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Do you use WordPress to build your website? Are you looking for a more attractive, unique, or functional theme than what is offered for free? Purchasing a premium WordPress theme can help you set your page apart from others and can increase traffic and sales from your site.

There are many different options when it comes to purchasing a premium WordPress theme. To help you make your decision easier, we have reviewed the five best premium WordPress themes. After reading through our reviews, you'll be able to determine which is the best option to meet your needs.

BEST 5: Premium WordPress Themes Review

Recommendation #1

Divi by Elegant Themes


Recommendation #2

Avada by ThemeForest


Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi will allow you to create amazing webpages that will attract your customers and visitors. Divi offers a lot of tools that will make it easy to create and modify your page.

The drag and drop feature allows you to easily move items on the page, add new images or text, and delete unwanted aspect. If you want to add text to your page, the inline text editing feature allows you to do so by just clicking on the page and typing what you want. Then, you'll be able to modify the font, size, and spacing of your text with ease.

Divi by Elegant Themes

With Divi, you'll be able to control the way your page will appear when viewed on a mobile device. This will allow you to ensure the best viewing experience for all the visitors to your site. Divi also offers thousands of design options that will let you create a truly customized look for your site.

Divi offers so many design elements that you'll love. You can modify an image's brightness or contrast to achieve the perfect look you want, add and change different shape dividers, and choose from a wide variety of page layouts. You can also control what happens when a visitor hovers over text or an image on your site.

With Divi, you can conduct split testing to determine which version of your page is most effective in generating leads and sales. Divi will also allow you to create pop-ups and encourage users to share content from your site to social media.


  • Divi lets you control how your pages will look on a mobile device.
  • There are lots of design features, including drag and drop, easily adding text, adjusting the contrast of images, and modifying shape dividers.
  • You can use Divi to conduct split testing to experiment with which page version is most effective.


  • You cannot create headers or footers for your websites.
Avada by ThemeForest

The Avada theme the ThemeForest can help you create beautifully designed pages without needing any knowledge about coding. Avada will allow you to customize the look of each of your pages with their easy-to-use dashboard. You'll be able to change the text, add images, and shift items around on your page until it looks exactly like you want it to.

Some of the tools offered by Avada including adding headers, footers, and sidebars, changing the background, modifying the colors on the page, changing the font, or adding custom CSS content. There are over 60 different design elements that allow you to design your pages seamlessly.

Avada by ThemeForest

You can easily control and modify each of the individual pages on your website using the Fusion Page Options. The Page Options will override your overall theme options, allowing you to customize the look of an individual page or post, without modifying your overall theme.

Avada also includes 51 pre-built websites. These options can really simplify the process of creating your own page. Some of the websites they offer include Avada Sport, Avada Hair Salon, Avada Driving School, Avada Food, and Avada Classic.

WooCommerce can integrate with Avada, making it easy for you to sell items on your page. Avada will allow you to customize the shopping pages and product pages, so they best match your needs.


  • Avada comes with lifetime free updates.
  • Plugins such as Fusion Builder, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, and Convert Plus are included with your purchase.
  • 51 pre-built websites are included.


  • You will need to spend some time learning how to use this theme, since it operates differently than other ones you may be used to.
Newspaper by ThemeForest

If you run a news website, then you should consider trying Newspaper by ThemeForest. This theme is great for publishing news-related articles or blog posts. This theme run quickly and is pretty simple to use.

You can integrate Newspaper with Instagram, WooCommerce, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, and more. It includes 12 free pro demos that will help make it easy for you to design your site. Each template can be customized to meet your individual needs and vision.

You do not need any coding skills to use the Newspaper theme. It offers more than 60 one-click demos. It also comes with eight premium plugins and free updates for life.

Newspaper by Theme Forest

Newspaper can be used on mobile screens, so you won't need to worry about which devices your readers use to access your website.

Newspaper's Header Builder will allow you to design and create the perfect headers for your page. You can create logos and completely customize everything so that is appears just as you want it to.

With Newspaper, you'll also be able to build landing pages for your site. You can customize the positioning, layout, margins, and more to help create the perfect tool to help you connect with your visitors.


  • You can create beautifully customized pages to reach your customers.
  • Newspaper comes with eight plugins and free updates for life.
  • The heading builder allows you to create customized headings to meet your needs.


  • Newspaper has only been tested using AdSense, so if you plan to use another ad tool, it may not work properly.
Intensity by ThemeForest

You'll love the way the Intensity theme by ThemeForest transforms your website. The Intensity theme comes with multiple useful plugins, including Intense, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Layer Slider. These plugins will help you maximize your experience with Intensity.

It also includes a variety of demos that will help you customize the look of your page. The demos can all be installed easily with just one click. Some of the demos that are included with the Intensity theme include Intensity Business, Intensity Restaurant, Intensity Real Estate, Intensity Health, and Intensity Political.

Intensity offers more than 15 different custom post types. This will help you choose the right post whether you are posting an article, a job opening, or a recipe to your site. You can also add animations to sections of your pages using the 140+ options that are available.

Intensity by ThemeForest

You will be able to find the perfect font for your website since Intensity includes more than 700 options. If you have a custom font, you can also add that in.

Intensity offers a variety of other custom features to let you personalize your site. Some of these features include custom backgrounds, custom menus, and custom widgets. You will also be able to create unlimited post layouts with Intensity.

With Intensity, you won't need to worry about manually downloading updates. You can set Intensity up so that it will be updated automatically. Intensity has been optimized for speed, so you can ensure that your users will be satisfied with how your pages load.


  • Intensity is optimized for speed.
  • There are more than 15 different custom post types to choose from.
  • You can customize the backgrounds, your menus, widgets, fonts, and more with Intensity.


  • Not as many people seem to use Intensity, so there are less customer reviews to ensure that it performs as advertised.
Stockholm by ThemeForest

Stockholm is another premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest for you to consider. Stockholm can help you simplify the process of designing your website, while still allowing you to show you creative side.

It features a drag and drop page builder from WPBakery to help you add and position texts and objects on your pages. Stockholm also features an admin panel that will provide you with lots of common-sense features to help you make your website look and feel exactly like you want it to.

Stockholm by ThemeForest

Stockholm is compatible with numerous plugins, including WooCommerce, Yith Wishlist, Gravity Forms, and more. It is also compatible with Revolution Slider and Layer Slider, both of which are included for free.

To help you get started on your design quickly, Stockholm offers over 40 different demos. Any of these demos can be imported quickly and nothing will require any coding.

You will be able to choose from more than 800 different Google Fonts and creative flexible headers for navigating your website. With Stockholm, you can also mix and match elements from different demos, allowing you ultimate creativity and freedom when designing your site.


  • There are more than 800 different font options.
  • You can combine elements from different demos to achieve the look you want.
  • Stockholm is compatible with lots of different plugins.


  • This theme is a little more expensive than some other options.

Buying Guide

A premium WordPress theme can help you take your website to the next level. You'll be able to create beautiful page layouts and designs that will attract your customers. Plus, premium themes are easier to use and more secure than most free options.

Before choosing a premium WordPress theme, take a little time to compare the different options that are available. There are a few things you will likely want to look for in the premium theme that you select.

First, make sure the theme you purchase gives you all the features you are looking for. For example, if you want to be able to add pop-ups or sticky bars on your website, make sure those are included with the theme you decide one.

Choosing a theme that makes it easy to design your page and take advantage of all the features that are offered is also important. You will be able to get much more out of the theme you purchase if you are able to actually use all of the features that are included.

Flashy or crowded websites can be a turn-off to your customers and visitors. Choose a theme that is simple, yet attractive. You also want to make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with mobile devices.

Finally, be sure to pick a theme that offers a color scheme that will go well with your logo or style. This can help you page look more cohesive and attractive to your customers.

Top Pick

Our favorite premium WordPress theme is Divi by Elegant Themes. Divi offers a lot of amazing features that will allow you to easily create attractive, attention-getting websites.

Their drag and drop feature and inline text editing feature, will allow you to move items around your page and place text exactly where you want it to appear. You'll also be able modify the appearance of the images on your page by changing their contract, brightness, or saturation.

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi also allows you to conduct split testing. This will allow you to create two versions of your webpage and compare which one is most effective in generating leads and sales.

There really is a lot to love about Divi. If you're looking for the best premium WordPress theme, Divi is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Premium WordPress Theme?

Premium WordPress themes, as opposed to the more standard free options, are most often designed by professionals. These themes are higher in quality, and can often lead to betters results for your webpage.

Why Is a Premium WordPress Theme Better Than a Free Theme?

Premium WordPress themes are easier to use and format than free options. This makes it easier for those who don't have a deeper understanding of programming to use them more successfully. A premium theme is also more secure and will be updated more frequently than free theme. And, almost most importantly, a free theme will make your pages look better. They will stand out when compared with other sites. Many free themes are used by dozens (or even hundreds or thousands) of other sites. But, with a premium theme, you can feel more confident that your page is more unique.

How Much Do Premium WordPress Themes Cost?

The cost of a premium WordPress theme will vary, but most tend to be priced between $30 and $100.

Should I Buy a Premium WordPress Theme?

The answer to this question is, of course, up to you. However, if you are trying to take your website to the next level or are looking for a theme that is user-friendly, a premium WordPress theme can help you achieve both of these goals.


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