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As a pet owner, I want my esteemed friends to have the best food, toys and medicine available and I always bought them whatever they may need to be happy and healthy. However, we all know big dogs generally have more health problems and after years of caring for them, I racked up thousands of dollars of purchases. When I sat down to do my finances, I realized exactly how far it had gone – too far! Surely, there’s a way to care for my pets without going bankrupt, right?

Well, that’s when I made the decision to look for a more affordable pet care product vendor, and it wasn’t long before I found Budget Pet Care.

Budget Pet Care

This company offers everything you could possibly need and more to improve and maintain the health of your dogs, cats, birds or horses. Their product palette consists of hygienic, medical and homeopathic pet supplies, as well as supplements – and they are all very affordable in comparison to my local pet shop. Let’s see what makes Budget Pet Care so special.

Budget Pet Care Features

  • Affordable and certified products.
  • Automatic ordering option.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Optional order tracking.
  • Homeopathic remedies available.
  • Full array of dog, cat, horse and bird medical products.
  • Hygiene products.
  • Pet supplements.
  • Secure credit card payments.
  • Plenty of deals and promotions.
  • Animal-oriented and friendly customer service team.

Budget Pet Care Products

Dog products

Budget Pet Care provides medical products for all types of dogs and dog ailments. Their long list of flea and tick control and treatment products offers options for everyone – including people that prefer to give this type of medicine to their dogs orally or externally on the affected spot.

Budget Pet Care

They also sell dog wormers and anti-heartworm medication to keep dogs free of internal parasites, as well as ear and eye products to take care of infections at home instead of going to the vet.

Additionally, Budget Pet Care sells joint care products and treatments to combat joint pain and arthritis in dogs, as well as wound care products to treat bacterial infections, skin lesions and skin inflammations. Dog skin care products and shampoos are also available to keep your dog’s fur and skin healthy. To combat anxiety disorders, Budget Pet Care provides behavioral control products for dogs, such as chewable tablets, DAP collars and DAP sprays.

Cat products

Budget Pet Care

Flea infestations and ticks are two of the largest problems with feline healthcare, especially for cats that love to spend time outside. Budget Pet Care sells both oral and spot-on treatments for these health issues in over 20 specialized medications. Also, they sell deworming medicine for cats to combat worms and internal parasites.

Additionally, Budget Pet Care sells products against eye and ear infections, joint pain, skin lesions, bacterial infections and inflamed skin. Finally, they offer cat shampoo and skin treatments to keep their exteriors healthy, as well as behavioral treatments to reduce feline anxiety.

Horse products

Budget Pet Care

While horses are far rarer as pets compared to cats, dogs or even birds, they also require medical care and attention at times and many pet shops don’t include horse products in their offer.

However, Budget Pet Care sells several medical products meant for horses, including skin and coat sprays and anti-tapeworm treatments for horses and foals. Also, they sell bots treatments to fight parasitic infections in mares, foals, yearlings and full-grown horses, as well as anthelmintics, also known as roundwormers to treat both mature and immature roundworms.

Bird products

Budget Pet Care

Budget Pet Care offers several types of bird products, all meant for racing pigeons. Some of these include flea and tick powder, mycoplasmosis treatments, products against diarrhea, vomiting, gastrointestinal and bacterial infections.

Also, they sell bird medicine that can treat coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, giardia and hexamithosis, as well as crop canker and trichomomasis. Finally, they offer deworming powder, immunity products and behavioral sprays.

Homeopathic products

Budget Pet Care

Aside from regular medical products, Budget Pet Care offers several homeopathic solutions as well. These cover anti-anxiety, joint pain and arthritis relief, treatment for urinary incontinence, digestive aids, flea bites, allergies, mites, skin irritations and infections. Budget Pet Care claims their homeopathic products are as effective as advertised.


Budget Pet Care

Sometimes, medication is not enough. This is why Budget Pet Care offers various types of nutritional supplements for animals, alongside a selection of pet laxatives designed to relieve intestinal problems. They offer supplements dietary and natural supplements as well as multivitamins, fatty acids, omega-3 supplements etc.


Budget Pet Care

Budget Pet Care offers two types of hygienic products – oral, to be applied in the pet’s mouth, and aural, to be applied in their ears. Customers can buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, oral gels and rinses as well as whole dental kits for their oral hygiene needs. Additionally, this company offers medication against deafness and ear problems such as earwax, cankers, infections, moisture and necrosis in both cats and dogs.

Budget Pet Care Specials

Deals and promotions

Budget Pet Care is affordable, sure, but anyone can do that. This company goes more than a step further by providing tons of promotions, deals and discounts to its customers. For example, at the moment they have a spring sale which takes 10% off all products. Also, they offer 12% via a redeemable code which customers receive when they enter their email.

Budget Pet Care

Another 10% discount is applied to any purchase when you set it on Auto Order – and customers even get a free finger brush on all orders over $200! Finally, Budget Pet Care provides a fantastic 10% cashback option on all purchases and offers an affiliate program where people can earn commission for each buying customer they send to Budget Pet Care’s website.


One of the main perks of buying from Budget Pet Care is their shipping policy. They offer free worldwide shipping as well as paid tracked shipping for $4.55. They ship all products out on the same day as they were ordered unless placed on hold.

Budget Pet Care

Free resources

Budget Pet Care’s website has a blog where experienced pet owners offer advice, examples and treatments for all pets.


Budget Pet Care pledges several guarantees to its customers. They have a 5-day money-back guarantee, delivery and refund guarantees, a product quality guarantee and a privacy and security guarantee. All of these guarantees are here to ensure a seamless buying experience for customers.

Budget Pet Care

Customer Service

Where other companies may shy away from their customer’s questions and requests, Budget Pet Care tries to resolve as many of these cases to the satisfaction of their customers. Their trained customer service team makes ordering easy and convenient. They can be contacted through the form in the Contact section of the website, as well as by phone and email.

Budget Pet Care Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Budget Pet Care discounts & coupons...

Pros and Cons


  • Many discounts, freebies, deals and promotions available.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • Auto Order feature.


  • Medicine for more exotic animals not available.
  • Tracked shipping costs extra.

Final Verdict

Watching your pet suffer from any condition can be extremely painful for both you and them. However, when you discover Budget Pet Care, you don’t have to worry anymore – just like I stopped worrying when I could no longer hear my faithful friend’s cries because of joint pain. After I started treated him with some Arthrimed I bought from this website, it took some time but now he’s up and about, making everyone a bit happier (and furrier!) than when he encountered them. That is more than enough reason for me to love this company, and when they help you cure your loving pet – so will you!


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