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Are you planning a trip with a new baby? Whether you are at home or away from home, it is essential to have a safe space for your baby to sleep. A travel bassinet is a product you will want to have on hand when you travel with a new baby.

It can provide you with a safe space for your baby to sleep when you are away from their crib or bassinet at home. Below, we have reviewed five of the best travel bassinets to help you find the one that is best for your little one.

Top 5: Travel Bassinets Review

2in1 Stationary&Rock Mode Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby,Gray

The MiClassic 2in1 Rock&Stay Bassinet is designed to simplify traveling with an infant. Setting this product up is simple. All you need to do is open and unfold it and it will be ready to go.

For easy transportation and storage, this product folds up. It comes with a carrying bag to make it easier to bring with you on trips.

This produce features a breathable mesh exterior. The mesh helps ensure that your baby will get enough air while they sleep. It also allows them to see you through the mesh and feel safe.

To help soothe your baby if they are fussy, this product offers a rocking mode. The bassinet also has a stationary mode, ideal for safe sleep. You can purchase a fitted sheet made specifically for this product from the manufacturer.


  • Folding and unfolding this product is quick and easy.
  • There is breathable mesh all around this product to provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby.
  • This product has a rocking mode to help soothe your baby if they are fussy.


  • This is one of the more expensive products we reviewed.
Fisher-Price Stow 'n Go Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Stow 'n Go Bassinet is designed to be used for travel, but can also be used at home. This product features legs that can be removed for travel or storage.

To help soothe your baby, this product will vibrate. There is mesh on all sides of this item. The mesh helps to ensure that your baby will have access to plenty of air when they are sleeping.

The sleeping surface for this product is flat, which is ideal for safe sleep for babies. You can purchase sheets for the mattress directly from the manufacturer. The mattress cover can be washed in the washing machine.

To make it easy to bring along with you, this product collapses down to fit compactly into its carrying case. This feature also makes it simple to store this item when it is not in use.


  • This product folds down to fit into a small carrying case.
  • There is mesh around all the sides of this product.
  • This item vibrates to help keep your baby calm.


  • Some people have complained that the music shuts off too quickly.
Dream On Me Karley Bassinet, Aqua Blue

If you are looking for a travel bassinet that is suited for indoor or outdoor use, then you should consider the Dream On Me Karley Bassinet. This product can be used with infants who weigh up to 25 pounds. It has a one-inch thick mattress pad, which is the size recommended by ASTM/CPSC.

This product is designed to fold up and re-open quickly. It features breathable mesh around most of the product's exterior. There is a light-weight aluminum frame, which makes this product easy to carry along for a trip.

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet, Aqua Blue

This product has a double canopy design. This feature is perfect if you are planning on having your little one sleep outdoors. The canopy sections have breathable mesh sections to help make sure enough air is reaching your baby.

You can choose to have both sections closed over your baby. Or, you can choose to have one section closed, or both sections opened. There are eight different attractive colors choices you can choose from. The available options are blue and gray, aqua, pink gray, light blue, rose, periwinkle, and gray and pink.


  • There are eight different color options which will allow you to pick something special for your little one.
  • This product has a double canopy design to protect your baby from mosquitos and insects if she's sleeping outdoors.
  • Opening and closing this product is quick and easy.


  • Some have said this product may be too short if your baby is on the taller side.
Munchkin Brica Fold N' Go Travel Bassinet, Grey

The Brica Fold N' Go is designed to fold up for compact and easy carrying. This product features breathable mesh panel and breathable fabric around the exterior to make sure that your baby gets enough air.

This item has a steel frame. The steel frame is durable and locks tight when open to ensure a safe spot for your baby to sleep. When the bassinet is not in use, the frame can be folded flat for easy transport.

When the frame on this product is folded, there is a sturdy handle to make it easy to carry. It is lightweight (it weighs less than three pounds), so it is easy to carry and bring along with you.

When you purchase this product, you will also receive a fitted sheet and a mattress pad. The mattress pad is water resistant and removable for easy cleaning.


  • This product is less expensive than the other options.
  • This product folds flat and has a handle for easy carrying.
  • This product comes with a mattress pad and a fitted sheet.


  • This product does not offer any of the vibration or music features that some other product offer.
Graco Travel Lite Crib | Travel Crib Converts from Bassinet to Playard, Lauren

If you are a looking for a product that your baby will be able to use longer than a bassinet, then consider the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages. You'll be able to use this product after your baby is able to sit up, which is not true with others.

This product is similar to a Pack 'N Play, but is smaller, making it an easier choice for travel and tighter spaces. It also weights less than 20 pounds, so bringing it along with you for travel will not be too challenging.

When your baby is still an infant, you can use the removable function. This will keep your baby up higher in the crib where you can get at them more easily. Once they are older and moving around more, you can remove the bassinet insert to allow them to sleep on the bottom mattress.

This product has a removable canopy with soft hanging toys to captivate your young baby and protect them from too much light. When your baby is older, this product can also be used as a portable playard to keep them safely contained and give them a spot to play. There are two color options for you to choose from. The available options are Alma (pink, white, and gray) and Manor (green and gray).


  • You can use this product for much longer than you'll be able to use a travel bassinet.
  • There are two attractive color options.
  • There is a removable option you can use with an infant.


  • This product is more expensive than the other items we reviewed.

Buying Guide

If you are planning to travel with an infant, you have to have a safe spot for them to sleep. A travel bassinet will provide you with that safe spot.

There are a lot of options to consider. Hopefully our reviews of some of these options has helped you get an idea of what you are looking for. Before you make your final purchase, be sure to compare the options you are considering and look at the different features they offer.

When you are looking for a travel bassinet, you'll want to find something that folds easily. This will make it much more convenient to bring with you and pack up to go back home. Finding a product that is lightweight will also make it easier to carry along with you.

You also want to make sure you pick a product that is going to provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Make sure that the product you choose offers breathable mesh sides to ensure that your baby gets plenty of air when they sleep.

You should also pay attention to the maximum weight listed for the different products you're considering. You want to make sure that you find a product that you'll be able to use enough to get your money's worth.

Think about if you'll want a product that vibrates, plays music, or lights up. If you think this is something that would help your baby sleep and get calmed down, then consider one of the products that offer this feature.

Finally, pay attention to the overall design and colors of the different options. Be sure to pick something that you like and that you think will keep your baby comfortable overnight.

best travel bassinet

Above you'll find five great options to consider when you are looking for a travel bassinet. Our top pick is the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages.

The main reason we picked the Graco Travel Lite Crib over the other options is because you'll be able to use this with your baby for a longer amount of time. Since this product also doubles as a playard, once your baby is older, they'll be able to sleep farther down where they won't be in danger of flipping over the edges of the crib.

Graco Travel Lite Crib | Travel Crib Converts from Bassinet to Playard, Lauren

But, when your baby is still an infant, this product offers a bassinet insert which will allow you to easily get to your baby when they are in this product. Another reason we like this product is that is features a removable canopy with some soft toys to keep your baby entertained. This product also comes in two attractive colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Baby Sleep in a Travel Bassundefined Safely?

Yes, as long as you pick an approved product, they can provide a safe space for your baby to sleep. Just be sure that there are no pillows, blankets, toys, or objects in with your baby. The only thing that should be in the bassinet is your baby. This will help prevent the risk of suffocation and SIDS.

How Long Should a Baby Sleep in a Bassundefined?

Different products will have different recommendations from the manufacturer based on weight or other factors. In general, you will want to discontinue using a bassinet or travel bassinet with your baby once they are able to sit up or are starting to pull themselves up.

Most are not as deep as a crib, so you want to make sure that your baby doesn't somehow pull himself over the side.

Is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Pack 'n Play?

Yes, a Pack 'N Play is a safe spot for your baby to sleep. Just as you would with their crib or normal bassinet, you want to make sure that there are no toys, stuffed animals, pillows, or blankets in with them. This is important to make sure they do not accidentally suffocate.

How Do I Get My Baby to Sleep in a Bassundefined?

Every baby is different, so it is important to understand that what words for one baby may not work for your baby. Some good guidelines to helping get your little one to sleep in a bassinet include setting up a consistent nighttime routine, swaddling your baby (if they can't roll over yet), and singing or reading to your baby after you place them down in their bassinet.

When you are traveling, try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible to support your baby in getting some sleep when you are away from home.

Tips For Traveling With Kids 

Many parents fear traveling with kids. They're scared of the unpredictable schedules, the crazy tantrums and the long packing list. A family trip doesn't have to be scary. My husband and I have been traveling with our kids since they were each tiny infants. We've gone on long flights as well as road trips that lasted all day. We survived. We'll help you navigate the challenges and give you tips for traveling with all ages of kids.

Picking a Destination

One of the most fun things about a family trip is figuring out where to go. Figure out what kind of place you want to go to, then find the destination. The age of your children will be a big factor. Remember that beach vacations are good for all ages. Theme parks are usually better when kids can remember it and can go on most of the rides. If you're thinking about a cruise, go with older kids who can be independent and let you have a little more fun. If you want to make the trip educational filled with museums and activities, choose big cities with access to all of those things. Think if you want lots of culture, simple relaxation or lots of hiking trails. Once you pick what you want to do, include the family on the destination decision.

Pack Smart

You don't have to pack a moving van just to go on vacation. Let each child bring their own backpack. They're responsible for filling it up with their toys and devices. You should also stash an extra change of clothes in this backpack. If the place you're staying has laundry, don't go overboard packing clothes. A few outfits for each child will do just fine. Try to pack things they can layer if you're going in cooler weather. If you're going to the beach in warm weather, dial it down because they'll end up only wearing swimwear for most of the trip.

Baby Packing Essentials

If you're traveling with a baby, make a list of the essentials. It'll be tempting to pack every swing and carrier in your home. Just go with the essentials. Think about the things they really need. We went to Hawaii when my son was seven months old. We ended up taking his car seat, food, bottles, high chair, pack n' play, and stroller. We didn't take all of the extras he used at home, and we didn't end up missing them either. Babies are actually easy to travel with because they sleep a lot, don't move around much if they can't walk yet and they conform to pretty much anywhere. Once you get to the walking stage, it's a new ball game of chasing them around the plane.

Fly Nonstop

Those layover flights seem very tempting because they're usually less expensive than direct flights. A screaming toddler or a grumpy kid won't be worth the money saved. The more connections you have along with delays and walking through the airport will make that child a nightmare. Not to mention, you'll spend most of the time chasing them down in the airport as they put their hands in the most germy of places. The one reason you wouldn't fly nonstop is if you're flying most of the day. If you have a 10-hour flight, it's best to break up the trip into two shorter flights. This helps gives the kids time to run off some of the energy.

The Ticket Rule

Most airlines allow children two and under to fly free as long as they're sitting on your lap. If you're flying on one of those crazy long flights, you might want to get them a ticket. You'd both be miserable and restless if they're sitting on your lap the entire time. Many times when a plane isn't full, the child can still have their own seat. The problem is that you won't know if the plane is full until you're at the airport. If you don't buy a ticket, you're taking that gamble that your child will be sitting on you the entire trip. One trick to flying with an infant is to bring your car seat even if don't buy a ticket. If they have room, they'll let you board with the car seat either way. If you didn't buy a ticket, and they don't have an extra seat, you can check it at the gate.

Get To The Airport Early

Since you're usually stressed out with the kids' stuff and all the things you need to travel, it's important to get to the airport early. Head to get some snacks and magazines for the flight. The kids will love to see the airport workers getting the airplane ready to fly. Getting there early gives you time to chill out and not worry about handling a million things.

Check Your Stroller

We always used the secret of having our stroller until the last second with little kids. Even our four-year old enjoyed the ride after walking so much through the airport. We've already explained about checking your car seat, but you can also check your stroller usually for free. You can wheel your kid up to the entrance of the plane then hand over the stroller as you get on the plane. It'll save you a lot of hassle, especially if they're sleeping.

Keep Them Entertained

Long trips whether by plane or car beg the question, "Are we there yet?" It's hard to keep those kids entertained. It's time to break all the rules. Bust out the screens. Download movies, let them play games and watch YouTube on your journey. Even if you have toddlers, they'll love playing games where the animals make noise or they sing along with the characters. Make the ride fun. Play games like "I Spy," or sing at the top of your lungs in the car. This is a rare time when you're all stuck together so make the most of it laughing and talking.

Stop A Lot

A 12-hour road trip with my two and five year old turned into a much longer trip, but it was worth it. We stop a lot so the kids can get out to run and play. We stop to get snacks, have a potty break and shop a little. It's great to get out to check out little museums, eateries or shopping places. It might take longer to get to your destination, but you'll maintain your sanity.

Snacks Galore

Traveling with kids is a lot about throwing the rules out the window. Give them all sorts of snacks so they'll stay happy and entertained. Pack a little cooler with fruits, cheese and vegetables for healthy choices. Then you can have a stash of sugar where you put the candy and sugary drinks. It's good to pack goldfish, chips and crackers because everyone in the family seems to enjoy them.

Get The Kids Involved

You don't have to make all of the travel decisions. Ask the kids what they want to do on the trip. They may have interest in a certain museum, a local zoo or a fishing excursion. Give them the option on a beach trip of snorkeling or going on a whale watching cruise. When they feel like they're part of the planning process, they're more engaged in the entire trip. This tip really helps with the teenagers that would rather stay on their phones all day.

Give The Older Kids A Little Independence

The older kids might want to spend an hour off doing their own thing. This doesn't mean you have to let them get in an Uber and go to the club. This means letting them explore a destination or a museum for a little bit on their own. You still know exactly where they are, but they feel like they're experiencing something on their own. They'll be excited that you gave this time away. You may even get a hug out of it.

Book a Place With A Kitchen And A Pool

The kids would think a local hotel is vacation if it had a pool. They want to spend all their time swimming. A kitchen is also a big win. You can spend less money than eating out, plus there's always food ready for the hungry children. After a day of exploring, the kids usually ravage all of the food in the kitchen. Then they dip into the pool after activities and before bed making them even more hungry.

Be Flexible

It's hard to stick close to schedule with kids. They love to throw a wrench in things. Sometimes they'll nap for three hours when you have an activity scheduled in the middle of the day. Other times they won't nap at all. It's best to prepare to be flexible with your plans. Have a list of things you want to do each day, but don't cry when you can't get to everything. The kids may also see something that excites them that they just have to go to. Give in, and let them have their way with the fun at times. Vacation is flexible and fun for a reason.

Pack a Travel First-Aid Kit

It seems kids always take a fall banging up their knees or get a sudden fever on vacation. Pack a basic first-aid kid with you. Make sure to include children’s medicine, band-aids and antiseptic cream. This will help so you don't find yourself rushing to the pharmacy when someone suddenly needs medicine.

Planning Your Days

Always remember that less is more. If you pack the entire morning full, take the rest of the day easy. If you swim all morning at the local swimming hole, the kids will be worn out. If you go to a museum and tour historical sites all morning, the kids will also be overloaded mentally. They'll actually need that balance to chill out and have fun later. Traveling with kids is a lot about balance. They go hard, but they also need to let loose.

Allocate Down Time

When you're planning your days, allocate some down time. You can even write it in the schedule if you feel. If you know you're stuffing the afternoon full of activities, hang out and relax in the morning. Head out after lunch for all of the fun. You can also use this down time for the entire family to nap. It's not often everyone gets in a good nap.

Break Routines

Vacation is vacation for a reason. It's a break from your everyday life. Take away all of the strict schedule rules. If your child usually eats at a certain time then takes a bath, reads a book and goes to bed, throw it all out. You may be out late doing activities. The kids feel like they're living the dream. They think breaking the rules is wild and crazy. Don't worry, once you get home, they know the rules still go there. Vacation is like traveling to another planet with no rules.

Talk About Safety

Talk to your children about safety. Have a conversation about what happens if they become separated from you. You can designate meeting spots like in a hotel lobby, a campsite area or gathering space. If you're at a crowded spot, you might want to give your child an ID bracelet. Safety is the number one thing when you go on vacation. They must understand if you're at a place with a pool or near the beach, never go into water without an adult. They need to understand they should never wander off without you.

Have Fun

The biggest rule when traveling with kids is to have fun. Kids may make everything unpredictable, but they also make traveling fun. Vacation seen through a kid's eyes is magical. Enjoy your time with the family. Absorb each minute. The days go by so quickly that this vacation will soon be a memory sitting on a shelf in a photo album.

Following these tips will help traveling with kids go smoothly. You may have some hiccups along the way, but overall you'll be prepared for anything. They may still ask a million times if you're there yet, but just smile and keep on traveling. You'll get there at some point full of happiness and excitement about the time together.

Hopefully these tips help make your trip more enjoyable, along with your new bassinet!

Final Verdict

Now that you've read our reviews and our top pick, it is time for you to weigh the pros and cons for the different products you are considering. Then, be sure to place your order to make sure you have your travel bassinet when you'll need it for traveling with your baby.


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