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Living a busy lifestyle sometimes means skipping meals. On some days, I even struggle to cook a meal from scratch as I get home tired from a long workday. EveryPlate is my subscription service to fix this issue. Every week, I receive ingredients in a box. These are backed by a cooking recipe specifically for those ingredients.

While I’m not the biggest chef, I still like to cook these fast meals when I have clear instructions and all the ingredients. As a result, preparing a meal from scratch now takes considerably less. I even save time on shopping since there’s no need for me to go to the grocery store anymore. Other ingredients I purchase are for breakfast and healthy snacks for work.


But another benefit to this meal subscription plan comes with its clear labeling for caloric values. The calories for every meal are printed on the recipes and I know exactly how much I’m eating. Keeping an eye on my weight is a bit easier. In the following sections, I’m going to describe the types the food delivery service and the types of meals you can prepare with them.

EveryPlate Characteristics

  • Food boxes with ingredients for 2 or 4 people.
  • 3,4 or 5 dinners per week in each box.
  • The box includes recipes on how to prepare the meal.
  • Popular meals include cranberry-glazed pork chops and penne pasta.
  • The meals rotate each week.
  • Most meals take little time to cook.
  • $4.99 average cost per serving.


The boxes arrive from Tuesday to Friday. You need to select the number of dinners you want per week and the boxes are going to arrive accordingly. I choose 5 dinners per week as on business days I don’t have too much cooking time.


Most boxes arrive safely without faulty ingredients. Meats are packages separately as other ingredients such as sauces. The ingredients which can’t be shipped without plastic packaging are normally free of packaging. I like that the company keeps plastic waste to a minimum as much as possible.

My courier already knows I’m home in the evening. Most boxes are delivered to my address by 8 PM on delivery days. As a result, I still have time to prepare a meal even on delivery days. I’m going to discuss with the company for the following week’s deliveries as I’m going to be away on a business meeting.

Canceling a subscription plan

If you join a plan, you can always upgrade, downgrade or cancel without too much hassle. When you place an order on the official website under your account, you have the option of skipping a delivery. But this is also where you can opt-out of the subscription plan.


I know there have been some issues with these delivers other customers had to deal with. However, I think I’m going to remain a subscriber at least until I’m in this job which doesn’t leave me too much free time to prepare the meals.

Customer Service

The customer service team is always responsive. Albeit I don’t have any questions, there are occasions where I want changes to my order. Once I even realized I was going to be away the following day during the night and I left a message to cancel the following day’s delivery. The response was prompt.


You can also call customer service if you have any questions about the ingredients or the meals. From what I can tell, most of those calling are people with specific food restrictions. For example, those with diabetes might need extra information on the caloric content of the meals.

The Food Boxes

Inside the box, there are vegetables, meat, sauces and everything in-between. You simply have to unpack and follow the printed instructions to prepare your meals. The official app is helpful as well. You can browse the recipes on your smartphone.


But in my case, handling the smartphone and food at the same time is not possible. I prefer printed recipes as I keep most of them for future reference in a notebook anyway.

Choosing Your Meals

It’s difficult to tell you which meals you can expect with your orders. These meals change every week and they might not repeat anytime soon.


However, at the time of the review, there are delicious meals customers can select for delivery. Caramelized onion burgers, roasted tomato soup, and loaded baked potato chowder are among my favorites of the week. If you want a healthier option, the Tuscan chicken with broccoli is also on offer.

While meal diversity might not be the best you can find, there are plenty of foods you can choose from depending on your preferences. Since I try to balance the fitness plan in my schedule, I prefer to eat a bit lighter on days I’m out jogging.

All the Prep Information

The printed recipes are handy. They’re also added to the official app or the website. Next to each meal, you find information on calories.


Now, I’d like to see some variation on certain ingredients. For example, I’d like to see an alternative for basic meat and vegetable meals in terms of sauces, as they can get boring at times. But for simplicity’s sake, the minimal recipes are just what most customers need.

Time per Meal

At first, I wasn’t sure about the time required to cook these meals. When you choose your meals online, the company shows pictures of the actual food and not of the ingredients. I was afraid they were too complicated to put together quickly.


In my experience, the meals take about 40 minutes to prepare. In this time, I’m not in a rush as I see cooking as a method to unwind. But I listen to music or various podcasts while preparing the meals at a regular pace.

EveryPlate Coupon Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best EveryPlate discounts & coupons...


  • The food boxes can back 5 weekly dinners.
  • Plenty of tasty options and healthy meals to choose from.
  • Weekly meal variation program.


  • A lot of food waste if you don’t prepare and consume the meals.

Final Verdict

In the end, I wanted to let you know about my experience with actually eating the food. When I went to a restaurant 2 nights in a row, I didn’t have the time to prepare the meals and I had to discard them. It must be said I don’t see food waste with good eyes.

If you order the food, make sure you’re going to eat it. As for me, whenever I can’t eat it for some reason, I just give it away to friends before it goes bad. Sometimes I give it to my parents as well.

If you’re new to meal subscription plans, you need to know you can cancel your subscription at any moment. Those unsure about the actual meals don’t need to place an order to check what they’re going to eat.

If this is your case, feel free to register as a user on the official website. You’re going to see the meals you can have the following week if you order the food boxes. Believe me, there are no surprises. With minimum effort, your food is going to look exactly as the meals in the pictures on the menu.


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