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Online security seems more important now that it used to be. With more people online and more potential threats to avoid, it seems that everybody needs an antivirus. I decided to purchase an antivirus after my computer was infected.

In my case, the infection was not severe. I only had to deal with a Trojan, constant pop-up and the occasional webpage redirection. But I know my company suffered a lot more from virus hacks. My employer was afraid of the company’s bank information which could have been stolen from the servers in my office.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

But then I turned to Nod32 antivirus. This is one of the names I remember since my childhood and I’m glad to see the company is still going strong. I decided to purchase the advanced plan for total protection especially since I shop online all the time. I want my credit card details to be safe.

Eset nod32 Features

  • Android protection plans.
  • Dedicated home and business antivirus software solutions.
  • Award-winning anti-ransomware protection.
  • Made to maintain computer speed and responsiveness.
  • Home, business and enterprise solutions.
  • License based on yearly subscription.
  • Protection against viruses, ransomware, worms, and spyware.
  • The software runs in the background with no interruptions.
  • 30-day free trial version.

Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux Protection

Users today rely on varying operating systems. They work to a high standard but from a safety perspective, all can be improved by installing an antivirus. Sure, smartphone safety has improved considerably. But it’s going to need to keep up with improvements since there’s no clear method of being up to date with all the latest safety threats.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

The days of sending viruses via e-mail are now gone. Today, we connect to public WiFi networks which can see all the data we enter and received to our device. Nod32 offers protection on all types of operating systems.

The award-winning antivirus is known for its ultimate protection plan. It keeps those who demand a ransom out when its set to the highest safety standard. It also keeps out other hackers simply looking for the most sensitive data on a computer.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

If you choose the advanced protection system, you also benefit from safer online shopping. This was the feature that most interested me. I think I buy goods online at least weekly. Sometimes, I make purchases multiple times per week. The added comfort of shopping from home can’t be matched on the high street.

However, I don’t want to have money stolen from my credit card when shopping online. This is why a friend of mine working in the tech space advised me to use a paid antivirus and keep it updated as much as possible.

Android Safety

If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, you need to know about what the software can do for your device. Even in the basic Android protection plan, you get an antivirus and real-time scanning functions. However, it’s the premium features which I love the most.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

You can lock an app directly from the settings menu. Anti-phishing and scheduled scanning are also premium options that act just like the software on the computer. A security audit function is also added to the program. It gives your phone a safety score, depending on its vulnerabilities.

Windows and macOS Protection

But you can also protect other operating systems. One of the most affordable plans involves smart TV safety. It keeps your television safe from possible hacks. You can also set up a USB scanner that you can plug into your TV at home to look for safety issues.

Another specialized pack comes with parental control protection. This is where you install a parental control filter on your child’s smartphone. It also comes with a child locator function which I hope no parent has to use. However, it could save lives as it has been showed numerous times.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

But the Smart Security System is the most comprehensive plan for home use. It protects all your devices and it gives you that reassurances your data is safe on all computers and smartphones in your home.

What I like about this program is how optimized it has become. It uses minimum resources while running in the background. In case there’s an emergency such as a low safety website, it notifies the user immediately.

There’s an included function for your devices in the Out-Of-Home Network function. It turns your devices invisible when connected to other networks. As a result, even if hackers would try to steal data from your devices while connected to public networks, they would fail to find these devices in the first place.

Enterprise Protection

Small and large businesses face other types of threats. Many hackers look for their customer’s information and it can be a hassle to protect this data. There are a few functions that make the software what it is in this space.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

The LiveGrid function seems the most appealing to me. This feature gathers data from all of the antivirus’ users around the world in real-time. In case there’s a new threat in New Delhi, your computer in New York will be updated to protect itself from that new threat which might make its way to your doors.

Machine learning is also added to enterprise safety solutions. These follow your habits and what the computer does normally. Hacking activity is certainly not normal. In case such events do happen, users are prompted about this unusual action.

But since businesses have evolving needs in terms of safety, the customer care of the company is at a high standard as well. 13 research centers around the globe can even develop custom safety solutions. If I had a business with many employees and a lot of data, I’d work out a system of updates for my needs with the company directly.


Even if there are simpler plans for home users, I still recommend getting the Security Premium pack. It costs a little over $50 per year and it takes care of all the devices connected to your home network. This pack also includes parental control filters.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

ESET Nod32 Antivirus Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best ESET Nod32 discounts & coupons...


  • The software protects home users and businesses.
  • Runs on reduced computer resources.
  • Tailored safety plans for enterprise customers.


  • No e-mail security features for home users.

Final Verdict

When it comes to complete safety solutions, they offer the most for any type of user. I wouldn’t invest in a smart TV safety plan, for example. I would only get the most comprehensive plan as it covers all types of computers and devices.

If you’re unsure about what the antivirus does and how it runs, you can test it out for free. All of the packs above offer a 30-day trial. In this interval, you should see for yourself how your computer is protected even when it doesn’t slow down.

After the initial free month, you can continue using the software with updates if you purchase a license. This can be paid for with VISA or via PayPal. The license fee can be purchased for 1 or 3 years. In this interval, your software is going to be updated with the latest protection definitions as threats tend to become more complex.


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