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These days, everyone I know is connected to the Internet. It seems like these days we can’t get through the day without our daily dose of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else we find ourselves on. It’s important to keep ourselves and each other connected even with today’s modern technology.

The thing is, sometimes it might not be what it’s cracked up to be. One of the reasons: data caps. You can be on the Internet for as long as possible until you reach a data limit. And from there you are either not on the Internet for the duration of the month or get charged extra for going over. I didn’t want that either.

So I decided to find an Internet provider that will not only keep me connected but won’t forsake me over used data.


I searched high and low for an Internet provider that gave me high-speed Internet without the data caps or speed throttling. Plus, I wanted something that would fit my budget. Because I know some Internet providers will jack up rates ever so often. That’s when I came across Earthlink.

Since using them, I’ve never looked back. And I have never been more satisfied with my Internet service until now.

EarthLink Features

  • Residential Internet packages that include no data caps or no speed throttling.
  • An honest rate that you pay every single month no matter what. No changes, no gimmicks, no tricks ever.
  • Get a customizable plan that fits your needs and preferences. Want more speed? Done. Want more data? You got it.
  • Get a premium email address for yourself or other members of your family. You can register up to 8 email addresses so everyone has their own email address for the purpose of communication between friends and family.
  • Get excellent customer support 24/7 by phone or live chat so your issues are solved very quickly.

Residential Internet Services

I would be hard-pressed to find an Internet provider like EarthLink. Especially when I want fast Internet not just for myself, but also for the rest of my family. I enjoy surfing the web and shopping online. My wife is more of the same. 


And my son likes to play games with his friends online. I get fast Internet of up to 1GBps. That is quite fast compared to other Internet providers. And I’m quite satisfied with it. I’ve grown tired of buffering and waiting a long time for my videos to load.

And best of all, the Internet data is unlimited. That means I don’t have to deal with any data caps that would otherwise restrict me from using the Internet. When you hop on the website, you can go to their Internet Services page and take a brief quiz that will be based on your needs and preferences.

For example: “What will you primarily use the Internet for?” It will give you options like streaming, browsing, work, and so on. The point of this is that it will help find you the best Internet package possible. Then, it will be whittled down to what would be most important to you like speed, price, etc. In short, you can find an Internet service package that will work for you and your family.

Business Internet Services

If you run your own business and need a reliable Internet provider, then EarthLink might be the solution for you. As someone who runs a business, I know that having an Internet connection was essential. That’s because I want to be in constant communication with my team and also our clients. What’s included in EarthLink’s Business Internet Services package is quite impressive if I say so myself.


You get a full suite of digital marketing tools. You can access the website design portal and build one from scratch so you establish an online presence as soon as possible. You can build your brand’s online identity and even manage your reputation all in one panel. But that doesn’t stop there.

You can also be able to let people know where you are with the free business listings that EarthLink offers. Every business needs to do whatever it takes to make themselves more visible to the public. Without the ability to get the word out, you’ll just be like a ghost.


On top of that, will all the information you provide for your business listings you’ll be able to gain more visibility in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so much more.

Your Internet will also be protected inside and out with the help of Norton. Which means your Internet and your designated PCs will be protected from virus, malware, spyware, hackers, and thieves looking to steal your data.

And on top of that, your identity will be protected with the help of Lifelock. You get superior protection that will prevent identity theft from ever happening to you. If something does happen, you will be able to utilize their insurance policy to fix any damage done.

Premium Email

Without email, then there probably isn’t any point in using the Internet, right? Even today, I tend to be a bit old fashioned and communicate with friends and family via email. Sure, we still do the same via social media. With the premium email package, I can get up to 8 email accounts.


That means I have one, my wife has one, and my son as well. I like to use my email not just for communication, but also to stay informed on any good deals that might be going on at some of my favorite online stores. Aside from that, I can get protection from viruses and spam so I can be able to use my email account safely.

My Earthlink Portal

I like having my own personal homepage. That way, I can be able to easily access my favorite websites whenever I log on. And I can get it all in one click. That’s what the EarthLink Portal is all about.


It’s a custom made home page that will curate all the information that is important to you. This includes all of your bookmarks and your frequently visited pages. Not bad considering you don’t have to spend time figuring out what that website you liked was but couldn’t remember the address to it.

EarthLink Backup

Things can go wrong at the worst possible times. And when they do, you might lose your most important data. But with EarthLink backup, everything that is important to you will be backed up. You can back up and encrypt your files with as much space as you need.


You can choose from 50 GB to 500 GB of cloud space for all of your files. When you need to reset everything, you lose nothing. All of your files will be accessed by you and only you.


  • Provides cable and DSL options.
  • Very fast speeds.
  • Customizable packages at reasonable prices.
  • No data caps ever.
  • Excellent backup options as far as storage space goes.


  • Does not offer standalone parental controls.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a great Internet service provider that won’t nickel and dime you, I highly recommend that you check out EarthLink. You can build an Internet package that will fit your needs and budget in just minutes. And believe me, you won’t be disappointed once you try them out. You’ll wonder why you haven’t reached out to them before.


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