Dog Booster Seats for the Car Recommendations

Does your dog love going for a ride in the car? Are you looking for a way to keep him or her more secure while you are driving? A dog booster seat is a great product all dog lovers should own.

In the article below, we will review five of the best booster seats for dogs. Read through our reviews to select the perfect booster seat for your pooch!

Top 5: Dog Booster Seats for Car Review

Snoozer Lookout I Pet Car Seat, Small, Black

The Snoozer Lookout is designed to help keep your dog comfy and safe while riding with you in the car. This product is available in two different sizes. The small size is designed for pets under 18 pounds, and the medium is designed for pets weighing up to 25 pounds.

This product is secured in your vehicle by attaching to the seat belt. There is also a connection strap that can attach your pet's harness to the seat to keep them from getting out while the vehicle is moving.

Snoozer Lookout I Pet Car Seat, Small, Black

To keep your pup comfy, this item has a sturdy foam frame. It is covered with a soft Sherpa fabric that your dog will love to snuggle into.

There are a variety of color options available for this item. Some of the options include black and cream, denim, and gray.


  • There are a variety of color options available.
  • Soft and comfortable Sherpa lining.
  • You can connect your dog's harness for added security.


  • Some people who purchased this product have shared that their dog has figured out how to escape from this seat.
Kurgo Rover Booster Dog Car Seat with Seat Belt Tether, Black/Blue

The Kurgo Rover is an elevated seat that will help protect your dog during car rides. This item secures around the top of the seat and hangs down. To provide you with added storage in the car, it has side pockets.

This item comes with a dog seat belt tether, so you can safely secure your dog in the car. It is best suited for dogs weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

The interior of this product is lined with fleece to keep your dog comfortable in your vehicle. The product's exterior is waterproof to help with clean-ups. The interior liner and pad can be washed when they get dirty.

This item is black with blue trim. Your dog will love riding in style with you! When you purchase this product, you will receive a lifetime guarantee to protect your purchase.


  • The exterior of the product is waterproof.
  • Installation is simple and there is no assembly required.
  • A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase.


  • This item isn't very wide, so it may be more difficult for your dog to have space to sleep.
HDP Car Deluxe Lookout Booster Car Seat Color:Pink

The HDP Car DELUXE Lookout is designed to be used with dogs who weigh under 20 pounds. This product attaches to the passenger seat in your car. To achieve the perfect setting for your dog, the height of this seat can be adjusted.

A safety strap that you can attach to your dog's harness is also included. There are pockets on the seat so you can stow treats or other items for your dog. This seat can fold down for easier storage when it is not in use. There is a sturdy metal frame that will prevent the seat from collapsing on your dog when he's riding in it.

HDP Car Deluxe Lookout Booster Car Seat Color:Pink

Your dog will be comfortable when they are riding in this seat and it comes with a padded base for your dog to sit on. If the seat gets dirty from use, it can be hand washed with water. A mild detergent can be used to scrub tougher stains. There are four colors to choose from if you decide to purchase this product. You can choose black, blue, red or pink.


  • The height of this seat can be adjusted.
  • There is a padded base that will keep your pet comfortable.
  • The seat's sturdy metal frame prevents it from collapsing when your pet is in it.


  • You will need to hand wash this item when it gets dirty.
AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat - 18 x 18 x 16 Inches

The AmazonBasics Pet Booster Seat is a quality product that will help prevent your dog from getting injured during car rides. This tan and off-white product will look great in your vehicle.

In addition to keeping your dog safe in the car, this product will also help them to see out of the window. It is higher than a car seat so your pet won't feel like they are missing out on any action.  This booster seat will to keep your pets contained so you can focus on driving safely without any distractions.

AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat - 18 x 18 x 16 Inches

This item is designed so it can be used in the front seat or back seat of the car. An adjustable leash also comes with your purchase, which can be secured to your dog to keep them from roaming around.

To keep your dog snug and cozy while they are riding in the car, this option has a plush top covered in a quilted flannel material. The sides and bottom of the seat are covered with an Oxford fabric to make the seat durable so it will last for a long time. An added bonus - this item can be cleaned in the washing machine.


  • This product can be used in the front or back seat of your vehicle.
  • It can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.
  • The interior of the seat is plush with a quilted flannel material to ensure maximum comfort for your dog.


  • Some customers feel that this product is too small.
Snoozer High-Back Console Pet Car Seat, X-Large High Back, Black/Herringbone

Let your dog ride in style with the Snoozer High-Back Console Pet Car Seat. This product is designed to sit over the center console in your vehicle. You pet can ride in the front seat with you and a fellow passenger.

This product is made from a comfy and sturdy foam. The foam is covered with a soft microfiber fabric to help your dog enjoy the ride even more.

Snoozer High-Back Console Pet Car Seat, X-Large High Back, Black/Herringbone

To stop your pet from trying to jump out of the seat, this product was designed with a high back. The bottom of the seat also has a non-skid finish to make sure that it doesn't slide around in your car.

You can purchase this product in a large or extra-large size. It is available in black, brown, camel, pink, or gray, so you'll be able to find the perfect color to complement your car's interior.


  • This item has a high back to stop your dog from jumping out of it.
  • Your dog will be able to ride up front with you and another person.
  • With five color choices, you'll be able to find the perfect color for your car.


  • This product is much more expensive than the other options.

Buying Guide

A dog booster seat is a great product for dog owners. It makes it easier and safer to bring your furry best friend along on car rides with you.

There are a number of factors to consider before you purchase a booster seat for your dog. First and foremost, you want to find a safe option for your dog. Pay attention to the weight limits of the different options and be sure to select an appropriate product.

You should also be sure to look for a product that has a tether to secure your dog's harness to the seat. This will help prevent your dog from being able to escape from the seat.

There are a few different types of seats you can consider. Some sit on the car's seat and some hang down from the top of the seat. You can pick the style that you think you and your dog would most enjoy. You should also consider whether you will want your dog to sit in the front seat or the back seat when they are in their booster seat.

Finally, consider the look and feel of the different seats. Pick a seat that you think your dog will be comfortable sitting in. You can also try to look for a seat with a color that will look good with your car's interior.

best dog booster seat

We reviewed five great dog booster seats for you to consider. We think all of the products we reviewed are great options for you to consider. However, our top choice is the Snoozer Lookout.

We like this product because the larger option can accommodate dogs that weigh as much as 25 pounds. It also has straps to make sure that your dog is secured to the car seat to prevent them from escaping while you are driving.

Snoozer Lookout I Pet Car Seat, Small, Black

This product has a foam frame to help keep your dog safe. It's covered with a warm and cozy Sherpa fabric to keep your dog cozy while they are with you in the car.

If you choose to purchase this product, you will be able to find the perfect color to match your vehicle since there are several color options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pet booster seats safe?

While car seats and seat belts are designed with human safety in mind, a boosted seat is a much safer alternative for your dog as opposed to letting them roam free in the car. With a booster seat tailored for pets, the seat is secured to your car seat with the seat belt. Your dog is secured into the seat so they are safe in the event of an accident.

Is it safe for your dog to ride in the front seat?

No, your pet should not ride in the front passenger seat or on your lap while you are driving. The safest place for your pet to be is in the backseat. This will prevent them from being harmed should a front airbag deploy.

How do you calm a dog's car anxiety?

If your dog is anxious or has negative feelings about riding in the car, there are a few steps you can take to try to ease their anxiety. Your goal is to try to change the way your dog feels about the car so that the vehicle is associated with good things. You can do this by rewarding your pet with treats as you walk to the car. Eventually, you'll be able to get all the way to the car with your pet no longer feeling anxious.

Next, you slowly want to encourage your dog to investigate the car on their own. After that, they will want to get in the car on their own. Each of these steps should be rewarded with a treat. Helping your dog change their feelings about the car won't happen overnight; you'll have to be patient as you slowly help them get more comfortable riding in the car.

How often should you stop for a break when traveling with a dog?

The ideal time will probably vary depending on the needs and temperament of your dog. In general, you'll want to try to stop every two hours. This will give your dog the chance to stretch, walk around, and take care of any business.

Do dogs need a car seat?

Have a car seat or booster seat for your dog is very important in ensuring their safety when traveling in a car. If you stop suddenly or get into an accident, dogs could easily be sent out through a window or crash into something in the car if they are not properly restrained. These events could lead to server injuries, or even the death, of your dog.

Can a dog sit on a passenger's lap?

While there may not be laws against it in your state, it is not a good idea to have a dog ride on someone's lap in the car. In the event of an accident, a dog riding on someone's lap in the front seat could be seriously injured or worse when the airbag deploys. If there were to be an accident, the person holding the dog likely wouldn't be able to maintain their grip on the pup, which could make it more likely that the dog will slide into something or even become a projectile.

Not only could your dog get injured if they are in a booster seat in the event of an accident, they could also cause serious harm to you or someone else in the car if they were to fly into you. If your dog does fly through the window in an accident, they may also become scared and run off or get hit by another vehicle.

Dogs in the front seat pose an additional risk to the driver. Dogs, as cute as they are, can be very distracting. If you're focused on petting, talking to your dog, or trying to keep them calm or stop them from barking, your full attention is not on the task of driving, which can be dangerous.

Dogs shouldn't sit on someone's lap in the backseat either. Just as with the front seat, they could slide around or become airborne in the event of an accident.

How do you install a dog booster seat?

Do large dogs need a dog booster seat?

Yes, booster seats are not just for small dogs. All dogs, regardless of their size, are at risk for injury or death in the event of an accident. Properly restraining your dog in the car will provide them the best protection possible.

There are many different booster seat options to choose from whether you have a small-, medium-, or large-breed dog.

What can I do to get my dog prepared for a long road trip?

If you have a long road trip coming up and your dog will be going with you, you'll want to do a few things to make sure your dog is as ready for the trip as possible. First, since you spend so much time in the car on a road trip, work to get your dog used to being in the car for longer periods of time.

While, you won't be able to mimic the actual make up of your day(s) on the road, start taking your dog for practice rides around town. Slowly increase the amount of time your dog is in the car. This will help them get used to sitting still and remaining calm for a longer period of time.

Before embarking on your trip, you should also schedule a visit with your dog's veterinarian. Have them checked out to confirm they are in good health and will be able to do OK in the car for the amount of time you'll be driving.

Confirm that their vaccines are current and that they are up-to-date with their flea and tick preventative medications. If your dog is not a huge fan of car rides and you are worried about them getting overly stressed or nauseous in the car, you can also check with your vet to see if they recommend any stress-reducing or anti-vomit medications.

On the day of your trip, before heading out, take your dog to a dog park or for a long run. This will help tire them out and make it easier for them to stay calm on the drive.

How do I keep my dog calm on a road trip?

If your dog isn't a huge fan of car rides or just has a more active and excitable personality, you'll want to take a few steps to help him stay calm when you're driving. Before leaving for a road trip, give your dog plenty of time to get used to riding in the car. If you don't regularly take them on car rides, start right away so they are more used to sitting in the car with you and all the movements and sounds associated with a car ride.

Next, using a booster seat is also important when trying to keep a dog calm. Many dogs will feel more comfortable and less nervous if they are restrained in the car.

Bring some treats or toys that will keep your dog occupied in the car. If your dog is busy chewing on something, they'll be less likely to bark or get into trouble.

Medication can also be used in some cases for dogs that are too hyped up or nervous. If you are considering using medication for your dog, you should have a conversation with your veterinarian before your trip starts. They can give you advice about whether medication is appropriate for your dog and which medicines will be best.

Throughout your drive, be sure to stop frequently. Your dog will likely do much better in the car if you make regular stops and give them the chance to get out and move around.

When possible, try to find some dog parks when you stop. This will give your dog a safe and secure area where they can run around and release some of their trapped energy.

If you can't find dog parks, try to find somewhere with a path or a sidewalk so you can safely take your dog on a walk or a jog to help them wear off some energy.

What supplies should I bring for my dog for longer road trips?

There are a lot of supplies you need to pack for yourself for a long road trip. There are also numerous essentials you'll want to have on hand for your pup. Check out our list below to make sure you have what you'll need for your dog:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Treats
  • Food and water bowl
  • Pet water bottle
  • Booster seat
  • Current dog tags
  • Vaccination records
  • Leash
  • Collapsible crate for hotels/your final destination
  • Chew toys for car (think about adding peanut butter to keep them busy and distracted)
  • Balls or frisbees for play breaks on the road
  • Poop bags

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through our reviews, it is time for you to decide which pet booster seat is the best product for your dog. Weigh the pros and cons of each item to help you make your decision. Then, you'll be able to make your purchase so your dog can start enjoying riding in the car with you.


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