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Eating healthy sounds good. But it’s not always a plan easy to adhere to. I know I struggle to eat proper food for long periods. But it’s not because I don’t understand its importance. It’s because I don’t find good organic food at affordable prices constantly.

One day I might find organic vegetables while another day I might find organic fruits. But there’s no single place to find these foods or wholesome ingredients in one place at a good rate. Things are a bit different from subscription boxes.

Farm Fresh To You

After discussing the idea with my family, we decided to spend a few dollars each every week to get a good subscription box plan. Farm Fresh To You is the company we decided to subscribe to. As already stated, we want to mix boxes with both fruits and vegetables. But the company has a few other choices which might appeal to you. An all-fruits box is also available.

Farm Fresh to You Characteristics

  • Organic food sent directly from the farm to the customer.
  • 6 types of subscription boxes with fruits, vegetables or mix boxes.
  • Small, regular and monster boxes.
  • Available recipes to make delicious food from the boxes.
  • Available extras such as organic reduced-fat milk.
  • Boxes can ship out with various frequencies.

Types of Boxes

Grown organically on the Capay Organic farm since 1976, vegetables and fruits are delivered in various combinations and various size boxes.

Small Boxes

The small box is perfect for individuals. If you don’t need to cook for your family or a group of people than a small box is enough. Avoiding food waste is crucial today. If I’d only cook for myself, I wouldn’t consider larger boxes but smaller ones ordered frequently.

So what can you find in a small box? You get 1lbs mandarins, 3 Granny Smith apples, 1 lemon, 1 butternut squash, 1 broccoli, 1 head of lettuce, 1lbs sweet potatoes, and 1 yellow onion.

Farm Fresh To You

Regular Boxes

Regular boxes are a bit bigger. I’d see them very suitable for couples. If you’re cooking for yourself and your partner, regular boxes are what you need. In addition to what you get in small boxes, regular boxes also come with 3 pears, 1 bunch of radishes, one more apple, and extra lemon. I find the combination suitable for healthy lunch and dinner ideas.

More Boxes

This is my option for my family. This larger box ix filled with goodies and a combination of fruits and vegetables. Compared to what you get in small boxes, this version comes with 6 Granny Apples, 4 pears, one extra butternut squash, garlic, and radishes.

Monster Boxes

This is the largest subscription box from the farm, as the name suggests. I see it as an option for large families with at least 4 members. Inside the box, you find 3lbs mandarins, 6 apples, 4 lemons, 6 pears, 2 grapefruits, 1 bunch of carrots, 1 kale, 2 butternut squash, 1 broccoli, 1 bunch of leeks, 1 head of butter lettuce, 2 lbs sweet potatoes, 1 bunch of radishes, 2 yellow onions, and garlic.

Since there are many types of vegetables in the Monster box, I’d recommend you use it to create delicious garnishes for dinner. You may also create excellent fresh salads just with the ingredients in the box.

Farm Fresh To You

Customizable Boxes

If you don’t find these boxes compatible with your needs, you can combine these ingredients however you want. For example, some people don’t eat many fruits, such as those with diabetes. You may opt-out of any ingredient and even order the quantities of those you like as you find suitable.

You can even customize your box within a subscription plan you already adhere to. The farm takes custom orders with a minimum of 2 days before dispatch. The customization is made directly on the official website.

Delivery Frequency

Not everybody needs fresh vegetables all the time. It’s best to think about your food consumption in your home to avoid waste. In normal circumstances, the boxes are ordered every week. But you can also select an option from delivery in 2, 3, or every 4 weeks.

Farm Fresh To You

As for me, I need the box delivered every day. Since I cook for the entire family, the box is normally gone within 6 days after delivery. For me, it makes sense to receive a box every 7-8 days.


There are other delicious healthy products you can add to your box. I’ve separated these products into categories as follows.


Milk, organic whipping cream and eggs can be added to your box. But I like the organic yogurt the most. I eat it with oats every morning before heading out to work.


Organic ground coffee can be added to these boxes. If you like that extra energy kick, I feel they’re perfect for a small black coffee.

Juicy Bundles

If you’re a fan of juicing, you can add the right ingredients to your box. I usually love a good juice early in the morning to start my day with extra energy.

Flower Seeds

If you want to enjoy the best flowers around your home, you may find your seeds at the farm. Among all, I like the California poppy and the Bachelor Button flower seeds. I want to grow them intensely in the backyard.


Organic chicken may also be added to your box and vegetables and fruits. If you want to prepare dinner for a group of friends or the family, you can even add a whole duck to your order.

Organic Snacks

Organic snacks are probably my favorite from the farm. Peanut butter bars and organic almond bars give me energy throughout the day. I pack them in my lunch box.


If you’re unsure about how to make the most of all of these goodies, the farm also publishes a few simple recipes that even I can prepare. You’ll be able to put meals together just with the ingredients you get in the box. You only need to add the right seasoning as the cherry on the cake.

Organic Certification

All of these products are certified USDA-organic. You can rest assured they are free from harmful chemicals that are so present in the food industry today. If you’re preparing complex meals with them, I’d also recommend only pairing these ingredients with other organic foods to live a healthier life.

Farm Fresh To You


  • Large range of fruits, vegetables, and dairy to choose from.
  • Sent out based on a subscription plan.
  • Clients can create their custom food boxes.


  • Deliveries limited to California.

Final Verdict

Some of the best meals I’ve made have been very simple. From basic pasta with vegetables to healthy salads, my family loves simple foods. I think the key to tasty simple food is the quality of the ingredients.

If you want to enjoy some of these simple, tasty and healthy meals, you can order your first box anywhere in Northern or Southern California. You don’t need to keep order if you aren’t satisfied with the products as you can cancel the subscription plan at any time. You may also seek a week’s box if you’re out on holiday.


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