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As someone who is starting with a new online business, I know that I need a list of things. One of them is a website. Every business these days needs some kind of online presence. Otherwise, they are not as visible as they once assumed. Since it’s an online business, I can work remotely. I can also use my website to communicate with clients and remote team members.

Now comes the challenging part: how can I find a reliable web host? There are so many of them out there. So it’s hard for me to decide. That’s when a friend of mine suggested I’d use Easyspace.


I was pretty impressed with the web hosting packages that were reasonably low priced. Why spend an arm and a leg on a website? Since setting up my website through Easyspace, things have been smooth sailing business wise.

Easyspace Features

  • Need a website that will boost your online presence? Get website hosting done so you can set up a website without the hassle or technical knowledge.
  • Want to reserve a domain name? You can buy standalone domains so you can use them for a website later on.
  • Live in the UK? Get dedicated servers based in the country so you can get unlimited bandwidth and dedicated customer service that will solve any issue you might have, technical or otherwise.
  • Want to communicate with your team or audience? Get an email address that is dedicated to your domain so you can keep a line of communication open.

Website Hosting

Without hosting, what good is a website? It won’t go live and you won’t be able to perform business as usual. I was able to get a good package deal that would allow me to build a website from the ground up. If you are not much of a technical person, you can be able to set up a WordPress website in a matter of minutes.


From there, I can be able to design the website I want from the plethora of themes that are available for free. But I much prefer a paid theme that I can find elsewhere online. That’s just me, though.

You get dedicated web hosting at a reasonable price. Plus, you get plenty of fixings as well. Free domain, SSD storage, email, SSL certificates, and so much more. Even if you get the basic package, you’ll get some jam-packed features that will make your website stand out much better.


Not in a hurry to build a website? That’s not an issue. But what if you need to reserve the domain name? Well, you can do exactly that just by purchasing a standalone domain.


Of course, you can find one that will match your business or brand. You can get extensions from .com to co.uk and everything in between. I know how frustrating it can be that a unique domain you want is taken. 

But you can consider the other extensions if you so choose. A word of advice: choose a domain name that is unique and relates to your business identity. Then again, I would check to see if the domain is available before you even settle on a business name.


One of my plans for running this business is leveraging email marketing. This means I can offer an opt-in to my potential subscribers in exchange for their email. I plan on emailing my subscribers a few times out of the week as well.


What better what to do it with the help of your domain dedicated email address? It’s a lot more professional and clean that way. Plus, I have seen people who use Gmail addresses for the purpose of email marketing. That will send your broadcast emails straight to the spam folder.

Also, email is a great communication tool between your customers and you (the business owner). Let’s not forget, you can also communicate with your employees or team members as well. I know that you can communicate through other channels like Facebook Messenger or apps like Slack.

UK-Based Dedicated Servers

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, then you might be more apt to host your website on servers based in the same country.


Of course, this means that your website loading speeds will be much faster compared to servers located in another country. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people trust a web host with dedicated servers in their local country than elsewhere. Of course, we cannot blame them for that.

Cloud Servers

Things can go wrong at the most unexpected times. Not to mention, you’d lose valuable data in the process. With cloud servers, all of your most critical data will be backed up and ready for you to retrieve if and when your website undergoes some kind of malfunction (or if it’s being hacked for some apparent reason).



  • Easy to set up a website.
  • Reasonably priced packages.
  • UK-based servers are fast and always up.
  • Perfect for small businesses and personal websites.


  • Tech support may need improvement.

Final Verdict

If you need a website, I’d consider Easyspace as one of the best choices for hosting. I know that finding the best host can be a daunting task. But, you are bound to find a website host that will fit your personal needs and preferences. Give them a try and see how things go for the duration of your hosting package. I know you won’t be disappointed.


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