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Shopping for quality sports clothing is never the same. It seems that many brands promise quality products which last. But we all know this is not always the case.

I’ve searched various niche brands to find the quality I needed in my clothes. These clothes had to look good but they also had to be made with quality fabrics.

Stone Island is where I found interesting clothes that fit my needs. The brand has a few stores across the world, particularly in native Italy. But you may also find an official store in New York. However, I opt for online shopping on their website as it’s a bit more practical. 

Stone Island

The company prides itself on fibers’ experimentation and design innovation. You can see the avant-garde style of clothes without even comparing them to other sports clothes. I now got a jacket, trousers, and bermudas. But I’m also planning to get a shirt and shoes for my outfit as well.

Stone Island Characteristics

  • Quality sports garments with daring style.
  • 4-7 day delivery when shopping online.
  • The range of clothes includes top, bottoms, and shoes.
  • Products are available in various sizes and various colors.
  • Premium packaging with magnetic boxes on all items.


I think the jackets are the most popular item from the manufacturer. I’ve seen a couple of guys wearing them. But the jackets were also featured in YouTube videos which is why I think they are so attractive.

To me, the style of these jackets embodies the spirit of the 70’ and the ’90s.

Stone Island

The materials are of top quality and they include cotton and other fabrics such as polyamide.

But it’s the styling which gets them to be so interesting. Its definitely an original style, different from North Face and other such brands. My jacket has 4 pockets which I don’t use all the time. But I like how they look and at least one of them holds my phone.

But these jackets aren’t made for practicality as they are made to make a fashion statement. They work best with bottoms from the same company and if you see their lookbook, you’ll understand why.

I think the designer even integrates the shoes in various styles and outfits. For me, it’s the entire outfit that makes sense instead of simply buying the jacket which I did at the beginning.


There’s plenty of innovation in the knitwear also. For me, it’s the top with hand spray which impresses me the most in this category. Made with thin ribbed cotton it also includes polyamide for structural and durability benefits.

Stone Island

The hand-sprayed knitwear impresses everyone who’s seen my crewneck. I only wear it with the jacket from the manufacturer as I feel the style is there. However, it may only be an option until mid-spring when I’ll have to choose a shirt, probably from the same brand for the unique look.


I’ve got an interesting cotton hoodie in this category. I was looking for a top to go with my jacket but the hoodie here looks impressive.

Made with all-black fabrics, it has a zipper that runs diagonally across the front. It completes the look with zipped slanted pockets which make it an interesting choice both for looks and practicality.

Stone Island

A few people stopped and asked me about it on the street. Since it embodies the style of the brand, I’m also purchasing a second one, but in blue. The all-black hoodie is going to be my nighttime option or the one I wear to work. The blue hoodie is going to be worn during the day where its details can be seen a bit better.

There are certain restrictions when it comes to these hoodies. For example, being made entirely out of cotton comes with its own rules. You would be better off washing it by hand. There’s a detailed description you’ll get in the box.

But you also need to avoid washing the hoodie at high temperatures. I think it’s best to wash it separately from all the other clothes. You may only be able to do this when washing it by hand with detergent and mildly-warm water.


At the moment, I still down own a shirt from the brand. But I’m expecting to get one during summertime. I’ve already seen a short-sleeve pink line which I want to get.

Stone Island

I’m going to go with pink as I think it's suitable for the summer and many men now wear it with confidence. It also works well with other vivid color items such as white bermudas. Since it’s made out of linen, the shirt is also going to be more breathable.

Wearing shirts during the summer proves very difficult for a sweaty wearer like me. This is the main reason while I’m not going to purchase anything else which is not made from linen. Given I’ll get to work wearing the shirt, I want to be cool and in good condition to greet customers. For me, this would be very difficult to do in cotton.


The 5-pocket trousers in the company look impressive. They encompass the free spirit characterizing fashion a few decades ago with that cargo feel which doesn’t ever seem to go away from fashion.

Stone Island

It is a look I can pull off with either a shirt or a T-shirt. These trousers impress even those who’re not into fashion. The fit is nearly custom-made for me. I wouldn’t believe they were as fitted.

However, I’m planning other purchases for this style of trousers. At the moment, I just want to have 2-3 colors of the same trousers as I rarely choose anything else which may not suit me as well. Since they’re quite versatile, the return on investment is there as well.


Shoes also look interesting here. They combine the style of sports shoes of the moment and I think they work well with the retro style of other clothing items. They’re available in small sizes which makes me even happier.

Stone Island

But if you’re shopping from abroad, take your time to check the size chart of the manufacturer. You don’t want to lose another 10 days sending the shoes back just to get the right size.


There’s a free shipping policy all around the world. Even when you order from the US, you don’t need to pay for shipping, which is rather fast. It will take 4-7 days for the clothes to arrive at your door.

The packaging on the clothes is among the best I’ve seen. It generates many social media posts on its own. I had a look on Instagram and many include their shipping boxes in the photo which is proof of just how much the brand has invested in the clothes.

Stone Island


There’s a simple method of establishing the authenticity of these clothes. Each clothing item comes with a QR code. You scan the code with your smartphone and check the place and date of manufacturing. If you decide to sell your clothes for a few years from now, this is how you prove authenticity.


  • Original sports clothing with a retro look.
  • Complete garments including sports shoes.
  • Fast and free delivery across the world.


  • Not items for women.

Final Verdict

The company sells interesting clothes which are made for the extrovert. Most of these clothes make you stand out from the crowd. If you want to see them for yourself, you can shop online without visiting one of the physical stores.

If you decide to place an order, make sure to read the instructions when the clothes arrive at your address. Most need to be washed by hand to maintain their looks a bit better than on average alternative clothes.


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