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I’ve been working construction for the last ten years. It’s hard work, but I’m not complaining. Whether it’s a cool day or if the heat is sweltering, I can make sure that I do my part to get whatever project was done on time and on schedule. My crew and I work long hours and we’re always on our feet. That comes with the territory. Since that happens, it’s important for me to find the right kind of shoes. I don’t mind wearing boots depending on the day.

But there are days when I feel like my boots are weighing me down. I want something that is tough enough to handle the job site but can also be able to help me move around quickly without feeling like I’m dragging a heavy weight. The question was: where could I be able to find them? 

Carolina Shoes

That’s when I came across Carolina Shoes. Not only do they have some super tough, made for work shoes, but if I wanted a good pair of boots I can get them too.

Carolina Shoes Features

  • Has a wide variety of various shoes and boots for men, women, and kids that are made from the best materials.
  • Waterproof boots that will keep your feet nice and dry from the inside out.
  • No-slip soles that will keep you on your feet no matter the ground conditions. Water, ice, or any slippery substances don’t stand a chance.

Super Tough for Any Job

One of my biggest pet peeves about boots is that some of them claim to be tough but just cannot handle the abuse and demanding activities. I once owned a pair of work boots that I thought would last me an entire year. After going through plenty of mud, muck, dirt, and who knows what they started to fall apart. I had to throw them out after a few months.

Carolina Shoes

With the Carolina shoes and boots, that isn’t the case. They are manufactured from materials that are handpicked and proven to tough out every single working condition known to man. I’m willing to be that the pair of Carolina shoes that I have now are guaranteed to last me beyond a year.

After trying these out for at least a month, I told a co-worker of mine to try out Carolina after he said that his boots were about ready to fall apart on him. Once he bought himself a new pair of boots, he said they were not only the most comfortable that he’s worn to date, but he feels like these pairs of boots seem to elude him all his life.

No-Slip, No Problem

One of the worst things about some boots is that they won’t save you from any slip and falls. Plus, it’s been one of the leading causes of work accidents in the country. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings even if you are wearing protective clothing.

Carolina Shoes

Almost every Carolina shoe and boot have non-slip soles that will make sure that you stay on your feet and don’t fall. I can wear a pair of their boots in the wintertime, walk on an icy driveway and not once worry about slipping. They are that tough. 

But still, it’s good to be aware of your surroundings whether you are at work or any place where a slip hazard is present. Plus, you don’t have to wear these at a construction site. You can wear them in the kitchen (that is if you work at a restaurant). A lot of slips can happen close to the sink or cooking area. I should know because I once worked as a dishwasher and had a few close calls myself.

Tough to Handle Any Weather Conditions

I own a pair of Carolina shoes for the warmer days and a pair of Carolina boots for the winter. Either way, I am dressed and prepared to take on whatever nature throws at me. These boots keep my feet warm in the winter even during on subzero days. I can tell you right now, subzero winter weather is no joke.

Carolina Shoes

Shock Absorbent

Standing and walking on your feet all day exposes your feet to a lot of shock. Just enough of it can also be murder on the feet and your entire body. I’m glad that my Carolina shoes are tough enough to absorb shock for those long days when I’m on my feet. No matter how long I stand, I don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable. Personally, I consider that a win. Who needs those Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles anyway?


  • Available in various sizes and widths.
  • Doesn’t feel like you’re dragging or make it hard to lift your leg.
  • Plenty of options for women and kids.
  • Uses the best technology to keep your feet protected at all times.
  • Can withstand a lot of abuse.


  • Some boots may not be available in different colors.

Final Verdict

I’m never leaving home without my Carolina Shoes. That’s because I get the best comfort and protection no matter if I’m outdoors, at work, or anywhere else. Plus, you can get these either online or at any authorized dealer. If you are in need of more tougher quality shoes and boots, you should consider checking out Carolina Shoes for yourself. Trust me, they’ll last much longer than any pair of shoes you’ve owned.


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