddle.

We have even researched and found five of the top options on the market. Each one provides different experiences, but only you can decided which one will best suit your riding needs. Keep in mind, what is right for one rider might not be right for you.

Top 5: Horse Saddles Review

AceRugs Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle

This AceRugs Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle is designed as a pleasure trail and barrel racing saddle. It can be purchased in seven colors: green, blue, brown, red, pink, black, and purple. It is designed out of a synthetic Cordura material.

The padded seat is soft to provide a pleasurable ride, and the underside of the saddle is made out of a soft synthetic fleece material. This saddle is best for pleasure riders. It is not meant to be ridden hard.

AceRugs Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle

Some customers have found that the stirrups are placed in an awkward position, but if you are looking for a beginner saddle, this might be the best choice for your needs. It can be used by people of different weights, and it is adjustable to fit most horses comfortably.

Saddle Measurements
  • Stirrups: 26-33" (adjustable).
  • Gullet: 7" FQHB.
  • Swell: 12".
  • Weight: Approximately 18 pounds.


  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Soft padded seat.
  • Adjustable Belvins buckles.
  • Soft synthetic fleece underside.


  • Not enough holes prepunched in the latigo straps.
  • Awkward stirrup positioning.
AceRugs Jumping Horse Saddle

This quality made saddle is made out of leather, and it is designed specifically for those that wish to show jump. It is designed to be lightweight, which makes it easier for your horse to make smoother jumps.

This AceRugs Jumping Horse Saddle comes with a 30 day return policy, and the instructions for returning will be in the package upon delivery. Like other saddles, it has adjustable stirrup leathers, which allow you to fit the stirrups to your individual needs.

AceRugs Jumping Horse Saddle

It is designed with padded flaps and a medium-deep soft padded seat that makes it comfortable for the ride, but it also has padded panels for the horse's comfort. It can be used for most traditional uses, but it doe have a lower pommel and slightly forward flaps that are designed for rides that want to jump.

It even has a set of D-rings on the right side of the saddle that are meant to attach a show number attachment when riding in a show ring. It does have longer flaps and a high cantle that make it suitable for flat work, as well.

  • Stirrups: 57".
  • Gullet: 6".
  • Sittup Iron Width: 4.5".
  • Approximately 15 pounds.


  • Deep padded leather seat.
  • Padded soft knee rolls.
  • Stirrup irons.
  • Special d-rings for show number attachment.


  • Not the best girth.
Orlov Hill Leather Co Horse Racing Saddle

This beautiful Orlov Hill Leather Co Horse Racing Saddle is made out of 100% leather, and the floral design on each one is hand tooled for a unique aspect to every saddle. It is designed for horse barrel racing, and it is accented with stainless steel fittings.

It has a nylon reinforcement on the leather stirrups that help provide extra safety, while riding, and this saddle has made several best seller lists, like Sports & Outdoors and Equestrian Saddles.

Orlov Hill Leather Co Horse Racing Saddle

Although this saddle has an attractive floral design that is meant to draw attention in a racing competition ring, it is also suitable for trail riding. It can also be used by both male and females.

It is designed to be lightweight, which gives the horse more freedom when running and competing, and it comes with a matching headstall breast collar. The tree is meant to fit a full quarter horse, and the bar seat is made out of a padded black suede material.

  • Stirrup Length: 28-35".
  • Gullet: 7".
  • Swell: 13".
  • Approximately 26 pounds.


  • Includes oiled leather latigo and billet straps.
  • Made of 100% Leather.
  • Made several best seller ranks.
  • Hand tooled floral design.


  • Not suitable for horses larger than the average quarter horse.
Zohran Carved Leather Horse Saddle

This Carved Leather Horse Saddle is manufactured by Zohran, and it is made out of quality buffalo harness leather. There have been some comments made about a distressed appearance that has the occasional blemish, but this does not affect the overall quality of the saddle.

The leather that is used has inherent irregularities in consistency, which makes each saddle unique. It has a Belvin style buckle and an original branded thread. The style of the saddle is a western pony style, and it can be used in trail rides and basic riding.

Zohran Carved Leather Horse Saddle

The tree is flexible, which allows it to be fitted comfortably to the horse without causing any unnecessary pressure to the horse, and the padded seat makes it comfortable to ride for longer periods of time.

  • Stirrup Length: 28-35".
  • Gullet: 7".
  • Swell: 13".
  • Approximately 26 pounds.


  • Made from quality Buffalo harness leather.
  • Free tack set.
  • WR Fiber Tree.
  • Fully hand carved.


  • Some occasional appearance blemishes.
AceRugs All Natural Western Horse Saddle

This All Natural Western Horse Saddle is manufactured by AceRugs, and it is made out of all natural cowhide western leather. The color is that of antique oil, which give it a rustic and natural look, and it comes with a breast collar, headstall, and reins.

The floral design is hand carved with basket weaved tooling, and it has been named in a few best seller lists, like Equestrian saddles and Sports & Outdoors. The tree is made of a well balanced wood and fiberglass.

AceRugs All Natural Western Horse Saddle

The seat has a unique hand quilt stitched seat design, and it has padded adjustable stirrups that make it more comfortable for the rider and the horse. The underside of the saddle is padded with a soft fleece that helps to make sure that it is comfortable against the horse.

  • Stirrup length: 28-35".
  • Gullet: 6.5" SQHB.
  • Swell: 12".
  • Approximately 28-30 pounds.


  • Made from all natural cowhide western leather.
  • Comes with Saddle tack and bridle breast collar.
  • Made several best seller lists.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not designed for hard core riders.

Buying Guide

Riding horses can be an excellent way to reduce stress and have fun, but many people still make a solid living with riding horses in one fashion or another. After purchasing a horse, the saddle will be one of the most expensive investments that comes with owning a horse.

Yet, there are many purposes for owning a horse, and there are different saddles that are suitable for different things. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself when purchasing a saddle:

  • Is it made by a well-known manufacturer?
  • Is it made from quality material?
  • Is it designed for the specific type of riding you are looking for?
  • Will it be comfortable for you and the horse?


When purchasing a saddle, there are several well-known manufacturers that are known for producing quality horse saddles. Even though there are quality saddles that are made by other manufacturers, your best bet is to look at some of their saddles, especially when purchasing the saddle online.

Online purchased saddles cannot be seen or felt prior to purchasing them. Therefore, the picture might look excellent, but when you receive the saddle, it could be crafted badly. Before making your final selection, research a little on the manufacturer of the saddle you are considering.

You want to look for some sort of guarantee or backing of the saddle by the manufacturer to ensure that you are covered if you receive the item and something is not to your liking.


Most quality saddles are made out of some sort of leather, fiberglass, and fleece. It is important to note that leather saddles tend to have blemishes and inequalities that make each saddle unique.

So, if you receive a saddle and something looks a little different in coloring than in the picture, this does not mean that the leather used was defective in any way. It is important that you ensure the undercarriage of the saddle has a soft material, like fleece, that is designed for the comfort of the horse.

Hard saddles with no undercarriage can cause uncomfortable pressure to the horse, which could cause them to buck or even have health issues that could result in extra veterinary visits.

Type of Saddles

It is important to note that not all saddles are suitable for all riding styles. If you are a beginner, you could get away with a less expensive all-around saddle that is designed for you to learn with.

There are saddles that are designed for specific jobs, like barrel racing, trail riding, rodeo work, ranch work, trick riding, and many others. There are some saddles that work well for several of these types of jobs, but it is important you know what you plan on doing with your horse before choosing a saddle.

For instance, if you are a trick rider, you need specialized saddles that will support your weight comfortably on the horse during your various tricks. They tend to protect the pressure points of the horse's back to ensure that the tricks do not cause pain to the horse.

However, if you are looking for a pleasure saddled for trail rides, you could get away with a less expensive type of saddle that is still quality made but more comfortable for longer periods of riding for both you and the horse.


For anyone that has ever ridden a horse, they can tell you that if you ride for long periods of time it can be uncomfortable. Therefore, you should look into saddles that will provide a comfortable seating position for you, while riding.

However, it is also important to think about your horse. After all, your horse is the one that has to bare the weight of the saddle. You need to ensure that the saddle you purchase will do its job, but will also provide comfort to your horse's back.

The wrong saddle can cause irreparable damage to a horse and cause it to go lame and even injure it permanently, rendering it unable to be ridden. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing a saddle. Ensure that the saddle has a good reputation for being comfortable for both the rider and the horse.

Top Pick

After researching and reviewing the saddles above and the different aspects you should consider when purchasing a saddle, we have come to the conclusion that the best all around saddle is the Zohran Hand Carved Leather Barrel Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle.

Zohran Carved Leather Horse Saddle

Not only is this saddle beautiful, it is lightweight, and it provides a comfortable ride for both the rider and the horse. It is made out of quality buffalo harness leather, and it comes with a free tack, as an extra bonus.

Final Verdict

Yet, even though this is the all around saddle that we have found, it is important to note that that does not mean that it is the best saddle for your situation. You need to research some things yourself to make sure that it is the best fit for you and your horse, prior to purchasing it.

After all, saddles are not meant for one-size-fits all. Your friend might have one saddle that is perfect for them, but it might be the worst purchase of your life, based on your riding needs. Always keep this in mind and remember to make an informed purchasing decision based on your needs and wants and not of someone else.


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