Physical storage is slowly being beaten by cloud storage nowadays, and many people are pointing out the advantages of keeping your files online. There are many cloud storage services today that offers to safe-keep your files online, but no one has been able to beat when it comes to affordability and reliability. is a company that stores your files online. When using this platform, storing, sharing, and accessing your files becomes easier. You can open a file anywhere on the planet with ease using this platform. With’s end to end encryption, you can be assured that your privacy is protected.

Storing files in the cloud has become a challenge in the past because of security issues. However, with, you can be sure that no one will be able to access your files – which are what makes it an ideal platform for file storage. You can sign up for free today, and expect to receive a 5GB upgrade from the company.

Updating can be done easily, and you will be able to register without any problems. All you need to do is to supply your email address and your preferred password to the sign up page.

How Began was launched back in 2011 by people who wanted to store and share their files on the internet with ease. They do not want third-party service providers to access the files that they store online so they decided to create this service for themselves.

Two years after it first operated, the company started offering end to end encryption support, and their beta apps and infrastructure became a huge hit among the public. It opened a way for the company to quickly glow, and the minds of the people started to shift to companies that protect their privacy.

Overall, the feedback from the public helped them become a major force online. Most of their clients are people who wanted to use programs that offer better security while at the same time, offering great services on the cloud.

Mobile and desktop apps were later offered by the company in 2015, and by the year 2016, new admin tools were offered to cater to small and large businesses. Product development and the expansion of data centers was the main focus of the company in 2017 and 2018.

Today, the company enjoys the patronage from more than 750,000 registered users. The people store more than 2.7 billion files using the platforms, and every day, 2.9 of these files are being shared across different devices. It is also a preferred cloud storage platform in more than 180 countries.

Who Uses is used all over the world, and the people who prefer using this platform are professionals who wanted to access their files on the go. The only thing that you need is internet connection, and you will be able to check the files that you updated on the internet. has become one of the most preferred tools that people use when it comes to their storage needs. The company focuses on their target market and they are trying to improve the relationship that they have with their customers to keep the profit coming.

Today, with more than 750,000 active users, continues to become a powerhouse in the industry. They wanted to help others know that their system is the best when it comes to cloud storage, and their updated security features will help protect their files from being stolen.

What Are Its Core Features?

  • Storage space.
  • Number of Users.
  • Share Transfer Limits.
  • Sharing and Collaboration.
  • Realtime backup and sync.
  • Access files anywhere.

Storage space

Depending on the package that you purchased, might provide you with a 1TB, 4TB, or 10TB storage space per user. This is a huge amount of storage space that can help you store huge chunks of data without any problem.


This feature is helpful especially for business owners who employ several people. The number of users depends on the package that you purchased. It can be from two to 100, or two to 1,000. Each person will also get a considerable amount of storage space that can be used for data management.


Once you sign up for the services offered by, the share transfer limits will be waived. This means that you can send an unlimited amount of files without encountering any problems.’s other competitors impose a limit on the amount of files that you share, making it unusable once you reached a threshold.


This feature encourages teams to conduct collaboration. Sharing is also encouraged by The platform wanted the users to be more open with the files that they upload online, especially when it is used by other people in a team. This turns the platform as a tool to promote cooperation.


Every time you finish updates on a file, will automatically back it up for your convenience. Unfortunate instances, like losing your files, will be a thing of the past. All of your important files are automatically sent to the cloud, and you can access them later on for editing purposes.


Lastly, enjoy the benefits of accessing your files anywhere on the planet. With, you can open your files anywhere you wanted, and it will be loaded instantly. This will help you become more productive and on-point when it comes to your editing needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using

Using offers a lot of advantages especially to business owners and freelancers. One of their benefits is that files that are too large to be attached on an email can be extracted from the platform and sent to your address of choice, It serves as an alternative to other file sharing platforms like Dropbox, and it is more user-friendly.

Another benefit of using the system is the amount of free storage that one can receive from the company. Using the free cloud storage makes it possible to share more files. It also promotes secure file sharing, and users are guaranteed that their files will not be stolen by hackers. is also a supporter of data privacy, and they will do everything to protect the data of their users. The end to end encryption feature that the company offers means that the information shared by their users will not be put on public display. This turns into a reliable way of storing huge and important files.

To protect their users from losing their data, encourages everyone to turn on their two-factor authentication feature. This will enable the system to ask additional verification information from the users after they entered their passwords. This additional layer of security with makes it harder for hackers to access the files. is also compliant with HIPAA, storing medical information securely. If you are a business entity, using this platform is also a sign of relief as they are compliant with the global data privacy.

How Much Are the Services Offered by

There are three packages that you can choose from – Standard, Plus, and Advanced. Standard costs $5 per month per user, and it is billed annually. Plus is one of the most popular products on their website, and it cost $8 per month per user. It is also billed annually. Lastly, they have Advanced, which is $15 per user per month. It is also billed annually.


  • Secure way of storing files on the cloud.
  • Open, share, and transfer files anywhere.
  • Affordable prices.


  • Constantly needs internet services.

Conclusion offers its users with a reliable storage services. The files uploaded to the system are transferred into the cloud for safe-keeping. If you are looking for a good cloud-storage platform, we highly recommend Download the application today and discover how it works.

Ease of Use’s website has a simple design. The options on the menu bar are carefully arranged, and visitors can see all of the available options in an instant. When we tried using the website, the first thing that was offered is a package deal for using the platform.

However, you can also navigate the page and see what information can be found inside each option. You will be surprised how many things you can actually do with, and how it can help you managing your files.

Final Verdict

Storing files in the cloud is one of the most convenient ways of managing your files. If you own an external storage drive, it can get lost, damaged, or corrupted. Your files will be lost forever, and there’s no way of retrieving it. However, with, you can store all of your files securely in the cloud.

Many people have developed a strong sense of trust with cloud storage, and according to experts, the number of people who will be using the cloud for storage purposes is expected to rise in the coming years.

If your primary aim is to effectively store your files in the cloud, we highly recommend The process is quick and easy, and you can be assured that your files are in good hands. Even though there is a payment required for you to use their services, the money you paid is worth it.


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