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A Chi Machine is a machine that you can give you the benefits of the chi-style massage right in the comfort of your own home. These machines are small, passive aerobic exercise devices where you place your feet (and sometimes your head) in small stirrups and the machine gently swings your feet back and forth. 

These movements are known to hold health benefits since they are releasing pressure from your spine allowing for greater movement of blood flow and neural pathways. Some of the benefits included are blood pressure management, increased blood circulation, increased oxygen circulation, more mental clarity, relief of muscle pains, relief of arthritic pains, and much more. 

There are many different factors to consider if you're looking to have this product in your home. Generally, these products are relatively affordable, but you'll want to find the right balance between price and quality.

There are five products listed below that balance a variety of factors and features. There are different brand perspectives to consider when looking to purchase your very own Chi Machine and there are few alternative options when looking for high quality design features and a great value product from a general perspective.

Top 5: Chi Machines Review

#5. Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine


The Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine with Swivel Disc offers users up to 14 different speed adjustments that can help customize their massage experience. There is an automatic timer that can be changed or adjusted in specific intervals.

Customers appreciate this product because it offers a great value and a solid collection of convenient features, such as the automated timer. Amazon has chosen to endorse because of its outstanding reputation.


  • Amazon endorsed this product.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Automated timer feature.


  • Short term durability.
  • Non-custom size options.
  • Not ideal for delicate ankles.
Vitaciti Ionic Detox Foot Machine Professional Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Belt, Two Foot Bath Spa Arrays Holiday Gift

The Vitaciti Professional Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse Machine is a professional Chi Machine that is very reliable, effective and safe. This Chi Machine is constructed with high quality materials and features while still retaining a reasonable value and price range.

This foot bath offers a detoxing cleanse, so you will feel relaxed and healthy after a soak with the Vitaciti. This product is also very easy to use. There is a large LCD display so that you can control things like the timer, the modality selection, and the record option.

Vitaciti Ionic Detox Foot Machine Professional Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Belt, Two Foot Bath Spa Arrays Holiday Gift
Vitaciti Ionic Detox Foot Machine Professional Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Belt, Two Foot Bath Spa Arrays Holiday Gift

With the Vitaciti, you can also use the far infrared belt at the same time as the ion detox foot spa, so you can be relaxed faster while saving time. This product is great for the whole family, but it can also be used in professional settings like at a spa or physio clinic.

The manufacturer's recommend that you use this product at least once a week for the first twelve weeks so that you can see the noticeable benefits of the Chi Cleanse Machine. After that, you will have more energy, will feel clear, and can reap some of the amazing health benefits like improved immune function and pain relief. The Vitaciti Professional Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse Machine certainly has earned its rightful place in the top five of this product listing of Chi Machines.


  • Effective and reliable design materials.
  • High end product.
  • Positive brand reputation.


  • High end price range.
  • Short term durability.
  • Limited customer feedback.
Zinger Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine System, Chi Aqua Ionic Ion Foot Detox Bath Cleanse Machine with 1 Far Infrared+ 1 Detox Arrays+1 Wrist Strap+1 Power Cord+ Waist Belt+1 Travel Case

The Zinger Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine System, Chi Aqua Ionic Ion Foot Detox Bath Cleanse Machine is a professionally designed chi machine that offers high quality reliability to users that are looking for this type of product. This product comes in a sleek carrying case and is also FDA approved.

This device is priced at a slightly higher range than similar products on the market because of the enhanced technical features that are included within this device. This ionic foot bath detox can be used on a daily or weekly basis and is very easy to use.

Zinger Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine System, Chi Aqua Ionic Ion Foot Detox Bath Cleanse Machine with 1 Far Infrared+ 1 Detox Arrays+1 Wrist Strap+1 Power Cord+ Waist Belt+1 Travel Case

With you purchase you will received an easy-to-read instruction manual, one far infrared, one detox arrays, one wrist strap, one power cord, one waist belt, and the travel case.

If you are looking for a Chi Machine that is durable with all the bonus features, then the Zinger is perfect for you.


  • Positive customer reviews.
  • High end product design quality.
  • Enhanced pain relief methods.


  • Short term durability.
  • High end price range (expensive).
  • Limited customer feedback.
Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine Deluxe Passive Aerobic Exerciser Circulation Qi Machine Vitality Swing Comfortable Ankle Padded

The Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine Deluxe Passive Aerobic Exerciser Circulation Qi Machine is another great choice if you are looking for an effective Chi Machine. The Daiwa in particular has received exceptional reviews for being able to apply pressure and wave like motions to users that are experiencing leg and ankle pain.

This is great for people that are looking for pain or stress relief on their lower body. Customers can select from two product options, one that includes a swivel disc and one that does not. The price range is extremely reasonable for both options and that is one of the factors that goes into placing this product where it currently lays on this buyer's guide.

Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine Deluxe Passive Aerobic Exerciser Circulation Qi Machine Vitality Swing Comfortable Ankle Padded
Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine Deluxe Passive Aerobic Exerciser Circulation Qi Machine Vitality Swing Comfortable Ankle Padded

This Chi Machine will make exercise accessible for nearly everyone. It is built with a 15-watt motor and a durable power supply. There is also padding on the ankles for optimal support, a remote and an auto timer. Regular use of this machine will help to increase circulation through your legs, which is extremely beneficial for those with decreased lower extremity mobility. This product will also boost your energy levels and help regulate sleep!


  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Two product options.
  • Ideal for ankle pain relief.


  • Short term durability.
Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss, Swollen Ankles, Fibromyalgia and More USJ-106

The Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss is a high quality Chi Machine that promises to deliver weight loss in addition to the many health benefits that the Chi provides. It has a wide collection of positive reviews and feedback from customers that have been pleased with the reliability and performance of the product.

The energy that is generated from the device is designed to ripple through the body and eliminate pain in delicate areas like the neck and shoulder. Some customers have suggested that they have experienced better nights with sleep and overall comfort when utilizing the features that this device provides to them.

Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss, Swollen Ankles, Fibromyalgia and More USJ-106

This machine comes with a 40 watt motor and the standard AC 120V-60Hz power supply that is found in most of these machines. However, the overall balance between price and performance is extremely valuable for customers who are looking for the best of both worlds. It can be extremely challenging to find this type of a product on the market, which is why the Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss is our top pick.


  • Extremely positive customer reviews.
  • Top tier chi machine product.
  • Ideal for neck and shoulder pain.


  • Short term durability.

best chi machine

The Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss clearly has the best overall value on the market in terms of providing a high quality product and still retaining features that matter to customers. Unfortunately, if you're on a budget, you will have to consider each of the five options to determine which product best suits your needs.

Chi Vitalizer Machine Complete Program for Weight Loss, Swollen Ankles, Fibromyalgia and More USJ-106

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Chi Machines FAQ

What does a chi machine do?

The purpose of a chi machine is for the use of “passive aerobic exercises”. This will oxygenate the body and activate the lymphatic system. This will help detoxify your body and align your spine so you can be able to achieve better posture for your body. The chi machine will move in a figure-eight motion.

Does a chi machine help with weight loss?

Weight loss is certainly one of the popular reasons that people use Chi Machines. This isn't the only positive attribute that you might notice after utilizing a Chi Machine for health purposes. Some people believe that pain reduction can be achieved when using this type of machine on a regular basis. For example, some people express that they do not experience excessive back pain after using a Chi Machine.

Some people also believe that other important health benefits exist as well. Some people have reported having better sleeping habits and more overall energy after starting to use Chi Machines. These ingredients also result in a better overall mood for some people.

Everyone might have their own personal benefits from using this type of machine, but it is certainly important to factor in some external research to help understand more about this type of activity. The level of effectiveness for each individual that starts to use a Chi Machine will be heavily debated for a very long time. You might have to try it out for yourself to see exactly how effective it is for your specific health habits. With that being said, there are several high-quality brands available on the market to consider purchasing at this time.

How often should you use a chi machine?

There are several benefits that can be achieved from using a Chi Machine, but how often should you use it? This is a common question that gets asked on a relatively common basis, but you might be surprised how many people are not familiar with this information.

It is highly recommended that you use a Chi Machine two times per day for a few minutes at a time. Depending on your current level of health, you might want to use the machine for as little as 90 seconds. If you are a first-time user, then you might want to restrict your maximum initial time at three minutes.

We are going to explore other important details about Chi Machines, but it is extremely important that new users read through this information before using this type of machine. By following this information, you are giving yourself the best chances to reap the positive benefits that can become possible when using a Chi Machine. We also highly recommend that you read through other manufacturer instructions and recommendations before using a Chi Machine for the very first time.

How long is a normal chi machine session?

People who have used a chi machine regularly will run a session that will last eight to twenty minutes. This will depend on a number of things such as the severity of pain, levels of stress, and so on.

Can vibration burn fat?

If you are looking to lose weight, increase flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and increase blood flow then vibrations from chi machines might be worth using. If you use it for 15 minutes at a time, you’ll be able to increase the likelihood of burning fat. And it can also reduce the levels of cortisol, which is present when stressed and can also play an adverse effect on your weight loss goals.

Are there any side effects of using vibration machines?

The side effects may include general soreness. If you deal with motion sickness, there’s a good chance that you might experience the same effects such as nausea and vomiting.

How many calories can you burn in 10 minutes on a vibration plate?

If you perform a 10-minute session on a vibration plate, you can burn as much as 190 calories.

Who should not be using vibration plates?

If you have suffered from strokes and heart attacks in the past, then it would be unsafe to use vibration plates. People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, deep vein thrombosis, or have had a history of blood clots should not use vibration plates.

How long should a first-time user be on a chi machine?

If you are using a chi machine for the first time, you should be on there no more than two to three minutes. If you are suffering from health issues you should not exceed it to one minute of use. When you feel that it’s necessary, you can increase your sessions by a minute or two. This is completely optional, but you can be able to add more time once you get more used to a chi machine.

How expensive is a high-quality Chi Machine?

Some of the highest-quality Chi Machines are currently priced at around 300 dollars. There are certainly brands with higher prices, but there are also some cost-effective choices that you might want to consider for less than 300 dollars as well. It can be extremely difficult to filter through all of the different brands, but conducting the appropriate product research is imperative for ensuring that you purchase a Chi Machine that has been crafted with quality and durability.

If you are looking to try and find the best overall value for a high-quality Chi Machine, then it might be helpful to browse through some of the customer feedback ratings that have been posted on some of the product pages. This is an extremely helpful process that can help to narrow down your choices swiftly. You will also truly learn if the Chi Machine that you are looking at is genuinely worth the price.

These product research methods are extremely popular, and they can be helpful for customers that are trying to filter through different Chi Machine brands with varying price ranges.

What are the benefits of chi?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to chi. They include but are not limited to stress reduction, improved mood, pain relief from swollen ankles, back pain, fibromyalgia, fat loss (and subsequent weight loss), improvement of COPD symptoms and so much more.

Can you use a chi machine when you are pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant, you should not be using a chi machine at this time.

Can vibrations cause brain damage?

If you are using vibration machines excessively, there’s a good chance that it will have adverse health effects. For example, it can cause lower back pain and nerve damage. The latter can cause brain damage and blurred vision among the associated symptoms of severe nerve damage.

How long could it take to see results on a vibration machine?

On average, you’ll begin seeing results in about two to six weeks at the most. The timing may vary from person to person. You may see results a bit sooner or later compared to others who have used the machine.

Why do I itch after using a vibration plate?

If you are itching after using a vibration plate or anything similar, you may have an allergy to vibration known as vibratory urticaria. Sufferers of this allergy have reported episodes of rash and hives.

Can you sit on a vibration plate?

Yes. You can sit on a vibration plate. In fact, you can also stand or even lay down on a vibration plate. It will depend on which position will make you feel more comfortable. If you want, you can test the vibration plate by using various positions. For example, you can try standing during one session, sitting the next, and laying down the following day.

Can you wear shoes on a vibration plate?

There are instructions that recommend that you do wear shoes when using a vibration plate. However, that is completely optional.

Does vibration help with knee pain?

Yes, it can help with knee pain. In fact, vibration therapy has actually been at the forefront of treating osteoarthritis and other related conditions in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Does vibration make your skin tighten?

Because your muscles get tighter and your overall circulation is improved, you’ll be able to see tighter skin as a result of using a vibration machine. In fact, it can actually increase the levels of natural collagen that is produced in your body. That collagen can also be helpful for your hair and nail health as well, especially when you are aging.

Should you use a vibration plate if you suffer from osteoporosis?

If you suffer from osteoporosis, using a vibration plate is allowable. It can also help improve with your muscular system and thus making it easier for you to strengthen your bones in the process. In terms of the end goal, it can also increase minerals in your bones and thus improve overall bone density.

What exercises can I do on a vibration plate?

You can do plenty of stretches using a vibration plate. Other exercises will include the use of other equipment such as resistance bands. There are vibration plates that will allow you to hook up these bands so you are able to do exercises such as arm curls that will tone your arms (including your biceps). You can do plenty of exercises whether you are in the sitting, standing or lying position. Other exercises will include your regular calisthenics like push-ups and situps.

How long should you use a vibration plate?

 A vibration plate and a chi machine are similar, however you can be able to stay on longer with vibration plates since they provide you with more opportunities to exercise. One session should last anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes.

Are Chi Machines dangerous?

There are some wild rumors on the internet that discuss the potential dangers that come with Chi Machines. These rumors are not supported by any significant amount of evidence, but that doesn't stop people from speculating negatively about Chi Machines. This type of exercise device actually has several positive benefits, and we have already previously discussed several of those attributes.

There are no proven dangers from using a Chi Machine, and customers have reported positive experiences when using several of the primary brands that dominate the marketplace. It is recommended that all new customers read through the owner's manuals and instructions that come with your purchased Chi Machine. The information available within these documents is extremely important to make sure that you get the maximum positive benefits from this type of product.

There are also safety recommendations and operating instructions that will guide you through a step-by-step process of getting started. Existing users have reported several positive experiences that make this type of purchase even more appealing for a newcomer. The biggest challenge that currently exists might be for customers to find a cost-effective product selection that stays within an affordable and reasonable price range.

Final Verdict

There are our top five product options to consider that would each provide the amazing benefits of a Chi Machine. Now would be a great time to check these products out and consider making a purchase!


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