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I want to let you in on a little secret. There was a time when I was eating foods that weren’t the best for me. No matter how many times I try to eat better, it was like falling off the horse and not getting back on. But I was bound and determined to get my diet right when I decided that losing weight was my ultimate fitness goal. That’s when I fired up google and typed in “weight loss foods”.

The results were millions upon millions, page after page. One fitness guru says “eat this”, while the other says “no”. I don’t know who to believe anymore. I mentioned this to a friend of mine while we had lunch. She told me about Doctors Best Weight Loss. 

Doctors Best Weight Loss

Not only could she get the best diet foods, but they were recommended by doctors, dietitians, and fitness professionals. Knowing her for a long time, I thought taking up on her advice would be smart. I decided to try it out for myself and I was pretty satisfied. A meal plan personalized for my fitness and weight loss goals? Yes indeed.

Doctors Best Weight Loss Features

  • Get foods based on your unique situation. Going keto? They got it. Need something high in protein? They got it too.
  • Customizable meal plans that are dedicated to your fitness goals and your weight loss needs.
  • Protein shakes and drinks that you can enjoy either hot or cold.
  • Enjoy all kinds of delicious snacks like snack bars, chips, cookies, wafers, and so much more.

Meal Plans the Way You Want

Here’s the thing -- I was a bit overweight. I wanted to lose about 15 to 20 pounds at the most. I knew it was possible. But it was a matter of how I was going to put two and two together. I couldn’t exercise and continue to eat the same junk. I think that would be defeating the entire purpose. I wanted a plan where I was able to choose the meals I wanted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t like the whole “you get what you get” thing.

Doctors Best Weight Loss

I wanted something tailored to my tastes and preferences. You can choose your meal plan based on a 2 week or 4 week time period. If you are just starting out, I highly recommend you do the 2-week plan before making the switch to a 4-week plan. That was you become more accustomed to the foods you’ll eat and you can decide if their diet foot is the best.

There are some meal plans that you can choose from. These include your Keto meal plans, Med weight loss, and high-protein. Again, this all depends on your weight loss goals. If you are looking to lose weight fast, the Med Weight Loss meal plan is probably something you might be interested in.​

Doctors Best Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight and maintain or even grow muscle mass, the high protein diet plan is obviously the best choice. There is a meal plan that is the best fit for anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off with ease.

The good news is that you get to choose the foods you want to eat. Even better news: you get this at a reasonable price regardless if you are getting the 2 week or 4-week meal plans. If you are looking for a budget option compared to other weight loss programs like NutriSystem, this is your best bet.

Shakes and Drinks Too!

Doctors Best Weight Loss

If you are looking for a shake or drink to get you through the day, you have to check these out for yourself. Whether you want a smoothie or a hot cup of chai tea, you can get that and have it during any time of the day. Most of them are high in protein so it helps you out a lot when you need to eat enough protein so your muscle mass stays the same.

Yes, You Can Still Snack

I remember one fitness guru saying in an article that in order to lose weight, you have to quit snacking. This is one of my biggest weak points. I can eat healthy meals a day. But I cannot seem to snap myself out of the habit of snacking. But that’s OK now that they have snacks that I can enjoy. Cookies, wafers, and snack bars?

Doctors Best Weight Loss

Yes, please! Who says I can’t snack when I’m trying to lose weight? By the way, I highly recommend the “Eat Me Guilt Free” cookies. When you bite into these, you’ll swear that these are the same cookies you ate a long time ago. These are no ordinary “diet” cookies.


  • You save money on your orders when you get a referral.
  • Choose the foods you want, no questions asked.
  • A diet plan fit for any weight loss goal you can think of.
  • Reasonably priced compared to other weight loss programs.
  • Payment plans available.
  • No membership fees ever!.


  • None.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to lose weight, then you need a diet plan that works right for you. I highly suggest you check out Doctors Best Weight Loss before you go anywhere’s else. You can really build the meal plan of your dreams and lose as much weight as you need.

Why worry about eating and feel guilty about it later? With as many food choices that will fit your meal plan, there are no limits to what you can eat. For a real diet plan that will fit your goals and schedule, Doctors Best Weight Loss is what you need.


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