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Are you looking for a new hot tub? Do you want to transform your deck or patio into an inviting and relaxing space for yourself, friends, or family? With a hot tub, you'll be able to wind down after a rough day or throw a lively party.

There are so many hot tubs on the market today, that it can be complicated to determine which is the right one for you. To help you make your decision, we have compiled a review of the five best hot tubs below.

Best 5: Hot Tubs Review

Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition

Your patio will be the envy of all your friends when you purchase the Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition. In addition to how relaxed this hot tub will make you feel, it offers a sleek and polished modern designed. The interior of the tub is a shiny stainless color, while the exterior is a sleek black faux wood.

Six people will be able to sit in this tub and enjoy the relaxing massage provided by the 50 jets. Each jet is made from a high-quality, two-tone stainless steel, so you can be confident that they'll last for a long time.

Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition

Of the six seats in the hot tub, two are captain's chairs, providing ultimate levels of comfort and relaxation. There are also mounted pillow headrests for the captain's chairs. The hot tub features accent lighting that you can control using the LED controls. You can also turn on the LED-lit waterfall to set the right mood.

This hot tub has a four-kilowatt Balboa stainless steel heater that is designed to be used in all temperatures. You'll find it easy to keep the exterior of your hot tub looking clean. Since it is a faux wood, you'll just need to wipe it down periodically to remove any dirt or spots.


  • This hot tub can comfortably seat up to six people.
  • The hot tub has a very sleek and modern design.
  • You can control accent lighting or turn on the LED waterfall.


  • This is the most expensive hot tub we reviewed.
Home and Garden Spas HG51T 6 Person 51 Outdoor Spa

The Home and Garden Spas HG51T is a spacious six-person hot tub. Inside the tub, you'll find 51 stainless jets to allow you and your companions to relax as you soak in the hot tub. You'll be able to adjust the jets to your ideal setting using the digital Balboa controls.

This hot tub includes an ozone system, a waterfall, and underwater mood lights. These features will work together to provide you with the perfect atmosphere whether you are relaxing or hosting a fun party.

Home and Garden Spas HG51T 6 Person 51 Outdoor Spa

The Home and Garden Spas HG51T is crafted using high-quality materials. It is fully insulated with a heavy-duty foam and includes an ABS bottom to prevent erosion.

This product includes anti-fungicide tubing which is designed to make sure that bacteria doesn't back-up in the pipes. A locking cover for the hot tub is included with your purchase.


  • This hot tub is designed to fit six people.
  • There is a waterfall and underwater mood lighting.
  • The hot tub has an ABS bottom designed to prevent erosion.


  • There are no steps to help you get in to the hot tub.
Essential Hot Tubs 30 Jets Adelaide Hot Tub

The Essential Hot Tubs 30 Jets Adelaide Hot Tub is an attractive product that will look great on your patio or deck. You can purchase it in Espresso or Gray, allowing you to choose the perfect color to complement your space.

This hot tub is designed to hold five people. It includes one lounger seat and two captain's chairs with pillow headrests. Everyone will feel like they have the best seat in the house when they are relaxing with the massaging effect produced by the tub's 30 stainless steel jets.

Essential Hot Tubs 30 Jets Adelaide Hot Tub

You can adjust the power of the jets using the digital display on the hot tub. This will allow you to find the perfect setting whether you are looking to receive a full-body massage or you are planning to relax with a glass of wine in your hot tub.

When the hot tub arrives at your house, it will be ready to use. You'll just need to plug it into a standard outlet and fill it with water.


  • You can choose between Espresso or Gray depending on your tastes and your décor.
  • There are two captain's chairs in the hot tub.
  • You can easily adjust the strength of the jets to control the pressure.


  • There is no ozone system in this model.
Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub Spa

When you purchase the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play Hot Tub, you and three of your friends will be able to share a relaxing evening in your new tub. This four-person tub includes 13 jets that will massage you and create a truly relaxing environment.

Inside the tub are four bucket seats. Each seat includes rotating jets along the back to guarantee ultimate levels of relaxation. You can control the settings for the hot tub using the comfort valves to arrive at your ideal setting.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub Spa

This product features a spa light that comes with different colored lens caps and a waterfall. Your friends and family will love spending a relaxing evening in your hot tub.

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play Hot Tub utilizes Eco Smart technology. This energy management system uses less energy than other hot tubs and will help you save on your monthly electric bills.


  • Each of the four bucket seats has rotating jets on the back.
  • There is a waterfall and changeable spa light to help set the right mood.
  • The tub's Eco Smart technology helps it to use less energy than other similar products.


  • There are only 13 jets in this model.
Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet Spa

The Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet Spa with Stainless Jets has attractive mocha cabinets and a white shell; it will look great wherever you put it. The tub's interior Is made using from a durable, slip resistant material. The tub has a capacity of 195 gallons.

This hot tub has 14 stainless jets that will help your whole body relax and feel at ease. The tub also has seven-color Led mood lighting to contribute to the relaxing environment created by the hot tub.

Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet Spa

To prevent heat from escaping, the tub has been insulated using a high-density spray foam. You will also receive a locking safety cover with your purchase to keep children and pets safe when you are not using the hot tub.

This product was designed to be easy to care for and durable. It has a pressure treated base with an ABS bottom that will provide a sturdy and reliable bottom for the hot tub. The hot tub's cabinets are made from a synthetic material and are designed to be easy to clean and maintenance-free.


  • The tub is insulated with spray foam to prevent heat from escaping.
  • You can choose from seven different colors of mood lighting.
  • A locking safety cover in included with your purchase.


  • This hot tub can only hold four people.

Buying Guide

Purchasing a hot tub for your home can provide you with your very own relaxing oasis; you will have the freedom to unwind whenever you want. A hot tub can also provide a space for your guests to gather and socialize when you entertain.

Before you decide which of the hot tubs we reviewed is your favorite, there are a few things you will want to consider as you compare your different options. First, be sure to pay attention to how many people the hot tub can seat. Be sure to choose an option that will hold enough people based on how you anticipate using the tub.

Next, consider where you want to put the hot tub and make sure that the tub you select will fit in the space you have to it. You don't want to purchase a hot tub that is too large for the available space you have, but you also don't want to purchase something much smaller than what you can fit.

Another factor to consider before you make your purchase is the number of jets. More jets will mean you'll get more of a massage from using the tub and will be able to more thoroughly enjoy your time in it.

Finally, be sure to consider if there are any added features, such as lighting effects, waterfalls, or other water features. These can enhance your experience and provide a more relaxing or fun environment.

Top Pick

We think all five of the hot tubs we reviewed would be an excellent addition to your space, but our top pick is the Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition.

With 50 jets, this hot tub will allow you to enjoy ultimate relaxation. It also features accent lighting and a lighted waterfall to further contribute to the relaxing environment it will create.

Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition

The Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition can seat six people. It even offers two captain's chairs with mounted pillow headrests. Your guests will never want to leave!

Finally, the hot tub's sleek and modern appearance will look great on your deck or patio. It has a black faux wood exterior and a shiny stainless interior.

Don't waste any more time; place your order for your favorite hot tub today. You'll soon be relaxing in your own backyard retreat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad to Go in a Hot Tub in Cold Weather?

You can use a hot tub when the weather is colder, but there are a few safety tips you'll want to follow. First, try to stay in the hot tub for a maximum of 20 minutes. This will help to prevent exposing your body to drastic changes in temperature.

You should also stay hydrated when you're using your hot tub. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they can make you more dehydrated. Finally, once you get out of the hot tub, quickly wrap yourself up in a towel or robe and head back inside where it is warmer.

How Often Do You Need to Change the Water in a Hot Tub?

You can test your water using a TDS (total dissolved solids) test strip to determine when it needs to be changed. With average use by a family, a hot tub will need its water changed about every three months.

What Is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub?

Experts typically recommend installing your hot tub on a reinforced deck or a concrete pad. You want to make sure you provide your hot tub with a sturdy foundation to keep it stable and secure.

Should You Leave a Hot Tub on All the Time?

Yes, hot tubs are designed to be left on all the time. If you turn your hot tub off and back on every time you want to use it, you will actually waste more energy to reheat it than if it were just left on constantly.


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