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When I was looking for a cheap trendy summer dress online, I was amazed at the prices. Most of the dresses I liked were very expensive. Search engines were even showing me dresses that cost a few hundred dollars. Since they weren’t in my budget, I decided to find them on my own.

After reading a few blogs, I stumbled upon FairySeason. This e-commerce website is exactly what I needed. It sells hundreds of beautiful chic dresses at a very low price. After discussing the purchase with my husband, he encouraged me to purchase a few more dresses since they were so affordable.


The shopping experience was smooth and all the dresses were just the right size for me. In the future, I also want to purchase shoes and swimwear from the website. They’re just too trendy and affordable to overlook.

If you’re constantly looking for new clothes, you can easily shop here as well. The New section of the website is where they add clothes every week. I come back to this section to see if there’s anything that would fit my style.

FairySeason Features

  • A wide range of cheap dresses.
  • Plenty of sizes varying from S to 6XL.
  • Low prices and frequent sales.
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal payments.
  • Wholesale catalog for businesses.
  • International delivery within 14 days.

Affordable Clothes

One of the biggest advantages of the shop is it offers clothes at affordable prices. They’re shipped from outside the US and this might be the reason they’re so affordable. However, the shipping time is not too long. I don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks if I know I’m getting a good deal.


Now, what types of clothes can you expect? Affordability might be an issue when looking for clothes that last for years. But here, these clothes last about a season. They’re made for trendiness and to look as good as possible before washing too many times.

You shouldn’t expect clothes which last for years and years. However, you can expect some of the trendiest clothes you can hope for at a price of 2 cups of coffee. There’s nothing Zara or H&M offer that better in terms of design. But those brands charge considerably more as well.

For a website that is not a direct competitor to these brands, I think there’s some resembles in the clothes. For example, tops and dresses are very similar to what you’d see at H&M during the summer season. This can only be seen as positive.


The Lace Camisole Top + Long Skirt outfit is still the most popular look on the website. The chic dress with the summertime top is constantly on the first page. This is why I think it’s their best seller. Needless to say, I got it for myself as well.


Now, the selection of dresses is what impresses me on the website the most. From the timeless striped design to the leopard print dress, there are hundreds of good options to choose from.

If there’s no type of sale, you might even find them at very good prices in all sizes. I wear S-size dresses and they are the first size to sell out at my favorite shops.

If you’re worried about how they look upon arrival, you shouldn’t worry too much. They’re nicely folded and they come clean and ready to be worn. On rare occasions, my dresses need to be ironed. I use steam ironing for these delicate dresses as I want them to look good with as little intervention as possible.


From camisoles to tanks and shirts, there are plenty of tops to consider as well. However, just as with the dresses, there are not too many options for wintertime wear. But if you need affordable and trendy tops, you’ll struggle to find them anywhere else.

For me, it’s crucial to have a few good tops in my rotation and a few daily tops I can wear around the house or at work. The premium tops I own I keep for special occasions. These occasions include birthdays, holidays or any other events.


But most of my tops are nothing special in terms of fabrics. This is where I’d add the tops on the website. Here, you’ll find hundreds of tops that you can wear without any overspending regrets.

Since they are so affordable, I usually purchase them in batches. One is for me and 2-3 are ordered to later sell online. I’ve already sold a few and I manage to cover my clothing expenses with this strategy.

Some of my favorite tops are the colorful tanks. Unlike T-shirts, they fit very well regardless of the size. I don’t mind a loose top or even a tight top. I’ll find the right outfit for all of them. Since they’re so versatile, I also like to pair them with shirts.



It still amazes me how expensive women’s swimwear is. But on this website, I find everything I need at very good prices. Before planning a weekend at the beach, I simply place an order. Usually, the order is at my home within a week so I can wear the swimsuits at the beach.



If you’re looking to get some good deals on shoes, there are a few options for each size. However, there aren’t as many shoes on the website as there are dresses. I see the shoes’ category as complementary to the tops and dresses. However, most shoes are also made for summertime wear.

Wholesale Policy

If you’re planning to sell these clothes, you can benefit from better prices when buying in bulk. There’s a $10 discount on orders of up to $200. You can save $20 on orders over $400. The biggest discount applies to orders over $600 where you save $30.

There’s no limit on the discounts. If you shop weekly, you’ll get weekly discounts. But I’m sure you can get even better deals if you purchase more.

When placing an order, you may also want to keep an eye on its delivery status. Tracking is added to all deliveries by default. You can track your order by logging into your customer’s account. I know that if place large orders I’m always checking the estimated delivery date.

FairSeason Coupon Codes

We will keep this area updates with the latest and best FairySeason promo codes & discounts...


  • A wide range of summer dresses.
  • Delivery to the US within 12 days.
  • Low prices plus applicable discounts.


  • Not too many clothes for men.

Final Verdict

The website has some of the best prices in the industry. I just wished it had more options for men so that I can get my husband to wear trendy shirts as well. But for these prices, the website is far better placed than my local shops.

If you want to check how the entire process works, feel free to go online and place an order. You can find clothing items as cheap as a cup of coffee. With low risk and high rewards, you may be able to get your first top or dress within 2 weeks. I know that before placing my first order I wasn’t sure what to expect. But like me, you’ll have extra peace of mind after you get your first order for all the following clothes you purchase.


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