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Investing in a glass cutter for your home, hobby or small business is both environmental and rewarding. Glass bottles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are an excellent source of materials for the crafty mind. Having a dependable glass bottle cutter can enhance your work and elevate your projects beyond the initial DIY stage.

So how do you choose a good glass bottle cutter?

The features that go into a good cutter are quality, accuracy and efficiency. You want a good-quality product that does the job without costing you a fortune. You need the cut to be clean and straight and you also need to be able to cut the most bottles in the cleanest way and in the least amount of time.

There are many options available when it comes to purchasing a glass bottle cutter. We've decided to review some of the best glass bottle cutters on the marker in order to provide an overview of the options out there. The five cutters listed below already check the boxes on quality, accuracy and efficiency. Regardless of the one you choose, it will get the job done nicely.

Top 5: Glass Bottle Cutters Review

Creator's Glass Bottle Cutter Machine - Pro USA Quality - Most Trusted Reviews - Carbide Scoring Wheel, Engraved Ruler, Ball Bearing Rollers, Safety Glasses - Craft Wine/Beer Bottles - Made In The USA

If you are looking for a cutting machine that works well in workspace, this Creator's Bottle model is ideal. It can be mounted to a workbench so that the glass can be cut with more precision.

Because of the machine's design, this can cut any style, round or otherwise. It cuts glass, wine and beer bottles without a specific diameter limit. For those that are looking to cut more unique pieces, this is an excellent investment.

The carbide cutting wheel is easily replaced and the machine has scales in both metric and inch sizing for optimal measurements. For those just getting started, this machine comes with some helpful accessories including a stone for smoothing the glass edges after a cut, two separating rings to help pull the two pieces of the bottle apart and a palm protector.

This machine is made entirely in the United States and once purchased, you will have access to customer support that is available seven days a week. 


  • Kit includes a smoothing stone
  • No sizing limits
  • Allows for more free-styling cuts


  • The rollers to assist with turning the bottle might be offset which means you won't always get a clean cut
Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Bundle - DIY Machine for Cutting Wine, Beer, Liquor, Whiskey, Alcohol, Champagne, Water or Soda Round Bottles & Mason Jars to Craft Glasses - Accessories Tool Kit, Gloves

The quality of this HPST Gglass Bottle Cutter is almost unbeatable. With an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade, it can make over 100,000 cuts before requiring a replacement. Overall, it is twice as durable as other glass cutters and an excellent choice for you if you are looking to cut large batches.

One of the most appealing features of this machine is the adjustable sizing, allowing you to customize this for each bottle that you cut. There are five support wheels that help keep your bottle rolling smoothly for the best cut. There is no limit on the type of bottles that you can use this machine for, and the design works to cut bottles up to 19.5 inches long! 

This set is perfect for a beginner, a gift, or for those looking to supplement their current glass-cutting projects. It includes cut resistant gloves, full instructions, glass paper, and a hand glass cutter to allow for fine details.

Purchase of this set also includes the eBook / audiobook "Bottle Art" (a retail value of $30). If you're looking to purchase a unique gift this holiday season, this item would be a great addition to anyone's arts and crafts room. 

Just in case you don't find yourself liking this too much, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This product can be returned if you truly don't like how it works.


  • Adjustable sizing to accommodate bottles up to 19.5 inches long
  • Kit includes an eBook / audiobook of "Bottle Art"
  • Covered with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Only three wheels come pre-installed; the other two are provided but will have to be installed
Bottle Cutter Kit & Tool Bundle - 3,5,& 7 Wheel Adjustable Device-DIY Machine Easily Cuts All Types, Shapes & Sizes of Bottles & Jars; Even Small! Make Glasses,Crafts & Gifts. Makes a Great Gift!

A prominent brand in the glass-cutting world, Darcy Creatives truly outdoes itself with their state-of-the-art bottle cutting kit. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and pros alike by including top notch accessories alongside a well-received model.

One of the most noted features of this cutter is that it comes with the most wheels – up to seven – which creates one of the smoothest cuts. In addition, the kit includes an extra cutting wheel, fine grit sandpaper, a diamond drill bit, bottle brush, and level five cut protection gloves.

For those serious about their projects, and for those that need to do additional detail work, the inclusion of a 12 mm glass, whole diamond drill bit is an excellent bonus. It is guaranteed for at least 100,000 cuts and the backup included is always good to have on hand.

Blade aside, this cutting tool is designed with a stainless steel base that has rubberized footing to grip your surface(s) better. The wheels can be set for three, five, or seven and are there to completely stabilize the glass that you are cutting.

Customer materials beyond the tool itself is another mark in this brand's favor. Purchase of this product unlocks hours of online tutorials to hone your glass cutting skills. In the rare event you don't like it, Darcy Creatives offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

One downside to this model is that it doesn't include the stabilizing rings used to pry the pieces apart once they have been cut. This is well out-weighed by other, more relevant features and is an accessory easily replaced outside of the kit.


  • Has seven wheels for support and stability
  • Video tutorials are excellent quality and easy to follow
  • Model kit includes an extra cutting blade
  • Stainless steel base was designed with rubberized footing


  • Model kit does not include separation rings
  • Slides around until clamped (clamps not included)
Genround Glass Bottle Cutter, Bottle Cutter DIY Machine for Cutting Wine Beer Whiskey Alcohol Champagne Liquor Round Bottles to Craft Glasses Black

If you are looking for a tool that is not as industrial, consider the Genround model. It is an excellent choice for those just getting started, as well as for those who are looking to use this for a project (or two).

The quality of this model is on par with its competitors and it is just a little smaller when it comes to capability. It can cut up to five inches from the base and can handle bottles with a diameter of ½ up to two inches (2.5cm – 5cm).

The build of this one is sturdier than plastic models. It comes tightly screwed into place and requires a key (included) to loosen it up for use. The kit includes the cutter, a manual, sandpaper and the aforementioned key.

The metallic-steel blades come as a set of three and are tested to cut at least 50,000 times before needing to be changed out. Despite being smaller in size and ability, the cuts are consistent and only require pressure and rotation.

Due to the design of this cutter, though, you are limited to round bottles only. You will also need to ensure you have a post-cut procedure set up as this doesn't cut as deep as others. This product will score your bottle and then you must be prepared to separate it.


  • Cuts glass bottles up to five inches from the base
  • The cut is consistently even
  • This model has been tested and confirmed to work for over 50,000 cuts


  • Requires five steps to complete the cut
  • Can only cut round bottles due to the design of the machine
Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Deep Black

Our list wouldn't be complete without one of the most trusted names in the industry: Kinkajou. Not only is it one of the most reliable, it is also one of the easiest to use for both pros and novice glass bottle cutters alike.

The design of this Kinkajou model is no joke – cutting bottles twice as wide as other models; it cuts with a circumference of 1.7 to 4 inches (43-102mm). Additionally, there is no limit to how high of a cut it can make due to its freestyle design.

The blade can often make or break a glass bottle cutter and here, the blade is uniquely made from tungsten carbide steel. Each blade is good for over 200 cuts and the range of depth is well appreciated for those that don't like to just 'score' the glass.

Using this cutter is quite simple. All you need to do is load the bottle, adjust to where you'd like to make the cut, and then rotate the bottle a single time. Once you hear the signature 'Kinkajou Click' you'll be good to remove it and complete the process.

Not only is this kit ready to use out of the box, it includes helpful accessories including: separation ties, a glass cutter, and 80-grit sandpaper to smooth out your cuts. The glass cutter is a nice bonus as it allows you to pry off any jagged edges the cut may have left behind.

While the design of this model limits you to round bottles only, it is well made, cuts consistently, and the ease of use is beyond belief. An excellent model for consideration regardless of your skill level.


  • One of the most efficient glass cutters when it comes to ease of use
  • Blade cuts nice and deep without just scoring the glass bottle(s)
  • Signature 'click' lets you know when the bottle has been rotate a full circle
  • Includes a tool that lets you pry/clip off jagged glass pieces left behind after a cut


  • Separation bands included with the set tend to snap shortly after purchase
  • Cutter only works with round bottles by design
  • Cannot cut on an angle

best glass bottle cutter - Buying Guide

Glass bottle cutting is admittedly an art. If you are just getting started be sure to give yourself time and have plenty of bottles on hand. Even the master will assure you that you won't get 100% perfect cuts each time and accepting that will help you go a long way in the craft.

Knowing the types of bottles that you are looking to cut is an excellent way to narrow down the type of cutter that you should invest in. If you plan on working with oddly-shaped bottles, be aware of the tools that will allow you to cut that way, and which ones won't.

For those getting started, it is important to know the different methods that you can use to 'break' the bottles apart once cut. Contrary to what it may seem, glass bottle cutters don't slice through bottles completely. They will still need to be separated using one of two methods.

The first (and most common) method, is the Hot Water method. Once your glass bottle has been cut, place it in boiling hot water, then cold water in order to separate the glass. Depending on what type of bottle you have, you may want to localize the water as much as possible to prevent your bottle from breaking in the wrong place.

An alternative method that is less common, but much more precise, is the hot candle method. Once you have cut your bottle, place the open flame of a candle (or lighter) along the cut to encourage the glass to separate. This provides much more control and centralizes the break to where you initially made the cut.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. What are Glass Bottle Cutters?

Typically, glass bottle cutters are a tool that you can use to cut a bottle of your choice. The machines have boards that hold the bottle when you are cutting it. Plus, they come with cutting surfaces and rollers that make the whole process a seamless thing to do.

Q2. Is Using a Glass Bottle Cutter Complicated?

If you are cutting glass for the first time, the success rates will be low, and you might not get the desired shape. The odds are high that you will attain crooked cuts, or the bottle might even break. But, as time goes by, you will become a pro in using a glass bottle cutter.

Q3. What is the Essence of Buying the Glass Bottle Cutter?

You can turn empty bottles in your home into essential décor for your indoor and outdoor space. Besides, you can create a source of income by selling vases, bulb cases, and salad pots that you craft using a glass bottle cutter. Drinking glasses are part of the items that you can make.

Q4. How Do You Cut Glass Using the Machine?

For starters, you will rotate the bottle of choice on the rollers as you apply relative pressure. Ensure that the moves are consistent so that you can achieve even cuts. Then, you need to pour hot and cold water concurrently to separate the pieces.

Q5. What Are The Best Materials For A Glass Bottle Cutter?

Glass bottle cutters that are super durable are made of stainless steel and polycarbonate plastics. This way, the tool will be free from elements such as corroding and rusting as well. The robust materials will enable you to have a clear and simple cut.

Q6. How can I Maintain the Glass Bottle Cutter?

For starters, you need to use it for the intended purpose of cutting glass and not rubber or metal. It would be best if you also cleaned it to get rid of dust and other particles. Plus, it would help if you stored it in a dry and clean place away from moisture and dirt too.

Q7. Which Glass Bottles Work Well with the Tool?

Essentially, you can get ideal shapes if you use wine, olive oil, champagne, vodka, soda, and beer bottles. On that account, oval and round containers work well with the cutters since you can rotate them with sheer simplicity. What’s more, they produce terrific products that look attractive to clients.

Q8. After Scoring the Bottle, How can I make Rough Edges Smooth?

Many glass bottle cutters come with additional accessories to make your work effortless. For that reason, you will find the glass sandpaper as part of the kit when you buy the tool. After getting the best shape, you will use the sandpaper to get a smooth and elegant finish.

Q9. Can I Repeat the Cut on the Bottle?

It would be best if you didn’t repeat cuts while scoring the bottle since the machine might get damaged. On that account, you will use the cutter on the wine bottle on one full rotation and avoid going back. This way, you will do one turn so that the cutting wheel remains in excellent condition.

Q10. What are the Different Types of Glass Bottle Cutters?

Glass bottle cutters operate in the same way, but some have rollers while others lack them. Those with rollers are quite seamless to use since you lay the bottle on the board and cut it. Products that don’t have wheels have hooking elements that allow you to work on the bottle vertically.

Q11. Can I cut Square Bottles?

Yes, you can, but it takes a lot of skill and practice to perfect the art. If you are a beginner, stick to oval and round bottles to gain expertise and experience.

Final Verdict

Not matter where you are in your skills with glass bottle cutting, investing in a good cutting tool is a must in order to perfect the craft. With a little bit of research and foreknowledge of what you are going to use the tools for, you can easily pick the best one for you and your work.


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