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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a child in your life? Or, perhaps you are looking for a fun way to unwind after a stressful day. A handheld gaming console can provide hours of entertainment for both children and adults.

If you've done a quick search looking for a handheld gaming console, then you're probably already aware that there are numerous options out there. To help you from getting overwhelmed with all the options, we have reviewed five of the best handheld gaming consoles. Read through our reviews, then you should be able to decide which product is right for you.

Top 5: Handheld Gaming Consoles Review

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy Con

Nintendo has created some amazing handheld gaming consoles over the years, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. This handheld console is different from so many others in that it will also allow you to play all of your favorite games on your TV. You can dock the Nintendo Switch to your TV and enjoy playing in high definition.

When you are using the Nintendo Switch to play games on your TV, you'll love the Joy-Con controllers. They will allow you to play your favorite games with ease and provide you with ultimate control.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy Con

When you are looking for a more portable option, simply undock the Switch and connect the two controllers to its side. Now it is ready to function as a handheld device.

You can also put your Nintendo Switch into Tabletop mode. This will allow you to remove the two Joy-Con controllers to play a multiplayer game with a friend.

This product's battery life ranges between four-and-a-half hours and nine hours, so you'll be able to play without interruptions for quite some time.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy Con

There are numerous parental control options included with this system. You can either choose to set parental controls directly on the Nintendo Switch, of you'll be able to download the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app set controls.

You will be able to limit the amount of time your children are able to play on their device, set limits on the number of games that can be purchased, and monitor how much time your children spend on their device with the app.


  • You can use this product as a handheld gaming console, a tabletop device to allow for multiple players, or dock it to your TV.
  • The Joy-Con controllers provide you with ultimate control as you play your favorite games.
  • You can set a variety of parental controls using the app.


  • Some other devices have a longer battery life.
Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition

You'll have a blast with the Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition. This handheld gamine console will play any of the Nintendo DS games (but regular DS games will not show up in 3D). You can also choose to switch the 3D mode on or off depending on the game you are playing.

This console has a 4.18-inch screen, making it larger than a standard New 3DS screen. This will make it easier for you to see what you are playing and will make you feel more involved in your games. It weighs less than 12 ounces, so it will be easy to hold as you play all of the games you love.

Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition

The battery life for the Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition ranges from three-and-a-half hours to six hours, depending on the games you play. This handheld gaming console is recommended of individuals seven years or older. The console also has a built-in NFC reader.

When you purchase this unit, it will come preloaded with Super Mario Kart. You can easily download all of your other favorite games directly to the console.


  • You can play games in 2D or 3D.
  • The console has a 4.18-inch screen.
  • When you purchase this product, it will come preloaded with Super Mario Kart.


  • The AC adapter for this unit is sold separately.
Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi

The Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi can deliver hours of entertainment for you or a loved one. Unlike many other devices, this device comes with touch capabilities and can sense and respond to your motions. It also offers augmented-reality cameras to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

You'll enjoy 3D graphics on a sub-HD OLED screen. This will help bring all of your favorite games to life and make you feel more connected and involved in the games.

Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi

This device also features a large five-inch screen, which is larger than many other consoles offer. If you are familiar with Play Station's Dual-Shock 3 controller, you'll immediately love the layout of the dual analog pad controllers on either side of the screen.

When you purchase the Sony PlayStation Vita, it will come preloaded with a variety of different apps installed. Some of these apps will allow you to chat with your friends and set up group play events.


  • The Sony PlayStation Vita comes with touch capabilities and will respond to your motions.
  • This console offers 3D graphics.
  • It has a large, five-inch screen.


  • This device is relatively expensive.
New Nintendo 2DS XL - Black

The New Nintendo 2DS XL is another fun handheld gaming console for you to consider. This system will allow you to play all of your favorite Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS, and many Nintendo DS games. The games you play will all be displayed in 2D.

This console is designed to be lightweight and easy to bring along with you. It has a cover that will flip down to keep the screens protected, while also making it more compact.

New Nintendo 2DS XL - Black

This product was designed to improve on the CPU performance of the Nintendo 2DS system. With this improved performance, it is able to download games more quickly, providing you with more time to enjoy using the system to play your favorite games.

This version of the New Nintendo 2DS has an extra large screen. The screen is 4.88 inches. This model is black with turquoise trim, making it an attractive option to consider.

The battery of this console can last between three and eight hours. It will last longer when you play Nintendo DS games, and will run out more quickly when you play Nintendo 3DS games.


  • The battery can last up to eight hours depending on the games you are playing.
  • The screen is almost five inches.
  • This console has an improved CPU processor, so it downloads games more quickly than the traditional Nintendo 2DS.


  • The games you play will only be displayed in 2D, not 3D.
JAFATOY Retro Handheld Games Console

If you're looking to relive your childhood or share a piece of it with your children, consider the JAFATOY Retro Handheld Games Console. This product comes preloaded with 168 classic games that will bring back fond memories. You can choose to play the games directly on the device, or you can connect it to your TV to play all of your favorite games on the big screen.

JAFATOY Retro Handheld Games Console

When you turn on the console, the list of all the available games will be displayed, and you'll easily be able to select your favorite game to start playing it. A few of the games loaded on the device include Tetris, Ms. Pacman, Mario, and Pokémon.

This product comes with a 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery. On a full charge, you should expect the battery to last between five and six hours. This console's screen is three inches.

You can purchase this product with a yellow, black, or white shell.


  • There are 168 games the come preloaded on the console.
  • You can connect the console to your TV to play on a larger screen.
  • It will bring back fond memories of your childhood and allow you to share your favorite games with your children.


  • This product only has a three-inch screen.

Buying Guide

With a handheld gaming console, you (or your children) will be able to stay entertained wherever you are. Handheld gaming consoles are a great gift as well, since they are so loved by children and many adults. Before you purchase a new handheld gaming console, there are a few things you should consider.

First, consider the screen size of the devices you are looking at. You will want to make sure you choose an option with a large enough screen that will let you thoroughly enjoy (and clearly see) what you are playing.

You should also think about whether there are any specific games you are looking to play on your new device. Be sure to pick a device that will allow you to play the games you are looking for.

Versatility is another important factor to consider. Think about whether you are solely looking for a handheld device, or if you'd also like to be able to hook up your device to your TV to play on a larger screen.

You should also pay attention to the battery life of the devices you are looking at. Make sure you choose something with a long enough battery life to ensure your fun won't be constantly interrupted by a drained battery.

Finally, if you are looking for a handheld gaming device for children, you may also want to consider an option that has parental controls. Parental controls will allow you to set limits on the amount of time your children can play, restrict the games they can download, and more.

Top Pick

The Nintendo Switch is our favorite handheld gaming console. We think you'll really love the versatility of this product; you can use it has a handheld console, a tabletop device, or connect it to your TV to play games on a larger screen.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy Con

The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con controllers. When it is being used as a tabletop device or docked to a TV, these controllers will allow two players to play a game together. When you are using it as a handheld device, the controllers connect to both sides of the screen to provide you with more control during your game.

The Nintendo Switch also offers a wide variety of parental control options for parents. You can either download the app and set up your parental controls through it, or you can set up them up directly in the Nintendo Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was the First Handheld Gaming Console?

The first handheld gaming console was released by Atari in 1989. It was called the Lynx.

What Was Nintendo's First Handheld Gaming Console?

The Game Boy was Nintendo's first handheld gaming console. The Game Boy was the first handheld console to gain popularity, and it continued to be very popular for many years after its release.

How Much Does a Handheld Gaming Console Cost?

You can find some handheld gaming consoles that cost under $25. However, the more popular brands that will have more features and better graphics can cost over $300.

Final Verdict

The Nintendo Switch it an awesome handheld gaming console. It will be a fast favorite! Place your order today, and your new Nintendo Switch will be delivered in no time.


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