EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

Are you ever overwhelmed by the process of shopping for new eyeglasses? Despite more than seventy-five percent of adults in the United States needing glasses, finding the right pair isn't always easy. There's more to consider than just making sure the prescription is correct. You also need to consider the durability, style, and quality of the frames.

I need a new pair of glasses every few years, but I never know where to start. At first, the idea of buying glasses online intimidated me. It's like buying clothes online - how can you be certain they'll fit? But Eyeglasses.com has enough information and helpful customer service resources to take the anxiety out of a purchase.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

Founded in 1999, Eyeglasses.com is an eyewear provider that creates unique, high-quality glasses for individuals all over the United States. The company prioritizes quality over everything else, which is what makes them unique.

Buying from Eyeglasses.com comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. As long as you have time, the advantages tend to win out.


  • Eyeglasses.com offers affordable eyewear options with high-quality lenses crafted in the world-class Essilor lens laboratory.
  • Designer frames are available from more than 400 different brands.
  • You can narrow down your style based on the shape, type of rim, and pupillary distance.
  • The patented Virtual Try On system lets you upload your photo and input your pupillary distance to see how glasses would look on your face.
  • Multiple guides walk you through choosing the right frames, lens type, and lens material.
  • You can send in your frames or lenses to have replacement lenses and frames fitted when one of those components is still functional.

Glasses by Brand

Not only are glasses imperative for functioning in day-to-day life, but they're also a strong fashion statement. The frames you choose affect your appearance and the way your face is perceived. Whether you prefer something sophisticated and refined, fun and aesthetic, or bold and dynamic, there are frames that can suit your taste.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

In fact, the majority of major fashion designers have collections of eyeglasses designed for both men and women. Eyeglasses.com has the largest available selection of eyeglass styles on the internet, with frames designed by more than 400 brands. Some of the most popular fashion designers include:

  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Burberry
  • Kate Spade
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Nike
  • Prada
  • Modo

Customizing Your Perfect Pair of Glasses

When you shop for glasses at an eyewear store, you tend to have limited frame selections. Most people pick whichever frame is affordable, looks okay, and isn't uncomfortable to wear. But there are many factors that affect the quality of your glasses.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

With the setup of the Eyeglasses.com interface, you have the opportunity to narrow lens choices by highly specific criteria. You can choose how specific or broad you want to make your options. For example, maybe you don't care much about the shape, but you do care about the size. You can search by specific sizes without specifying shapes.

As you shop, you can use the filters to input your specific parameters for:

  • Style of glasses, whether reading glasses, sunglasses, or prescription eyeglasses.
  • Gender being marketed to, including a unisex option.
  • More than a dozen different frame shapes including aviator, oval, rectangle, and geometric.
  • Rim choices like half-rim, full rim, and rimless.
  • Frame construction materials including plastic, titanium, metal, and wood.
  • More than 400 available brands.
  • Price ranges separated in increments of one hundred dollars
  • Category keywords like "in stock," "designer," "made in the United States," or "designed for kids".
  • Eye size.
  • Included sunglasses option.
  • Original country of design and manufacture.
  • Virtual try-on being available.

Since you can be so specific and detailed regarding your desires, finding the pair of glasses you like best is a near-instantaneous process. Gone are the days of needing to sift through dozens of different options weighing the pros and cons.

Different Prescription Lenses

In addition to having the largest frame selection on the internet, Eyeglasses.com also has one of the largest varieties of prescription lenses. Some of the lens categories include:

  • Single vision distance.
  • Reading vision for nearsightedness.
  • Computer vision for digital screens.
  • Progressive lenses with no line.
  • Bifocal lenses with one line.
  • Trifocal lenses with multiple lines.

Though your prescription is determined by your doctor, the type of lens you choose is not. Different lens types are optimized to suit different needs and lifestyles.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

Single vision, computer vision, and reading vision glasses are all designed to deal with one vision issue. If you have multiple problems you'd like to correct, though - for example, if you want to help fix eyestrain from screens and make fine print clearer - you'll be best served by multifocal lenses.

Progressive, bifocal, and trifocal lenses are all multifocal lenses optimized for correcting multiple vision issues. Progressive and bifocal lenses function similarly, but progressive lenses have a more natural transition and no visible lines. Trifocal lenses offer the same assistance plus more intense correction for close objects.

Lens Materials

Eyeglasses are available with a large variety of different lens materials. The best lens for you depends somewhat on your prescription and lifestyle.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

Most individuals default to CR39 plastic as a lens material, since it's high-quality and durable while still remaining affordable. If the prescription is lower than +/-4.00, you shouldn't have any issue with these plastic lenses. But for people with stronger prescriptions, upgrading to a high index lens like polycarbonate 1.59 is recommended.

Athletes and children are also recommended to wear polycarbonate lenses because of the additional eye protection they confer during physical activity.

Rimless glasses designs should use Trivex lenses, since the edges of these lenses are strong enough to keep from chipping or cracking.

Replacement Frames and Lenses

Getting a new glasses prescription doesn't mean you have to give up your old frames. And you can upgrade to new frames without needing to replace perfectly good lenses. Eyeglasses.com has options to send in your frames or lenses to be fitted with replacement components.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

You can mail your frames in alongside your updated lens prescription and contact information. You can also mail your lenses to have them installed in new frames. In this case, an Eyeglasses.com representative will call you to complete the order.

Virtual Try On

One thing that makes people hesitate when purchasing glasses or other apparel online is the inability to try things on. But Eyeglasses.com has eliminated that concern with their patented Virtual Try On system. The VTO eyewear system was patented in 2003 and can be used on more than a thousand glasses on the website.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

The glasses are photographed on the face of a model. You can upload your own picture using the VTO system. When you type in the measurement of your pupillary distance, you're shown an accurately rendered image of how the glasses will look on your face. You don't have to guess at proportions, so you can pre-alter the frames to fit.

Locations and Shipping

Eyeglasses.com has three physical store locations in New York City alongside Westport and West Hartford in Connecticut.

EyeGlasses.com Review & Discounts

Even if you can't go to a physical store, there's free United States shipping. Some countries also enjoy free international shipping. If you live in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Canada, Austria, or Australia, Eyeglasses.com will ship your glasses free.

Eyeglasses.com Promo Codes

We will keep this section updated with the latest and best Eyeglasses.com coupons & discounts!


  • Thousands of frames are available from more than 400 brands and spanning dozens of different styles.
  • Multiple types of prescription lens are available with your choice of lens material.
  • Online resource guides and Virtual Try On system ensure that the glasses meet all of your specific needs and fit perfectly.


  • It takes longer for the glasses to be prepared and shipped than at a local eyeglasses store, so it's not the best option if you're pressed for time.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for eyeglasses that are affordable, fitted to your exact specifications, and made of high quality materials, you'll get everything you need at Eyeglasses.com. The frames and lenses take a little while to put together, but they also match your needs more closely than the more expensive lenses in the doctor's office.

The helpful website resources also take all the hassle out of choosing the right pair. Not only are there guides for how to pick the right lenses and materials, but you can use the Virtual Try On system to make sure that the glasses sit right on your face. Take a look at the options and see for yourself what's out there!


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