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If you’re thinking of expanding your freelance horizons, you probably are asking “how can I find high-paying freelance jobs platforms?”

There’= are many low-paying freelance jobs platforms out there that’d make you want to renounce the thought of becoming a freelancer. These platforms make it conducive for cheap labor to thrive.

If you’ve experienced any of these platforms, you shouldn’t fret yet. In 2016, freelancers in the US earned as high as $1 trillion. This figure is continuously on the rise as the years roll by.

 In this review we’ll provide you with an in-depth review of five high-paying freelance jobs platforms, taking into consideration their functionalities, pros, and cons.

Top 5: Freelance Job Platforms Review

Recommendation #1

ProBlogger Job Board


Recommendation #2


Recommendation #3



Recommendation #4

LinkedIn ProFinder


Recommendation #5



ProBlogger Job Board

If you’re a freelance writer looking for high-paying freelance jobs platforms that allow for versatility, this might be one of them. Problogger allows you to apply to jobs that appeal to your writing niche(s).

Furthermore, a majority of the jobs favors the “work from home” objective. Added bonus - problogger does not require you to make an account and you can easily apply online through the website.

How the ProBlogger Job Board Stand Out

To curb fraudulent activities, ProBlogger provides you with guidelines that’d prevent you from falling prey to phishing schemes. So, you’re in safe hands!

ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board Drawbacks

There should be an improvement in the frequency of jobs posted on this board. There are days where you don’t see a single entry on the board.

Secondly, just like any other job board, some job entries on ProBlogger can be misleading.


  • Offers a variety of writing jobs
  • You can work from anywhere


  • Posting isn’t frequent
  • Some jobs can be misleading

Are you a professional writer and are looking for high-paying freelance jobs platforms that allow you to build long-lasting business relationships rather than chasing after jobs? If yes, then this might be your answer.

Unlike other freelance platforms where you apply relentlessly to job boards, nDash allows you to exercise your creativity. On nDash, only 5 percent of jobs come as a result of writers responding to job listings. The bulk of work occurs as a result of writers pitching their ideas to companies within nDash, and direct responses from these companies.

In essence, a company sees your pitch, likes your ingenuity, and hires you as part of its team.

What Makes Stand Out

This high-paying freelance jobs platform has one of the highest paying rates for freelance writers. They work with reputable companies that accord lots of value to freelance writers. Clients pay as high as $150 for a 1000+ words article.

Also, nDash, unlike other freelance platforms, doesn’t deduct service fee from freelancers. What you earn is what you get!

Also note that is built for marketers, so the majority of writing content will be market based.

Where the nDash Platform Needs Improvement

Unfortunately, this high-paying freelance jobs platform is only open to 21 countries. Which implies that you won’t be able to use nDash if you’re outside these countries.


  • High pay for writers
  • Highly transparent
  • Offers prestige
  • No deduction on earnings


  • Not available to all countries

This freelance jobs platform has a pool of job entries from diverse clients looking for qualified freelancers to employ.

Skills aren’t limited here. Anyone with a marketable skill can easily find a matching job.

To find a job here, all you need to do is create a CV, use keywords that match your skillset in the search box, select your location and click on the “find jobs” button.

What Makes Indeed Stand Out

Indeed unlike other freelance platforms isn’t niche specific. Anyone with a skill that solves a problem can find a task.

There is a feature on Indeed that gives you a clue on what to expect as payment or salary from your prospective employer. This feature equips you before negotiating payment terms with Prospects.


Also, the reminder feature sends you a notification whenever there’s a new job entry from your location.

Where the Indeed Platform Needs Improvement

If you’re looking for a 100% work-from-home job, Indeed might not be your ideal platform. Majority of the tasks on Indeed requires that you’re on site.

Secondly, there have been issues of misleading job postings on Indeed. Job seekers have also complained about a breach of personal data.


  • Not skill specific
  • Simple and easy to navigate


  • Personal information not safe
  • Most jobs require you to be on site
LinkedIn ProFinder

The LinkedIn platform already is a business tool where an optimized profile could land you a high ticket client. But, that’s not all about LinkedIn for business.

LinkedIn ProFinder has 70,000 freelancers from the US alone. From this figure, it’d be difficult to fault the acceptability of this freelance platform among freelancers.

This high-paying freelance jobs platform matches your skill and location (based on your profile) with a prospects’ job entry. It sends you a notification, and all you do is submit a proposal and wait to be selected by the Employer.

What Makes LinkedIn ProFinder Stand Out

This platform allows you to set your payment on your terms while submitting your proposal. Secondly, it only allows five submissions for a particular entry, which reduces the competition and gives you a higher chance of landing a job.

LinkedIn ProFinder

Where the LinkedIn ProFinder Platform Needs Improvement

After submitting a proposal, it’s impossible to follow up on proposal status. There should be a notification informing the freelancer about proposal status instead of complete silence.

Also, you can’t respond to a proposal request except when you’re signed up for the premium membership plan which costs upwards of $59.99 monthly. Even though there are five proposals allowed for an entry, it isn’t a guarantee that you’d land the job.


  • High ticket clients
  • Set payment on your terms
  • Lesser competition per entry


  • Premium membership fee
  • No notification on a proposal’s status

If you’re looking for a freelance site with a placement duration in mind, you might want to consider SimplyHired. On this platform, you can search for contract, full-time, part-time, internship, and commission based jobs.

In other words, you don’t have to manually go through a series of job postings in search of jobs with your preferred placement durations.

All you need to do is insert a keyword or phrase that relates with your skill, select your location, and click on your preferred placement duration (part-time, full-time, for example).

What Makes SimplyHired Stand Out

An inexperienced freelancer can easily search and apply to internship roles.

There is also an emailing feature that notifies applicants on new job entries that match their qualifications or expertise.


Where the SimplyHired Platform Needs Improvement

SimplyHired gathers its jobs from other job boards and companies. Some of which could be misleading as there is no effort made towards vetting these job postings.

Secondly, most of the jobs demand that you be on-site.


  • Easy to use
  • Variety of placement durations


  • Some jobs could be misleading
  • Risk of a data breach

Improved Jobs Prospecting on Freelance Platforms


Ensure you read the application guide before applying to any post on ProBlogger.

Make sure you create a professional profile. Also, ensure you do in-depth research on your target company before pitching.


Make sure to draft your CV to align with your intended position.

LinkedIn ProFinder

For this platform, optimize your LinkedIn profile for optimum visibility and subscribe to the premium membership.


Optimize your CV and ensure to use relevant keywords when searching for a job.

Tips to Guide Your Freelance Jobs Application

Furthermore, the tips below should guide you through your freelance journey.

Having an enticing resume: There’s hardly an industry that is not competitive. Therefore, to stand out from the pools of freelancers jostling for limited job openings, you need to have an enticing resume. This guide will help you design a better resume.

Recommendations: A satisfied client will most likely (if not definitely) return for more, and also refer friends, families, and colleagues. A healthy relationship with clients leads to a robust freelance clientele.

Proof of work: Endeavour to have a blog or a website that showcases your previous works to Prospects. This helps clear their doubts about your business.

Gain social proof: Would you prefer an empty restaurant over a filled one? Sure you wouldn’t. An empty restaurant suggests that the food there is no good.

To clarify, nobody will want to patronize you if you don’t have a good record of previous work. Creating a harmonious working relationship with clients is the best way to build social proof.

Top Pick

Our preferred freelance jobs platform is nDash. We choose it because freelancers earn directly on the site thereby eliminating fraudulent tendencies as opposed to job boards. Also, there is a high level of transparency.

Moreover, unlike other freelancer platforms, freelancers do not pay for service fees. The only fault associated with this platform is that it doesn’t accept users from all countries. Hopefully, as time goes on, there might be an inclusion of other countries.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, as a freelancer, your primary objectives are working remotely, earning premium value for your efforts without being shortchanged, developing a robust clientele, and avoiding unnecessary charges.

Therefore, as you decide on any of these high-paying freelance jobs platforms, we believe you’d be able to make a better judgment with your objectives in mind and from all you’ve read so far.


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