Dermasuction Review – Say Goodbye To Blackheads

Dealing with blackheads and skin impurities is a continuous process. You might be doing harm to your skin trying out different products or professional procedures in excess. For me, blackheads are constant pain and I need to get them out at least every 2 weeks to have a clean face.

It may take a bit longer, but you can do it with your hands. However, this often doesn’t come with the results you want. Even more, the bacteria on your hands might make your skin look even worse.


After trying out a few different options, I settled for Dermasuction. The tool is very easy to use and it comes with a set of accessories to start removing your blackheads. I was cautious using it at first and I only concentrate on one area for a few seconds before moving one.

Others have tested it and told me they got skin marks from the suction tool. But I feel this is only women who have generally sensitive skin, which is not my case.

Dermasuction Features

  • Extracts blackheads by suction.
  • Used in acne treatments.
  • Includes 4 heads for suction and exfoliation.
  • Rinse accessories to clean.

Oval Head

This accessory is used to get into corners. Its oval shape facilitates sucking out pores around the nose, corners and around the mouth. It has a large opening and it’s not recommended to keep it in one place for too long.


Since the tool has 2 power settings, I always start on the lowest suction force. This allows my skin to get used to each of these accessories. Since the oval head is quite large, it becomes crucial to see if your skin reacts badly to it.

In my experience, this head is not used as much after you begin regular treatment. As you start to remove blackheads from your skin, you won’t need to use the tool as much on large skin areas. This is the reason I prefer to sue the smaller heads in time, where I only need to act on a few areas for perfect skin.

The large head has also been linked with a few skin marks form what I read online. But as I said, this is not the head to keep using in time as your skin is going to have fewer blackheads. Once you begin treatment, you can move along smaller heads.


One of the few exceptions to this recommendation is in case you stop your treatment for a few weeks or months. You would need to use it again on most areas of your skin to get it back in shape. However, even when coming to it again, the large oval head should only be used for a few minutes maximum on the entire face.

Small Head

This is my favorite head size. It is a lot gentler on the skin as it doesn’t suck it so aggressively as the large head. If you have gentle skin you need to protect, it is the type of suction head size you need.


As for me, this is how I recommend using it. You can check your skin in a magnifying mirror every day. From here on, when you see blackheads you proceed to take them out on the spot. It reduces the chances of ever needed to work twice as much and risk certain rashes or skin irritations.

If I’m traveling, this is the only head size I’d consider in my bag. When on the road, the skin gets oily very fast. Keeping it clean becomes even more complicated.

This is the main reason I advise you to use it on your skin when away from home. You may not be able to take it inside the plane with you, but you should be allowed to take it in the checked-in luggage.

Large Head

This is the largest head of them all. It is made for large skin areas. I remember using it on my skin when I first started relying on the tool. Its suction is very strong. The tool enables the head to increase the skin area it covers.


However, it is not a head size to clear all your skin. For example, the areas around your nose are a bit difficult to clean with such a large head. You’ll need to alternate large and small heads if you want to properly remove the acne around your nose.

Silicone Head

The silicone head takes a bit of time to accommodate. If you haven’t used silicone on your face before, you need to know that it pulls your skin. The more pressure you apply, the harder it pulls the skin.


However, even this silicone head is used just like all others. You need to apply light pressure and move it around the skin in circular patterns.

The benefit of the silicone is that it also acts as an exfoliator on your skin. It allows your pores to breathe, unclogging them at least for a few days.

It also helps with deep cleaning. From time to time, I deep clean my skin with a scrub and then I apply a moisturizer. But before applying a moisturizer, I also use the silicone head to get the skin cleaned properly.

Waterproof Construction

A major advantage both with deep skin cleaning procedures and with regular use is the waterproof construction of the tool. You can use it anywhere, even in the bathroom.


As I’m sure many women are in my shoes, I like my beauty ritual in the bathtub. It takes time for the pores to open from hot water. Using the tool to remove blackheads shows the best results when the skin pores are open.

But the waterproofing also ensures its durability. I use my tool for 2 years without any issues. However, I do not store it in the bathroom as there’s higher humidity there normally. I prefer to keep it in a cabinet with all my beauty tools, scrubbers, lotions, and creams.

Cleaning is easy as well. I clean it with fresh cold water and I also wipe it with a wet wipe to reduce bacteria build-up. I’d say it works as I haven’t seen any skin rashes up to this point.


You can buy the tool for around $20, depending on the shop you get it from. This price includes all of the heads above. However, you will need to purchase batteries as they’re not included in the pack.


  • It clears out all blackheads.
  • Easy to hold with one hand.
  • Made with waterproof materials.


  • It causes irritation when used too often.

Final Verdict

With instant suction, the blackhead tool doesn’t need to be used for too long before seeing results. It only took one session for me to see the first benefits.

If you’re failing to remove blackheads in a few minutes, you need to allow your skin to rest for a couple of days. You can come back again and remove the remaining blackheads. This approach has kept me away from skin irritation. In my experience, you also need to wash your face before using it to remove oil and other impurities. In case of irritation, you should discontinue its use.


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